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"Get up Mutt!"

"Ugnff…" Natsuki groaned grabbing her midnight blue comforter and wrapping it around herself even tighter.

"Seriously Nat, school starts in like five minutes. You don't want to be late on your first game-day do you?" Mai called from the kitchenette.

"School…too early." The bluenette grumbled still half asleep.

"Don't worry guys, I got this." Chie waltzed up to the cocooned girl confidently. "Natsuki, don't you want to see Shizuru before class? You might get another kiss…"

A cute smile graced the now hopeful expression of the sleepy girl. "Zuru?" She muttered perking up a little but her eye's remaining closed.

Chie grinned evilly before pulling out her cell phone to capture the moment. "Yeah 'Zuru', you don't want to disappoint her do you?"

The earnest expression fell to a pensive frown. "Make Zuru sad?" The frown fell into a pout as Natsuki shook her head from side to side.

"No?" Chie asked hoping to hear more adorable things from the usually tough biker. By now Mai and Nao were watching intently from the other side of the room trying to hold in their laughter.

"Nope!" Natsuki answered enthusiastically. A goofy smile plastered to her face.

"How can someone so badass be so freakin' cute at the same time?" Nao muttered offhandedly.

"Then you need to get up Natsuki, so you can go see your 'Zuru'." Chie said in a sugary sweet voice, still videoing the precious moment.

Natsuki's head popped off the pillow and she threw the blankets off her bed. "I'm up!" She yelled as she grabbed her school uniform and raced to the bathroom. Her three friends chuckled as Chie showed them the video once more. What the hell is that? Natsuki swore she heard her own voice while she was stripping off her tank top and boxers that she usually slept in. She crept closer to the door and heard her own voice saying "Make Zuru sad?" A hot blush took over her whole face as she threw open the door and pointed at the culprits. "Chie…" She growled, "You had better delete that." Natsuki tried to sound as menacing as possible but, in her limited edition black lace lingerie it didn't quite work out that way.

"Damn Natsuki, that looks good on you. Is that also for your 'Zuru'?" Chie quipped as she stashed her cell phone in her bag. Natsuki's blush intensified as she grabbed one of the blankets from the floor and wrapped it around herself. "Aw you don't need to hide it from us, like I said you look fantastic in that, is it one of your European pieces?" Chie wanted to see just how far she could push her blue-haired friend this morning.

"Shut up! And if you don't give me that phone, I know about a thousand ways to kill you with a ballpoint pen." Natsuki threatened glaring Chie down fiercely.

"Welp, that'll just have to wait. We got class to go to, see you around pup." Nao shoved Chie out of the door and Mai quickly followed.

"Try to hurry up Natsuki," she called in her motherly tone as they left a very red faced half naked girl standing in the dorm. Bakas! Stupid, I swear sometimes I don't know why we are even friends. Natsuki stepped into the bathroom, putting on her uniform in her usually untidy way. She took a glance in the mirror. Oh damn, that's some serious bed head. Yup, going for a pony tail. She pulled her cobalt strands into a high pony tail, splashed some water on her face, and added a little cologne because well, she was going to see her woman today. A content smile graced her attractive features as she thought about seeing Shizuru. The brunette was almost constantly on her brain but the weird thing is, Natsuki didn't mind in the least. She loved thinking about Shizuru, the way she smells, how soft her curls are when she runs her hands through them, she even liked the teasing a little, not that she would ever admit it. I'm so freakin lucky. She thought as she sauntered out of the bathroom, looking extremely good for the amount of time she took getting ready. She grabbed her bag and iPod before quickly heading out the door her thoughts still centered on her Kyoto beauty. Suddenly she was hit by a random thought. What are me and Shizuru? I think we're girlfriend from the way we've kissed and stuff but I've never asked her. That's what they do on those stupid shows Mai makes us watch. I think I need to ask her, but we haven't even gone on a date yet! Natsuki was still deep in thought as she opened the large door to the school and made her way through the still crowded halls. She ignored the swoons that were coming from her own fan-club as she paced around, trying to come up with a solution. We can't be girlfriends if we haven't gone on a date yet right? But it's not like I can just take her out on the town, something could happen. Damn, why is this so confusing! Natsuki shook her head as she rounded a corner, still enveloped in her thoughts. She barely took note of her surroundings until she felt a soft tug on her pony tail. What the… She whipped around to knock the crap out of whoever had the guts to touch her, only to be blinded by a dazzling smile and amused crimson eyes.

"Now what could have my Natsuki been thinking of so hard to not even notice me as she came in today." The velvety Kyoto-ben mused as she stepped closer to the bluenette. Natsuki closed her eyes and inhaled her favorite scent in the whole world.

"Just you." Natsuki answered honestly, opening her eye's to look directly in Shizuru's, watching the older girls gaze turn from amused to adoring. Natsuki saw an opening here and went for it, knowing full well that there would be repercussions later. She placed a finger on Shizuru's perfectly sculpted nose. "You, kind of stress me out." She removed her finger and reveled in the surprised expression Shizuru was giving her. Gawd I'm turning into such a sap. Eh that surprised face is totally worth it.

"Natsuki Ikezu!" Shizuru pouted as she regained her composure. "Blaming all of her stress on me." She hit the bluenette lightly on the shoulder.

Natsuki chuckled and scratched her arm awkwardly. She didn't quite know what to do seeing as they were both being watched by their hawk-like fan girls and she didn't even know if they were officially going out. Honestly all she wanted was to do was kiss the crap out of the goddess in front of her, but she didn't know how Shizuru would feel about that blatant display of affection. So she settled for looking at the relaxed and almost carefree look on Shizuru's face, trying to let her emotions show through her eyes. Somewhere in the distance she registered the bell was ringing but she was way too caught up in those crimson orbs to compute what that meant.

As if an answer her unspoken questioning Shizuru laced her arm through Natsuki's. "Ara, Natsuki is going to escort me to class right?" She asked with a twinkle in her eyes. Ara, since I can't kiss my Natsuki yet this will have to suffice.

Natuski gave Shizuru a lop-sided grin, and gripped the older girl's arm a little tighter. "Damn right I am."

They walked to class together, arms linked tightly and bodies much closer than necessary. Occasionally Shizuru would 'accidently' brush up against Natsuki which caused the bluenette to erupt into a fierce blush. Groups of girls watched them enviously until Natsuki stared daggers at them making them avert their gaze quickly. About half-way to their classroom Shizuru leaned down and whispered into the shorter girl's still red ear. "I'm very excited to watch Natsuki play today." Natsuki shot an inquisitive look at her counterpart before realization dawned on her features. Shizuru laughed loudly at Natsuki's tell-tale facial expressions. "Don't tell me you forgot?" She teased.

Shit! How could've I forgot about that? Mai said something about it earlier but it totally skipped my mind! I'm blaming these damn hormones and that teasing devil woman. I can't even control my own brain! Oh well not gonna let her know that. Natsuki mentally berated herself before shrugging her shoulders and looking at Shizuru cockily. "Uh yeah I guess but don't worry about it. We got this one in the bag."

Shizuru flushed slightly, but hid it by turning her face to the side. Ara, there are so many sides to my Natsuki but confident is definitely a good one. "Good, I would expect nothing less from the first year starting forward." Shizuru complimented before they stepped into the English classroom.

Natsuki's blush grew even deeper. Ara, I wonder if that's unhealthy. Shizuru pondered before bidding Natsuki good bye and sitting in her designated seat. Natsuki gave her a confused look before settling down in the front row, assuming her usually position of head on the desk not even looking at the sensei in the front of the class. Shizuru giggled slightly behind her hand before turning her attention to the lecture that was starting. It didn't hold her attention long though because her thoughts kept returning to state she had found Natsuki in earlier. My puppy did look a little intense this morning. She replayed the scene in her head remembering the pensive and almost concerned look covering her Natsuki's face. I wonder what she was thinking about. She said it was about me but I hope it wasn't too serious. Panic started to rise in Shizuru's chest, constricting her ability to breathe. What if she's changed her mind? She has enough fans it is possible that someone else caught her attention. She started to tap her left hand absently, trying to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling forming in her gut. Glancing at the now sleeping beauty she tried to calm herself. Natsuki liked her, so whatever was bothering the bluenette they could work out together.

The rest of the day was a blur for Natsuki. Between her classes, emergency team meetings, and trying to kill Chie for that damn video, she hadn't seen Shizuru since their class this morning. She now stood in front of the locker room, about to head in and get ready for the game. She wasn't nervous about playing, she knew she was good, but she was nervous about playing in front of Shizuru. She fiddled with her hands not quite ready to go in and get suited up. Taking deep breathes she paced back and forth outside of the deserted hallway. Suddenly, she felt warm hands embrace her from the back and she leaned into the comforting touch. "That's twice today I've snuck up on you. What could be on my Natsuki's mind now?" Shizuru purred into Natsuki's ear.

Natsuki checked to make sure they were alone before she grabbed the older girl's waist, spun her around so now they were facing each other, and just held her close. "I told you before, it's you." She said as she looked into the older girls eyes unwaveringly. The same panic started to well up inside Shizuru before she caught the affectionate look in those shimmering emeralds. Natsuki pulled her closer, resting their foreheads together. "And how lucky I am that you somehow like me."

Shizuru beamed at Natsuki's confession before she leaned down and placed a tender kiss on the pink lips of her rebel. She softly moved her lips against the Natsuki's responsive ones, getting lost in the tenderness of the kiss. Shizuru tried to put as much devotion as she could into it and Natsuki responded in kind. "Of course, I like Natsuki." Shizuru whispered as they parted, admiring the cute blush that splayed across Natsuki's cheeks.

Natsuki looked at her almost lovingly before cocking her head to the side and furrowing her eyebrows together cutely. "Oh Natsuki has her thinking face on again." Shizuru teased, her hand caressing the pale skin of Natsuki's face. "Tell me what it going on up there." She pleaded, softly tapping Natsuki's temple.

Natsuki hesitated, chewing on her bottom lip. Oh well, you're gonna look like a baka anyways. "I…er- uh I was just- ah, hmmm. Huh sorry, this is stupid I know but can I ask you a question?" She rubbed the back of her neck nervously, not making eye contact with Shizuru.

Shizuru nodded slowly, trying to keep in the squeal that was caused by Natsuki's overwhelming cuteness.

"Uh, Shizuru what are we?" Natsuki asked bluntly.

Shizuru blinked. Ara, well that was unexpected. "I'm not really sure what Natsuki means?" She asked for clarification.

"Well you know, are we together like g-girlfriends? I mean, I know we haven't gone out on a like a real date or anything so I don't really know what I'm supposed to do." Natsuki looked at the ground embarrassed at having to ask such a question.

"Ara, is that what you've been wondering?" Shizuru asked, and Natsuki nodded slowly. Ara, such a silly girl. "Well, why doesn't Natsuki just ask me and then she'll know." She replied in a teasing tone. Natsuki gave her a disbelieving look and smacked her head with her palm. Taking a deep breath she removed her hand from her forehead and took Shizuru's gently, her thumb drawing slow circles on the silky skin.

"Oh ah ok then," The bluenette took another deep breath. "Shizuruwillyoubemygirlfriend ?" Natsuki asked quickly, looking nervously into Shizuru's eyes.

"Yes!" Shizuru practically yelled as she jumped onto Natsuki wrapping her legs around the younger girl's waist. Holy shit! She understood what I said? And she said yes? Natsuki's brain was on overload as she twirled her and Shizuru around smiling like a maniac. They stopped spinning and Natsuki was about to kiss Shizuru for all she's worth when the locker room door opened and Ishiko walked out.

"Kuga!" She barked in her very deep voice, raising her eyebrows at the sight of the school's badass and Kaichou together like that. "Warm up starts in five minutes, save your love session for after the game." With that said as she walked out the door that lead to the field.

"Shut up!" Natsuki shouted at the retreating figure. She looked at the girl in her arms and warmth coursed through her veins. Gently placing Shizuru back on the ground she kept her hands around the slender waist of the Kaichou. "So… I'll see you out there?" She asked hopefully.

Shizuru pecked Natsuki on the cheek. "Of course, and we'll be finishing this later." She said matter-of-factly before sauntering away, leaving Natsuki to thoroughly check her out as she left.

"Damn." Natsuki muttered as she watched Shizuru go. "This game better not go into overtime."

Natsuki finally entered the locker-room and put on the black and silver jersey of Fuuka Academy. She readjusted her pony-tail before striding out of the door and onto the field. The usually empty bleachers were already starting to fill up and there was a chatter that wasn't usually present when they practice. Well I guess that means we have fans. Natsuki thought as jogged over to her team.

"Natsuki! You ready for this?" Mikoto came up and fist bumped the bluenette.

"Hell yeah, are you?" Natsuki replied without a pause.

"Kuga's not ready!" Came the overpowering voice of Ishiko as she lumbered over to the two girls.

"What you do mean I'm not ready?" Natsuki growled impatiently. Don't push your luck jumbo, you already interrupted my Shizuru time.

"Well you don't have any of this." Ishiko held up a container of black looking fluid. "And you can't play without some eye black."

Natsuki backed away from the older girl. "There is no way I'm putting that crap on my face." She said firmly, still backing away from the large girl.

"Of course you Fuuka players wouldn't wear that. That's for real athletes!" Sneered a dark brunette girl with a red and black Gardentrobe jersey. She sized Natsuki up arrogantly before turning away haughtily and heading over to her own teams side of the field.

"Aw hell no, give me some of that." Natsuki marched over the Ishiko and demanded the eye black. She smeared two thick lines below her eyes giving her a rather frightening look. "I'll show you a real athlete." She stared down the girl on the opposite side of the field, the Kuga Death Glare amplified by the intimidating black smears on her face.

"This is going to be a long game." Mikoto observed as she grabbed Natsuki, breaking off the stare down and leading her to the huddle. _

Shizuru weaved her way through the already crowded bleachers. Ara, there are so many people here. Is that Kuga fan section? Crimson eyes combed over a particular area where all the girls had posters complimenting her Natsuki. Well that just won't do. She was about to flip out her cell phone and call someone to take care of those fangirls when she heard someone calling her.

"Kaichou-san!" The very enthusiastic voice of Tohika Mai rang out over the crowd. She waved the brunette over to a couple seats in the front of the stands. "Do you want to sit with us? We have an extra seat." Mai stood their smiling with a big 'I heart #3' sign in her hands. Nao was already looking out onto the field while Chie was showing Aoi something on her phone.

Shizuru smiled politely. "If it wouldn't be a bother to you all."

"Don't worry about it! I want to get to know the girl that has Kuga so whipped." Nao turned and flashed Shizuru a wicked grin her lime green eye's wandering over to the device in Chie's hand.

"Yeah take a seat. We can watch together." Mai ushered Shizuru to the seat between her and Chie.

"Ookini, Tohika-san." Shizuru bowed gratefully.

"There's no need for that, and you can call me Mai. Anyone close to Nat is a friend to me." Mai said genuinely.

"Alright as long as you all call me Shizuru." Shizuru took her seat, fixing her wind-blown chestnut locks carefully scanning the field below for Natsuki. She found the bluenette stretching on the side talking to Mikoto. Shizuru took a moment to take in Natsuki's appearance, the blue hair tied up, silver and blue jersey fitting her athletic form perfectly, and the thing that caught her attention was the black paint lines on the cheekbones of the younger girl. Ara, that certainly make my puppy look fierce, and very very appealing. Shizuru chuckled to herself. Appealing? That word doesn't even begin to describe how utterly sexy my Natsuki looks right now.

"I hope this game doesn't get too out of hand." Mai said as she watched both teams warm up. The Fuuka team looked fast and athletic whereas the Gardentrobe visitors looked really big and beastly.

"What do you mean?" Shizuru asked curiously. She had never been one to keep up with the athletic events so she had no idea about this rival game.

"Well," Chie finally looked up from her phone "We're playing Gardentrobe so this is a pretty big rival game. It gets kinda physical out there. Last year a girl broke her leg, it was pretty hardcore."

"Ara," Shizuru gasped lightly. She once again looked at the beautiful bluenette who was now walking out onto the field to take her starting position. "That's worrisome."

Nao chuckled loudly on the side. "I wouldn't worry about the mutt. She can handle herself, it's the other team that needs to be on the lookout."

"Yeah, Nat will be fine I'm sure. She's handled much worse than some soccer players that think they're all that." Mai said conversationally.

Shizuru was about to agree when the speakers around the stadium started to come alive. "Welcome today's game ladies and gentlemen. Today's match is between the home team Fuuka Academy and the visiting Gardentrobe." The crowd erupted into a roar at the mention on Fuuka Academy, every person's eyes were glued to the center field. Natsuki had taken her position and was waiting for the ref to blow the starting whistle. The little man clad in black and white stripes leisurely walked into the center placing the ball on the grass. He backed up raised his arm into the air and whistled loud and quick. The players spurred into motion.

Natsuki panted heavily. Her hands resting on her knees as she sucked as much oxygen as she possibly fit into her lungs. She wiped the sweat that glistened on her forehead. Finally catching her breath she looked up at the scoreboard. Ten minutes left in the game and no one had scored yet. Plucking some grass that was caught in her shin guards she glanced at Mikoto who was in similar condition. Neither had been subbed out the entire game. "We really got to put one in." Natsuki called to her as they awaited the ball to re-enter the game.

"Ha yeah, we should get on that." Mikoto gave her a wry smile. "And this might be our chance." Mikoto pointed to the ball clearing the set of mid-fielders. Now it was Natsuki and Mikoto against the four Gardentrobe defenders and the keeper. Natsuki smirked, here we go. Natsuki corralled the high ball and took off dribbling down the sideline. A defender stepped up to try and stop the quick bluenette Natsuki was way too fast. She blew by her without much effort. As she continued to dribble down the sideline Natsuki picked up on the voice of the announcer.

"Kuga, number eleven easily side-steps the first defender." This causes a smirk to play across her features. Hell yeah, she does. The next defender approached quickly hoping to slow down Natsuki's progress towards the goal. Natsuki paused her approach briefly, just to cause the girl to lose her balance. As the girl tried to regain her footing Natsuki perfectly kicked the ball between the girl's legs, sprinting around the defender and catching it on the other side. The crowd went crazy. "Kuga with a beautiful nutmeg!" Natsuki kept running down the sideline, drawing the third defender towards her. This left Mikoto right in front of the goal with only one defender to beat. As soon as the girl committed to coming on to Natsuki she passed the ball over the defenders head, straight to Mikoto. "Kuga crosses the ball to Minagi, number three." The cat-like girl leapt into action, pulling ahead of the one defender. Natsuki watched intently as Mikoto closed in on the goal. Just as her friend was going to release the shot the defender who was slightly behind her slide tackled Mikoto, taking her out completely.

"Mikoto!" Natsuki rushed over to the injured girl. Mikoto was clutching her ankle with a grimace.

"Don't worry, this is nothing." The girl eventually answered, but her voice cracked slightly.

Natsuki's protective instincts kicked in as she faced the opposing girl who had done this to her friend. Her anger bubbled hotly, fist clenched. "You…" She growled.

The girl took one look at Natsuki and backed away quickly. The ref finally blew the whistle, effectively pausing the game. "Ladies, let's keep it under control here." He said casually.

"Under control? She just slide-tackled my teammate from behind! That's illegal! Where's the foul?" Natsuki yelled furiously.

"I didn't see it." The man said, looking at Natsuki mockingly. "And you need to keep your mouth shut if you want to stay in this game."

Natsuki was about to knock his lights out when Midori, who had suddenly appeared on the field grabbed her arm. "Kuga, get out of here. Now."

"But Coach!" Natsuki argued.


Natsuki stomped away angrily as Midori talked to the ref. The game was stopped for the time being so she chanced a look up into the stands. Ignoring the many calls to get her attention she found the crimson that she was looking for. She looked up at Shizuru and felt her anger diminish slightly. Shizuru mouthed "Are you okay?"

Natsuki nodded her head, but looked back at Mikoto who was still lying on the field, Dr. Sagisawa had come to look at her injury. Turning back to Shizuru she saw the empathy and concern written all over the brunette's face. Natsuki tried to give her a reassuring smile. Shizuru grinned back hesitantly but mouthed a quick "Be careful."

"Always." Natsuki whispered before turning and jogging back to her injured friend. "Hey Doc, is she okay?" She asked the nurse.

"Her ankle is in pretty bad shape, but she'll live." Dr. Sagisawa answered kindly. "We just need to get her off the field."

"I got that." Natsuki said as she bent down and with an impressive show of strength picked up the older girl.

"Natsuki! What are you doing?" Mikoto asked, alarmed and extremely embarrassed.

"Getting you off the field."

"Do you really need to carry me? It's demeaning, and I think either Shizuru will kill me or Mai will kill you."

"Nah, they'll understand. Plus I just wanted to tell you that the girl who did this is gonna get it."

"What do you mean?"

"Just watch." Natsuki left Mikoto on a bench and walked out to the rest of her team who was huddled on the side of the field as they waited for the injured girl to get taken care of. "Ishiko!" She yelled to the older girl who played keeper.

"Yeah?" Ishiko answered.

"When you get this next ball, I want you do drop kick it. It needs to be nice and high and right above number…" Natsuki turned to get the number of the girl who had dropped Mikoto. "14. Got it?"

Ishiko grinned evilly at Natsuki understanding the younger girls plan. "Yeah I got you."

"Good, now let's kick some Gardentrobe ass."

Shizuru clenched her teeth as the game started back up again. Seeing Mikoto get taken out did not sit well with her nerves. She looked at the distraught Mai out the corner of her eye. The redhead was a mixture of worry and anger waiting to explode. After taking in that rather scary sight she turned her attention back to the game. Chie was right, this is certainly a physical game. I'm sure Natsuki already has some bruises. Just the thought of those dark abrasions marring the girl's porcelain skin again made Shizuru inner rage flicker. She watched as Gardentrobe launched another long shot which Ishiko easily saved. The keeper drop kicked the ball high and over the center of the field. The ball was heading straight for a Gardentrobe player when a flash of blue and silver came out of nowhere. Natsuki! The Gardentrobe player jumped into the air trying to get the ball before the bluenette did, but it seemed that was exactly what Natsuki was waiting for. As soon as the girl's feet left the grass Natsuki leapt into the air and slammed in to the other girl full force. This sent the other girl flying backwards twisting around Natsuki's extended leg, and face planting it hard into the ground. Ouch…

The crowd gasped collectively before coming together in an enormous cheer. "Holy shit!" One of them called. "What a hit!" Yelled another one. "Atta kid Kuga!" Screamed another. The Gardentrobe player was not getting up as Natsuki turned back to the stands. Shizuru locked onto bright viridians as Natsuki gave her the biggest 'yeah I just did that grin'. Shizuru shook her head at the younger girl, reprimanding her slightly for such behavior. Her girlfriend just shrugged and mouthed "Payback's a bitch." This caused Shizuru to break out into melodious laughter, along with all of Natsuki's friends who had seen the exchange.

"See I told you not to worry about Kuga." Nao said to Shizuru before giving Natsuki a huge thumbs up.

"Usually I don't condone Nat's violent outbursts, but that one is okay in my book." Mai added her previous anger deflated slightly.

"Ara, yes that was certainly something wasn't it?' Shizuru added through her laughter. Natsuki is certainly something.

"Yeah it was!" Chie yelled excitedly. "And I got it all on camera!"

The group all chuckled, glad that nothing too extreme had happened. Sure the other girl wasn't getting up but Natsuki was fine, and that's all that matters. Shizuru's attention returned to the field where everyone was beginning to set up once more. Amazingly enough Natsuki didn't get called for a foul. (Eh, soccer's a tough sport right?) The teams were lining up and Natsuki still wearing her completely self satisfied smirk. Ara, such a troublemaker. Soon enough whistle sounded that the game resumed, now it was even more physical than before. The time ticked by, minutes passing slowly. It seemed like every time Natsuki got the ball, or near to it, someone would come by and nearly take her out. Thank god Natsuki is so fast. Shizuru clenched the fabric of her skirt as Natsuki barely avoided a nasty collision with a rather brutish defender. She looked up at the scoreboard, two minutes left. Ara, please don't go into overtime. I'm really starting to worry for my puppy.

Suddenly the crowd roared, ripping Shizuru from her thoughts. A long high ball was just sent over the heads of the players, landing in Gardentrobe territory. It was a free ball, a race between the defenders and the forwards. Natsuki took off with lightening speed, easily surpassing the first two defenders and corralling the ball. She took of dribbling down the middle of the field. There was now only one defender and the goalkeeper between her and the net. The burley defender rushed up to Natsuki, eager to stop the young forward harshly. Natsuki looked at the large girl before doing what Chie called a 'Marodona' move. This effectively separated Natsuki from her opponent and left only one more to beat. "What a move!" Chie raved! "I didn't know she could do that!"

"Come on Nat!" Mai yelled over the crowd. "Put it in!"

"That's what she said." Nao snickered to herself earning a semi-glare from Mai. In the meantime Natsuki was approaching the goal rapidly. The crowd was going wild, and Midori was screaming from the sideline.

"Shoot! Shoot the ball!"

Natsuki apparently had different plans and she entered the goal box and headed straight toward the keeper. "What is she doing?" Mai asked aloud. The keeper was a least a foot taller than the young bluenette and outweighed her by at least forty pounds. "No she wouldn't…"

"Wouldn't what?" Shizurur asked, confused and alarmed.

Just as the question was uttered the keeper dove at Nasuki, trying to take the ball. In a split second Natsuki kicked the ball around the hurdling body before it slammed into her. The crowd gasped as Natsuki and the keeper crashed violently to the ground. Before Shizuru knew what was happening she was on her feet and heading down to the field, her eye's completely focused on the bluenette lying on the grass. Suddenly the voice from the announcer filled her pounding ears. "GOAL! Fuuka Goal! Kuga has done it!" Ara? Shizuru pried her eyes away from Natsuki to look at the net. The ball had somehow rolled into the goal during the collision. So that was your plan, my Natsuki. She gazed toward the younger girl once more and saw that the whole team had ran up and surrounded her, hiding her from Shizuru's view. Please be alright, please be alright. Shizuru chanted in her head. Shizuru was finally off the bleachers and onto the track when she saw a flash of cobalt. Natsuki was on the shoulders of her teammates and getting carried off the field. The time slowly ticked to zero as the Fuuka team stormed the field. Chants of "Kuga!"carried around the pitch, the mob of girls continually moving away from Shizuru.

"Natsuki!" She called out beseechingly. The younger girl on top of the mountain of bodies turned in the direction of the sound.

Their eye's met briefly, and then the bluenette started to fight against the people holding her up. "Put me down dammit!" Shizuru heard her husky voice order. Natsuki was finally placed onto the ground but was lost in the sea of people.

"Natsuki!" The field was quickly filling with more and more people. Finally the masses parted and she saw Natsuki jogging towards her. The younger girl had an ear splitting grin that grew as she closed the distance between them. Shizuru smiled back and embraced the bluenette fiercely one she was close enough. "You are such a troublemaker." She whispered into Natsuki's ear.

"You like it." Natsuki answered before she placed her hands on both sides of Shizuru's face and pulled her in. Natsuki pressed her lips firmly to Shizuru's, wasting no time in running her tongue over the older girl's bottom lip. Shizuru gasped at the sudden intimate contact which gave Natsuki the opening she was looking for. She thrust her tongue into the other girl's mouth, exploring each nook and crevice thoroughly. Once Shizuru recovered a bit she brought her own tongue to massage Nasuki's sensually. Natsuki huffed through her nose, the intensity of the kiss making her blush even more pronounced that usual. They parted gasping for air, but smiling. They we're enveloped in their own world until they heard some unusual noises. Breaking their eye contact they finally took notice of their surroundings.

"Nooo!" One girl looked at them like they had ripped her heart out. "Why, Kaichou-sama, why?"

"But you're supposed to love me!" Another girl yelled, looking at Natsuki accusingly.

Girls all around them were mourning the loss of the two most sought after ladies in the whole school. "Well, I didn't expect that reaction." Natsuki joked, trying to calm her flaming cheeks.

"Ara, I suppose we could have been a little more discreet." Shizuru agreed.

"You bitch!" Came the annoying but familiar voice of Tomoe. Pushing her way through the distraught girls she marched right up to Natsuki. "How dare you defile Shizuru-onee-sama like that?"

"Hey…" Natsuki began but Tomoe kept yelling.

"I told you to stay away from her!" She shoved Natsuki away from her beloved Kaichou.

The teal haired girl came at her again, fists flying. Natsuk's kick boxing lessons kicked back in as she avoided each punch easily. Tomoe cocked back, trying to land a hit to Natsuki's face. Instead of dodging Natsuki grabbed Tomoe's first and gripped it fiercely twisting around her back. "You really don't want to do this." She snarled.

"Tomoe-san. That's enough." Shizuru's authoritative voice caused the two girls to stop immediately. Natsuki relased her hold and Tomoe looked at Shizuru, her body language shrinking back but her eye's maintained their vicious gleam.

"You'll regret this maggot." She threatened before disappearing into the crowd.

"Damn that girl's insane." Natsuki said. "First yesterday, and now this?"

"Ara, and what did she do yesterday?" Shizuru asked, still a little irked at how Tomoe treated Natsuki.

Shit shit shit! Why can't I ever keep my mouth shut? "Uh well…"

"Hey guys, a bunch of us are going out to celebrate. Wanna come? I'll drive!" Chie saved Natsuki from having to answer the question. Going into to town, bad idea. But going into town with a group of people should be alright, plus I'll get to take Shizuru out on a real date. Well a group date, but whatever works I guess.

Natsuki gave Shizuru a lop-sided grin. "Shizuru would you like to go out with me?"

Shizuru brightened up at the suggestion. "Why of course I would my Natsuki." But I'm not forgetting about this. You'll have to tell me eventually.

Natsuki turned back to Chie. "Yeah we're in. Where are we going?"

"Just out to eat I think. Aoi knows somewhere good. We can all ride in my S.U.V." Chie chuckled at her friend.

"Okay, I'll change and go get my wallet from my bike and meet you by the front gate."

"Kay, don't take too long." Chie walked off to get the rest of their group.

"Natsuki ,why do you need your wallet?" Shizuru asked curiously.

"Well I gotta get some cash if we are going to eat right?"

"You don't need to get your wallet, I can pay this time." Shizuru offered as they walked back to the locker room hands intertwined.

"Nope, that's not how this works. I asked you out so I'm paying." Natsuki smirked at Shizuru. "At least I'm pretty sure that's how this kind of thing works."

"Ara, how gentlemanly." Shizuru teased. "Well, if you insist far be it from me to stand in your way."

They reached the door and stood for a moment just holding hands before Shizuru remembered something. "Natsuki while you change and get your wallet I'm going to run to the student council room for a minute. There's a paper that I need to pick up. I'll just meet you at the front gate as well?"

"Ok sounds good. I'll be fast." Natsuki nodded as she turned to the door. Her progress stopped as Shizuru grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

"Good, I'm very excited for our date so you should hurry." Shizuru whispered in her ear before setting off towards the student council room.

Natsuki entered the locker room and changed as fast as was humanly possible. She jogged out the door and to the parking lot. I've got a date, I've got a date, I've got a date, hey, hey, hey, hey. She mentally sang as she neared her bike. Through her euphoria she felt that something was slightly off as she approached her prized machine. Always one to trust her instincts Natsuki examined her Ducati closely, the uncomfortable feeling in the pit of her stomach growing. Whatever this is better not mess up my date with Shizuru. Going over each centimeter of her motorcycle Natsuki couldn't quite figure out what felt so wrong. Hmm I just need to get into the storage compartment it'll be fine. She reached her hand over hesitantly to open the small storage space beneath the seat; her fingers barely touched the soft leather when she heard a menacing 'click'. Oh fuck!

So that's it for this one! Sorry about the soccer scene, i didn't realized how hard it is to write that kinda stuff but i guess it gets the job done. So let me know what you think, reviews are much appreciated. Oh and special thanks to 0mauie0 for making sure i get my butt in gear and get this out!