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"Anwen, duck!" I yelled, but the stubborn blonde refused to listen to me.

As always.

She aimed a kick to the demon's side, but he was much faster and skilled than her. He grabbed her foot mid-air and twisted painfully, if the loud cry of anguish was an indication, before throwing her across the yard. Anwen screamed as she collided with the wall above the fence, which surrounded the little yard. Her head connected with a cringing bang against the cement. A thin trail of blood traveled from beneath her bangs, down the side of her face, and her lean body fell limply on the ground.

"Damn it Anwen!" I hissed through gritted teeth, the need to go to my charge impossible to ignore. But it had to wait, because I had a very pissed off demon to take care of.

Speak of the devil, they say, and he shall appear. The appalling creature turned his attention to me, once his punching bag was knocked out cold. He raised his left hand, an energy ball playing at the tips of his fingers, baring his teeth at me. My hands were already poised for an attack, but he didn't seem to consider me a valid threat. He hurled the energy ball through the air and I barely missed it by pulling on the side. A second energy ball was already dancing at his fingers, when I waved my hands in his general direction. But my power of molecule combustion didn't effect him as I'd hoped and nstead of being blown into oblivion, he created a third energy ball, aiming it at me.

In a spur of the moment or a desperate attempt to spare myself and Anwen, I concentrated and tapped into my eldest brother's powers, breaking the promise I made to our middle brother, of never using the psychic link again. I caught sight of a pillar of disregarded lighting poles by the side of the fenced yard, and yanking my hand upwards one of them flew straight towards the demon. He howled like a wounded animal, when it penetrated his chest, but he was still able to stand up-straight, so I continued the onslaught. The second hit the back of his head with a sickening noise. He stumbled forward, but didn't fall down. I had to admire his determination. Before he could recollect himself, I thrust my hand inside my pocket. My fingers brushed against two vials and my eyes unwillingly turned to Anwen, who had started steering. I pressed my lips together and taking out the vial with the vivid green potion, I threw it with all my might towards the demon.

The Grimlock shrieked in pain. His hands covered his eyes, in an attempt to save his face from the acidic reaction of the potion, and he fell to his knees, as the flames swallowed his body. Once he was gone from my sight I allowed myself to calm down a little. The big question now was how had the Grimlock attained the power of throwing energy balls? I was panting, standing there watching the smoke come in lazy swirls from the ashes. This was the third vanquish in one week, and it had almost cost Anwen's life.

"Ow..!" Said girl's groan brought me at once back to reality "Shit, this hurts!" Anwen whined, as I rushed to her side and knelt next to her broken body. With a quick glance I knew there was one broken ankle, several cracked ribs, a massive blow to her spine, and a severe concussion. Blood was pouring freely from a gush on her forehead and I could see bloody bubbles at the corners of her lips, which meant only one thing; internal bleeding. It was a miracle she was still alive. Her pain was nauseating, forming a lump of bile in my throat.

"It's alright An, I'll fix you," I promised taking a hold of her hand. She squeezed, I'm sure hard as she could, but it was as if a baby was trying to hurt me.

I blinked back the tears gathering in my eyes, and raised both my hands over her body. Anwen was my first charge and we had come too close to dying too many times. We had had formed a bond, one I had previously only experienced with my family members, and that scared me. What if I lost her? I wouldn't be able to handle that. Not her. Not after so many people had already left me. A burning sensation ran through out me then, and I felt it finding an outlet through my fingertips. A golden light surrounded us and I gasped in disbelief. It was the first time I healed anyone, the first time I had no time I couldn't afford to orb Anwen to another Whitelighter and make them do it for me. For some reason never before had I been able to do it, something always blocking me.

Anwen sighed in content and the golden light died out. I scrambled closer to her my eyes searching carefully her face, her body, her breathing. She seemed fine, but looks could be deceiving. I raised my hand again, palm down over her body, and closed my eyes. Her spine was fine, the ribs had been repaired, and her concussion was gone. A small snort of disbelief left my mouth, as the realization dawned in me; I had successfully healed her.

"Wow," she breathed in a hoarse voice and my eyes flew open "You did it."

"I know," I said my voice dripping with incredulity and a small amount of smugness.

"I fucking told you!" she said, far too gleeful for someone who had just had a near death experience "I knew you could do it!"

"Shut up!"

She smiled and I felt my heart swell inside my chest. If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was in love. I bit on my bottom lip and once again my hand darted inside my pocket. I toyed with the small vial, as Anwen pushed herself off the dirty street and made herself more comfortable in a sitting position. She looked at me and her smile faded; my troubled expression must have alarmed her.

"Mel, what's wrong?" she asked, her hand coming to rest on my shoulder.

"I did something...or, I am about to do something," I corrected myself and she frowned "Something that will break the rules and will make the rest of my family really upset with me."

"You are scaring me, Mel."

"It's just...You are my best friend, An, and I-I can't lose you," I said, trying to convey with words and facial expressions the degree of my dependency on her. I couldn't lose her. Anwen smiled at me gently.

"I know, and you won't."

"I...I don't..." I paused, heaving a sigh. "With everything going on, with all the demon hunting and the war...what if one day we are not fast enough?" I asked and I heard her inhale sharply "What if that day is before you get your powers back?"


"No, I've thought about it. Thoroughly," I said and she smiled; she knew that I'd never do anything irrational. "And I believe that this is the best solution." I said, drawing out the second vial.

"A potion?" she asked, cringing her nose.

"Yeah, and um...it's innovative."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" she asked and I rubbed the side of my neck, fighting down a blush.

"Well, I made it."

"You mean you brew it, right?" she asked hopefully, raising her eyebrows.

"More like, invented it," I corrected her wording, and she frowned.


"I was desperate, An, you need to understand!"

Anwen looked at me and then at the vial. It was as if I could see the cogs turn in her head, forming into thoughts, which I could almost hear. I didn't expect her to understand, to realize what it felt like to be unable to control any aspect of your life, to be forced to watch your family being killed. She couldn't understand, and I seriously couldn't blame her for that. I never wanted her to understand what that felt like.

"It has to do with him, doesn't it?" she asked and I simply nodded. It was an over-simplification, but it summarized the general idea; everything always had to do with him. She swallowed and a pair of pearly white teeth sunk in her lower lip. Her eyes darted from the vial to my face before she opened her hand, demanding for it. I shook my head.

"You can't drink it, I will have to throw it at you," I said and she raised an inquisitive eyebrow, but didn't question me. I nodded to myself, as if to reassure the little voice in the back of my head, which insisted this was a wrong move. I stood up and walked a couple of steps backwards, ready to throw the potion at her, but...

The street underneath me started moving, turning into sinking sand. It swiftly swallowed my leg up to the calf, and I couldn't keep down a scream of surprise and fear. Anwen cried my name, jumping up - still a bit slowed down after the attack. But she had no powers, so she couldn't do anything to save me. She turned her teary eyes to the sky, begs mixed up with empty threats falling from her lips. As it was to be expected, nothing happened. If I had just had the time to throw the potion at her, to know that she was going to be okay. But luck had never been in my favor before, that wasn't going to change. I tried to call her name, to tell her it was going to be okay, to lie to her, but then everything disappeared.