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In a house in Connecticut there were two people sitting in the middle of a dusty old room, the walls filled with shelves of books and pictures. At least a dozen of them were scattered around an old man with white hair, seated in a dark red wing chair, and a blonde little girl. She had been picking out books for hours now, letting her Grandfather explain every single one individually.

They'd come to one of the last ones in her main pile. It was dustier and grayer than the others; that's why she'd picked it in the first place. It also looked a lot older; which was true, since it was at least thirty or forty years older than most of the others. It had a funny looking bird on the cover and when she handed it over, a wrinkly smile spread across her Grandfather's face.

Patiently, she sat to his feet and waited for the story. With a sigh, he opened the book and blew some dust away. "Now this one, sweetie, is very special to me." He looked intently into her curious little face. "Because it started something very special." He turned the pages and motioned her to come closer. "Here, see!" There were pictures of a bunch of boys, all dressed in uniforms, and he pointed at a young blond with dark eyes. "That is me," he said, a smile tugging on his lips. Then his fingers moved a little further down to a boy with dark hair and his smile grew even more. "And that.. That is your Grandpa Nick."

It's been a few weeks since they'd gotten together when the yearbook was all done and ready. Nick and Jeff went to the library during study hall to take a first glance at it in private. The blond was sitting at a table, holding the book in both his hands, while Nick looked over his shoulder. Jeff held his breath and opened it. The Warblers were easy to find, being on the third page and all. And there they were. Both of them, with all their friends.

"I told you, Jeff. Nothing to be nervous about.." Nick smiled and gave his boyfriend a gentle kiss on the cheek. "You look absolutely beautiful."

"I love you."

Nick gaped at his boyfriend. Wow. He stuttered, but simultaneously wrapped his arms around Jeff's neck to look him straight in the eye. "I-I love you too."

The End.

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