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This story is inspired by the stories Stargate: Galactic Imperium, Lightning Fervor, and Empress in the Shadows.


A Goa'uld's Life

Chapter 1

Shock, anger, and sorrow are just a few of the emotions that go through me as I gaze at what was once Hogwarts, the home of the resistance against Voldemort for the last seven years of my life. At the end of my fifth year, I was tricked into going to the Department of Mysteries to try and save my godfather, who, at the time, I thought was there being tortured. Unfortunately, it was a trap that cost many good people their lives, including my godfather. After that, Voldemort quickly rose up and took control of the Ministry and everyone who opposed him was either executed or managed to take up shelter at Hogwarts castle. Over the years I have quickly grown in power and skill, I have developed an affinity for the Dark Arts in particular. I just returned from a meeting with a contact who didn't show up; he was supposed to have information on one of Voldemort's safe houses. Now, as I return to Hogwarts, all I see are the bodies of friends and loved ones lying about. A movement from the Whomping Willow has me glancing toward it, and I notice the body of Dumbledore speared upon one of its branches.

Anger is now the primary emotion coursing through my veins; I decide that it is going to end tonight, one way or another.

"I'm coming for you Tom."

With a twitch of my wand the Death Eater ahead of me is blasted into the wall with a sickening crunch. I barely spare the thing, with the now broken neck, a glance as I step over it into the elevators that lead to the Department of Mysteries. As the elevator starts to open at my stop I can't stop the twitch of my lips when an all too familiar deathly green light is the first thing I notice coming my way. With a slight movement of my head, I cause it to miss its target and slam into the back of the elevator with a small bang. Slowly stepping out into the hallway, the same color of light flies out of my wand, but, unlike the other, mine hits its intended target that then crumples to the ground like a puppet with its strings cut. My enhanced senses, gained from many complex rituals, alert me to another Death Eater coming around the corner at my back. With inhuman reflexes I twirl around and a Cruciatus strikes the unfortunate follower of Voldemort that tried to sneak up on me.

"Where is he?" I ask as I release the torture curse placed upon him.

"I don't know," is the reply I get from the blubbering worm of a man lying below me.

I sigh as I simply level my wand at him and whisper "Legilimens."

With my question now answered I allow a small amount of pity for the man below me to form, but with a shake of my head I slam that weakness aside and end the man's life with a silent "Avada Kedavra."

Knowing which room my target is in, I set off to the Death Chamber.

"I've been waiting for you Harry." I hear as I step into the chamber.

"If you were planning to jump into the Veil, then you didn't need to wait on my account, Tom." I reply as I stare hard into the red eyes of a creature so hideous it doesn't deserve to be called a man anymore.

The small flash of anger in Voldemort's eyes is the only warning I get before huge jagged rocks shoot out of the ground towards me. With a twirl of my wand the rocks crumble into dust, and a shove of my left hand sends a bone breaker flying towards my opponent. After my spell is almost lazily smacked aside like an annoying fly, a basilisk of fire shoots out of Voldemort's wand and comes crashing down on my head. With a shield protecting me from the flames, I push and send the flames shooting away from me. Before my opponent sends another spell, iron javelins are conjured at high speeds toward my enemy and subsequently banished.

Soon the fight becomes almost equal as we trade spell for spell, but I can tell that I am slowly being pushed back towards the Veil. I grit my teeth as a spell hits my wand and explodes from the impact, cutting up my hand with it. I can't manage to stop a grunt of pain from escaping me as I feel myself blasted backwards through the air. With a snarl of fury, my magic lashes out at everything around me, but that fury turns to shock when I land in the Veil of Death. Two red orbs filled with gleeful triumph are the last things I see of this reality as a pain worse than anything I have ever experienced consumes me as my very being is ripped from my body.

The first thing that crosses my mind as I finally regain my bearings is "I have no feet." The second thing I notice is sand in every direction. If I were able, I would be sneering at the realization that I'm a spirit without a body, just like Voldemort was, so many years ago. A loud squawk has me glancing up where I notice a tawny eagle flying overhead. With an idea already forming in my mind I can't help but think that I have always liked to fly.

After two days of flying north while following a river that I happened upon soon after I arrived, I notice what appears to be a half finished pyramid in the distance. Knowing that there is a good chance of humans being in the area, I can't help feeling relieved knowing I will soon be able to get out of this body and into a human one. Not that I don't love being able to soar through the skies, but I can already feel this body starting to deteriorate, and a human body would be able to sustain me for a much longer length of time. I hope to find a magical body to possess, but I seriously doubt it will happen. Wherever I am, I can tell it's not my world. When I extend my senses, searching for anything magical, everything just feels so empty.

I soon come upon what appears to be an old Egyptian palace surrounded by buildings made up of what appears to be bricks made out of mud and straw. Placed on a platform right in front of the palace is a round metal archway of some kind with four guards wearing metal, bird-like helmets and holding weird staves. Knowing that the palace will be the place to acquire a host that has an idea of what's going on in the world, I leave the body of this eagle and fall to the ground while the eagle manages to regain its senses and fly away in the opposite direction.

I glide up the steps, invisible to the guards around me. Unlike the previous ones, these guards are not wearing helmets, and I notice what appears to be something similar to the symbol for the Ancient Egyptian god, Ra, tattooed on their foreheads in a dark black ink.

"Jaffa Kree" I hear behind me and all of the guards around suddenly stand straighter than I thought was possible. As I look upon the being that caused such a reaction I can't help but notice he looks a little similar to how I did, although his hair is a few shades darker and his eyes a little bit lighter. The man gazes at the guards with a smirk on his face and then his eyes flash a bright golden color.

"I've found my newest host." I muse as I watch the man continue on his way up the steps and into the palace.

I follow the man to a large throne room where a young boy is seated. The man gets down on one knee and starts to speak in a language I have never heard before while the child simply stares on. Finally the child's eyes flash as well and he says something to the man which causes my future host's eyes to widen. Assuming that my soon-to-be host has been rewarded and isn't about to be executed, I sit back and wait for him to leave to a place where he will be alone.

Soon the man is led down a hallway by a guard with the same tattoo as the others, except in silver ink instead of black. They eventually come to a door which opens to show a lavish bedroom the size of a small house.

After the guard leaves, I approach the man before me and focus my will to force myself inside of his body. I feel confused when I encounter not one but two minds already inhabiting this body. After some searching, I find that the original mind is already so broken that it is nothing more than an afterthought, but the other, more powerful mind, comes from what appears to be some kind of serpent wrapped round the spinal cord and attached to the brain stem of the host. After some probing of the serpent, I come to believe that this being has a very advanced biology and it may be able to sustain me without the body eventually deteriorating from the effects of my magic and soul. So, after preparing myself, I enter the mind of the serpent and attempt to overcome it. This creature, however, seems to have a will to almost match my own, and I find I am not able to overcome it, but it's too late to flee now. With a growing desperation I lash out with my remaining power and latch onto this creature's very being and drag it into me. With pain that rivals the Cruciatus our two consciousnesses are fused together into one.

While this battle happens, the man falls to the ground and lies still except for the occasional twitch of a finger or toe. Finally, after what seems to be a lifetime but is only a couple minutes, the man's eyes flutter open and he shakily makes his way to his feet. The man flexes his muscles and moves his fingers as a small smirk appears on his lips. Finally, the man raises his head and his bright green eyes flash.

It's been two days since the fusion of the wizard and Goa'uld when the jaffa known as Mal'alak knocks on the beings temporary chambers in the Supreme System Lord Ra's Palace on the planet known by all Goa'uld as Tau'ri.

"Kree Jaffa." I say as I untangle myself from the young human slave I occupied myself with the night before. ""I hope, for your sake, this disruption is important."?" I say as I get dressed and slip on my Kara'Kesh. Of course, I doubt I could get away with harming him considering he has Ra's symbol in silver on his forehead, which marks him as a jaffa of high standing compared to the average jaffa.

"My God requests that you join Him in His throne room before your departure, My Lord." The jaffa says to me in a voice that easily expresses that this "request" is nothing less than a demand.

"Lead the way." I follow him out the door, giving only a glance to the young woman still lying in the bed behind me. "Oh well," I think, there will be plenty more slaves in the future. It is one of the perks of being a current favorite of Ra.

We arrive at the throne room which is empty except for Ra and his two consorts Hathor and Egeria.

"Leave us Mal'alak." Ra's child-like voice says. The jaffa bows his head, walks out of the throne room, and closes the doors behind him.

As soon as the doors shut, I get down on one knee, put my right arm over my chest, and slightly bow my head while I examine the three figures in front of me.

Ra is in the body of a young boy who appears to be fifteen years of age. He has blond hair and sharp blue eyes. He is wearing an open blue and golden robe made out of the finest silk, a white silk skirt around his waist, a large gaudy gold necklace, sandals lined with jewels, and a Kara'Kesh on both hand.

Hathor is a tall redheaded beauty who wears the least amount of clothing possible. With her outfit revealing many pieces of skin, leaving little to the imagination, there is little doubt why she is called the goddess of love.

Egeria has blond hair and is dressed in a modest white silk robe. As I allow my senses to pass over them, though, I'm barely able to hide my surprise when I discover that Egeria isn't the only dominate mind in her host's body. A Goa'uld that doesn't just suppress the host mind, but actually blends together with the host is unheard of. Even if my host's mind wasn't already "brain dead" I wouldn't do such a thing. She better hope Ra doesn't figure it out or there will be hell to pay for her. With this new knowledge of Egeria I will have to make sure I keep my eyes on her in the future.

"Rise, Raiden." Ra says.

"You requested my presence, My Lord." I say as I straighten up. I make sure not to look Ra in the eyes; he would perceive it as a challenge if I did such a thing.

With a wave of his hand, Egeria walks forward and hands me a palm-sized tablet.

"A gate address, My Lord?" I say as I gaze at the tablet.

"A reward for your creation of the Brainwashing device" he explains, referring to a device that allows the Goa'uld to brainwash their foes into believing what they wish them to believe and act as agents for them. I created it and delivered it the day before the "fusion" between Harry Potter the Wizard and Raiden the Goa'uld occurred.

"The planet that address is to is now yours to do with as you wish for as long as you continue to serve in my name" Ra states. "A Ha'tak, two Al'kesh, four Tel'tak, and a dozen death gliders are also being sent to the planet for your use."

I can't stop from raising my eyebrows in surprise at Ra's words.

"I thank you My Lord, this is a most magnificent gift," I sneer internally at all this groveling I am forced to do, but staying on Ra's good side right now is the best way to gain power in the galaxy.

"I am a generous god to those who serve me faithfully," is his reply and with a wave of his hand, which I know to be a dismissal, I make my way out of the palace and toward the Chappa'ai.

As I step through the Chappa'ai, I am greeted by a group of jaffa that immediately falls to one knee and bow their heads to me.

"Step forward, leader of these jaffa."

"As you command, My Lord" A jaffa, who appears to be in his earlier one-hundreds, replies.

"What is your name Jaffa?"

"Rik'e, My Lord."

I look around and see flat grassy plains all around with only a few buildings. In the distance I can see some mountains and what appears to be a small lake.

"Well Rik'e, come with me; we have a lot of work to do." I say with a small smile on my face as I gaze around at the planet that will start my empire.

Now I am going to answer some of the reviewer's questions.

To Bob who asked if Harry is going to be evil: That will be mostly up to you because while he will do some very evil things he won't be doing them for some kind of sick pleasure. There will always be a reason for the evil things he does. He isn't going to burn a random civilization down for the simple reason that it would be "fun".

To Macsammy who asked what time period this is set in : Harry arrives in 3,017 B.C. however, this isn't mentioned in the story because of the fact that egyptian calenders are so iffy in those times and the B.C. calender didn't become in use untill 525 A.D.

To Unknown who asked if Harry is in control or not: Yes and no because Harry and the goa'uld Raiden ended up getting "fused" together into one being. Remeber Harry was without a body but when they fused together they became one being inside the goa'uld symbiote. Harry+Raiden= Brand new goa'uld

To Genobeast im going to try to aswer your questions in order: The fact that Harry's spirit got shot to another reality instad of just "passing on" was a fluke. The viel of death is still a big mystery to wizards I was planning on it being a "defective" quantum mirror which he will realise sometime in the future when he encounters another and has a chance to study it.
He is still on Earth (Tau'ri is just the goa'uld name for it), the reason he isn't in London and why he is in a dfferent time period is because of the multiverse theory, parallel timeline theory and the theory that says that in some alternate universes time seems to go slower in some and faster in other. Like say a year passed in one reality but in another 100 years had passed.
The reason he went for the subordinate and not the ruler was because he didn't plan for that new body to be permanent. He was expecting to use that host to learn what he could about the world for as long as it could last till it started to deteriorate.

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