Chapter Six

OMG GUYS! I AM SO SORRY! Time has been going past like a chipmunk on a rocket! Wait...where the hell did I get that from? Oh well...kinda good though. Anyway, enjoy the story!

Alice and Nigel sat in Alice's room in the castle. Alice lying down with legs crossed in the air, and Nigel sitting upwards cross legged. Currently, they making some sort of chart on Tarrant's different eye colour and trying to figure out which colour was what.

" is normal, yes?" Nigel asked, adding the final touch to the colour in front of him. Alice smiled and nodded, finishing her colour also.

"Yes, green is red is upset or angry and grey-y blue is sad." She responded, holding up the colour on her piece of paper. There was one other colour that bothered her more than words could say. It was that strange purple/blue colour that appeared that time at the Tea Table. She was having trouble pinning it down...

Alice and Nigel pinned up the coloured sheets on the wall then took a step back. "There, finished. A nice decoration for my room and wall." Alice giggled, turning around only to bump into something firm. "Ouch, Nigel could you at least give me some kind of warning before stopping-"

Looking up, her brown orbs met green. Leaping back, she sputtered out incomprehensible words.

Tarrant giggled at the red faced Alice and took out his pocket watch, tapping it a few times. "You're late for tea, and what in the name of Under Land are all those colours of your wall?" He asked stepping closer to them.

"Uh...well..." Alice mumbled trailing behind him, watching his eyes trail over the different paper on the wall. "They are..."

"They are your different eye colours, Hatter. Alice and I-"Nigel stopped dead in his tracks at Alice's death glare of 'Say one more word and you will forever regret it.'

While Tarrant was engrossed in the colours, Alice suck behind him and gently eased off his hat, eyeing Nigel to quickly run from the room.

'Run!' She mouthed with a large grin, one that could give Chess a run for his money.

Bolting out of the room, Alice and Nigel faintly heard the playful roar of Tarrant's voice. Turning a few corners, they flung two doors open and quickly shut them. Looking around, they found themselves in the garden. "We can hide up those trees!" Alice exclaimed, taking his hand and bolting towards the tree.

Putting the hat on her head, Alice climbed high enough not to be seen. As she climbed up, she was suddenly jerked back by a bit of her dress being caught on a harp branch, pulling hard at it; she failed to hear a rip and also failed to see the bit of her torn dress hanging from the miniature branch. Resting herself on a thick branch, she shuffled over and crossed her legs watching Nigel climb up to the same level and sit opposite her.

"Hatter is going to be furious if he finds us!" Nigel exclaimed, imagining the hell they would go through if they were to be found.

Alice winked playfully and giggled, leaning back on a branch. "He'll have to find us first."

"That's what I'm afraid of." He muttered, unable to contain his laughter as he stared at the Hatter's hat on Alice's head.

Alice looked up and giggled, leaning back and pretending to hold a cup of tea. "Welcome to the tea party, wee laddie." She mimicked, trying and failing to put on a Scottish accent.

Nigel doubled over laughing, very nearly falling off the edge but luckily catching himself.

Alice giggled, holding her stomach for support, then leaning back but to find there was no branch.

"Alice!" Nigel cried, shuffling over and looking down to see a dangling Alice with the Hatter's hat still on her head.

Alice gulped and hung on tightly, looking down to the clear grassy ground far down beneath her. "Take the Hatter's hat, I'll' figure a way to-"

"Your majesty, have you seen either Alice or Nigel?" A soft lisped voice asked from below her. Alice's eyes widened then looked up at Nigel and silencing him with her eyes.

"No dear Tarrant, I have not. Why would you ask?" Mirana responded, her hands afloat beside her.

Tarrant swiftly pointed to his head with a look that just screamed 'Alice stole my hat...AGAIN!' then put his hand back down to his side. "Honestly, I am considering gluing it to my head." He sighed, shoving a hand in his waist coat pocket.

Mirana laughed, then stilled at a slight creak above her. Looking up, he saw Alice hanging down just above the Hatter. Alice shook her head, madly trying to gesture for her to lead him away. Looking to her hands, she saw that Alice was very close to slipping. Mirana looked up further to see a boy looking directly at her with wide eyes.

"Tarrant, I think I saw Alice back in the cas-"


Mirana winced and opened her eyes only to see a panicked Alice lying on top of the squashed Hatter.

Tarrant groaned from the earth as Alice looked guilty up and Mirana who was failing to hide her smile.

"" Tarrant asked, feeling the heavy weight on his back quickly vanish. Taking a stand, he looked to his right to see Alice standing, twiddling his hat in her hands.

", have your hat." She muttered, handing it to his unprepared hands.

She watched in amazement as his eyes flashed a shade of green/orange. "Ye best rin, Alice." He growled with playful threat in his tone.

Nigel jumped down next to her, only to be grabbed by the arm and run to the left. "Waaiit! Alice!" He cried, trying to get his tangled legs to cooperate.

Tarrant giggled, watching them run at the speed of light. Mirana watched the scene unfold in amusement, clasping her flouting hands under her chin.

"She seems to be having an awful amount of fun our champion now doesn't she?" Mirana smiled; looking back towards the Hatter once again.

"Would it be possible to get a leash for her anytime soon?"

She laughed and shook her head, stalking off toward the castle once more.

Both watched as Alice and Nigel stopped running. Alice pointed back to them and bent over laughing.

"Tarrant, are you-"Mirana looked to her side then back to Alice to see her over Tarrant's shoulder, flailing her arms and legs.

"Nigel, run! You would be better off surviving without me! I'm not going to get out of this alive!" Alice howled dramatically, flopping on to his shoulder.

"Too right." Tarrant huffed, readjusting his grip on her waist.

Nigel shook his head and laughed, watching as Alice was carried off. Mirana stood next to him and decided to have tea was the young lad.

Oh what a day that was.