Outtake 1: When Edward Met Bella.

Friday afternoon. I loved Friday afternoon.

I left the office a little earlier than I usually did and strolled in the direction of the train station. It was cold and I wrapped my warm coat around me. I really needed to find my scarf. Not the lumpy one that Alice had made in her two week knitting phase but an actual scarf.

While I had physically left the office, my mind seemed to be working some overtime. The McKenna building was nearing completion but now the family were requesting an additional extension. They had planning permission but it was a headache in general. I scratched my chin as my head went over the figures, my fingernails catching on the five o'clock shadow.

My phone buzzed and I pulled it out as I approached the train station. There was a text from Alice.

Do you have my House DVDs? Can I come by and get them tomorrow?

I texted back, swiping my ticket to get onto the platform.

Yes, I do and yes, you can. See you tomorrow.

Had I finished watching those DVDs? I couldn't remember. I think I did. Jesus, my memory was awful when I was on a project.

Never mind, I could order some takeout and watch them tonight if I hadn't. That actually sounded pretty good.

This was why I loved Friday.

I brushed past a woman on my way to the platform and she looked up at me, offering a warm smile. I gave a brief one back before continuing onwards. I didn't want to start a conversation with her. That seemed to happen a lot, random women chatting to me. In bars, restaurants, on the train… I really didn't get it. I had dated before, had sex before but to be honest, it wasn't enough. I wanted more.

I wanted the imprint. I wanted the one.

Curse Alice for making me watch Sex and the City.

But it was true. I didn't want potential ones. I wanted the One. Like Carlisle and Esme. Other people found their ones without the imprint, but I needed the certainty of it.

She could be anywhere. Maybe I wouldn't meet her for years, but I would meet her. I could wait for someone like that. I hadn't always felt that way. In my teens and early twenties, I'd dated, had sex, but I'd never found it… mind-blowing. It reminded me of those girls in high school who had watched me, knowing I had the gene and hoped that if they walked past enough times, I'd suddenly fall in love with them. It was optimistic but nothing really came of it. I had been an awkward teen and found the attention flattering and, though I regretted it now, I'd taken advantage of it the way an awkward teen did. But it hadn't been enough, not when I saw what Carlisle and Esme had.

I was shaken out of my thoughts by an announcement that a train was pulling in to platform opposite mine. Mine was due just seconds later and I started to make my way across the platform, ready to board.

Just ahead of me, some guy on his cell ran into a woman. Her bag fell from her shoulder, spilling her things everywhere. The douche didn't stop, just keep talking as he walked away. I hoped he would find some dog crap to tread in.

A tube of lip balm rolled against my foot and I knelt down to pick it up, along with a small black wallet. I held it out in her direction as she hurriedly stuffed her things into her bag.

Her eyes flicked up to mine and I froze. Her eyes. They were dark brown and wide and beautiful and my chest tugged sharply, trying to yank me towards her.


The word slipped out of me but she didn't hear. Her ears were blocked by earphones connected to a hidden music player. But she was here. I had found her and my heart pounded and the tug in my chest kept tugging, telling me to get closer, to touch her, to find out who she was because she was mine.

There was murmur from the crowd around us, people stopping to look as the final announcement of the train's departure on the opposite platform.

Her eyes widened and her cheeks flushed and holy hell, she was beautiful.

And my stomach lurched as she jumped to her feet and ran.

I almost fell over from my crouch but I stumbled, watching her mane of brown hair as she pushed her way through the crowds.

She was heading for the train that was about to depart.

She was going to leave!

My chest pulled hard after her and I began to push people out of the way, shouting for her to stop but she didn't. She climbed onto the train just as the doors closed and I slammed into them.

"Wait! Wait!" I shouted, pain blossoming in my ribs as she clutched a pole. Her eyes were on mine, still wide and full of.. what was that? Fear?

Oh no.

Oh god no.

She didn't understand. She couldn't have realised what had happened! She didn't know that I'd imprint and now she was running from me.

The train pulled away and I hit my palm against the window, ignoring the stares from around me.

"Stop! Stop the train!"

It was no good. The train pulled away and I stared after it, feeling like I could vomit. Someone in uniform, an employee of the station, caught my arm.

"Sir, is there a problem here?" He asked authoritatively but I could barely hear him.

She had left me.

All that was left was the warm black wallet that was still clutched in my hot palm.

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