Greed didn't have regrets.

Regrets, doubts, were for pathetic humans who couldn't put one foot in front of the other. For those with feelings.

Greed didn't have feelings. He did not have secrets.

When Greed was created, his first sight was definietly not Lust, and he wasn't happy that she was definitely not his first, beautiful sight.

He was not sad, borderline heartbroken when Roy Mustang, that damned Flame Alchemist burned Lust nearly to death. Giving her the most humiliating death imaginable. And months after her death, he didn't constantly have dreams of her embracing him. Her soft, pouty lips meeting his.

No, Homunculus' didn't have dreams. He was above those things...

When Greed became officially "new Greed" had forgotten everything didn't pretend like he g. And Lust certainly wasn't the one thing that he remembered perfectly.

Honestly. She wasn't. She was just a woman. Just..Just a woman.

When Lust was still alive, Greed wasn't jealous of Gluttoney or anything. For taking up all her time, for slobbering all over her like a lost, pitiful puppy. A humuculus should be able to fend for itself. The whole idea was ridiculous..ludacris, really..

Greed didn't stay up nights, silently praying to no one. To bring Lust back. The love of his life, one of his reasons for existing. Psh, whoever made this one up would be getting two in the ass..

Oh, and when he could feel his life force being sucked out of him by that bastard, Father, he wasn't secretly, regretful of the fact he never set aside his ridiculous arrogance and told Lust how much he utterly, undeniably, loved her.

Yeah..No regrets..


Yeah, I had this idea acouple months ago and I just simply manipulated it into this. Hope you guys liked it, maybe, maybe I'll make Lust's part in this. But I don't know.