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Silver winced as his back crashed into to hard service of the kitchen wall. A hand held firm onto his chest, keeping him pinned down as a defensive brother glared at him like a criminal. "What the hell are you thinking? You told Manic he could come along?!" He growled angrily, the dark circles under his eyes seemed to deepen the louder he shouted which was noticed by Silver, though he didn't let it distract him from the fact that his chest was being crushed.

"Sonic... Please just let me expla-..."

Though he couldn't even finish his word before the other hedgehog cut him off, "What is this mission?" he spat. Silver blinked for a moment, not sure where that fitted in with their current argument, but then he remembered he hadn't actually told him or his darker rival what the mission even was. Mostly because he didn't even know himself.

"What's going on here?" a gruff voice called out. Sonic, who still had his grip on Silver, turned his head to see Shadow standing in the doorway of the kitchen with his arms crossed and simply watching the two. The blue hedgehog however, was more focused on other matters, "Where's Elizabeth? I thought you had her" he asked, his grip on Silver getting lighter, and his anger being replaced with worry.

Shadow wasn't oblivious to this at all as the sudden mood change confused him, "The twins took her" he stated simply, preparing to move on to the subject of before, but to his surprise the hero looked at him in horror. "No no no they don't know how to handle her!" he gasped, suddenly releasing the relieved Silver and making a dash to the door.

The older hedgehog was growing impatient though. He held out his hand and grabbed Sonic by his arm, stopping him from leaving the room. "Come here" he grunted, while dragging the younger boy with him to the table that rested against the wall. He pushed Sonic down onto a chair then grabbed Silver's arm also and did the same before pulling out his own chair between the two at the head of the table and sitting himself down. Sonic glared at Silver who sat across him, to which the hedgehog couldn't avoid his stare.

"We have wasted enough time! We've been here nearly two hours and still you haven't told us what's going on" Shadow pointed out, also glaring at Silver who felt like he had just been thrown into a spot light.

His brain ran through every single explanation he could think of while his hands fiddled together nervously, he had to think of something but what?

"Well?" Shadow pushed, getting and looking more impatient.

"The mission! Right...Okay okay... It's uhh..." This was it, Silver was just going to have to open his mouth and pray for a miracle to happen. "The Soleanna festival is in three days... and in the future where I'm from, that date has always been recorded as a time when something changed, something that not only destroyed the city but the entire planet, we call it Iblis. In three days someone will awaken the monster from the very depths of hell, I came back here to prevent that from happening, but I need your help to find the Iblis Trigger and stop him before he unleashed chaos. The mission is too big for me to handle alone, but together I think we stand a chance" he finished. Silver couldn't help but feel a small twinge of pride in himself for making that up on the spot. No doubt it had convinced the others as he had practically convinced himself.

Sonic seemed to have bought into it big time, or so Silver thought anyway. "That not good" the hero mumbled looking worried to his companions, it seemed to be his main focus until his burning gaze once again fell back on Silver, "And you thought it was a good idea to bring Manic!?" he yelled, slamming his fist on the table.

Shadow, taken by surprise, glared at the youngest of the three also, "What? Are you crazy?" he yelled along, finally understanding the situation from before.

Silver quickly raised his hands in defense, "No no it's not like that at all... I-it's not going to be dangerous or anything uhh... All we need to do it just prevent it before whatever it is happens, that's all" he quickly explained, finishing with a nervous smile whilst praying the lie had worked.

It did not.

"Well if it's so simple then why do me and Sonic both have to go. We could have just gone alone and dealt with the problem ourselves" the dark hedgehog suggested, only to earn an insulted look from his blue rival as soon as the words left his mouth. "Excuse me?" Sonic cried with a raised brow, not taking it lightly.

Not wanting the argument to get any worse, Silver decided to interrupted before Shadow could reply, "Well the thing is, we don't really know what causes the world to be destroyed, so in the odd chance we're too late it's better if we're all there, j-just in case" he smiled awkwardly again, thinking that that was the end of it. Again, it was not.

"And you think it's a good idea to take Manic there, despite the odd chance something goes wrong?" Sonic snapped, no longer annoyed at Shadow, but instead having the older hedgehog once again on his side as the ultimate lifeform agreed.

With sweat drops falling from his forehead, Silver started to panic, "NO! It's perfectly safe for him to come, just so long as he doesn't go with us when we look for whatever the thing is!"

"And what, you want me to just leave him with some stranger while we're saving the world? Like hell that's gonna happen" Sonic yelled while crossing his arms. Silver opened his mouth and tried to respond, but found someone else doing the talking instead.

"Unless we all go and when it comes to saving the world Sonic could stay and look after Manic" The Ultimate Lifeform suggested. Once again trying to speak, Silver was cut off by the angered blue blur. Only this time his anger wasn't focused on him but to the other hedgehog. "Why do you hate me?" he asked somewhat sarcastically, Shadow however only questioned his comment by raising his brow. "Well it seems pretty obvious you don't want me going on this mission with you guys, so why did you bother to come to my house and tell me about it anyway if you didn't want me along? What did you just want to rib in my face or something?"

"Oh come on you guys-"

"I don't know what you're assuming Faker but I'm not playing some stupid game with you. I just don't see why it should take all three of us to go if there's no real danger"


"Well in that case, why don't I go? I'm usually the hero anyway, so why don't you just stay behind like you always do and waste your time moping about what's-her-face" the hero spat, the argument starting to heat up as his patience wore down.

Shadow glared at him mercilessly while Silver bit down on his lip uncomfortably. "Don't cross the line hedgehog!" the lifeform warned, pointing his finger at the others face as a threat. "All I was saying, is that there's no point in all three of us going and I think you need to start putting your family first before your own kicks" he hissed accusingly.

Something in the hero's mind seemed to have snapped as he pushed himself up, knocking the chair to the ground as his fist slammed against the table angrily. "Don't you dare tell me how to look after my own family! I make sure they have everything they need I put a damn load of effort into them" he snarled through gritted teeth, as if he was giving the other a chance to back down. Shadow wasn't taking it though, instead he stood up along side his rival, "Then why are they unhappy?"

For a moment Sonic just froze. His anger was gone and he stood without a purpose, he had nothing more than sadness in his eyes.

There was nothing but silence between the three hedgehogs until a creek was made by the door. All turned to find a small child standing in the doorway, staring at them with sad amber eyes.

Sonic quickly hiding his emotions, forced a smile at his brother, "Hey buddy, whats-"

"I can't go... can I?" young Manic said, more stated then asking. His eyes looked hard at the table while little feeling showed through his face as he waiting for his brothers predictable answer. The same answer he always received whenever the topic came up.

Just as he knew he would, his older brother walked up to him and looked sympathetically, he was so used to seeing the expression on his face he was starting to wonder if his brother was just putting it on. "I'm sorry Manic, but it's just too dangerous. Next time I go on a normal adventure though, when there's no bad guys involved, you can go with me on that one okay? I promise" the hero smiled, as if all the problems were solved as he placed his hand warmly on his brothers shoulder.

This time though, the young hedgehog wasn't so willing to accept his brother's lies. He inhaled a small breath before creasing his brows and glaring at his 'hero'. "No. No it's not fair! It's not fair, you say that every time but you never mean it!" the child snapped while pushing his brother's hand away and stomping his foot against the ground.

Taken aback by Manic's outburst, Sonic stumbled slightly, almost as if he was lost and confused. He had no idea how to handle it, so he laughed nervously "M-Manic I-"

"No, you always make excuses! You always tell me I can go but then you change your mind and leave me here. You have no idea how sick I am of telling my friends why I'm stuck at home, or why no one ever comes to parent day at School, or even just telling people you're my brother because it's always "too dangerous" for them to know. Why can't I go huh? Silver said it would be okay!" the child pushed, looking at Silver for any kind of support from the time traveler. Once again Silver felt almost stage fright as the child looked at him for help, but when he looked towards Sonic he could feel the hero's anger flare up at him with a look that read murder. Knowing he couldn't take side's, Silver looked away from both of them and waited until they moved passed him and back at each other.

The hero wasn't friendly this time though, "Manic. I don't care what Silver told you, he doesn't look after you, I do! And usually you behave better than this, why are you suddenly turning into a brat?" he snapped harshly, looking down on his brother to intimidate him, but Manic wasn't taking it so easily. "Well maybe I'm sick and tired of being the good one, why should I bother helping you out when all you do is ignore me, maybe if I was as annoying as the others then you might actually care about me!"

Sonic's fists began to shake as he was struggling to control all his emotions, his face showed how angry he felt, but it was clear to everyone that there was a mixer of sadness, despite how much he tried to hide it. "Don't you dare ever say that to me again Manic! I could have easily given you to an orphanage along with your brothers and sisters just like they told me to, but I didn't, I made sure we were still together. You could have ended up in a worse situation then this pal" the hero spat sharply.

Finally releasing all his anger, the child snapped, "Nothing could be worse than this! I wish you had put us all in the orphanage, I would rather be living with a sick freak then have to be with you!" he cried while pushing his brother away from him aggressively.

For a second Sonic just froze, nothing in his mind could comprehend what his younger brother had just said to him. He felt tears sting the brim of his eyes, but his next movement came unexpectedly before they could fall. Before he even realized, he had raised his hand into the air and slapped it across his brother's cheek, just as fast as a crack of a whip.

Silver and Shadow jumped at the sudden action and neither of them could find their voice as they stared in shock at the two hedgehogs before them. Manic held his cheek and looked at his brother fearfully, while Sonic's trembling hand covered his mouth, completely shocked and terrified at what he had just done.

"M-Manic..." he whispered lightly, reaching his hand out to his little brother desperately, "I-I'm so sorry..." he tried to apologize, but Manic backed away fearfully. The tears finally fell as the young child ran out of the kitchen, his cries being heard throughout the house.

"Manic!" Sonic called sorrowfully, knowing he had made such a big mistake. He took a quick glance at the two hedgehogs left in the room, but they looked just as stunned as before, still not sure of what to think. They weren't important though, Sonic needed to talk to his brother.

Shadow watched as the blue blur ran to the door and looked for his brother. He and the time traveler took a small glance at each other before both moved and followed him. "Faker wait!" Shadow called out, but when the made it to the living room they found that the hero wasn't all that far away.

As Sonic watched his brother slam the door to his room, he quickly rushed to the stairway, only to realize that the sound of cries hadn't quietened down. He looked around only to find his younger brother Michael holding Elizabeth upside down and scaring the young girl.

"Hey, stop that!" he yelled angrily, completely forgetting about seeing to Manic as Sonic ran to the crying girl and taking her off from her brother. He quickly went back to the stairs only to feel Sonia pulling his hand, "Sonic! Manic said that you're going to take him on an adventure! That's so not fair, why can't we go!" she complained selfishly. Sonic shook his head as a slight panic started to fill his chest, he needed to see Manic but now both the girls wanted him. "I'm not taking Manic anywhere, just hold on a sec" he replied before once again trying to make it up the stairs, only to be stopped again. "You're taking Sonia and Manic on an adventure! That's not fair, you can't do that!" Jame's started to cry, running to his brother and tugging at his leg.

"Nobody is going anywhere!" the teenager spat angrily, which only resulted in the youngest of the hedgehogs to wail loudly into his ear. "Sonic I wanna go too" "Sonic, you said you'd help me with something" "Sonic you said you'd help me first!" "Sonic, Sammy's gonna throw up again!"

"Sonic, Sonic, Sonic, Sonic..."

Shadow and Silver stood and watched from the side, knowing there was very little they could do. Both in each their own way felt pity as Sonic just stood there, watching as each of his brothers and sisters surrounded him, tugging as his arms, legs, gloves, anything they could reach. Each one of them spoke at the same time, making it impossible to even understand what any of them were saying. Sonic just stared at his siblings, he stared at them with a look in his eyes that only showed his one feeling, the feeling of hopelessness. He kept glancing at Manic's bedroom door, knowing that that was where he should be, but then he looked at the rest of his family, each one begging for attention, each one hoping just to get a word with him. He was over come with guilt and sadness, and he knew it was too much for him to deal with.

With a shaky breath and watery eyes, Sonic quickly pushed passed his brothers and sister, not saying a single word to any of them, despite their questioning of where he was going. He walked over to the Ultimate Lifeform, who uncrossed his arms as if ready to speak with him, but instead of getting to talk, Sonic placed the screaming toddler into his hands before he had a chance to refuse, "What the?"

"Just take her!" the teenager sniffed, his voice becoming miserable and ruff. Before anyone had a chance to say anything else, he turned away from everyone and walked towards a large wooden door in the far end of the living room. His hands brushed against his mussel as tears started to fall from the corners of his eyes.

His sister Sonia followed him, "Sonic, are you okay?" she asked with concern, only for her concern to be met with the door slammed hard against it's frame. She placed her ear against the hard wood and listened carefully. She could hear the lights sound of cries from the other side and frowned sadly.

Once again Shadow looked down at the crying child he was again responsible for. He sighed in annoyance before turning towards the time traveler, "So now what?" he asked. Silver looked around to all the screaming playful kids that ran amok around the already messy room. He honestly just didn't know.

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