Author's Note: I decided to start, this story because I helped out with the play Tom Sawyer and was really inspired to write about a unique couple. In this story, Huckleberry is thirteen while Mary is almost fourteen. I hope that you enjoy it and find the couple interesting as I did.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tom Sawyer or any of the characters from the book by Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens.

"What a lovely Saturday morning!" With a sigh of appreciation, Mary stepped out of the house and into the bright sunshine. A playful breeze tugged at her blonde hair while she smoothed out her blue gingham dress. In the distance, she could see her impish cousin Tom going to whitewash the fence. The kind-hearted girl shook her head with a sad smile. Would that boy ever stop getting into trouble? If he wasn't causing mischief, he was being punished for what he had done. For years, his virtuous cousin had attempted to teach the boy how to be well-behaved. However, although Mary's gentleness reached Tom more than his Aunt Polly's scolding or his half-brother Sid's taunts, the troublemaker continued to make havoc wherever he went. Deciding not to waste her morning contemplating her wayward cousin, Mary turned in the opposite direction to sit down on the back steps. There were enough things to worry about in her life right now. Although the quiet girl tried to be content, something inside of her stirred with restlessness. As much as she tried to repress those selfish emotions, they grew stronger every day. What was happening to her? The days when she used to be so carefree and blissful seemed long ago. Where was her childhood going? Already, Mary was approaching her fourteenth birthday with a feeling of dread. What would the future and adulthood hold for her? Closing her eyes, she basked in the warm sun and tried to forget her problems.

"Tom, you there?" A low voice hissed, jolting the young teenager out of her thoughts. Wondering if she was so confused that she was now hearing imaginary voices, the pretty blonde turned her head in the direction of the noise but kept her eyes shut. There was something about the confident, urgent, and strong tone that appealed to her. Perhaps the speaker of the voice had the answers to the agitation she was feeling inside. Self-assurance and peace filled her for the first time in months as if transmitted from those three words spoken by an unknown individual. Just for a moment, Mary sat revealing in the near magical sound she had just heard and hoping for the moment not to end.

"Are you there, Tom?" Louder this time, the voice spoke again, breaking the spell. Opening her eyes, Mary saw her cousin's rascally friend Huckleberry Finn peeking out from behind a tree a short ways off. Sighing in aggravation, the usually kind girl bit her tongue to keep from shooing the troublemaker away. Like many of the members of the town, Mary viewed Huck Finn as a scalawag who led other children astray. Tom especially was drawn to the risky and unruly ways of the slightly older boy. For this reason, the protective and principled young woman disliked her cousin's friend more than anyone else she had met. Mary had often prayed about her condemnatory thoughts in church but angry thoughts about the naughty boy who guided her goodhearted cousin in the wrong direction.

"Come on, Tom, where are you?" For the third time, Huck attempted to get the attention of his friend.

"He's not here right now." Standing up on the top step, Mary decided to finally answer the questioning boy. Startled, Huckleberry jumped back a bit, looking around hurriedly for the speaker before he glimpsed the petite girl. Instantly a relieved and smug look appeared on his face as he recognized her as harmless. Without responding, the tall boy turned his back to the house and sauntered away. Although the son of the town drunk was one of the last people the principled teenager wanted to speak to, an uncomfortable sense of disappointment filled her as she watched the retreating figure.

"Tom should be free by this afternoon." Impulsively, Mary called out. Covering her mouth with her hand, she winced in frustration. Why had she just helped the person who got her cousin into the most misbehavior? Annoyed at herself, the confused girl ran up the steps and opened the door to the house. Before she entered, however, Mary froze once again hearing that bewilderingly thrilling voice.


Whirling around, Mary could not see Huck by the tree anymore. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, the pretty blonde entered the house and decided to go help in the kitchen. However, that moment when she had first heard Huckleberry Finn's voice replayed in her mind. Just for that moment, something special and unexpected had happened that Mary was at a loss to understand.