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Leo looked up at the sound of incoming orbs. "Zola!" He stood immediately.

"Leo, I need to ask you a question. I need an honest answer."

"Of course. Anything."

"Has Chris been the one who is going to the Underworld? Are you protecting him as Gideon suggests?" Zola leaned in closely.

"I have never seen Chris go to the Underworld. That's all I can tell you." Leo hedged.

Zola folded his arms. "Leo. We cannot have whitelighters going into the Underworld. You realize how important this is."

Leo nodded. "I understand. However, I also understand that demons are our enemies. They are attacking my wife and child on a daily basis. I have a hard time condemning whoever is going to the Underworld and eradicating threats against my family. I have no proof…nor any reason to suggest Chris has been going there. But I also won't be a part of a witch hunt. We survived Salem in the 1600's, barely. We don't need to reinstate that panic now."

"I am not trying to incite panic, Leo. I am simply trying to protect our secrets, as always. Going to the Underworld threatens us all."

"Demons threaten us all, Zola. Not whitelighters trying to do the right thing in the wrong way."

"Leo, you cannot continue to be an elder while still acting like a father and husband."

"I AM a father and husband, as well as an elder! And now I'm going to be a father again, Zola! I won't desert the Elders or what they stand for, but I also will not leave witches on earth defenseless."

"You… are going to be a father again?"

"Yes. In about 9 months. Piper just found out." Leo paused. "Is Gideon trying to point fingers at my family?"

"Chris is hardly family, Leo. Gideon was concerned that you were too emphatic in your defense of this Whitelighter. He was afraid it may be Chris." Zola spoke after a pause.

"Chris IS family, Zola. I'm going to be frank with you here. Chris is my second son, coming back from the future to save Wyatt. He wouldn't hurt anyone. He's a great force of good. And he is NOT who you are looking for." Leo's voice was firm and forceful.

"Oh, my… Chris is your son? That…makes complete sense actually." Zola sighed. "Leo, you need to watch your back. There are those among us that believe Wyatt was too powerful and should not exist. A second son, powerful enough to come back and try to change the future…Well, I'm not sure that's something they could handle. "

"I need a name Zola."

"I cannot give you more than I have said." Zola silently orbed away.


"I say we just blast them all away except Leo and then start over. Problem solved." Cole stated brashly.

"Cole… you're not helping." Chris rubbed at his eyebrows tiredly.

"Chris, sweetheart, you need to get some rest. You're exhausted."

"I'm used to being tired mom. It's kinda something you get used to. I just…I've been looking at demons all this time. I never considered an Elder."

"Chris…listen to me. I want you to go upstairs to Pheonix. Cuddle her… take a nap with her. Then come back down when you are refreshed and have had a chance to be with your daughter. Please…I don't want you to hurt yourself because you were so focused on Wyatt. Let us protect him for tonight." Piper placed a hand on the back of his head, rubbing gently.

"I'm okay."

"Chris, your mom's right. You haven't been with Pheonix in months. She's really missed you, especially after Paige…She needs you right now. Go to her." Cole input quietly, his voice breaking a bit.

"You really love me in the future." Paige bluntly said.

Cole stared her in the eyes. "Paige, you became my entire world. Only two things mattered. Stopping Wyatt's reign, and keeping you safe." He bent his head, blinking away tears. "I failed on both counts."

"You didn't fail. Wyatt just won." Chris said quietly as he clapped Cole on the shoulder. "You're right. I need to be around Pheonix tonight. If anyone needs me, we'll both be in my room." He walked up the stairs tiredly.

"Cole…I don't know to say." Paige started. "I mean, in my mind now, you are still the demon. But I can see…"

"NO! Dad, Mom, Everyone!" Chris raced to the top of the stairs. "Pheonix isn't in my room. Help me find her!"

The adults raced through the house. Piper ran to the nursery. She stopped short. "CHRIS! I found her! The nursery, quick!"


Chris came to an abrupt stop at the sight of his daughter holding an athame to his brother's throat. "Pheonix. Put that down."

She shook her head hard. "No. Daddy, he killed Gramma Paige. He killed Mommy! He deserves to die too!"

"No, baby, he doesn't. Not this Wyatt. He's just a baby. He hasn't done anything wrong."

"He will if I don't stop him now." Her hands shook, nicking Wyatt's neck and his forcefield immediately knocking her away. Phoenix began to cry. "Now I won't get a chance to do it again. He'll keep hurting people until he kills you too!"

Chris folded her tightly into his arms. "Sweetheart, this is why I'm here in the past with Gramma Piper, Gramma Paige, Gramma Phoebe and Grampa Leo. We're going to fix it so that Uncle Wyatt is a good witch."

"He's evil daddy. I can tell."

"He's still a baby. He's not evil yet. You can't treat him like he is."

"Daddy. There's evil here. I can feel it! Uncle Wyatt is evil!"

Chris glanced at Piper and Leo. "She can sense evil. It's one of her powers."

"So she's right? He's evil already?" Piper gasped.

"Unless she's somehow picking up a demon in the house." Chris suddenly glanced up, his aura going pale purple.

"Those who hide behind a shield,

Let now your identity be revealed"

"No!" Gideon screamed as his invisibility shield was forced away.