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It wasn't long before the flash of blue wind died down and fell to the ground in a style of bravery and grace. Shards of metal rained from the sky, landing in the ocean. Steam from the explosion raised from the water as the giant, battle ship created waves that covered the front of the surface.

"I'll get you next time hedgehog" cried the Doctor as he hovered above in his Eggmobile. "I'll create an even bigger robot, one that will crush you to the very ground." His empty threats soon vanished along with himself as he grabbed his controls to fly himself away from the crowds of people throwing fruits and rocks at him.

Sonic the Hedgehog simply laughed, "That's what you said about this robot!" He yelled out, knowing full well that the victory was already his. He turned his back to the steaming ocean and faced the once angry crowd, who were no cheering and screaming with joy.

"Sonic that was amazing" cried the two-tailed fox as he flew towards his older brother. The red Echidna, who had watched from the crowd, approached his best friend and gave him a slap on his back, one that nearly knocked the hedgehog over. "Couldn't have done it any better myself" Knuckles mused, with just the slightest hint of pride in his voice.

"Sonic" a cheerful high voice screamed out as the lovely Amy Rose rushed up to her self-proclaimed boyfriend and grabbed him fiercely around his neck, almost choking him.

Sonic pulled himself away from the younger hedgehog and smiled at his friends and the grateful crowed with his world famous grin. "Heh, it was nothing" he boasted, rubbing his finger under his nose and wagging his hand through the air.

As he spoke, there were shouts and screams through the background, all cheerful and joyous. It all sounded to one thing; the cheering of Sonic's name.

His name was spreading throughout the entire land of Soleanna, sounding throughout the crowds of people who either stood near him, or on the other side of the city. The whole land was cheering the name that had just saved them from living a life with rubble.

And Sonic loved it.

The hedgehog proceeded to walk with his friends through the crowds, who stood out of his way in respect. He shook hands with whoever offered as he passed, and accepted all of the pats on the back, happy that they weren't as hard as the ones Knuckles gives.

He was stopped by a group of young boys, each one glaring challengingly at him with their arms folded. "You may have stopped Eggman destwoying the city, but I could have done it faster" the youngest of the group cheered. Sonic simply smiled. He placed his hands on his hips and looked down at the younger boy. "Well I guess next time I should give you a call and you can show me how it's done" he offered.

"Really?" the young boy screamed, bursting with excitement, until his friends suddenly glared down on him. "Oh yeah… I mean… that sounds weasonable" he finished, crossed him arms once more.

Sonic ruffled his hair before turning to walk away, along with his friends. As he did so, he saw everyone in the crowd move away and bowed their heads respectively. Walking through the crowds, along with her body guards and right-hand maidens, was the Princess of Soleanna.

She approached the four humanoids, a smile creeping to her face with every step she took. She stopped in front of the blue hedgehog, who had just saved her people, her city and her home. With that, the Princess cleared her throat, making sure that everyone could hear her.

"Sonic, I have no words to express how grateful I am to you and your friends for helping this country. No one would have been brave enough to do what you had just done, and for that we are eternally in your debt" the Princess announced. Her voice seemed to fly, and she made sure to face everyone, as if it wasn't just Sonic she was addressing.

Sonic however, couldn't help but show the little bits of redness in his face as he looked away from the Princess bashfully. "It was nothing, Princess" he repeated himself, forgetting about formalities.

The Princess lowered herself down to his height so she could see him face to face. She smiled softly, "Please, call me Elise" she whispered, keeping it between herself and Sonic. The blue hedgehog whispered the name to himself, making sure not to forget it, as Elise straightened herself back up. "As of this day" she announced to the city, "Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, because of the courage they've shown and the acts of heroism they have performed, and for saving this city, as well as all of you, they are now friends of this city. Whatever they desire, they shall be rewarded with!" She turned back to face the smaller creatures with a sweet feeling of glee in her eyes, "This shall be our way of saying thank you" she finished.

Her speech was met with a row of applauds and cheers as she reached to one of her right-hand maids and took from them a key she had been holding. She handed the key down to Sonic and gave it to him.

Sonic took the small key from her small hand. He smiled and thanked her politely.

As everyone cheered, including the Princess, Knuckles tapped Sonic's shoulder. "I've never really understood what the whole deal is with the key thing" he mumbled. "It's a key to the city knucklebrain" Sonic mumbled back. Knuckles scratched his head, "Ohhh… does it unlock anything?" he asked, staring at the fire-like key, as if it would tell him the answer instead. Sonic only shrugged, "I don't really know, although one time I got a key that unlocked every door in the city… Though I deeply regret using it" he said flatly.

Pretty soon, the Princess returned to her castle and the crowd had split apart. Sonic and his friends were finally able to walk around, free again. "Why, what happened?" Amy asked, as she held onto Sonic's hand. Her hand was tight against his, while he himself allowed his hand to remain loose; partially because he grip was so tight he found it hand to close his hand against hers, even if he wanted too.

"Let's just say, I've never been able to look at chocolate spread the same way again" the hedgehog shuddered. Tails looked away from him blankly; "ew" was the only thing he said.

His voice soon piped up again though, forgetting about the subject for the better. "Well I'm heading back to my workshop to look at a few of my blue prints. What about guys?" he asked his friends.

Knuckles shook his head and groaned, "The bat girl stole my Master Emerald again, so I'll be heading off to get that back" he said. Sonic simply laughed, "Boy, you really suck at your job knuckles" he commented. Knuckles jumped into a defensive battle pose, "Well it wouldn't happen so much if you didn't drag me along to your stupid adventures!" he argues.

Tails smiled, "Speaking of which, where you off to Sonic? Some other big adventure again?" the young fox asked pointlessly, as he already knew the answer.

Sonic paused a moment before forcing his hand out of his "girlfriends" bone-crushing grip. "You guys have no idea" he said with the largest of smiles. He gave a solute and winked at his adoptive brother. "I'll see you guys later" he announced, before speeding away, creating a gush a blue wind behind him.

"Sonic! Wait up!" Amy screamed as she tried to catch up to him, already knowing that her attempts where useless. Sonic was probably already far away, fighting bag guys, saving people, just basically spending another day in paradise.

Sonic ran at a slow and steady pace as he glided through the forest. Nighttime had already settled, so he had to use his incredible memory to find his way past the trees. Luckily though, he had run this way many times before, and knew the route like the front of his shoes.

He didn't feel the need to go very fast; just an easy jog would do him fine. He wanted to enjoy the fresh air, and the cool calming breeze through the night, just for a while longer. But all good things had to come to an end at some point.

Sonic slowed down even more to a speed which he hated as he reached a fairly small cottage, made up from the ground with wood and brick. It was the only home in the forest, surrounded by nothing but trees and a small stream that flew by. It wasn't that far from the nearby town, but it was out of sight and hidden from everyone. It was exactly what he needed.

Though, for the moment, he didn't feel the same way as he had then. Sonic stood to a complete stop and stared at the house… the home, as he was supposed to call it. But… it just didn't feel like one, not anymore.

The blue hedgehog looked down to the ground, taking in as much breath as he could, hating every second of this. He didn't have a choice though… he had responsibilities that he could not ignore. Though, times, it seems tempting. Sonic ran his gloved hand through his smooth head of quills, and with that he took small steps forward until he was at the front door.

He pulled a key out from under his glove and fitted it to the key hole. "I'm back!" the hero announced as he opened the door and let himself through. As soon as the words left his lips, a red cat, the same age as him pushed past him and ran to the door.

"Sherry?" Sonic called out questionably to her. The girl stopped and turned to face him, "Forget paying me, you need all the help you can get! They are your trouble now!" she yelled angrily before running away into the forest.

Sonic blinked twice before sighing and closing the door. However, as soon as that happened, two younger hedgehogs ran up to him and jumped at him, another little hedgehog simply waddling behind them. "Sonic!" they each screamed with excitement and joy. Sonic smiled tiredly as they hugged his legs. "Hey guys" he said, picking up the youngest of the children who was only three years old, "Hello beautiful" he said the small purple hedgehog before kissing her cheek. He looked back at the other two on his legs "What have you been doing to Sherry?" he asked. The eldest of the three, a seven year old pink girl, spoke up before the other's had a chance, "She was being mean. She wouldn't let any of us have a sweet, even though we hadn't had one all day! So Sammy threw up on her" she chimed.

Sonic looked at her disapprovingly, "Sonia! Sherry is a nice girl, why would you let your brother do that? Where is Sammy anyway?" he asked, looking at his younger brothers and sisters. His younger brother, James, pointed towards the living room. "Their playing games. Michel says that I'm not allowed to play with him because I always cheat! I don't cheat, I bend the rules…", "Sonic, guess what I learned today. You'll love this, look, look, look!" Sonia shouted, grabbing his arm. At the same time as both Sonia and James were talking, the three year old girl, Elizabeth grabbed his ear in a death clutch and started crying as he tried to pull away.

"Okay, kids, calm down" he said, trying to push past them and comfort the child in his arms. Sonic walked into the living room along with his three younger siblings, where he was greeted by three more.

"Sonic!" two more of his brothers cried, as they ran to him and grabbed his legs, just as their other brother and sister had. The last remaining brother remained seated on the sofa, waiting for his turn.

"Did you go an adventure again? Did you save the world?" one of the twins asked. Sonic opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by his sister. "Well duh! He wouldn't be here if he hadn't!" Sonia yelled. "Shut up!" Michel yelled, pushing his older sister, this was only followed by Sonia pushing him back.

"You two, stop fighting!" Sonic yelled, only for his order to be laid upon deaf ears and resulting in making the youngest of his family cry even harder. "No, no, I'm sorry, don't cry" he said, turning back to Elizabeth. "Sonic…" a whiny voice cried, "I don't feel so good" young Sammy whined while clutching his brother's leg and looking green in the face. "Sammy don't you dare throw up on me!" Sonic said strictly.

All the while, six year old Manic simply watched his brother struggle with the rest of his family from his comfy place at the sofa. His light blue bangs flicked down in his face, which he brushed away with his hand. He didn't bother fighting for the attention of his brother like the rest of his sibling did; he knew it was a losing battle. So would just wait… like the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that…

Sonic placed Elizabeth down to the floor; she wailed in protest and raised her arms to him, telling him to pick her back up, but Sonic was too busy for that.

The dark blue hedgehog picked Sonia up from her brother and placed her on the "naughty chair", as he called it. "It was Michel's fault! Why should I have to sit her?" she screamed. "Because you're the one who started shoving fist!" he yelled back, a little harsher then he probably should have. He left the sulking girl where she was and went back to his brothers. He gave Michel a kiss on his sore cheek, but at the same time Sammy said he was going to be sick. Sonic quickly got out a bucket, ignoring the sudden failed grab of his baby sister's arms as she wanted attention, and also ignoring the fact that Sonia had left the naughty chair without permission. He gave the bucket to his brother and left it to him.

The ringing noise of crying was getting to him as finally gave in and picked her up. "Oh come on, stop crying" he pleaded, rocking her gently. Sonic turned to unorganized family and addressed them all. "Has anyone had any tea yet?" he asked. They all said the same thing, "no." Sonic's eyes dropped with disappointment, "Okay… well has anyone done their homework yet?"

Instead of getting the response he wanted, he got the response he expected.

"It's too hard"

"I need help"

"Homework stupid"

With a free hand, he slapped his forehead. "Okay, okay... Umm… Everyone get started on your homework, I'll put the tea on and while I'm waiting I'll come help you, okay?" he asked, his eyes already starting to droop after a long day.

"I want pasta" "I want chips" "I want…"

Sonic could only stare at his brothers and sister as they each yelled out what they wanted. "He rubbed his head and looked away, "Okay fine. Just… get started on your homework.

Time passed and tea was finally done, along with a large pile of homework, some of which he even wondered if it belongs to any of his siblings at all. But he endured it, along with a lot of tears from his brothers thinking they weren't smart enough, putting his sister on the naughty chair for making fun of his brothers thinking they weren't smart enough, having to bring in more naughty chairs for his brothers for making fun of their sister for being on the naughty chair, up unto when his brothers and sister started arguing over which chair they got. He stopped helping after that.

But at last tea was made, and everyone was sitting at the table enjoying the greatly cooked food that they had each asked for in advance. Sonic himself however, was in the kitchen, feeding Elizabeth in her high chair with spoonfuls of mushed up Granny's Sunday Dinner baby food; sometimes he even took a few bites himself.

With tea finally done, and homework out the way, Sonic was now on with the hardest job of all.


"Everyone, go to bed Now!" Sonic screamed as he watched the kids run around the house in a riot. Not wanting to deal with this much more, he used his world famous speed to catch each one of his siblings a put them into their rooms.

"We need a story!" Sammy complained as he and his three brothers refused to go into their beds. Sonic, already trying to keep a hold of a screaming Sonia, gritted his teeth. "I'll tell you a story when you get ready for bed!" he yelled back.

He slammed the door and dragged Sonia, who was already crying, into her bedroom and dropped her on her bed. "Sonia, grow up! Your seven years old, you should be more responsible than this!" Sonic said with a hard voice. Sonia didn't listen though, "I hate you" she screamed at him. Before he had chance to close the door on her though, "Wait, if I get ready for bed can I have a story too?"

Sonic sighed, "Yes, just go put your nighty on, I'll be right there."

With that, Sonic picked up his little sister Elizabeth and tried to take her to her bed, but she wasn't having it either. "Come on! Please! I'm begging you to stop crying" he whined, cradling his little sister.


The older hedgehog turned around to see one of his brothers, Manic, standing right behind him with a small timid smile. Sonic smiled back, "Hey little bro, I thought you went to bed?" Sonic said, slightly hinting. Manic looked down sadly and scratched his ear, "I never got to hear about your adventure today… you said you'd tell us but you never did" he mumbled.

Sonic's face dropped. Manic always loved hearing about his adventures; he was the most interested out of all his siblings. He would love to spend all day with Manic, showing him the world and talking about the experiences he had… but there just wasn't enough time. "Manic… I'm so sorry, I know I keep forgetting but… Come here" Sonic said, some cheerfulness slowly regaining in his eyes as he placed an arm around his little brother while being careful not to drop the other child already in his arm.

Sonic pulled out a small key from the back of his quills and handed it to his younger brother. "There you go, to add to your collection. Now that, is the key of the city to Soleanna. And I promise, I will tell you everything about what happened today before you go to sleep, okay? Just let me sort out your brothers and sister first" he said drowsily, sleep was already getting the best of him.

Manic stared at the fire-like key in his hands, a smile upon his face and glee in his hazel eyes. "You mean it?" he asked. "Absolutely" Sonic confirmed. "Now go on, off to bed" he said before winking at his little brother, then walking away.

Manic watched his brother walk away with his little sister before quickly rushing to his bedroom. He threw the door open and switched on the lights. Manic loved his room more than anything, granted it was the smallest room in the house, but it was his, and he didn't have to share it with his brothers. He took off his shoes and grabbed a large baggy T-shirt and put it on. He placed the key on a hook on the side of his wall, where he had an assortment of different keys he had been collecting for years as a hobby. Many of them were from Sonic, that he gave him from his adventures… adventures Manic would one day have too.

The young hedgehog crawled into his bed and propped up his pillows. He pulled the covers up to his chest and stared at the door that was opened a jar, waiting for his big brother to come.

Sonic closed the fairytale book quietly and watched as his little sister Sonia slept peacefully, her body slowly rising and falling under her soft purple covers. Sonic leaned over her and planted a tiny kiss on her forehead before standing up off his chair and walking to the door.

The hero walked along the hallway where he saw his three other brothers fast asleep in their beds also. He closed the door gently on them, and proceeded further down the hall.

His little baby sister, fast asleep in her crib, warmed his heart as he made sure the night lamp was on. If she woke up without the lights she would end up crying, and that was the last thing he needed.

Lastly, he approached the smallest room on the hall way, Manic's room. He opened the door and walked in, with just enough energy left to tell one last story for the night. As he walked into the room, his shoulders dropped and his face saddened. Manic was already asleep in his bed.

Sonic placed a hand on his forehead and groaned. He let down his little brother again. He walked over to the bed and pulled the covers up a bit higher and planted a kiss on Manic's forehead. "I'm sorry" he whispered before leaving the room and closing the door tight.

Being the last one up, Sonic walked back down to the living room and walked to the large mirror above the fire place. He held in his hand a packet of wet wipes and pulled one out of the pack. With it, he wiped the makeup off his face, mostly where his eyes met his mussel, to reveal the black circles under his eyes, the circles that hadn't let him since then…

Sonic looked down on the mantle place and stared at the many framed photos. There was one that seemed to always catch his eye though. The photo of a black male hedgehog, who had his arm around a young and beautiful purple hedgehog, her stomach was big and swollen. The female had both of her arms wrapped around a small, happy looking child, no older then twelve years old.

Sonic stared at his younger, happier self in the photo. Things had changed so much since then… he could hardly believe how quick they had…

No, now what not the time!

Sonic walked away from the photo, wanting his mind to be rid of it. He walked to the cupboard and pulled out a few blankets and pillows. He placed them down on the sofa and made himself a small bed.

Four bedrooms were all they had in this house. Three of his brothers already had to share the biggest. His sister Sonia got her own room because she was a girl, but as for Elizabeth, well she didn't actually have a bedroom. Sonic had to empty out the cupboard and pull a few things down to make her fit in along with her baby stuff. As soon as she was a bit older she would have to move in with Sonia he supposed. And then there was Manic. He had his own bedroom due to the fact that he was the only one willing to sleep in that room. The other boys were fine sharing a large one then being alone in a small one. There was a better chance of monsters eating you that way.

So as for Sonic, he didn't have anywhere. Every night he would make sure everyone else was asleep and then make himself his own place on the sofa.

It was either that or the master bedroom…

Sonic sat down on the sofa and stretched down to take off his shoes. He lifted the blankets up and crawled into his make-believe bed, tossing and turning until he was comfy. Then finally, after a long, long day of many, Sonic was finally able to get some rest.

That was until he felt the blanket lift and small figure climb on top of him. Sonic groaned and turned onto his back, "Sammy go to bed" he moaned. But he was once again ignored as the four and a half year old had already made himself comfy on his big brothers chest.

Sonic didn't fight it. He held his brother close to him and finally let the sleep take over, as he had so badly wanted it too for hours now.

Yep, just another day in paradise.

Poor Sonic, such a hard life :(

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