Alice's Return to Wonderland

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Chapter One

Alice paced back and forth, a few metres away from a certain rabbit hole

"I mean, I haven't even said goodbye to my family yet!" She exclaimed to nobody in particular.

Walking hesitantly back to the long dark tunnel, she peered down and the frown on her face deepened.

She was loudly debating with herself about whether or not she was going to properly stay in Wonderland this time...

"I've always been the one for making bad decisions, but this is not at all bad." Alice grinned, seeing there was no point to straighten her hair out as she was going to be falling down a hole anyway!

Taking a deep breath, she put one foot out then...felt herself fall.

And fall.

And fall.

And fall.


Falling through was it the ceiling she was currently laying on...or was it the floor?

Sitting up, she saw her hair hanging up and soon answered her own question. She was indeed, on the ceiling.

With a crash she fell to the real ground.

Sitting back up once more, she walked towards the table that held the bottle. Smiling, she lifted it to her lips and drank down the strange tasting liquid.

It was an odd mixture of flavours; she tasted roast dinner and Yorkshire puddings, maybe some custard and perhaps some apple pies!

Looking down, she noticed herself come in contact with the floor rapidly. With wide eyes, she grabbed the key quickly and held it tightly in her ivory pale hands.

Tumbling out of her dress and running towards the small door in her under dress, she unlocked the wooden door and stepped out.

'Wonderland...' Alice inwardly sighed happily, jumping down the steps and spinning around with a large grin that could match the Chessures.

"Returned once again have we love?" A voice purred.

Alice stopped her spinning to face a grinning Chessure cat.

Running up to him; she pulled the furry cat in to her arms and squeezed the stuffing out of him.

Pulling back she flashed a smile, and Chessure only matched it.

"So Chess, I have been gone about a long was I gone here?" Alice asked, noticing nothing had really changed around her. Maybe the sky was brighter and the flowers and plants were taller.

"Oh...only about four years." Chess yawned, flouting through the air and drawing imaginary circles.

"Four years? I am flummoxed at how Time works here."

Chess chuckled and slowly vanished from view, only leaving his grin the last to fade.

Laughing Alice ran quickly towards the only place she'd wanted to go for a long time.

A certain Mad Hatters Tea Party!


Coming from behind the green and purple bushes, she noticed a missing Mad Hatter and only Mally and Thackery laughing madly.

Stepping in front of the Tea Table the two looked sharply at her.

"Alice?" they both cried, shocked at her sudden appearence.

"Yes yes! Itroductions later!"

Alice rushed around to Hatters chair and spotted his hat placed on it.

Feeling daring, she picked up his hat and placed it on her head, then, sat on his chair.

Mally and Thackery giggled at her as she sat in his chair with his hat on her head.

"Pray tell, where has the Hatter gone?" Alice asked with a devious grin.

"E'll be back in a moment." Mally whispered. Then, looking to the front of the Tea Table, she saw a certain Hatter walking towards the with a small smile.

"Act casual!" Alice whispered urgently, tipping the hat down over her eyes witha grin.

"Welcome back, a'tter!" Mally giggled juggling suger cubes in her small paws.

The Hatter giggled then looked up to his seat seeing his hat being held up. And someone sitting in his seat.

"You are terribly late," Alice snickered, lifting up the hat to look at the Hatter. "Naughty."

All went silent as Alice's grin grew wider.

Mally tried her hardest to smother her giggles.

And Thakery was asleep in his chair with a pot of tea on his head.

"A-Alice?" Hatter stammered stepping closer to her. Alice leaned back in her chair, remembering Hatters words when she came back.

"Yes yes, but now you're back you see! An now it's time for tea!" She giggled along with the others.

" came back?" Hatter cried joyuously, leaping towards his chair to try and get his hat back.

Alice, sensing this, jumped away with hat on head and backed away. She giggled as the Hatter and everyone watched her at the front of the table.

"Alice! Are you stealing my hat?" Hatter questioned, making an advancement on her.

"I wouldn't call it stealing...maybe borrowing!" She replied with a sly smile and she backed away, around the table.

"Ge' bak 'ere." He growled playfully, pouncing towards her.

Alice giggled breathelessly and ran around the table as he chased her. Fatigued, she leaned on the table not noticing Hatter behind her. "Tired already?" He laughed, placing his hat back to where it belonged.

"Maaayybbe, but I could easily get it back."

"How? I'm taller then you! Making it nearly impossible for you to reach it! Also, it's a top hat so that just makes it-"

"Hatter!" Alice laughed placing her hands on his shoulders.

"Fez. I'm fine," He wheezed and shook his head. His eyes slowly swirled to a dark green as he smiled at her. "It is nice to have you back! It was starting to get lonely! Yes, I had Mally and Thackery but It wasn't the same." He sighed sadly and looked down.

"Ah, but you have to think on the bright side here." Alice whispered with a smile. He looked up rather quickly, nearly making his hat sway. "Ready for the brightness news? Ok, be prepared! It didn't take much thought, well actually I'm lying it did take a bit of thought! But here it is...I'm staying here forever." Alice whispered the last part, not noticing the Hatter's smile grow even wider.

It was a blur of orange and gold. Hatter swung Alice around in a tight embrace all the while laughing gleefully.

"Oi! If I'm up here to long, I'm going to be to dizzy to stand!" She laughed, being put down.

"What do you say, have tea and then go to Mamoreal?" Asked Hatter, sitting on his chair. Alice, following suite, sat down on her chair next to his; pouring half a cup of tea.

"I think that is a very goo Idea!" She laughed taking a sip.

Alice, seeing Hatter tranfixed with having a conversation about tea with Mally, crept around to the back of Hatter's chair and very slowly eased his top hat off.

To her surprise and pleasure, he didn't notice. Placing it on her head she ran to the front of the table.

"My hat...ALICE!" Hatter yelled as a wide grin slit his face.

"Yes Hatter?" Alice answered inoccently. Seeing the Hatter race from his chair and towards her, she dashed away and ran towards Mamoreal.

"Alice! Give me my hat back!"

"Have to catch me first!"

"I'm trying to, but you seemed to have got faster!" Hatter replied, chasing after her.

"Oh, I've had practice. Anyway, if you want your hat back you're gonna have to chase me for it!" She giggled running faster.

"Oh you just wait!"

Running through the forest and closer to Mamoreal; Alice raced through the doors only to be struck to a halt.

The Hatter, not knowing why she stopped, ran in behind her with a large grin.

"Ha! I got-" He was silenced with a jolt.

They had just run in to a royal court meeting.

The Hatter, in front of Alice blocking her out of sight, gulped. While Alice bit down a giggle.

The Queen sprung up from her chair gracefully and frowned gently at the Hatter.

"Tarrant, what in all of Underland do you think-" Mirana was silence by Alice coming out from beside him with his hat on.

"Sorry your magesty, Hatter here was chasing me because I sort of stole his hat?" It sounded like a lie but it was the total truth.

Mirana shooed the court away and gracefully, hands aflout, ran over to her with a smile.

"Champion Alice! You have returned after all these years back to Underland!" She clapped in joy and looked at the two.

"Alice, give Tarrant's hat back."

Alice grin returned as she backed away from the two and ran into the halls, hat in hand.

"Now it will take forever to catch her!" Tarrant whined, sticking his tounge out as Alice ran out.

"She is playing a game Tarrant. I do believe it is called Catch the Hatter's Hat."

"I've never heard of that your magesty."

"I know, I've just made it up."

Tarrant giggled then cleared his throat. "I better go after her...she might hide my..."

"Alice! Don't you dare hide my hat!" He yelped sprinting after her.

Mirana laughed, watching after him then as soon as he was out of sight she walked to the kitchens and begun to ask the chefs for a large Welcome feast.

This was going to be some night.

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