Touhou Gensokyo Girls

Episode 10: Winter time (Adventure of a beloved fairy)


Dark clouds covered the sky and everything on the ground was covered in snow, Reimu was taking a day off at her shrine, since no one was going to make the journey to her shrine in this weather. In this cold and desolate weather a maid came knocking on the door politely before opening it, "Good morning Ms. Hakurei."

Reimu sat under the lovely warm and comfortable kotatsu, and looked up at the visitor, "If it isn't that vampire's maid, what brings you here?"

"I have a gift for you." Sakuya said smilingly and opened up a backpack she was carrying.

Reimu gave her a look of surprise, "A-a gift?"

"Here, it is your dress made specially for you, from Koakuma." Sakuya said and unraveled a dress and gave it to Reimu.

Reimu stood speechless for a moment, as she took the silky smooth dress, "OH! I had forgotten all about that, it's so beautiful... Thank you." she said softly and thankfully.

Sakuya started chuckling silently, "It's the first time I ever heard you say, 'thanks'."

Reimu gave her an odd look, "...and?" she replied with a little bit of snide in her voice.

The maid decided to let it lie, and leave her alone, "Well, I will head back and tell them you said thanks." Sakuya thought to herself, "I'm quite sure mistress would be pleased to know, that she has her thanks." before she disappeared out into the cold weather, making Reimu close the door after her.


"Hi Reimu." It came from the black and white witch who had just entered, by slamming the door open.

"I am making tea, want some?" Reimu happily invited her in.

"You bet!" Marisa gladly accepted that offer.

"What is that book you are holding in your hand?" Reimu asked as noticed an odd looking red book in Marisa's right hand.

"Just a fresh catch from the library." Marisa cheerfully explained.

"Why did I even bother asking" Reimu muttered mostly to herself and put a hand to her forehead.

"Because you are an idiot?" Marisa replied audaciously, like it was a normal thing to say.

Reimu gave her a disapproving look, "shut up."

"Okay" Marisa agreed with a smile.

Reimu nodded approvingly, "Good… Wait, why are you so compliant?"

"Because I feel like it.*ZE*" Marisa smirked just for the fun of it.

Reimu brought the tea and they sat down and sipped it quite slowly, there was a small silence for a little while,

"Man, it has been so annoyingly cool lately." Marisa spoke in an irritated voice.

Reimu nodded and answered in a low voice, "It really has..."

Marisa then noticed something red and silky looking, "What is that you have over there?"

"Well that's my gift from the vampires." Reimu casually told her friend, in an offhand manner.

Marisa eyes widened and she exclaimed, "REALLY?! I thought it was a joke."

"I didn't take it seriously either." Reimu agreed, still trying to wrap her head around it.

"I want to try it." Marisa exclaimed happily with a sudden release of energy.

Reimu was quick to answer to that question, "no."

"COME ON! Why not?" Marisa protested irritated, her long and thin fingers eagerly twitched to get that silk garment into their reach.

"Because it's mine." Reimu defended her case with an equal passion.

"This is so unfair, friends borrow clothes from each other all the time." Marisa countered.

"Yes... But! Your interpretation of borrow is twisted." Reimu pointed out.

"*ZE*" Marisa replied swiftly.

"Don't just say ZE out of the blu-" Reimu began saying, but stopped when she saw what Marisa was in the middle of doing.

Marisa grabbed the dress while Reimu was talking, "Hey! Keep your long fingers to yourself."

Then someone else slapped the dress out of Marisa's hands, "It was not made for you." came a voice right behind her.

"Give it back, Remilia." Marisa was pretty audacious with her claim to someone else's clothes.

"Never... To you." Remilia said, before putting the garment back into Reimu's hands.

"I see that it's not only our things she tries to get away with..." Koakuma muttered with a smile.

"Does that surprise you?" Reimu asked with a smile of her own.

"Not really, it was just a statement of fact." Koakuma replied indifferently.

"Why are you two here again?" Reimu asked even though she had a feeling that she knew the answer already.

"Well since it was so dark today that I could move outside, without a parasol, We came for a visit." Remilia told her calmly, as if it was something so simple.

"And we are looking for a missing book." Koakuma added, she did not want to forget her mistress's order.

"I am only borrowing it." Marisa smiled innocently, she had already hidden the book away so they wouldn't see it.

"And. we. need. it." Koakuma retorted with an angry glare.

Remilia changed the topic to her ulterior motive, "And we want to see our gift on you."

"Ooh, so do I." Marisa grinned, her curiosity was peaked.

"There is a catch with kindness I guess, well I am curious myself. Okay I'll go change." Reimu walked out of the room to change, When she came back out, the gown looked stunning on her, it fit perfectly. The dress was very short, but not vulgar in any way, it was red for the most part, with white trims except for its multiple yin-yang orbs pattern, which overlapped each other and started at her waist and spread to the bottom middle in a waterfall motion. The top of the dress went pretty far out on the shoulders, but the dress was supported with straps, elegantly done and sewed together in the yin-yang pattern.

Remilia could draw nary a breath, the look of that dress on Reimu was so stunning, she swallowed once, and etched this moment into her memory, "You look, marvelous..."

"It's so unfair." Marisa's whining ruined the atmosphere that was going on.

Reimu looked down at herself and gave a little bit of critique, "It's too western for me, I think."

Koakuma gave Reimu the elevator look to inspect her work and was proud of what she had accomplished, "Looks to fit you right."

"How the heck do you know what my sizes are!?" Reimu asked in disbelief and tried to cover her body.

"She has a talent for those kinds of things." Remilia replied with a sniggering grin.

Flailing her arms in defense, Koakuma protested, "I-I just have a good idea of how it would fit."

Seeing this as her chance to split, Marisa quickly took her leave, "Well, I'll be going..."

"Don't leave me here with the youkais!" Reimu pleaded with Marisa, but Marisa, was gone...

"What a relief she left, now it's a little less crowded." Remilia gave Reimu that sensual gaze again.

Reimu was silent for a moment, she was really dreading this situation, but fortunately she got an idea, "… Oh yeah! She had the book from your library when she came here, the one you were looking for."

It took just a second to sink in when Remilia asked, "What…? She had THE BOOK!? ON HER!? Koakuma we must stop her."

Koakuma immediately responded, "Yes lady Scarlet!"

They left quickly and without even closing the door, Reimu thought to herself, "What is with the mansion dwellers and forgetting to close the door."

She wouldn't admit it to anyone, but she was really glad for having the dress, and she felt a little girlish with it on, so she proceeded to look at herself in the mirror, humming silently to herself.


Marisa was using her broom as her cloud surfboard, but a few seconds later, Remilia and Koakuma came as fast as their wings could take them.

"COME BACK WITH OUR BOOK!" Koakuma yelled after the thief.

Marisa smirked and turned her head to shout a reply, "ONLY IF YOU CAN CATCH ME!"

"YOU ASKED FOR IT!" Remilia shouted and dived after her.

Marisa waited just a second, then pulled up, made a quick half cuban eight and was right over Remilia's head, then used some sort of spell to temporarily increases her speed three times, "You are too slow!" she mocked and dived under the clouds.

The devil lost sight of her prey, "YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY!" Remilia roared in anger.

Somewhere under the clouds at an ice lake, Marisa could see something in the distance, "ooh an ice castle." as she got nearer, she could hear someone singing in the distance.

"Its snowy~ its snowy~" a light sharp voice sang merrily.

Marisa came flying in at the window where the singing originated from, "COOL place, you've got here, literally, *ZE*"

"Now that you are in my place, I am the strongest." Cirno proudly exclaimed.

"Are you sure you want to bet on that?" Marisa took it upon herself to accept this challenge, despite her need for a getaway.

"I'll FREEZE YOU IN NO TIME!" Cirno exclaimed threateningly.

"You're on." Marisa excitingly readied herself for combat.

And then the castle itself began to attack with billions of tiny icicles, but compared to some of Flandre's insane spells, it was too slow and unfocused and Marisa fired thousand of shiny stars to destroy some of the castle and to put Cirno on the defensive.

Cirno finally realized that the castle was not going to be enough and started to fire beams of ice, but then again, Marisa with her magical broom, was one of the fastest humans in Gensokyo, and with a good number of powerful spells at her disposal, she could easily dodge and counter with colorful stars and laser beams.

Because Cirno was a fairy, and therefore very small, she was difficult to hit, but when she tried to go on the offensive she became an easy target for Marisa's beams of light, that did short work of Cirno's ice spells and with one lucky hit in Cirno's stomach, Cirno crashed down on the hard icy ground, "why am I not the strongest?" she cried in frustration.

"Because I am here." Marisa grinned just to put salt in the wound.

Cirno was very frustrated, "But you are just human?"

"And you are just stupid." Marisa mockingly replied,

Cirno cried harder, "No I am not!"

The battle made a lot of noise, and of course that noise attracted the two pursuers, "There you are Marisa; I see you have gotten a fairy to play with." Remilia's tone was sweet, almost sugarcoated.

"She didn't put up much of a fight." Marisa continued her mocking crusade, she just couldn't help it when someone said they were the strongest, they had to prove it.

Koakuma was quite impressed, "And this is even the coldest time of the year."

Remilia did not appreciate her servant falling for the showing off, and decided to remind her of her own success, "I even had you, beat her and that darkness youkai once and dragged them to our home."

"WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Cirno cried loudly, she had been holding it back as much as she could, but then the memory of that other battle, put her past her limit.

Seeing Cirno like this, triggered Koakuma's maternal instincts, "No need to cry, you are still the strongest fairy."

"Really?" Cirno replied in a more cheerful tone and rubbed her eyes.

"Didn't we come here for something? Or are you just cheering fairies up?" Remilia was being very condescending.

Koakuma then got back on track, "Oh yes, we need to get our book ba- Marisa just left!" and glanced around to see if she was still in sight.

Remilia found her and flew towards the place, "There she is! COME HERE YOU SMELLY HUMAN!"

"No~ bye little mosquito!" And throw a bottle with some sort of blue liquid right in front of Remilia, then it exploded in an extremely bright flare.

Remilia's eyes were blinded and her anger turned to hatred, "DAMN YOU!" one of her attackers was blinded, the other was too far away, she took this to be an opportunity to flee, which Marisa did.

"it's a shame we never finished our tracking spell, it could be pretty handy right now..." Koakuma said as she stood beside Remilia.

"it would…" Remilia agreed with a bad taste in her mouth as she tried to get her eyes to work properly, but seeing as it didn't work that well, she decided to play it safe, "Let's go home, before the temperature drops any lower."

"Agreed, lady Scarlet." Koakuma happily acknowledged, she was not fond of the cold.

And the Devils took off, a few minutes later a little Fairy arrived to see what had happened here, "why are you crying Cirno?" Daiyousei asked worriedly.

Cirno felt broken when she answered, "I... wasn't strong enough."

Daiyousei sat beside her friend, "Did you attack someone again?"

"Yes, I was just trying to prove that I'm stronger." Cirno complained like a little child.

"Maybe you shouldn't attack people like that?" Daiyousei pointed out hesitantly.

Cirno straightened and was discontent with that approach, "You attack people too~!"

"Only when they scare me." Daiyousei admitted while scratching her head.

"But you get scared by everything!" It was clearly meant as an accusation.

"Tehehe." Daiyousei blushed a bright red and scratched the back of her head in embarrassment.


"Wake up sleepy head." Koakuma said, poking Meiling on the nose.

Meiling awoke from her sleep, "What? No! I only closed my eyes for a second" she excused while trying to get sense of who was around her.

"I could hear you snoring loudly." Remilia angrily pointed out.

Meiling became frightened when she came fully to her senses and saw lady Scarlet in front of her "Forgive me Mistress! It will never happen ever again!"

"Koakuma do have any idea how many times she have said those words?" Remilia decided to bully her guard a little bit, it would help Meiling take her job seriously, if nothing else, it would help her own mood,

"I don't remember the numbers, but quite a lot indeed." Koakuma went along with the tease.

Meiling fell to her knees and begged, "I-Is there way, that I could redeem myself?!"

"You could start by removing the snow from my garden and then, depending on how well you do it, your punishment will be limited." Remilia felt satisfied, it was so much fun bullying others now and again.

"I understand Mistress, I shall begin at once!" she quickly ran inside to get a shovel and began moving the frozen snow in heaps.

"Do you think she will be finished before the snow melts?" Somehow Koakuma doubted that, and she wasn't sure whether or not lady Scarlet was being serious.

Remilia chuckled a little bit, "I doubt it." This was making her day just a little better.

They went inside where the head maid greeted them, "Welcome home Mistress, and you too Koakuma, did it go well?"

The look on Remilia's face immediately told Sakuya all she needed to know, but her mistress clarified, "That pesky rat Marisa got away again!"

"I am sorry to hear that, I hope some hot cocoa will cheer you up." Sakuya offered them some refreshments.

"I'm sure it will." Remilia could really use something against the cold, so she was glad that it was being offered as soon as she got home.

LIVING ROOM: late evening.

Flandre and Patchouli sat around the fire in their living room with hot cocoa of their own.

And so the five of them sat and drank their cocoa and relaxed in the light of the fire in the fireplace, while Meiling was out in the harsh weather working her butt off. After a while, Sakuya expressed her concern, "...a part of me feels guilty for letting her stay out in the cold like that."

The mistress of the mansion gave a small huffing sound, "with all the sleep she has been getting lately, she should be fresh enough."

"She would most likely be getting the flu, if she stays out there much longer,,," Koakuma was concerned.

"Or die freezing." Patchouli coldly pointed out.

"I know, I will go out and help her." Flandre decided and headed for the door, but stopped by her sister.

Remilia relented and decided to be generous for once, "...Fine, Sakuya, go out and tell her she can come inside now." Sakuya bowed in response and headed outside.

"It is getting too cold, now that it is evening." Koakuma's tone was a bit subdued, she was getting a bit tired after such fast paced day.

"Truly, it feels like spring will never arrive again." Saying that made Patchouli think, never arrive… an idea hit her, "I've got it, I know what might be the problem."

Remilia's eyebrow went up, "Oh? what is it?"

"It's like someone might be prolonging the winter!" Patchouli explained to her fellow housemates.

"...That's a little far-fetched, don't you think?." Her familiar asked of her, in one of the very rare times that they disagreed on something.

OUTSIDE: in the cold.

Sakuya walked up to Meiling and had to narrowly escape some snow being tossed frantically around, "Meiling." She called.

Hearing the voice, Meiling turned around, "What is it, Mrs. Sakuya?"

"Come inside, it's far too cold outside in the evening, come on in and get some warm cocoa." Sakuya was being polite and sweet in her approach, as always.

The sound of the word cocoa, was making Meiling drift off, and she was gone for about ten seconds, before snapping back, "I, I cannot do such a thing, the mistress has ordered me to clean the yard, so I must do so!"

Sakuya chuckled slightly, "The mistress gave me an order to make you come inside, she says she has no need of a sick gate guard."

"W-well if the mistress said so, I'd better follow orders." Meiling hastily changed attitude, but was still a bit sceptical, as to whether or not this was an actual order.

BACK INSIDE: in the warmth

When Sakuya came back inside, She could see a serious debate between two who were usually fine together.

"Someone prolonging winter, what kind of youkai would be strong enough for that?" Koakuma was fairly adamant about that.

"What seems to be the matter?" Sakuya asked them, after handing a mug of hot cocoa to Meiling.

"Mistress Patchouli claims that someone or something is making winter stronger, and I keep telling her it's too big a scale to pull off." Koakuma was being persistent as she told Sakuya.

"Hmm…" Was Sakuya's only reply, but her mind raced just a little, "If that keeps up, I'll have a serious problem." She chuckled nervously, "Let's hope that isn't it."

Now it was Remilia who was chuckling, "Whatever is happening, I'm sure it will be taken care off properly." She looked upwards and her thoughts continued, "Right, Reimu?"