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This story will be an AU following the wake of Atlantis's arrival on earth. I believe with the combined knowledge of the Asgard and the Ancients/Alterans/Lanteans Earth would play a much bigger role in Milky Way and Pegasus. So this is the rise of Terra (Earth) and its people onto the galactic playing field and beyond.

Prologue (Post Fragile Balance and Sam and Jack already have a relationship and both Gen. Hammond and the President allowed it.)

Samantha Carter stood aboard the Asgard Vessel commandeered by Thor. Just moments ago clone Jack O'Neill was saved by Thor and was allowed to live on earth and be a normal teenager again. "What are you thinking about Sam?" said Colonel O'Neill from behind her. She turned around to face him and locked eyes with him. Even though the President and General Hammond had allowed a relationship between the two of them, she was still shocked to hear him so soft spoken. To an outsider he was always portraying the infallible and strong leader. She knew that Jack O'Neill was the most hunted human in the Galaxy, his infamy amongst the remaining System Lords legendary. She knew that she was one of a few people that ever got to see past the façade he erected and what she saw still baffled her.

"I am thinking about cloning myself."

"For mini-me?"

"Yes Jack. How would you feel if we were suddenly ripped apart. I know I would die. We have spent 6 years fighting, bleeding heck even dying for Earth before we got together and now he is cut off of that life. It is not fair to him Jack."

"I know Sam and I won't stay in your way. I know what you are talking about. Seeing you with another man now…. It would break my heart. Plus you never know when we need another you to solve a crisis we caused." Jack finished their dialogue smiling and even Sam smiled before the two proceeded towards Thor to generate a clone of Samantha Carter.


After the cloning process was completed both Jack's and both Sam's were now in General Hammonds Office who was talking to the President.

"Yes Sir Mr President I understand. Yes I will inform them. Thank you very much Sir. Have a good day Sir." General Hammond finished his conversation with the President.

"Well it seems the two or rather the four of you have made quite an impact on the President. Thus there will be no repercussions and everything will stay the same. Col. O'Neill and Major Carter you are expected to perform as you have been after a week off. Mr. O'Neill and Ms. Carter due to your extensive knowledge of the Stargate and the Program in general you will both have the options of joining the Stargate Program again in 6 years when you are 21. You will both receive your current ranks than again and be put to good use. Until then you are free to do as please. The Air Force will provide living arrangements for you and provide you with everything you may need. However you are required to go to school and finish High School. Afterwards you can get jobs or travel around the world before you offered to join the program again. You do not have to take the offer and the Air Force will continue to support you but you are also bound by the NDA. Any questions?"

"Yes, do we really have to go to High School?" groaned the clone of Jack O'Neill.

"Yes that is non negotiable. You are still only 15 years old and while you declared as emancipated minors you will have to finish your education! Son, may I remind you that you are being awarded a second chance. Your knowledge alone makes you a target for any organization that may find out. You need to take this assignment seriously. In six years' time once you rejoin the Program you both will be groomed into leadership positions. The President has made this an Executive Order and specified that this Order cannot be overturned by the next administration under any circumstances other than with full agreement of the Joint Chiefs. Likewise only the President, Joint Chiefs and us know of the existence of you two. You are essential to the future of this program." General Hammond stressed before dismissing the foursome.


One week later Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter dropped of their clones at the local High School.

"Well kids that's it. Your doom awaits you." Jack O'Neill said smiling.

"Yea I know but old man you can get that smirk of your face at least we get to be young again and my knees are in working order." His clone answered in return whipping the smirk of his face.

"Plus High School wasn't so bad when I did it and you two have each other." Sam Carter said encouragingly before both clones left the vehicle and entered their new lives.

"If there are any problems call us or General Hammond. You know the drill." Jack told the two young adults who just nodded before turning around and entering the building.


Over the next 5 years SG-1 and General Hammond kept in touch with the two clones and even attended their graduation. It came to no ones surprise really when Amanda Carter (Clone Carter) got perfect grades and excelled as top of the school. However it surprised them a little bit that Jasper O'Neill (Clone O'Neill) came in as a close second. During High School they also took some Colleague and University Courses and Amanda had earned her Mastery in Astro Mechanics while Jasper got a Bachelor in Quantum Physics and a Master in Astronomy. By the time they were 18 they both joined the Air Force Academy again. During this time they were still informed on Anubis's attack, the discovery of Atlantis and the Wraith, the promotions to Major General and Colonel respectively, the end of the Goa'uld and the Replicators as well as the rise and fall of the Ori. Lastly they were also informed on the demise of the Asgard and the knowledge they left behind. The two clones were saddened by this but also could not wait to return to Stargate Command to see what the Asgard left behind.

When Jazz and Amy, as they took to being called, joined the Air Force Academy both excelled for obvious reasons. They were both picture perfect cadets and while they hated taking orders from people, Jazz more so than Amy, they did follow and executed them perfectly. When it got out that the two of them were related to two highly decorated Officers it came to no ones surprise why they were so perfect. Everyone just believed that it has been drilled into them in their early years.

Colonel Cameron Mitchell exited his car and entered the Air Force Academy. He walked brusquely towards General Kerrigans bureau and entered after knocking once without waiting for a reply.

"Col. Mitchell what can I do for you?"

"Sir, we are under attack. I am ordered to take Cadets O'Neill and Carter as well as Lts. Cornwell, Scorny, Connor and Blair."

"I see I will get them immediately but may I ask why the young cadets? They have not yet finished. The only Cadet that was ever told about the Program this early was Cadet Hailey"

"General did you not notice something extraordinary about these two? I saw some of their field performance personally and heck they were perfect. They won the simulation singlehandedly while making it look like it was a team effort. Surely you have noted that these two already have training that goes above and beyond anything you could hope to teach them. I know for a fact the they are both top of their class, have got perfect scores in Marksmanship and have been approached by PJs and several other elite forces to join them. Wherever they go they would be an asset, an unstoppable team. You could put a team of seasoned soldiers against them and they would come out on top. In fact I believe I heard that one of the Instructors did that. He called in some PJs and had them in a Battlefield simulation and they lost, badly."

"Yes I did notice them. Their future is indeed bright and I can see why you would want them. Plus being related to Gen. O'Neill and Col. Carter I suppose there is no other choice. I just hope they don't die before they have chance to become what they can be."

"Let me assure you they are here on their own accord and they know what they are getting into. They are needed and I would bet everything I have that they will persevere if they are anything like their namesake."

"Very well. I will have them all transferred to Cheyenne Mountain asap."

"Thank you Gen. I must be going. Please stress the seriousness of this situation to everyone. We need them all to be ready, mentally."

"Have a good day and good luck."

"Thank you sir. And too you."

After Col. Mitchell left Gen. Kerrigan ordered his aide to get the 6 people the Col. listed and have them report to him ready to move as soon as possible. An hour and serval phone calls later, due to all persons being in an exercise, they reported to General Kerrigan ready to move out.

"Lts. Here are your new deployment orders. Cadets theses are for you. Please read them and then get moving. There is a bus waiting to drive you to Cheyenne Mountain."

All 6 of them read their new orders and Jazz and Amy looked at each other because they knew that things must be about to end badly if they were recalled a year early and given back their ranks and authorities.

"Well then it looks like we move out and rock and roll. General have there been any other information left behind?" Jazz asked the General directly surprising the Lieutenants.

"No Colonel Mitchell just stopped by while he headed towards Cheyenne Mountain. He didn't give me any details other than it was urgent. After he left I got a call from Col. Carter, and General Landry that those Order are to be followed immediately. I think if my phone rings again and you are still here, General O'Neill will show up in person and I really don't want that." The General joked but it never reached his eyes.

The Cadets and the General knew that it would be bad if Jack or anyone else were to show up.

"Hmmmm well thank you General. Well we best be off. And don't worry sir this isn't the last time you will see us." Amy said smiling reassuringly while Jasper nodded along with a confident but worried smirk and at that moment Brigadier General Kerrigan recognized Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter in the two youth before him. Without further notice all six moved brusquely towards to entrance of the Air Force Academy and got into the Bus.

During the ride the Lieutenants talked quietly between themselves and waited when the Cadets would be dropped off so they could talk more openly about the mission at Cheyenne Mountain. Amy and Jazz also talked quietly but questions which one of SG-1 screwed up this time and caused a crisis. Upon arriving at Cheyenne Mountain the Lts. were baffled when the two Cadets got off the Bus with them and Lt. Connor moved forward and asked them to get back on the bus and to be dropped of at their base. They were even more shocked when the two cadets told them their orders were to go to Cheyenne Mountain. Before the Lt. could ask to see the orders a Sergeant and several SF came and ushered them in.

"Sirs, Ma'am, please we need to hurry Colonel Carter is waiting for us." Sergeant Siler snapped in a brisk salute. "Well then lets go and see who screwed up." Jasper said while quickly walking towards the entrance of the mountain. As the Cadets were cleared to enter the Mountain the Lts. became even more frustrated and wondered how two Cadets could have access to the most secure and top secret base on earth. "Anything you can tell us Siler?" Jasper asked while they were in the lift knowing that Sgts. Siler and Harriman were the only other people on base that knew about them. Before Siler could answer one of the Lts. Rounded on him said "Cadet, you should show proper respect to all personnel and address them by rank!" he berated Jasper who slowly became aggravated by the obnoxious Lts. "That really isn't necessary Sir, but to answer your question Sir, I don't know much. Colonel Carter is in charge of the base while General Landry is gone but from what I heard its really bad this time around."

Once they reached level 27 the SFs ushered them into the Briefing Room while Sergeant Siler went down a flight a stairs into the control room. The SF knocked on General Landrys door and out came Colonel Carter dressed in her black BDU.

"Thank you Sergeant. I got it from here." Sam told the SF who saluted and left.

"Hello. My name is Colonel Samantha Carter and while General Landry is in Washington heading a task force I am in command of the SGC. Well I hope you all know why you are here and have read your Orders?" Carter asked the six people sitting before here.

"Yes Ma'am. At least the other Lieutenants and I know why we are here. We were about to question the Cadets on why they are here."

"I see. Well do you two know why you are here?"

"Yes Carter we know. BTW congrats on getting command of the SGC." Jazz said smiling before answering her question. "I think Amy and I are here because someone probably on SG-1 screwed up again. My guess would be Daniel." O'Neill answered while Amy snickered.

"Cadet! How dare you speak like this to a superior officer?!" Lt. Scorny shouted.

"Thank you Lt. but I am quite capable of handling myself. As to your assumption it was very funny Jazz and given our history it could have been true. But I will have you know it wasn't SG-1, heck it wasn't even the SGC this time. In an alternative reality a Wraith ship attacked Earth and was shot down but apparently they were able to send a signal strong enough to not only breach into other realities but also be transmitted to Pegasus. A ZPM powered Wraith Hive Ship is now on course here."

"Ah so we get to meet the space vampires." O'Neill exclaimed.

"Yes they are coming. Which is why you are here. Lts. each one of you will be joining and experienced SG-Team."

"Ma'am if I may be so bold to ask where the Cadets will be stationed." Lt. Connor asked.

"They will be joining SG-1" the voice of Colonel Mitchell announced from the entrance while Carter nodded.

"What? Sir Ma'am are you sure? These are untrained cadets. They are only here because of their relation to you and General O'Neill and how you trained them. I fear for the safety of SG-1" Lt. Connor declared.

"What? How dare you accuse us of being untrained you arrogant prick." Jazz O'Neill bellowed with his best "Colonel Voice" and all Lts. winced. "You know nothing about us and yet you judge us. You think you are so tough because you were selected to be here but you are not. You are inexperienced and this attitude will get you killed out there you fool! If we had the time I would take you down a peck or two but for now I suggest you shut up and learn to not question and order given by non-other than Carter here!" Jazz finished his rant finally having enough.

"Cadet how dare you speak to us like this? First with Col. Carter now us?! This behavior has no place in the Air Force. Ma'am Sir I would like to press charges against Cadet O'Neill." Lt. Scorny said.

"Denied." Sam and Mitchell answered at the same time.

"What the Colonel said was true. You know nothing about going out there while they do. You have seen nothing and done nothing yet you can not trust your superiors who have been out there to make adequate calls. Lt. Connor you will NOT be joining a team. In fact your future in this program is endangered now. We can't have people questioning the integrity of this command when we are out there fighting god knows what. We need to be able to rely on you to do your job and be the best at it!" Sam finished sternly.

"And just for your information. Cadet O'Neill and Cadet Carter outrank you. With receiving their Orders they got the rank of Colonel and Major respectively. Now before you talk about unfair this was signed by the President due to circumstances that have been declared top secret need to know only and frankly you do not need to know. This is not a reflection of your attitude or skills or knowledge why these two get these promotions but rather circumstances that happened 5 years ago." Mitchell informed the Lts. while Jazz and Amy looked smug.

"Okay now that this is out of the room I expect an apology towards Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter and then Colonel Mitchell is going to show you to your new teams. But this is not over! Your behavior was unacceptable! Dismissed!" Sam said before the Lts apologized and left with Mitchell for their assignments.