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My first Niff fic.. Gosh, I love them! :)

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"I'm nervous, Nicky, " the tall blond said to the boy standing next to him in front of their mirror. His hands were tensing up, failing at tying his tie correctly.

"Relax, Jeffie," the brunet said with a smile. "There is nothing to be nervous about." He gently pushed Jeff's hands aside and began to tie his tie for him. "It's just a stupid photo."

"Yeah, and I suck at photos. And this is, like, the yearbook, dude. With this special seat of honor for the Warblers. That's us!" Oh boy. Nick couldn't suppress his grin. He had seen his best friend nervous before, especially before auditioning, but not like this. Let alone over something this trivial. Either he was losing it or there was something else going on. Usually, his blond friend was confidence personified, always a smirk on the lips, a sparkle in his soft brown eyes... Woah. Where had that come from?

Anyways, Nick had noticed a change in his friend's behavior over the course of a few weeks now. He had noticed a lot about Jeff recently, but he'd rather not go there.

"There you go," he patted both his palms on Jeff's chest after he was done with the tie. His eyes and hands lingered a bit longer on the blond boy than necessary. He caught himself staring and swiftly looked up to give his friend a reassuring smile. "You look great, don't worry too much," he added with a wink and went back to solving his own problem. Namely, the brown mess that others might call hair.

He thinks I look great... Jeff was smiling. He wasn't quite sure why this photo was so important to him. Maybe, because he had been fantasizing about showing it to his children and grandchildren. Look, this is me and this.. is your grandfather.. Wow, he was messed up. Nick was his best friend in the world and thinking about him in that kind of way was just awkward. Sure, he loved him, but not like that. Right?


He took the comb from his best friend's hands and started to fix his hair for him. In return for the tie thing, of course. Not because he liked touching his friend's hair or something. He laughed lightly. Convincing as always, Sterling. The brunet watched him through tousled bangs, uncertain about how to react. "What are you... Oh. Well, thanks."

"You need all the help you can get with this," Jeff answered, pulling at some strains of hair, showing them to Nick in the mirror. The brunet sighed. "I know." His gaze wandered from his reflection to the tall boy, whose face was so close to his own that if he leaned in only a bit, he might touch it with his nose. His heart quickened as he set eyes on Jeff's lips right in front of him. Nick knew he was staring, but the blond didn't notice, so whatever.. Might as well.

Jeff bit his bottom lip in concentration and Nick's eyes widened with desire. Woah, hormones, what the hell? This is Jeff. Jeff, for God's sake. My best friend, who is not interested in me. So, shut up!

"Nick?" The soft voice snapped him out of it. Trying to cover the hunger in his eyes, he put on a confused expression before looking at his best friend, sheepishly scratching the back of his neck "You kind of zoned out there," the blond said, eyes fixated on hazel ones. Are his pupils, like, dilated? That's so..hot? Nick flashed him a smile and, after briefly hugging Jeff, dragged him by the blazer towards the door.

"Let's go, Jeffie! Time for that damn photo!"

"Now, that wasn't too bad, was it?" Nick nudged his friend's arm, leaning into him. The photos had taken up their entire morning, although Nick'd been done pretty early, since they were sent in in alphabetical order. Jeff, however, had been on pins and needles for a lot longer, repeatedly cursing his last name. Now, in the Warbler's practice room, he finally relaxed on one of the sofas. He had plunked down next to his favorite brunet and sighed out loud, happy that it was over.

"Yeah, whatever, Nicky." The blond sounded exhausted and slightly pissed, but he leaned back into Nick nonetheless, his head on top of his friend's. "I can't believe we are having practice today. Too tired.." Jeff got off track, eyes closed and breathing deepening. Who would have guessed that school plus worrying all day could be this trying? At least he got an excuse to be close to his best friend, semi-nestling into the brunet as he was about to doze off.

Nick felt the blond move in closer, rubbing his head against his own that rested on Jeff's shoulder. Soft light strains of hair fell into his face, making him smile happily. This wasn't weird, was it? They were just tired, that's all. And that he had to withstand the urge to take Jeff's hand was something he'd ponder over at a later time. For now, he enjoyed the closeness of his friend, drifting off next to him.

The sound of the door jolted the boys awake. Jeff nearly jumped as it banged shut, looking disoriented around the room. He felt some weight removing itself from his shoulder. Ah, Nick was there. Where..? Warblers practice, alright. And Nick.. was there. Right there. The blond's heart began to beat faster, a blush crept up his cheeks and he turned his attention to the Warblers who had just entered the room. Wes, walking to the main desk, was swinging his gavel with David hot on his heels.

"Warbler Nick, Warbler Jeff," Wes greeted them with a nod. "Where is everybody?"

"Huh?" Nick blinked a few times, he was more tired than he'd thought. He straightened, feeling his best friend stiffen next to him. David gave Wesley a suggestive look, nodding towards the boys on the sofa. Gotcha!

"I dunno, Wes. We came in only, like, ten minutes ago," Jeff told the council member. He rubbed his eyes and awkwardly leaned away from his best friend. By and by, the others showed up for rehearsal, which ended up being rather short for Warbler standards. Jeff didn't mind. All he wanted to do was take a bath or something and go to bed. Like, an hour ago. Wes released them with some new dance routines to practice over the weekend. Nick grumbled lowly to himself. Dancing was really not his strong point, although he was by far not the worst dancer among the Warblers. He sighed and rose from the sofa, giving his sleepy friend a leg-up.

Hands still linked together, they left the practice room last. Nick was blushing as they stepped out the door, but he knew that Jeff probably didn't even notice their holding hands. Tired Jeff was merely a slow Jeff and Nick was degraded to walking aid and muffled noise in the background. It was really kind of cute.

Nick let go of the blond's hand and tried to support him with an arm around the waist. "Come on, Jeffie, let's get you into bed," and they trembled on towards the dorms. Barely making it to their room, once there, Jeff fell face first into the mattress. Bath can wait. He turned his head and smiled at his friend, eyes half closed. "Care to join me?"

Nick's face crimsoned immediately. There was a long pause of silence until he managed to decide what to do. "O-Okay," the brunet finally answered while he took off his shoes and blazer. He self-consciously crawled beside his friend onto the bed. Jeff had turned to his side, so that Nick could lay on his back. The blond sat up briefly to take off the uncomfortable blazer. Nick took a deep breath. He lifted his right arm for Jeff to use as a pillow as he lay back next to his best friend. Gratefully, the blond leaned into him and put his arm around Nick's waist. They usually didn't snuggle or stuff like that. Well, on movie nights, maybe, but this was just an ordinary afternoon. However, it didn't feel weird or anything. Nick smiled happily as he sensed his friend nestling into him and relaxed into his touch.

Jeff was already dozing off again, but he tried to enjoy their moment nonetheless. He inhaled Nick's nice scent that always surrounded him, a mixture of the aftershave he'd given him and something sweet and simply Nick. His friend's hand was lightly petting his shoulder and it sent a tingle running through his body as Jeff felt it moving upwards. Nick was running his fingers along the blond's neck and into his hair until he started stroking it gently. Under the brunet's touch, Jeff took another audible breath, his face buried into Nick's chest, and pulled him closer, wrapping his arm tighter around his best friend. And before he could bother his head about what he was in fact doing there, he had already fallen asleep.

Nick wasn't able to sleep at all. He was still subconsciously petting his friend's hair while agonizing over his new found feelings for Jeff. If there were any. Well, of course there are, look at your hand! But there shouldn't be. The brunet was confused, so he tried to get his facts straight and write a mental list: Nick Duval. Dalton Academy. Warbler. Best friend: Jeff Sterling, also a Warbler. They lived together. Jeff was straight... Maybe? Nick paused for he didn't really know, so he eventually deleted that one and went back on track. They lived together. He liked living with his best friend. Their friendship was the most important thing to him. Jeff was the most important person in his life. He didn't want to mess them up. He faltered again. If he continued this, then there might be no way in not screwing things up.

Nick opened his eyes and looked down at blonde hair moving up and down with every breath he took. Most important person, he thought and smiled. But.. who am I? Who are we? This was not working. He sighed, watching his hand move through light strains of hair, and made a decision. On his own he was never going to figure things out, he had no experience with this kind of stuff. He needed to talk to someone..


To be continued... Yes, I am actually going somewhere with this ;)

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