Knock knock!
Oka opened her eyes slowly. She couldn't really be bothered to get up and answer the door. She pretended that she was asleep, in the hope that whoever was at the door would go away.

Knock knock!
Oka grumbled and covered her ears. She tried to ignore them. The pink Nopon pulled the duvet over her head.

Knock knock!
Oka covered her ears with the pillow.

A key slid into the keyhole. Oka took the pillow off her head. How come the visitor had a key?

The door opened slowly. Oka was scared. Who was it? Why had they come? She picked up a wooden plank in the corner of the room and cautiously walked down the stairs.

She had to protect the littlepon. Their safety came before hers. Oka looked all around the hallway. She saw a shadowy figure walk into little Kioka's bedroom. She was the smallest of the littlepon, and the most vulnerable.

Oka chased the figure. She opened the door slowly. Oka raised the plank of wood, and smashed it down as hard as she could.
"Oka!" the figure cried out, taking the blow.
The Nopon turned to face Oka.

He was cradling little Kioka in his arms. He had orange fur, and a star-shaped scar on his belly. And now he had a bump on his head. He laughed.
"Riki?" Oka said in surprise.
Now Oka felt guilty. She felt guilty about attacking her husband. She had assumed he wasn't coming back...

"No worry, Oka! I am fine, I'm much stronger than before! I can take a little hit!," Riki exclaimed.
Oka began to cry. Riki placed Kioka down in her cot.
"No cry, Oka! Look! I brought fish for everyone to eat!"
"Oh Riki, I don't care what you've brought back, I'm just glad you're here yourself."