Hope Springs Eternal Contest - Author Reveal

Cherry Blossoms and Second Chances - BestScentEver
A Kick of Reality - PolkaDotButterfly
746 minutes - AngelycDevil
Contact - evieeden
Give Me a Reason To Live - Deslyncullen
Even Griffey Doesn't Always Get a Home Run - SqueakyZorro
In My Dreams And Beyond - Michaela07
No Need To Say Goodbye - faerie kitten
Lost and Found - risbeencoldplaywhore
Meteor Shower Across The Night Sky - MusicalWritingBookworm
No Matter What - SqueakyZorro
Guns and Needles - celesticbliss
The Moment of Truth in Your Lies - Letzigprincess
Saving Mary - katiecav
Two Souls in Stillness Wait - Unfamiliar Faces
The Monster in My Room - Lacrimosa Moon
No Regrets In Forbidden Love - earthprincess4