Second Story ^^ since I've been getting lots of positive feedback on my first story, I figured I'd try something different. Probably a lot less fluff in this one, so if that's what you're after, sorry to disappoint. I like the idea of school romance, but since the two of them (Kanda and Allen) have different ages, it would be hard to get them together, so I figured that University still counted as school. Let me know honestly what you think. I felt that my first story was super rushed, so I'm trying to take my time with this one.

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Warnings: thus far, only Kanda's mouth...thus far

Allen huffed in indignation, pulling and lifting his heavy suitcase up the final flight of stairs, the task made more difficult with the massive duffel bag on his shoulder. Five floors and not one elevator in the entire damn building, fan-fuking-tastic Allen though angrily, slamming the case down on his floor. Re-checking his keys, Allen located the door B 507, his new living quarters for the next eight months. Sliding the key into the lock, it turned smoothly, revealing its secrets to its newest occupant.

Stepping lightly into the dorm, Allen gave the room a once over. Simple desk, chair, bed, and table lamp were all set up, along with cabinets to store his clothes and an adjoining bathroom that was to be shared with the next door neighbour. Setting down the duffel bag, Allen turned his attention to the three boxes he placed in the room earlier. His guardian Cross hadn't lifted a finger to help him lug all his worldly possessions up five flights of stairs, but he was kind enough to wait until Allen had gotten everything out of the car before speeding off. Thinking about Cross left an exasperated sigh to leave Allen's lips, knowing full well the only reason Cross came to his school in the first place was to pick up girls. Needless to say, Cross was pissed to learn that Allen's move-in date had not coincided with and all-girl residences, which meant no girls unless he was willing to come back the next day, a thought that he shot down almost immediately.

Opening the boxes with his keys, Allen began to remove his possessions with care, organizing them around the shelves and in the dressers, his ears strained for any sound next door indicating that his new bathroom-mate had arrived.

After his books and papers were filed away, Allen reached for his suitcase, taking extra care with its contents. Gingerly, Allen lifted a framed photo of himself, younger, and being held by a man in a fine suit and top hat, each sporting a matching smile. Placing the picture on the desk closest to his bed, Allen then delicately picked up his laptop, a graduation gift from Mama, an old friend of Cross'. Plugging it in, Allen watched as the computer blinked to life, before turning to the remaining articles. Allen removed his good pants and tops from the case, hanging them on their respective hangers.

The rest of the unpacking went swiftly, leaving Allen with three empty cardboard boxes to break down and a suitcase to hide. Staking the boxes and duffel inside his suitcase, Allen zipped them up and tucked them away neatly in the corner. Flopping onto his freshly made bed, Allen glanced up at the ceiling, staring at it as if it held all the answers.

A knock on the door wake Allen form his state, encouraging him to roll up and answer the visitor. Pulling open the door, Allen saw a tall, dark-skinned man with yellow eyes. Grinning sadistically down at Allen, the man extended his hand, prompting the small boy to shake it.

"You're Allen Walker I presume?" The man said in a smooth and cool tone, his grin never once leaving his face.

"Yes, that's me," Allen stated cautiously.

"Oh good! That means you're one of mine!" The dark-haired exclaimed gleefully.

"One of your what?" Allen asked, another layer of nerves added to the already growing pile.

"My first-years!" The man explained, yellow eyes twinkling, "I'm Tyki Mikk, I'm your don for this year. What that basically means is that I live on your floor and make sure you adhere to the rules and not attempt any stupid shit, like under-age drinking and what not."

"Oh" was about all Allen could think to say.

"Now I'm assuming you read the rule book, cause I'm not going to tell you a damn thing" Tyki stated bluntly, "however, there is one thing I would like you to know,"

"Which is..."

"If you have sex you keep the screaming to a minimum, be safe,shut the door, and not during exam time, K? Now, if there are no more questions I need to terrorize some more first-years"

Allen stared at Tyki's retreating back in disbelief. He had never met a person quite like that before, even in all his travels with Cross. Something about him just chilled Allen to the bone, sending goosebumps up and down his flesh.

"Oh, and before I forget." came Tyki's voice floating down the halls, snapping Allen out of his thoughts,"I'm giving you guys a tour in about half an hour. Come or don't, I really don't care," Tyki said, before disappearing around a corner.

Standing in the Common Room, Allen took a quick look at his new floor mates, all of whom were eyeing him wearily, mainly due to the odd scar on his face he had received ten years ago when he lost his adopted father in a fire. Thankfully, Allen was spared the disgusted looks at his arm with the help of long sleeves.

"All right ladies, let's go!" Their new don barked at them, making over half of them jump. Ambling toward him, Tyki turned on his heel and marched them out of the residence, but not before taking a poll as to who had what classes where.

Allen enjoyed the rest of the afternoon as he was introduced to the library, lounge, business and arts buildings, Athletic center, Student Lounge, and, his personal favorite thus far, the cafeteria, which boasted a chef capable of making anything. Leading his little troupe of freshmen boys, Tyki led them to a modern building, tall and constructed with lots of glass.

"For you science nerds, you'll spend your time here, in the science building. Physics and Engineering are on floor two, and Chemistry, Biology and Psychology labs are on floor three. Come on up, I'll show ya."

Climbing the flight of stairs up to the second floor, the first years were treated to various labs, all involving electrical equipment. Embarking up another flight of stairs, the boys followed Tyki passed another hallway, were he paused upon glancing into a lab. Giving the grin Allen had seen when he first met him, he turned to his first-years.

"Anyone wanna see inside a chem lab?" he questioned, the sickly sweet smile never once leaving his lips. Without waiting for an answer, Tyki turned and flung the door open, disrupting the two occupants in the room that were currently titrating some hydrochloric acid.

"Damn it Tyki!" came a snarl as Allen filed in behind his dorm mates, making him flinch. Looking over in the direction of the voice, Allen was shocked to see a Japanese man in a white lab coat, goggles, and long dark hair that was tied up in a high ponytail no much older than him. He had assumed it would have come from a professor.

"Did I disturb you two?" Tyki asked smoothly as the dark haired man removed his goggles, scowling as he did so.

"No shit! Why the fuck are you bringing in brats to our chemistry lab?" the guy snapped, striding over to Tyki, making most of the first years flinch away in terror.

"I thought it might be nice for them to see there chemistry lab," Tyki stated simply, "and what luck! Now they get to meet one of their possible TA's!"

"Easy now Yuu" came another voice, this one belonging to a red head with a shocking green eye and another hidden by an eye patch. "They're just first years, and besides-"

"DO NOT CALL ME THAT!" his partner bellowed.

"- you might just get a few of these guys in first year, so be nice." the red head finished with a grin.

"Che. If I do get any of you brats, I'll make your life a living hell, I promise you that!" the guy dubbed Yuu stated, spinning on his heel and returning to his work bench.

"Sorry about that you guys. Tyki, you knew that would piss him off, now I have to deal with him," the red head groaned as he ushered the first years out of the lab before Yuu decided to throw the acid he was using at them.

Still grinning, Tyki took the remaining first years back to residence, explaining to them that the two they had just previously met were third years in his class. The red head was named Lavi and while his Christian name was Yuu, everyone else called him Kanda. "And if you ever get him, I suggest that's what you call him too. That is, if you want to pass Chemistry."

Allen glanced back at the science building, thoughts still on the fuming Japanese TA. As much as he agreed with his floor mates that getting Kanda would be a sure-fire way to lower his GPA, a small nagging part of him hinted that it wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Well? review? many many reviews? just a little terminology,

a titration, put extremely simply, is making a buffer (a solution that keeps a constant pH) with a weak acid or base, and slowly dripping in either a strong base or acid (respectively) with a long tube, sort of like an eye dropper.

Hydrocloric Acid is (in most cases) and extremly corrosive acid. It's whats in you stomach.

a TA is whats's known as a teachers assistant. Essentially, Labs and lectures in university are run by different people, and sometime, the Lab coordinators don't even show up themselves, they just pass on the work to the teachers assistant and let them do it all.

aand a Don was pretty much explained by Tyki.

Hope you liked it ^^ Lots of loves to everyone