Touhou Gensokyo Girls

Episode 2: Colorful Night (Yin-yang Spark Break)

A hungry monster, with large fangs, was moving silently in the little house and located its prey, prepared to strike... BUT! Then the light turned on.

"Go back to sleep, Flandre!" It was the shrine maiden who yelled in the middle of the night.

"But I am thirsty~" cried the little vampire.

Reimu just looked at her sternly, "To your bed, now!"

"Okay..." she uttered in defeat, and thus they both went to sleep again.

The next morning at the shrine, they had an early guest from the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

It was the maid who came looking for the young mistress, "Miss Hakurei, have you by any chance seen any sign of Flandre she has been missing as of late?"

"Hey Sakuya!" Said a head that came down from the ceiling, right in front of her.

Startled she jumped back, "Flandre! How?"

Reimu, who stood in the background, was completely unaffected, "She stayed over, now do me a favor and escort her back."

"No! I want to stay here." pleaded Flandre with all her might.

"Please keep her here, I will be back with the mistress." Sakuya said in passing, as she was already out the door.

"Please hurry, she is driving me nuts." Reimu yelled after her.

Later that day, Marisa came by. "Hey Reimu, how are you and Flandre doing?" she flashed her a grin.

"MARISA!" Flandre made a beeline for Marisa until she noticed the sunlight, at which point she stopped, just short of reaching her. "Darn."

Taking a deep sigh, Reimu uttered, "Apart from making me Insane and sleepless all night, okay I guess."

"Well I'll be taking Flandre with me then, *ZE*" Marisa smiled.

"Right, that is what you promised me after all." Reimu replied with a smile of her own.

"Come Flandre, let Marisa here show you a fun place." she said in her normal cocky and confident voice.

"Yay, I get to spend time with Marisa~" Flandre was overjoyed at the prospect.

The two of them took off shortly thereafter, Flandre armed with a parasol, that Reimu had thrust into her possession, presumably as a way to get them to leave her tired self alone.

She leaned out of the door and waved them goodbye, "Have fun you two." She stretched herself and closed her door, "Finally some peace and quiet."

But that was suddenly broken, when Sakuya returned with her mistress at her side.

"Flandre, where are you?!" Remilia yelled when they arrived in the courtyard.

Sakuya rushed to the door, "Miss Hakurei, did she escape?!"

Reimu stood in the door looking sleepy, having just awoken, "Not really, Marisa took off with her."

"WHAT!?" Remilia exclaimed so loudly that Reimu covered her ears.

"Didn't you try to stop them?" Sakuya asked in surprise.

"As long as she not here, I couldn't care less." Reimu yawned mid-sentence.

Remilia put on a demanding figure and pointed at Reimu, "Where did Marisa take Flandre!?"

"Don't know." Reimu's answer was indifferent.

Sakuya looked stunned, "You really have no idea?"

"Didn't bother to ask." Reimu was getting irritated with all this pestering.

Remilia pushed on, "In what direction did they take off?"

"Don't remember." Reimu replied even more irritated than before.

Sakuya continued, "You have absolutely no idea where they went?"

"Will you two stop bothering me! Go find them instead of getting on my nerves." Reimu yelled at them in frustration.

"Don't speak that way to the lady." Sakuya uttered harshly.

Remilia sighed in defeat, "Come Sakuya, she is of no help to us." They went outside.

"Good, I can finally get some rest." And Reimu went back to bed… again.

They flew up above the Hakurei Shrine, but as they were about to set out, they hit a snag.

Remilia scanned the surroundings for any signs of destruction or chaos, "Where do you think they could be?"

Sakuya bowed in sincerest apology, "I must apologize mistress, but I simply do not know."

"Then we have no choice, but to look around." And with that, they began to search the countryside.

Somewhere deep in the forest of magic, Marisa was giving Flandre a tour of the more interesting places in the forest as they journeyed towards Marisa's house. They stopped when they reached it.

"This Flandre, is my home." Marisa announced.

Flandre looked up at Marisa with pleading eyes, "Can I go inside? I'm tired of walking around with a parasol."

"Go right ahead." Marisa opened the door to her house.

They walked inside a very messy home. Books, artifacts, ingredients, potions and various unidentifiable items lied in stacks and waves across the floor, and even in piles that reached the ceiling, the only thing that looked somewhat normal was a desk with few books opened up, the kitchen was also a nightmare, pots, pans and lids were lying around with some of it already in use, there was some smelly liquid in one very large pot in the center. all this pales in comparison to the bathroom, which of course was lined with mushrooms from left to right, down to up, it was like being outside, she had single-handedly invented the word... bathshrooms.

Flandre looked around astonished and equally amazed, "Wow... this so different from my home, everything is everywhere."

"You can't worry about cleaning if you are having fun *ZE*" The proud owner grinned at her guest's amazement.

"What are all those mushrooms for?" Flandre asked curiously.

"They are the main ingredients in my magic." Marisa explained casually.

Flandre was a little shocked, "Your magic comes from mushrooms?"

Marisa nodded, "Some of it yes, that reminds me, Flandre I need a straw of your hair."

A hand unconsciously went to her locks, "My hair, why?"

Marisa decided to explain, "I need something from a vampire in my next experiment."

"What kind of experiment?" Her eyes lit up, that sounded fun.

"One that will light up the sky, like fireworks." Marisa was grinning again, that usually led to fun.

Flandre was totally hyped now and ready to rumble, "Okay, how much do we need?"

Then Marisa took a scissor out of a pile that was nearby and cut of a tiny straw of hair, "This much."

She then placed it on a table with lots and lots of weird looking ingredients, as Marisa started to mix it together, she asked Flandre to find another ingredient for her, with the very vague directions as 'that a ways' simply because Marisa had system in her mess. Flandre shoveled her way through Marisa's stuff until she found the thing she was looking for, she grabbed it, just to see the pile collapse, she evaded getting buried alive and handed it to Marisa.

At night Marisa was preparing a spell, while Flandre sat and watched, then from Marisa's spell came a Red beam of light that sprang vertically into the air and separated into 6 beams that separated into 36 beams, and so it continued multiplying for a minute like that and BOOM!

The red light exploded into inferno, dark, red flames that burned the tops of every tree a mile around.

"Awesome!" Flandre squealed with delight.

"Great success!" Marisa shouted, and then she thought, "I'm awesome."

On the open field, Sakuya saw a red flare in the distance, "Did you see that my lady?"

"I did, let's have a look, there is a very high possibility that my sister might be there." agreeing on that, they both flew towards the commotion.

Back in the forest

"My turn to light up the sky, Starbow Break!" And Flandre unleashed a rainbow of colors that were cast into the air and detonated.

Marisa was so impressed, that she whistled, "Not bad Flandre, that's a pretty sweet move*ZE*"

The Scarlet Lady and her companion flew in towards them, "There you are Flandre!"

Flandre glared at her sister, "And what are you doing here SISTER!" it was said with some venom, in her voice.

"To take you home of course." Remilia replied firmly.

Marisa decided on a whim to steal the show, "No you are here to see more of my awesome fireworks, you just won't admit it."

"So it was you who did that red flare part?" Sakuya actually fell for Marisa's whim to derail the conversation.

Marisa looked at Sakuya in disbelief, "Of course it was, who else?"

Flandre decided to get the conversation back on track, as it was fairly important, "I have been living in the basement nearly all my life."

Marisa decided to drop the act and help in her own weird way, "keeping people in the basement is usually looked down upon, you know."

Knowing she was outmatched in a two on two battle, with Flandre and Marisa involved, Remilia had to talk her way out of a fight, "OKAY! Flandre, if you come home with us, you don't have to stay in the basement anymore, and you can go outside as you wish, as long someone watches over you," she said the following with a sense of distaste, "And… Marisa can come and go as she pleases."

Flandre couldn't believe her ears when her sister said this, "REALLY SIS!?"

With a long sigh, Remilia acknowledged it, "...Yes Flandre."

"Are you sure about this, Mistress?" Sakuya was worried about this deal, in more ways than one.

"Sister! Thank you so much!" Flandre then proceeded to hug the stuffing out of her sister, making Remilia look embarrassed in the process.

With this new truce in hand, Flandre said her goodbye, "Goodbye Marisa, come and visit soon."

With the biggest grin she had ever made, Marisa promised, "Don't worry, I will see you real soon."

Both Remilia and Sakuya had the same thought in mind when Marisa replied, "that's what I am afraid of."

Back at the mansion around midnight, Sakuya confronted Remilia with the deal, "Mistress, are you sure it was wise to let her out of the Basement? You know what she is capable of."

"Let us see how she does, since she hasn't killed anyone yet." Remilia answered in a surprisingly calm voice, given the situation.