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Chapter 2: Strawberry Jazz

"Jam time!" Exclaimed Finn as he hung up the phone, raising a fist into the air.

"Is it strawberry jam? I love strawberry jam!" Said Jake, raising both fists into the air.

Today was like any other carefree day in Ooo, the sun was shining, the fresh air of the grasslands was wafting in through the windows, and our two favorite protagonists were beginning their daily routine of random activities.

"Haha, no dude, we're going to Marceline's," replied Finn, "grab an instrument and let's go!"

"Awh, I was in the mood for some strawberry jam." Jake responded in disappointment.

"I'm sure Marcy has some, just grab your thingy and come on!" Finn was getting excited, which usually made him impatient.

"Chill bro, I'm getting' it!" Jake retorted, stretching up past the ladder to the bedroom to fetch his viola.

As he reached to pick up his viola, Shelby, the worm who lives in Jake's viola, popped out his head.

"Oh, hey man, you going to Lady's house to play viola?" Shelby inquired.

"Nah, I'm gonna go jam at Marceline's house with Finn," replied Jake.

"Oh, uh… I'm not entirely comfortable around Marceline," Shelby said, anxiety in his voice, "it's nothing personal, she's just… ya'know... a frightening eldritch horror. I'll just hang out in your shoe or something until you get back."

"Nah, it's ok, I'll just take this guitar and you can hang out here," said Jake, stretching over to the closet and retrieving his acoustic guitar, a standard Yamaha F-310, a relic of the old world that was in surprisingly good condition.

"Thanks man," Shelby said, retreating into Jake's viola.

Jake stretched back down to the living room where Finn was waiting by the door holding a tape recorder, a balloon, a comb, and a handful of spoons. Jake opened his mouth to inquire about the handful of stuff, but paused for a moment before speaking.

"You know what man, I'm not even gonna ask," Jake bluntly stated, "but there's been a change of plans, I'm gonna take this guitar instead, I'm just as good at it as I am at viola, you know, 'cause of my raw talent n' stuff."

"Whatevs," Finn replied with his foot already out of the door.

Cut to Marceline's house, Finn and Jake are just arriving with their 'instruments' as Marceline greets them at the door. She seemed rather pleasantly surprised when she noticed Jake's guitar.

"Hey guys, you brought a guitar? I can dig that," Marceline said with a grin, "and you brought… stuff…" she said, her grin turning to a look of confusion as she looked over Finn's handful of random things. "We can use this," Marceline said as she grabbed the tape recorder from Finn, knocking the other things out of his hand in the process.

"Hey, my instruments!" Finn exclaimed, proceeding to pick up the junk on the floor.

"You were going to make music with that crap?" Marceline was simply expecting Finn to beatbox as usual.

"Well, uh-" Finn stammered.

"Well forget about that junk, I got you a present!" Marceline drifted to the corner, where a small black case was propped up. She picked up the case and brought it to Finn.

"What is it?" Finn inquired.

"Open it up and see," Marceline said with a wink.

Finn unceremoniously flung open the case and beheld a pristine Boehm Flute. He stared in slack-jawed amazement for a few moments at the glorious woodwind instrument before picking it up and trying it out for himself.

"Marceline," Finn said in a frank tone, "this…" he continued, lowering to a whisper, "IS AWESOME!" he exclaimed at the top of his lungs, his eyes beaming with the childhood joy of novelty.

"Yeah, I know, I'm the greatest," Marceline said, "it's a C flute, so you know."

"Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" Finn was still glowing with excitement.

"Alright then," Jake chimed in, "now that we have a flute in the house," he deepened his voice, "we can play some smooth jazz."

"I can really dig that," Marceline replied, "I'll take on the lead first, you guys play something simple behind me, Jake, why don't you start us off?"

Marceline plugged in her bass guitar and quickly checked its tuning. Jake started slowly with two repeating arpeggios, after a couple of bars Marceline began a bass line.

"C'mon Finn, join us!" Marceline prompted Finn.

Finn started along easily, following Jake and playing only the thirds of the chords Jake was playing. Marceline's bit was primarily slow and rhythmic, following Jake, but she finished with a more impressive set of swept arpeggios, impressing Finn enough to stop playing momentarily as Marceline began playing chords alongside Jake.
"It's your turn, Finn, show us what you got!" exclaimed Marceline without missing a beat.

Finn was a bit rusty on the flute, but he knew his way around it enough to do improv music. Finn's skill didn't lie in the speed at which he played but in his form and his ability to use dynamics such as crescendo and vibrato (vibrato is especially difficult for wind instruments.) As Finn drew his part to a close, Marceline and Jake kept playing their simple rhythm parts.

"Uh, I'm done soloing now…" said Finn, watching Marcy and Jake continue.

"Wait, is it my turn?" asked Jake.

"Yeah, go for it man," Marceline responded, "Finn, keep playing rhythm."

Finn resumed his prior role as Jake began his own solo. He made sure to keep the same modulating structure he had started at the beginning, so as not to throw off the key. As Jake began to wrap it up, he let loose into a series of sweeps in an attempt to one-up Finn and Marceline, at which he succeeded. The piece ended on a fade out, but Finn was still holding his note for a few seconds afterwards.

"Finn!" Jake and Marceline yelled in unison.

"What!" Finn said with a startled expression, abruptly stopping.

"It's over dude, we jammed it up!" replied Jake, "oh yeah, that reminds me, Marceline, do you have any strawberry jam?"

Sooooooooo, without any lyrics, it must be hard to imagine this song…

Unless, of course, you download the mp3 I made of it! It's 2 minutes and 14 seconds, 2.1MB, exported from Guitar Pro 6 tablature editing software, rendered with RSE 2 (Realistic Sound Engine)

The download link is from my personal dropbox, so don't worry about it being malicious or whatever.

http:/ / dl. dropbox .com/u/76411102/ Strawberry%20Jazz . mp3 (close the spaces)

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