"Anwen, duck!" I yell but the stubborn blonde refuses to listen to me. She aims a kick to the demon's side but he is faster than her. He grabs her foot mid-air and twists it before throwing her across the yard. Anwen screams as she collides with the wall, above the fence that surrounds the little yard "Damn it Anwen!" I hiss through gritted teeth.

The demon then turns his attention to me. Bloody slimy thing! He raises his left hand, an energy ball playing at the tips of his fingers. He hurls it through the air and I barely miss it by pulling on the side. My eyes catch sight of a pile of pillars resting near my fallen charge. With a swift move of my hand the top two fly straight to the demon.

He howls like a wounded animal when the first one penetrates his chest. The other hits the back of his head with a sickening 'bang' noise. He stumbles forward, but doesn't fall down. I have to admire his determination. Before he can recollect himself I thrust my hand inside my pocket. My fingers brush against two vials and my eyes unwillingly turn to Anwen who has started steering. I press my lips together and taking out the vial with the vivid green potion I throw it with all my might towards the demon.

The Grimlock shrieks in pain. His hands cover his eyes and he falls to his knees as the flames swallow his body. Once he is gone from my sight I allow myself to calm down a little. The big question now is how did the Grimlock attain the power of throwing energy balls?

"Argh," Anwen groans bringing me at once back to reality. I rush to her and kneel next to her broken body. With a quick glance I see one broken ankle, several broken ribs, a massive blow to her spine, and a severe concussion. Blood is purring freely from a gush on her forehead and I can see bloody bubbles appearing at the corners of her lips.

"It's alright An, I'll fix you," I promise taking a hold of her hand. She squeezes it hard as she can but it is as if a baby is trying to hurt me.

I blink back my tears and raise both my hands over her body. Anwen is my first charge and we have come too close to dying too many times. We have formed a bond I have only experience with my family members and that scares me. What if I lose her before she is ready to accept her wings? I don't think I will be able to handle that.

A burning sensation runs through out me and I feel it finding a way out through my fingertips. A golden light surrounds me and I gasp in disbelief. It is the first time I heal anyone, the first time I had no time to orb Anwen to another Whitelighter and make him do it for me. For some reason never before was I able to do it, something was blocking me.

Anwen sighs and the golden light dies out. I scramble closer to her my eyes searching carefully her face, her body, her breathing. She seems fine. But looks can be deceiving. I raise my hand again, palm down, over her body, and close my eyes. Her spine is fine, the ribs are repaired, and her concussion is gone. I have healed her!

"Wow," she breathes in a hoarse voice and my eyes fly open "You did it!"

"I know," I say in deep disbelief. Anwen smiles at me smugly.

"I always said you would," she says and I roll my eyes.

"Shut up!"

She smiles and I feel my heart swelling inside my chest. If I didn't know any better I'd think that I am in love. But I am not, it is just the feeling of saving someone's life, someone who is gravely important to me.

I lick my lips and once again my hand darts inside my pocket. I toy with the little vial as Anwen pushes herself off the dirty street and makes herself more comfortable in a sitting position. She looks at me and her smile fades. My troubled expression must have alarmed her.

"Mel, what's wrong?" she asks her hand coming to rest on my shoulder. I sigh.

"I did something...or, I am going to do something," I correct myself and she frowns "Something that will break the rules and will make the rest of my family really upset with me."

"You are scarring me Mel."

"It's just...You are my best friend An, and...I can't lose you," I say trying to convene with words and facial expressions the degree of my dependency on her. I cannot lose her.

"I know, and you won't."

"I...I don't..." I sigh and pause "With everything going on, with all this demon hunting and the war...what if one day we are not fast enough?" I ask and she takes a sharp breath "What if that day is before you get your powers?"


"No, I've thought about it. Thoroughly," I say and she smiles. She knows that I never do anything irrational "And I think that this is the best solution," I say drawing out the potion.

"A potion?" she asks cringing her nose.

"Yeah and...it's innovative."

"What is that supposed to mean?" she asks and I blush.

"Well...I made it."

"You mean you brew it?" she asks hopefully raising her eyebrows.

"More likely, invented it," I say and cringe.


"I was desperate An, you need to understand!"

Anwen looks at me and then at the vial. It is as if I can see the cogs turning in her head, forming into thoughts that I can almost hear. But she doesn't understand! She can't! She doesn't know what it feels like every time I have to leave her and go back to that place, the one I grew up calling home, after what he did to it. After what he did to almost everyone I love!

"It has to do with him, hasn't it?" she asks and I simply nod. She swallows and a pair of pearly white teeth sinks on her lower lip. Her eyes dart from the vial to my face before she opens her hand, demanding for it. I shake my head.

"You can't drink it, I will have to throw it at you," I say and she frowns but doesn't question me. I nod stand up and walk a couple of steps backwards, ready to throw the potion at her but...

My foot sinks on the street and I scream. The earth underneath me is not solid anymore. Anwen screams my name but she still has no powers and she can't orb to save me. She turns her eyes, teary eyes on the sky and begs but I know that nothing will happen. If I had just the time to throw the potion at her, to know that she is going to be ok. But I hadn't. I try to call her name but then everything disappears.