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Summary- Natsuki's parents will demands that she attends Fuuka Academy for Girl in order to maintain her trust fund. Her miserly uncle doesn't like this but has no choice but to let her retrun to Japan after five years in America. She is reunited with childhood friends, catches the attention of the kaichou, and definitely causes some trouble. But will her uncle find a way to ruin this new life?

Chapter 1 Wild One

When the working day is done, oh girls, they wanna have fu-un,

It was six thirty in the morning when a certain cell phone started to ring in one of the Fuuka Academy girl's dorm rooms. "Mai you better answer that before I stuff it down your throat," grumbled a red-headed girl with limegreen eyes.

Oh girls, just wanna have fun,

"Fine, but who would be calling me this early?" Another red-head slipped out of bed and picked up the annoying device.

"Hello, Mai speaking." She answered with as much politeness as she could muster this early in the morning.

"Mai," growled another voice. "Don't talk HERE! Go out in the hall or something. It's too early!"

The red-head with the phone glared at her two roommates. "Hold on Headmistress let me go out in the hall so I don't disturb my lazy roommates." She said as she quickly stepped out of the room barely avoiding the two pillows that were thrown in her direction.

"Damn, now I won't be able to go back to sleep!"

"Me either Chie, her damn phone ruined my whole morning."

"Well, I know a way to make it better…"

"Chie control your libido pervert!"

"Ha fine, fine, I see how it is, I'm not your type right Nao?"

"Wow, now my morning just got worse. Well done Harada,"

"NO WAY!" Their banter was cut short by an ecstatic Mai running into the dorm and freaking out. "Wake up you lazy bums! You know how our fourth roommate hasn't shown up? Well guess why? Or better yet guess who it's gonna be?" She said while dancing around the dim room.

"Mai what the hell, why are you so happy, it's just another girl and it's like six thirty in the freakin morning." Muttered Nao grumpily.

"And that's where you're wrong!" Said Mai excitedly. "The Headmistress just called and informed me that Natsuki is coming back! And she's going to be our roommate!"

"WHAT?" Both Chie and Nao shouted. "But it's been like five years, that mutt! Now she comes back to Japan? I'm gonna kick her ass for being gone so long!" Nao said with a touch of anger mingled with excitement.

"AWW Yeah, the fantastic four reunited! I mean it'll just like when we were kids! I wonder if she's the same? Remember her weird love for mayo?" Chie reminisced. "This is gonna be freakin awesome! She's finally back from America!"

"Yeah, the Headmistress said she'll be arriving sometime today. So get up we gotta be there early in case she is. You don't want to miss her arrival do ya? Oh and Chie she said something about the student council looking for someone to DJ at the First Chance Dance, so while we're there early you can talk to them." Mai reasoned.

"Fine I'll get ready but this is the only time all year that I am ever going to be early for school." Nao answered resuming her usual grumpy morning aura.

"Me too, and I best grab my tunes so I can impress the student council with my disc jockey abilities!" Chie chimed in happily.

Well at least this is good tea thought Shizuru as her friend who also happened to be the school's vice president droned on in the meeting. It was the first day of school and they had called an early morning meeting to discuss the First Chance Dance that is going to be held in two weeks. It wasn't a major event in the scheme of the school year but it did set off the social calendar. Sighing, she took another sip of the jasmine tea and directed her attention out the window all while keeping up her façade of actually listening to the overzealous blond. "BUBUZUKE! ARE YOU EVEN PLAYING ATTENTION?" Rang out the loud voice of her friend.

"It's paying, Haruka-san." Came the shy correction.

"Isn't that what I said Yukino?" Haruka responded.

"Ara, of course Haruka-san, I was merely brainstorming some ideas for the décor." Shizuru answered in her usual Kyoto-ben.

"Well, we need to approve the music first you know, so the DJ knows what's allowed. I don't want any inappropriate music that causes that grounding type of dancing! NOT ON MY WATCH!"

"It's grinding not grounding." Yukino answered quietly with a blush.

Chuckling, Shizuru replied "Ara, you are right Haruka-san, perhaps you have some suggestions?"

"Well, if you're asking me I always liked the good ole' YMCA or the Macarena…"

"Hell No!" A voice sounded from the door of the student council room. Ara, I'm glad someone else could put an end to that, we may be friends but Haruka's taste in music is terrible!

Chie Harada strode confidently into the student council flashing everyone her signature flirty smile. "I mean, uh, sorry vice president, those are classics and all but I think something a little more modern would be better for the First Chance Dance."

"WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU HAVE ANY SAY IN THIS HARADA?" Haruka answered with her usual ardor.

With this loud declaration Chie winced a little bit but soon regained her usual smile. "Well I heard you were looking for a DJ so I thought I'd just offer up my mad skills. I even have a list of the songs right here." She pulled out a piece of paper and handed to Shizuru. Hmm, these look much better than Haruka's ideas but I don't recognize this one song,

"This looks really good Harada-san, except I don't recognize this song. Wild One's is it?"

"Oh that one, yeah it's pretty new. I can play it for ya, kaichou if you'd like? I have speakers in my backpack. Oh, and you don't have to call me by my surname, Chie is good."

"Ara, alright I think that would be best Chie-san, we can't allow songs to be played that we don't know right Haruka-san?"

"DANG RIGHT, but I still like the YMCA." Haruka harrumphed, the later part of the sentence was more of a whisper.

"Ok, here we go, just let me plug these puppies in and we're good to go."

As soon as the music started a loud mechanical roar blasted through the student council room. "HARADA IS THAT PART OF THE SONG?" Haruka questioned ever louder than her usual tone. Ara, I didn't know it was possible for Haruka to get any louder!

Chie just ran to the window. "No it's not, it's just, well, she's back!" She said excitedly as she continued to gaze out the window.

"Ara who's back Chie-san?" Who could she be talking about? I better look for myself. Shizuru got up gracefully and peered out the window. A black and silver motorcycle raced into view and pulled recklessly into the parking lot almost running over some students. So that's who's making this fuss, I… Her breath caught in her throat as the rider took of her helmet and flicked her hair.

Hey I heard you were a wild one, Ooh

She was dressed in tight, like really tight, black skinny jeans with tears on the upper thighs, a black leather jacket over a snug white v-neck that had a faint outline of a wolf running up the left side, with aviator sunglasses covering her eyes. Ara…

If I took you home it'd be a homerun, Ooh

Her long dark blue hair cascaded to the small of her back contrasting perfectly with her beautiful pale skin.

Show me how you'll do

Her lithe yet curvy figure walked quickly and confidently towards the school's front doors, the gentle breeze blowing back her hair making her look almost like a model at a photo-shoot.

I wanna shut down the club with you

Students parted like the red sea before her, her scowl ensured that no one dared to step in her path.

Hey I heard you like the wild ones, Ooh

She finally flung open the front doors and disappeared from view.

"I'm sorry kaichou but I gotta go," Chie said suddenly as she grabbed her ipod and speakers and dashed out the door. Ara, who was that? Shizuru thought to herself. She couldn't have gone to Fuuka last year, I would have remembered someone like that...

"WHAT THE… THAT GIRL IS ALREADY BAKING THE RULES! Everyone is required to wear the school issued uniforms! I'm going to go amend that delinquent right now!" Haruka shouted as she followed Chie out the door.

Yukino looked up and sighed, "She meant breaking and apprehend."

Shizuru just smiled knowingly at her shy friend as she left her view from the window and made her way towards the door. Ara, this should be interesting maybe I'll get a chance to speak with this 'wild one' fufufufu.

The wind tousled Natsuki's midnight blue hair as she sped down the long road to Fuuka Academy on her beloved Ducati. It was one thing that she managed to bring with her from America. The cool morning air whipped past her as she contemplated the events leading up to her return to Japan, she chuckled at her uncle's reaction to the lawyer when he told him the news.


"WHAT? What do you mean she absolutely must attend this Academy?" Her uncle's voice fumed at the corporate lawyer sitting in front of him.

"It's non-negotiable, her parents Will specifies that in order for her to maintain her trust fund and your allowance thereof she must attend that school. If she doesn't go to Fuuka Academy for Girls than all the money and assets with go to charity and you will never get a piece of Kuga Industries."

Ha take that you money grubbing bastard! No more leeching of me unless I get to go back to Japan! That means I'll be away from you and your stupid spoiled kid. And you can't follow me over there cause you have your own job here. Finally some freakin freedom!

"Fine, if that's what needs to be done send her to this Fuuka or whatever, it doesn't matter as long as I still get my share of her trust." Her uncle growled.

"I assure you, you'll receive the same amount you always have. At least until she turns eighteen, then all the money is under her control." The lawyer answered calmly. "Nothing new I'm sure you know Mr. Wang."

"Yes of course I know, just send the brat to Japan! I'll deal with this soon enough!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END FLASHBACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The memory brought a bright smile to Natsuki's face. Asshole, now I can actually live my life. You still get forty percent of my allowance but at least i don't have to live with you, now I can actually do what I want and I don't have to give a shit about your stupid restrictions and punishments.

The school slowly came into view. Hmmm I wonder if the crew will even remember me, she thought idly as she zoomed up toward the campus. Students in the classic Japanese girl's uniforms were everywhere. She sped up and pulled back on the throttle of her Ducati resulting in a familiar roar. Well if I'm gonna arrive, at least I'll do it in style.

Most of the girls stopped their gossiping and idle chatter to stare as Natsuki sped past the front side of the school and pulled into the parking lot. A small group of girls just stood exactly in front of the motorcycle parking. Natsuki drove right at them thinking they'd have the common sense to move. Bakas! Don't just stand there in front of the parking! Move! What the hell are you all thinking? The girls finally came to their senses and leaped out of the way. Grrr... finally, Natsuki thought as she successfully skid into the intended parking spot and took off her helmet.

Instinctively she flicked her hair over her right shoulder and headed towards the front doors of the school, not even glancing at the girls she almost ran over. She didn't have time to waste checking on idiots who stood right in front of necessary parking! She needed to meet with the Headmistress Mashiro to put together a schedule, hopefully convince her that she didn't neet to wear a stupid uniform, and determine whether or not her childhood group of friends even remembered who she was. Yup, today is definitely a busy day, Natsuki thought as she put on her signature scowl and let the masses spread before her. Now that's what I'm talkin bout! She flung open the front doors and stepped into Fuuka Academy for the first time.

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