Greetings to all . This is just something that was dwelling in my head for a while. Narusau or sasunaru whichever way you want it to be. it is a bit short buuuut enjoy

and I'd like to thank my Fabulous Beta, the awesome, the cool SilentCrimsonTears! (and the crowd goes wild)

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Twas foretold that one day we would end eachother

Twas foretold that one day you would kill the one you call brother

Twas foretold we would despise eachother

No, they don't know anything at all

For they didn't know how hard we would fall

They didn't know the spark that was always between us

Or how sometimes it would shine so bright ,

It made it look like day rather than night .

Or the secret smiles that were shared between us two

No, they didn't know about us, me and you.

We decided to tell them

Hoping they would understand

Hoping they would accept us the way we are

But they chose to shun us and walk away

And we still haven't talked to them till this day

But we didn't need them or care

For they had looked down on us

from their positions high above

But all we had and needed was eachother



Hope you enjoyed this and I wrote the poem myself just to let you know.

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