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The morning was bright with sun, the streams filtering through the curtains of the third-year's room, the light warming the two figures sleeping on the large bed, the lids hardly stirring until the slim boy groaned softly, his fine strands of white down moving across the toned chest, the hand that wasn't confined moved with him, balling into a loose fist on top of the body, his eyelashes fluttering open to cast his silver irises upwards, his lips slipping into a soft smile at the sight of the sleeping Kanda, his face peaceful. The younger shuffled slightly, his face wincing at the pain radiating in his lower back before he relaxed back onto his lover, his hair splaying over the black tattoo his lover sported, his hand relaxing over the smooth skin.

His eyelids had barely closed when he felt the man beneath him move, the body stirred as the lungs inhaled a deep breath, his throat swallowing before he too groaned softly, his cobalt eyes looking around his room until the mass of white on his chest, his lips unconsciously smiling. Pulling himself up with the smaller in his arms, Kanda's knee rose to accommodate the two of them, the feeling of Allen's skin moved against his was pleasing to say the least, his lithe lover humming softly in apparent agreement.

"Good morning," the Japanese murmured, his arm around the boy's back, his thumb rubbing the soft and supple flesh, the boy relinquishing more hums of delight.

"Morning," Allen mumbled, his body adjusting to look him in the eye before his silver irises caught sight of their still intertwined hands, his cheeks blushing as he tried to pull it away from his new lover, the long fingers stopping him as they gripped the scarred flesh, his hand treated to Kanda's lips as they had the previous night, the younger smiling wider at the action.

"How are you feeling?" Kanda asked gently, the action an entire contradiction to the man Allen first met.

"Sore," the freshman admitted softly, sighing as he leaned against the muscled chest, his face in a cheeky grin, "but worth it."

His head rose with the usually stoic man's deep chuckle, the long fingers gently toying with his fine hair.

"Was it now?" the elder teased, his thumb rubbing against the scarred flesh, lips lowering to nibble the shell of Allen's ear, "thank you for the compliment."

"Hmm," Allen giggled at the feeling, his eyes closing shut as he let Kanda have his way, his body adjusting slightly over the elder's. "What time is it?"

"It's about ten in the morning," Kanda told him, wincing slightly at the lateness of the day, he never slept in, almost always up just before the sun was.

"Damn," the younger sighed, "Cross will be at school soon, I need to get moving if I want to get in the car when it's stationary."

"You didn't tell him to come here?" Kanda asked as the boy shuffled around in his bed, the white sheets moved off his lover's slim form as Allen bent down, the Japanese's woolen sweater from the night before slipped over the pale but now marked body, the hem of the garment stopping just mid-thigh on the boy.

"No," his mussed white hair shook, "Cross wouldn't shut up if he found out what I was doing here."

"You embarrassed?"

Allen looked up from gathering his clothes, his silver eyes looking at the elder in surprise before a slow and easy smile spread onto his features. The boy placed his clothes at the end of the bed before he crawled over to his still sitting partner, the Japanese looking at the boy with a mixture and confusion, his cobalt eyes widening slightly as Allen made his way over to Kanda, his still slightly bruised lips kissing the Japanese's, the long-haired lover responding by slipping his arms around the pale shoulders.

"No," the silver eyes practically gleamed, "I don't think I can."

"Che," Kanda responded softly, "even though we're both males?"

"Yeah," Allen nodded, "even then, I can't be embarrassed, cause as long as I have you, I just don't care what anyone thinks."

"Hn," the Japanese murmured, thankful that Allen was buried in his shoulder, the light blush on his cheeks enough to give his feelings away to the smaller.

"All the same," the younger pressed, "I want to have a somewhat peaceful birthday this year."

"Birthday?" Kanda asked, "when is it?"


"When were you going to tell me?" the elder asked calmly, trying to keep the pain out of his voice.

"I didn't want you to make a big deal out of it," Allen sighed, "really, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but like I said, it's not a big deal, I got what I wanted anyway."

"Which was?"


Allen felt long fingers slide up and down his back before the body above him moved, long strands of black falling over the two of them, lips affixing themselves to the back of the creamy flesh, the freshman giggling at the tickling.

"K-Kanda," the boy laughed softly, "st-stop that! I need to get ready!"

"No," the Japanese told him as the boy began squirming in his arms, laughing and giggling at the unrelenting kisses that rained down on the back of his neck, the sweater slipping around the slim figure. "By the way," Kanda asked over the squirming boy, a smile affixed onto his own features, "just what were you planning on doing with my sweater?"

"I-I w-was just gonna u-use i-it to g-get ch-changed!" Allen giggled as he kicked his feet, "K-Kanda! St-Stop!"

"I will when you say my name," the elder teased softly.

"Y-Yuu!" the boy laughed, tears slipping down his features while he looked up at his lover, the strong arms still surrounding him, as he watched Kanda smile.

A shrill ring pierced the comfortable stillness, both eyes looking at the pair of pants was hung over the edge of the bed. Silently, Allen moved from the warm encompassing arms to dig through his pockets, the black phone ringing loudly, the caller's I.D surprising him.

"Cross?" Allen asked as he placed the phone to his ear, "what is it?"

"I have a fucking hangover," the voice on the other end snapped, "I'm not getting you till this calms down, you'll have to wait there."

"Till when?"

"Till I wanna drive," the man told him, the dial tone echoing from the other end, the silver eyes blinking in shock before he looked at the device, his face a mixture of shock and disbelief.

"So," a sultry voice suddenly cut in, a body crawling over his own, the warm breath brushing against his skin, "I take it this means you're not leaving anytime soon?"

"N-No," the younger murmured, his body shivering at the contact, "Cross got drunk off his as last night, too hungover to drive."

"Lucky me," Kanda purred, strong arms begging to slide up and down the slender body, Allen moaning softly at the contact, his body shuddering as the long fingers slid under the hem of the white sweater.

Large skilled hands began roaming the slender body, Allen humming in appreciation, his head ducking out of the sweater as his arms followed, the now entirely naked boy turned to his equally bare lover, arms wrapping around the strong shoulders as Kanda pulled him into a deep kiss, their tongues intertwining as the two fell back onto the mattress, the strong back falling over the covers with Allen on his chest.

"Just a few kisses," the elder teased, his knee slipping upward to rub the already hardening member, "and you're becoming hard this quickly?"

"I could say the same," Allen whispered back, giggling quietly while a mischievous glint slipped into his eye, "besides, I'm just associating kisses in bed naked with what we did last night."

"Hm," Kanda murmured as his lips found his lover's once more, the silver eyes closing at the contact.

Allen felt the skillful lips detach themselves from his own as the two rolled over, Kanda now hovering over the boy while he began to follow the dark hickeys he left the night before, kissing and nipping the marks, the boy beneath him mewling in pleasure.

"K-Kanda," the boy moaned softly, "wh-what happens if I miss m-my ride?"

"Then you'll just have to spend your birthday and Christmas here, with me," the elder murmured against the supple body, the chest shuddering as it inhaled.

"Damn," Allen hummed, an impossibly wide smile affixed to his lips before it faltered, his body sitting up to look down at Kanda, "wait, you're not going home?"

The skilled mouth detached itself from the lithe body, his cobalt eyes soft as they looked down while Kanda hovered over the boy.

"I'm like you," Kanda confessed, "I'm an orphan, grew up in different foster homes but when I was finally adopted, the family were just too busy. True they're nice enough, but… going home doesn't hold its appeal anymore."

"Why not?"

The silver eyes were staring back with a mixture of concern and curiosity, his intentions neither prying nor invasive, just a simple wondering.

"Because someone won't be there," the elder sighed softly, confusion increasing in the silver eyes.

"Then," a soft voice started, "did you want to come home with me for Christmas?"

The other looked up at him in disbelief for a moment as the younger remained under him.

"Do you normally ask people you've only just started going out with over for Christmas?" Kanda asked him, his eyebrow arched as Allen shrugged.

"I've… never really dated anyone," the boy admitted, "but… all the same, why not? This way I'll have at least someone who likes me."

"What's Cross?"

"The uncle who sits on the couch piss drunk after three bottles of wine," Allen grinned, "come on, it'll be fun!"

"I'll be grumpy," Kanda told him as his lips kissed an unmarked area of flesh.

"I don't care," the boy sighed.

"Cross will have a fit."

"I don't care."

"You two aren't ready for company."

"I, don't, care," a cheeky grin widened on his face, "besides, you'd be sleeping with me."

"I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you," Kanda whispered to his lover, Allen giggling softly.

"Now that I care about," the younger grinned wider still, "and that just makes the whole idea much more appealing."

"So," the Japanese smirked, "you want me, a guy you just started going out with and spent one night with to come home with you and celebrate the holidays."

"And my birthday," Allen nodded smiling, his feet rubbing against the strong calves, "please?"

The elder sighed, his cobalt eyes opening to look into silver, the irises hopeful.

"Consider it my birthday present," the boy pressed on, Kanda feeling his lips curl upwards into a small smile.

"Fine," the elder conceded, Allen looking ten times brighter in a heartbeat, "but this is your Christmas present, not your birthday present."

"Oh?" the cheeky green widened, "so what do I get on my birthday?"

"Ruins the surprise doesn't it," Kanda murmured against the flesh, Allen grumbling while he pouted. "So what time will Cross be at school?"

"Dunno, best guess is around two maybe, why?"

"Then that gives us about four hours," the elder smirked, while he loomed over Allen.

"You need to pack too," the freshman teased, "and we need to get to the school as well."

"Fine," firm lips met the other's, the white-haired boy moaning at the contact, "then we have three hours and forty-five minutes."

"You can pack in fifteen minutes?"

"No," Kanda told him, his hands gently trailing up the lithe form, Allen's hands wrapping around the strong shoulders, "I can pack in five minutes and be at school in ten minutes.

"But you'll be done with me in about… hm, five minutes?"

Dark cobalt eyes looked up at the other, his own lips curling into a teasing smile.

"Depends on how fast you are," his deep voice rumbled, Allen shuddering in delight as the strong arms pulled the strong torso to hover above him, Kanda's eyes looking down at him with some sort of primal need only reminiscent of last night's endeavors. "Besides, since you insist that it'll only be five minutes, I'll draw this out for you, slowly, torturously," lips brushed against the exposed pink bud, the boy feeling excitement surge through him, "endlessly… again… and again."

"K-Kanda," Allen began moaning as his body began to twitch beneath his lover, "n-no… I – uhn – didn't m-mean – hah – i-it like – nya – that!"

"I don't care," the elder smirked, "you're going to enjoy every second."

Kanda felt his lips curl upwards as he watched Allen wince discreetly while he sat down on the wooden bench next to the Japanese, the pale face set into a slight grimace.

"We didn't need that last round," the boy grumbled.

"You asked me for it," Kanda pointed out, Allen blushing as his lips slowly spread in a smile.

"Still…" he pouted, leaning towards the other, his head coming to rest on the strong shoulder.

Allen knew he'd be lying if he told the other he didn't enjoy every second of his lover's attention; he had spent their time together moaning and all but begging for more, the strong arms and chest muscles had rubbed sensually against the lithe boy's back, lips had affixed themselves to almost every inch of his body without fail and his words held no malice or cruelty when they spoke and teased him.

"Cross is here," the younger told him as he gestured to the red car pulling onto the curb, a red haired man puffing cigarettes out of the car, his breath exhaling the smoke before the door slammed shut behind him, the man's eyes widening slightly behind the glasses.

"You never said anything about hitchhikers," the man announced gruffly, his hands crossed over his chest.

"He's not a hitchhiker," Allen snapped as he slung his duffle over his shoulders, Kanda following behind him with his own duffle bag in his hands.

"Well he's not a prostitute," the man pointed out, "you can't afford one."

"Well sorr-ee ," the younger glared at him, "I forgot to start a slut jar when I came to university."

Kanda watched the two of them go back and forth, now coming to the understanding why Allen could put up with his attitude and harsh comments, his cobalt eyes wide as the two shoved their stuff in the trunk of the car.

"I thought I taught you better," the red haired muttered.

"Right, you don't have a jar, you have a credit card devoted to them and the bill in my name."

"Shut up idiot," Cross growled, his eyes focused on the Japanese, "what's he doing here?"

"He's coming home with me for Christmas," Allen told him smartly, his arm opening the back door of the car while Kanda did the same on the other side, "Cross, meet my boyfriend Kanda. Kanda, meet my neglecting guardian and nominee for the world's largest debt, Marian Cross."

"Boy- no! No no no NO!" Cross practically ran to the boy's side of the car, "you are not getting in the backseat of my car with-since when are you gay!"

"Dunno," Allen shrugged as he moved to the middle of the backseat, his smile turned to Kanda as he leaned towards him, "awhile I guess, what does it matter?"

"Because I don't want you brining AIDS into my house!"

The younger visibly flinched at the off-handed comment, his silver eyes narrowing as he glared at Cross, "if you haven't already than me having one boyfriend isn't gonna either," Allen snapped, "besides, it's not like I've been sleeping around since I turned fifteen."

The man scowled as he slammed the door, making the car shake while the boy smirked, Kanda looking down at Allen with a soft smile.

"One boyfriend," he half whispered, his eyebrow raised.

"You feel like breaking up or cheating on me anytime soon?" Allen smiled while Kanda shook his head, "and I don't feel like cheating on you or losing you so that proves Cross wrong and me right," the boy adjusted his body against the seatbelt to lean against Kanda, the Japanese sliding his arm around his waist, "so sit back, relax, and enjoy the next three hours of having an incredibly pissed off Cross snap, bitch, and fight with me about every little thing and you."

"Why does that sound so familiar," Kanda mused softly while Allen chuckled.

"Dunno," the boy smiled, "maybe cause that's what I have to look forward too?"

"Yes," the Japanese agreed, "and no."

"You don't think we'll fight?"

"I think something's wrong if we don't," Kanda confessed, his thumb rubbing over the boy's waist, "but I don't think we'll fight because we hate each other, I think we'll fight because… we don't know any other way to talk to each other."

"Hm," Allen hummed softly, his silver eyes looking up into Kanda's, "I'm willing to learn."

Lips pressed against the boy's gently, a hand brushed aside the long strands of finer white hair, the finger's playing with the downy pieces.

"Good," Kanda whispered, "because I am too."

The smile the younger gave him was radiant and managed to reach his eyes with ease, something that hadn't happened to him in a long time, ever since Mana had died.

"Oi! No making out in the backseat!" Cross snapped at the two lovers, both young men glaring at him, "I just had it cleaned!"

"Cleaned from… what?" Allen asked worriedly, lifting his rear off the seat as Kanda followed suit.

"Nothing you need to know about."

Both university students shuddered at the thought.

"We weren't making out," Allen pointed out, "it was just a kiss."

"A kiss between-"

"-between two people that want you to shut the fuck up," Kanda finished for him as the car started up.

"Lo! He speaks," the man mocked, "thank God I'm going away for Christmas."


"I'm heading out to Florida tomorrow for my vacation," the man explained, "I'm only driving you home so you don't get to bitch and whine. Also, the school wouldn't let you stay over the break and someone needs to watch Tim."

"Tim?" Kanda asked quietly.

"His-my-golden retriever," Allen explained, "Cross gave him to me when I graduated," to Cross, "so, you're leaving us alone, all Christmas break?"

"I wasn't expecting you to have a boyfriend," the man muttered, "and Mother is just a train ride away."



"She's the only woman I respect," Cross interrupted, "and she seems to make the idiot feel happy."

"I'm gonna go see her regardless," Allen muttered, still glowering from Cross' comment, "wanna come with?"

"Sure," Kanda nodded, while the younger smiled down at him.

"So, back to the matter at hand," Allen grinned, "now Kanda and I are gonna be alone in the house, all break."

"Unfortunately," Cross grumbled while the boy beamed wider, his eyes looking over at Kanda, the Japanese's smirk growing wider.

"Best, holiday, ever!"

"I am putting plastic on every surface," the man informed them.

"Fine by me," Kanda told him, "makes the clean-up easier."

Allen would have laughed had the seatbelt not nearly choked him when his guardian slammed on the breaks, the man ignoring the honking horns behind him while he turned around and glared at the two of them.

"What," the Japanese grinned, "it's not like you haven't christened every surface already."


"Cross," Allen interjected sweetly, "you're holding up traffic."

"I should drop your ass off right here…" Cross muttered, "speaking of which, why the hell am I driving you in the first place?!"

"Because you want to get home as fast as you can to the rich woman that's paying for this trip of yours to Florida," Allen smirked, "and you'll let me spend Christmas with him too."

"And just why-"

"Because you're the loving, caring, guardian that wants to grant the person he's caring for a wonderful Christmas and birthday."

"Why the-"

"And if I show up without Kanda and be made to spend my birthday, alone, she might insist that I come along and spend it with you."


"On the other hand," Allen pressed, "if I won't be alone this year, she might think you actually have a sense of decency and give you pity sex."

The hands on the steering wheel tightened slightly as he mulled over the boy's statement, his jaw twitching.

"Fine," Cross muttered, turning the car down the street towards the highway, "I'll let him stay over."

"Thank you," Allen told him happily, his face beaming as he leaned into Kanda, the other smiling softly.

Silver eyes closed as excitement coursed through his veins at the thought of a finally perfect Christmas and birthday since his adoptive father had passed. Granted, there would still be someone roaming the house calling him an idiot, but at least there would be no malice behind the words, at least someone would car for him during his birthday.

His eyes looked upward at the Japanese, his head propped up in his hand as he looked out the window, cobalt eyes diverting towards his young lover, the small smile Allen had come to love on his face showing towards him, the young boy thanking his father for loving Chemistry so that he could start loving.

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