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By: xSlythStratasfaction

Warning: Slight spoilers for Dance With Somebody aka 3x17.

The last notes of his song rang through the air as Blaine stormed out of the room.

He could hear his classmates making remarks, but he didn't turn around, knowing that if he did, he'd probably see the pain etched on Kurt's face… and he just couldn't deal with that right now.

Choking back a sob, he threw the door open to the gym, eyes quickly scanning for any rogue jocks before he rushed in and made his way to the locker room. It only took him mere seconds to rip his sweater vest off and toss it across the room; his shirt and pants joined the pile minutes later as he changed into his gym clothes and began to wrap up his hands.

He needed to get the anger out. Singing out his feelings just couldn't do what boxing could.

With tears in his eyes, he took his place at the punching bag. One swing, then two. One punch, then a few more. The more he hit, the harder his fists slammed against the bag. Each slam sent a painful jolt through his body, slightly numbing the heartache that had been plaguing him for the last few hours-

No, the last few days. Weeks even.

He had been pulling away from Kurt. The pain of Kurt's upcoming move to New York becoming too much to bear; it hurt hearing his boyfriend excitedly talk about getting out of this hell hole without once thinking about how he was feeling, without considering Blaine's feelings on the matter. Sure, Blaine could've brought up his fears, but where would that have gotten him? He just would've seemed like the unsupportive boyfriend.

But then again, look where he was now: punching the hell out of a bag, tears streaming down his cheeks, heart aching all because his boyfriend found someone else to make him feel good, someone else who was so much better than him at making Kurt smile and laugh and feel wanted.

He continued to sob as he took his frustrations out on the bag. His arms burned from the swinging, his head throbbed from his crying, and yet the pain felt so therapeutic. It was all something he was so, so used to.

Because Blaine Anderson knew what it was like to feel pain; he had been hurting his whole life after all and this was nothing new to him. He was used to being let down and cast aside by the people he loved. His friends at his old high school had done it, so did his parents and Cooper, hell, even the Warblers turned on him. So, it had only been a matter of time before Kurt did it, right?


A/N: My heart is throbbing, it hurts so much. I think this episode broke me.