The Eyes of Merlin, Chapter 1: A Harry Situation

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Summary: Harry finds a mysterious, ancient potion tucked in a corner of the library, labelled 'the eyes of Emrys.' desperate for a plan for the second task, he drinks it.

Harry sat in the back most corner of the library, holding a small clear vial and pouring over a large tome.

The book he held was ancient - as was the crystal vial with a translucent golden substance in it.

He trailed his finger down the potions book, his heart racing when he found a title - The Eyes Of Emrys - listed. Blearily, he blinked and, to keep himself awake, whispered aloud with increased excitement.

"The eyes of Emrys potion is an extremely rare substance, only one batch has ever been successfully created, and the existence of even a drop of this potion is unlikely to survive to this day.
"The potion mimics the legendary power of Emrys the Warlock, who was able to direct his magic with naught but a thought, and the collection of magic in the eyes. A unnamed man said to have used it once said..."Harry stopped reading.

He looked at the bottle speculatively. If this was as good as it said, what would keep him from... He didn't know, become a merman under the water, like (he felt silly for remembering this, but it was one of the few movies he had seen at his primary school) the king in the little mermaid?

Unhesitatingly, he uncorked the bottle with difficulty and gulped down around a quarter of it.

Stifling what would have been a very unmanly yell, Harry slumped on the table, covering his eyes as they felt lit aflame.

At least, it felt like they lit on fire. He gasped and opened his eyes, looking at the reflective surface of the darkened window.

His formerly green eyes, hidden behind his glasses, flashed with an unnatural yellow, and the pane he looked at shattered with a brighter flash of his eyes.

He gasped, wondering why it broke, hoping that it somehow simply repaired before someone - Madam Pince, especially - came along to see the broken glass.

Before, in his frenzy, he could even think of grabbing for his wand, heat again returned to his eyes and the window was repaired.

A slow smile spread across Harry's face. This could be good, yes this could be very good indeed.

Absently, he read the first-hand account, "'The effects are unlike anything that thou haft seen. A single drop gave me a full year of this extraordinary power, and consumption of five drops lasted for mine whole existence. The stars are the limit of this substance, for nothing I have tried have I been unable to complete.'"

Abruptly, Harry re-corked the bottle, tucked it in a pocket, slammed the book shut and walked swiftly away. Maybe this wasn't so good. He had swallowed at least twelve drops worth.

"There you are Harry, I've been wondering. Have you seen Ron? I think Professor McGonnogall was talking to him and Hermione. Hey, are you ready for tomorrow?"

Harry grinned easily at Neville's stumbling. "I think I've got a bit of an idea, Neville. Now all I need to to is not oversleep." he laughed, and Neville stared at the dramatic change in his roommates mood.

"I'm glad, and I'm sure you'll do great Harry. I'm going to go to bed now, g'night."

"Good idea, night Neville." Harry replied with a smile. He got into bed and lay, eyes on the top of his four-poster, until the steady snores Neville was famous for filled the quiet room, joining the soft breathing of Dean and Seamus.

Harry sat up in the darkness, looking for a light. His wand was on his bedside table, so instead he simply held up a hand and said, "Lumos," in a whisper.

A single speck of soft yellow fire rose above his hand, casting shadows around him. He stared in wonder, and moved his hand around, the fire following it.

Frowning, he extinguished it (nox!) and started again, keeping his arms at his sides.

So quiet it almost wasn't there, came the gentle word "Lumos" again.

A single ball of what looked like compressed fire floated at eye level, the light almost too bright to stare at.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He needed to work on his plans for tomorrow. Or was it today? Harry was slightly concerned that no more than a moment after he had he thought the word 'Tempus' than a glittering manifestation of the time appeared in front of him, joining the still-lit Lumos.

Ignoring those for now, after noting that today was, in fact, tomorrow, he thought about merpeople. In the movie he'd seen, at least, the top half of the person remained the same, while the bottom adopted a fishes tail.

Of course, he would need to alter his breathing as well, so his lungs could tolerate water.

He couldn't do that now, so he settled with the bottom half.
He held a hand uncertainly above his stomach, and thought about the scales and tail he had seen.

Slowly, with a burn that flashed across his eyes, his feet became a lightweight tail stretching twice the length of his feet. The hairs on his legs stood on end and shifted, melding with the skin to form scales. In under a minute Harry's bottom half was completely fish-like.

He ran a hand over what was once his leg, feeling the smooth and cold scales that were so easily altered. He hoped they worked in the water.

Now came the difficult part. How could he insure that his lungs would survive the water? He thought on this for a minute, not noticing the increasing dreamlike qualities of his thoughts before he drifted off, curling around his tail in his sleep, giving in to exhaustion.

Harry woke with a start, tail flipping oddly trying to push the covers off as he normally did.

"Blast." he muttered, pointedly concentrating on the feeling of having legs instead of a tail. It worked, and within a minute Harry was a normal human again.

Nodding to himself, he got out of bed and looked for the best thing to wear to this challenge.

He noted the distinctive maintained quality of his trousers, and sighed in relief. He wouldn't wear a shirt, as that would slow him down in the water. It was probably best to wear a pair of light trousers and change while in them.

He stood up properly and went down to the lake, this time remembering to check his watch instead of summoning the time in front of him to see if he had time to eat. He didn't. He dimly noted that he should take the watch off before the trial began. With a bit of a smirk on his lips, he took it off his wrist and banished it cleanly back to his room.

As he got into more crowded areas of the school, he met groups of girls standing on the side of the hall every so often burst into giggles.

Harry was confused. What possessed them to giggle so much? He almost looked down self-consciously, realizing he was shirtless, but thought better of it. He couldn't look that horrible. Looking quizzically at them, he rolled his eyes as they again burst into giggles. He would never understand them.

"Ah, Harry! Good of you to come on time." Bagman clapped him on the back. Harry nodded distantly, still worried about the breathing problem. He fingered his wand in his pocket absently, reminding himself to use it, or pretend to. He had no clue what the Eyes of Emrys could get him into trouble with, it could be illegal for all he knew.

Snapping out of his daze, he was just in time to hear his announcement to be ready to enter the water. He stepped confidently up to the waters edge and waited for his cue. knowing it took about half a minute, he began taking his shoes off and starting the change. By the time the signal was given all he had to do was wave his wand for appearances, give one burst of magic sending his eyes surely yellow, and jump in the lake.

Moving his powerful tail, he swam on the surface out to the middle of the lake, surprised by the ease and speed of it. When he got there, he thought of his body adjusting to the water, becoming fish in all but shape.

He breathed steadily, until a breath of air became a choke. He submersed quickly, taking a deep breath of water.

Dully, he realized he had no way of locating 'what they took.' he started heading down.

It felt wonderful, better than flying! He moved completely of his own accord, in any direction, his deep green tail accommodating his every wish.

He must have spent five minutes simply swirling around, laughing aloud when he realized he could speak underwater. Coming back to his senses, he swam to the semi darkness of the bottom of the lake.

There was a gradual slope heading inward, over forests of seaweed and rocks. Somewhat confused by the Grindylows drifting in a group behind him, Harry drifted upwards to stay clear out of range.

He noticed, as he swam quickly down, that there was some sort of town appearing. He swam down into the outskirts, a clear appearance of house-type buildings along a sort of road-space on the floor of the lake. Disregarding the merfolk that looked uncertainly at him from their houses, he sped up to what looked like a town centre, where a huge jagged rock protruded from the sand.

Attached to it were four figures - Ron, Hermione, Cho Chang, and a small girl with brilliantly blond hair.

These were the things they would miss most! The blond girl for Fleur, Cho for Cedric, Ron for him and... Hermione for Krum? Harry hadn't realized Hermione had made such an impression on him just by going on a date. He shrugged, and looked at the two mean, ugly guard mermen on either side of the boulder, asking, "I am supposed to take my person and swim back?"

One gave a short nod, and he approached the boulder.

Ron was drifting, mouth agape, red hair floating wildly. With a concentrated thought, Harry's eyes went gold and the rope holding Ron unravelled

Holding his unconscious friend by the arm, Harry looked around for the rest of the contestants.

The eerie voice echoed in his head: "the prospects black, too late, it's gone, it won't come back." they only had an hour, and Harry knew the three of them hadn't had the same advantage he had. He looked to the mer-guards.

"They'll be safe, right, if they aren't picked up in time?" he asked worriedly.

"No harm will come to them." the first merman said stiffly. Harry nodded, relieved, and swam away with Ron, not seeming to realize he had spoken mermish.

As he swam, he slowly started to shift back, knowing it would be stupid to lower his score because of transition time. Soon enough he was swimming butterfly with Ron dragging along, and his lungs slowly burning for air.

Pushing off the floor of the lake, Harry shot up to see that he was still very far from the shore.

"Blast" Harry muttered, his mouth still underwater, breathing in liquid. Harry kicked butterfly style to get back quickly, keeping Ron's face above the lake.

People in the stands were cheering, some looked confused, some outright mad that the underdog Hogwarts kid had again come out on top.

When Harry reached the place where his feet could touch the rocky ground - closer to shore than Harry would have liked, curse his shortness - Ron began spluttering, waking up from whatever spell he had been under.

"Mate, what's happening? Where are we?" Ron said confusedly.
Harry couldn't help it, he laughed.

"We're in the shallows of the lake, and I've just won part two of the tri-wizard tournament."

Ron shook his head and looked at the crowd. "What 'appended down there?" He said, spitting out water.

"You and three other people were tied to a rock in a mervillage. I had an hour to get you back. I don't know how long it's been since I got in the water though, so depending on when they get back..." Harry trailed off.

"Blimey." Ron said, shocked. "How'd you do it?"
Harry glared at him. "Not now. In the common room, with you and Hermione, we'll talk."

They had reached the shore, and a very irate Madam Pomphrey stood waiting for them, hands full of towels and potions.

"Oh bloody 'ell." Ron moaned. Harry gave him a look of mock-horror, then grinned.

As she engulfed them in so many towels Harry thought he might actually drown in them, Ludo Bagman sonorus'ed himself onto the loudspeaker.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, arriving first with Twenty-five minutes to spare is Harry Potter!" a giant cheer rose up around him, but Harry wasn't in the mood. He was worried. The more he thought about it, the more concerned he was about the 'eyes of Emrys' potion he had unhesitatingly took. What if there were nasty side effects he didn't know about? What if it was illegal? He could get in serious trouble and according to the book, the mouthful he took might keep it in his system forever!

"At least it won't matter if they take away my wand" Harry thought glumly.

His wand! In the short time since he'd taken the potion, Harry hadn't even tried using his wand. He had even gotten used to not using it. How had he done that? It wasn't just something you threw away!

Quickly, Harry snatched his wand from the back pocket of his trousers, thankful it was still there.

"Ron? Give me a spell, any spell." Harry said frantically.

"Er, aguamenti?" Ron said questioningly.

"Perfect, thanks. Aguamenti!" Harry held his wand tightly, waiting for the spell to take effect.

"Aguamenti! Aguamenti!" What's going wrong?" Harry took his hand of of his wand. Feeling the warmth of magic he hadn't even realized left, Harry felt his eyes warm as he said quite clearly, "Aguamenti." He brought his hands together and felt the clear water fill in.

"what's wrong, mate?" Ron asked, looking intently at his hands. Harry dropped the water and wiped his hands on one of the many towels.

"Here, Ron, try to cast aguamenti with my wand. Don't ask now, just try."

Ron looked at him suspiciously. "Alright, mate. Aguamenti." He flicked it casually, but not a single drop of water came out. "No, sorry. I don't think I can use yours. What's wrong?"

"I need to talk to Hermione." Harry said, shaking his head at the absurdity of it all.

"Well where is she, she was the thing Krum would miss most, yeah?

He's bound to be back soon." Ron said with a hint of anger. Harry nodded absently.

As if on cue, a giant fin rose out of the water, attached to what was surely a sharks head, human arms, legs and torso. The half-shark pushed a figure with curly hair and Hogwarts robes to shore, crouching in the water to undo his self-transformation.

"Of course. I turn myself into a stinking mermaid and he gets to be a shark... I'll never live this down." Harry moaned, only glad that no one had truly seen him as a merman.

Ron looked over, "What did you say you turned yourself into?" the makings of a smile kept firmly behind a straight face.

"Not important. I won, didn't I? And you got to be a part of it. Let's just say I made myself a giant fish."

Ron shook his head, barley keeping himself from laughing. "You've been to the prefects bathroom, haven't you? Charlie said there was a lovely painting of a mermaid done up in there. Don't worry, mate, I won't tell anyone. I'm sure you made a very manly mermaid."

Harry almost groaned, but a thought made him smile. "Yes, and I'm sure the girls will love the story of you being rescued by me, to near certain death. It'll go over quite smoothly. Quite the damsel in distress." Harry was, for the first time, glad that years with living with Dudley had trained him to be able to think up a retort like that, and was only slightly worried that Ron was the victim of it.
Ron's pale face went white, and as Hermione and Krum approached Harry was practically rolling on the floor, he was laughing so hard.

"-I don't know why they allow you children to get so beaten up, Mr. Krum. I was hoping it was safer... Harry here hadn't a scratch, but no matter. I'll have you fixed up in no time. Now where was that bottle..." Madame Pomphrey muttered to herself, walking by and holding a furious Krum by the arm.

Harry couldn't watch though, because his vision was soon filled up with light brown, drying frizzy hair. "Hermione!" Harry said, returning the forceful hug awkwardly.

"Harry, you're alright! I was so worried last night when I realized I had to leave you, and you hadn't a plan at all! What did you do? I'm so proud of you for making first, congratulations! Of course Victor was very good too, he did a partial self-transfiguration! You know that's NEWT material! Oh it's all so exciting, you'll have to tell me what happened before I got here!"

Harry pulled out of the embrace, holding his friend at arms length. "'Mione, I'll explain everything when we get back to the common room. Now you've got to calm down, go talk to Victor, thank him. He DID just save you."

Hermione looked at him for a moment, mouth agape, then nodded.

"Right. Of course. Thanks, Harry."

She walked off, clutching her towels and heading to Krum, who sat a few meters away.

"Wow, Harry. Whatever you've done that you can't tell us yet must be pretty amazing. How did you ever manage to get Hermione to stop talking?"

Harry shrugged, barely able to believe it himself. As he watched, he saw Cedric and Cho stumble out of the water, right as Bagman announced the time was up.

The crowd sat on the edge of their seats, Beauxbotons students sitting stock still, waiting for Fleur. For a minute, there was almost absolute silence, until a very Colin-like gasp was heard from the stands, and Fleur appeared with a bubble around her head, dragging the small blond girl that must be her sister.

Cheers filled the air as Madame Pomphrey ran towards her, readying her potions. Harry heard, above the roar, Bagman telling the crowd that Dumbledore would talk to the merfolk leader, to get the whole story now that everyone was there.

"Merlin, you can't catch a break." Ron chuckled. "You just better hope that - whatever you did - will get lumped in with Krum's self-transfiguration."

Harry nodded, "Like you wouldn't believe."

Absently, he noticed that Dumbledore had come back to the judges table from screeching to the merman, and was giving Bagman information for his next announcement.

"Our Headmaster Dumbledore has been speaking to the Chief of Merfolk, and thanks to his information the judges will come to a conclusion.

"In fourth place, Fleur Delacour arrived fourteen minutes after the designated time, but still managed to save her sister Gabrielle. For this she is awarded twenty-five points."

Bagman paused for the cheers of the Beauxbotons students, before continuing, "In third place, we have Cedric Diggory, who, while saving Cho Chang was one minute outside the time limit due to grindylows, his efforts will award him with forty points." More clapping, and Bagman moved on.

"In second place is Victor Krum! His quite partial transfiguration into a shark nonetheless did the trick, with ten minutes to spare. He is awarded forty-five points."

He paused for the longest time yet, as the crowd roared its approval.

"And finally, our twice-winner, young Harry Potter! This contestant showed an advanced form of morph-magic by transforming into a southern merman! For his outstanding flawless performance, he will be awarded Fifty out of fifty points, taking the leading position in the Triwizard Tournament!"

Ron and Hermione looked at him in wonder, both trying to say something over the thunderous applause. When it finally died down, Ron said, "Blimey, Harry, Morph Magic! That's practically bein' a metaphorphagus! Why didn't you tell us?"

Harry looked up, confused. "Haven't been able to do it long enough. What exactly's morph magic?"

Hermione was about to reply, when Ludo Bagman approached to collect the contestants. Harry heard Fleur muttering to her sister about how fortunate she was that the grindylows were all absent.

Fortunately, Bagman made the meeting quick, only telling him he'd meet with them on such-and-such a date, and letting them go.

Harry gratefully walked back up to Gryffindor tower with Ron and Hermione, starting to talk once he got to the quieter secret passageways the Marauders had inadvertently helped him with.

"It was last night, after 'Mione had to leave, when I found this strange potion called 'The Eye of Emrys' in a secret compartment of a book. It was a bit off- the book was hardcover but still, I could swear the compartment was bigger on the inside. But anyway, I found this potion, and after a whole lot of searching I found a book that referenced it. Said there was only a small amount ever made, but the effects were amazing - gave you the ability to work old magic - like Emrys, whoever he was. Anyway I drank it, anything to help me get through today, you know?"

He stopped abruptly when he realized Hermione had stopped, hands over her mouth and eyes popping out of her sockets. "The magic of Emrys?" She all but screamed.

"Yeah, that's what it said. Who was he?"

"Merlin, 'Mione, it can't be that horrible!" Ron put in his two knuts in.

Hermione shook her head frantically, taking her hands off her mouth long enough to say, "But that's exactly it! Emrys IS Merlin! Harry somehow gained the powers of the most powerful warlock in all of history! This is wonderful! Unless... Harry, how are you feeling? Are there any side effects to this? Show me your wand work!" Hermione demanded, excitement and fear growing.

"Actually I was having a bit of trouble with that, look!" Harry decided now was not the time to dwell on the origins of the potion, just the effects. He waved his wand, saying, "Lumos!"

Nothing happened.

"Harry, try it without the wand." Hermione said. Harry complied, repeating the command.

A shining ball of light rose in the air, emitting brightness that filled the whole room.

Hermione gasped. "I can't believe this! It's incredible, I've only ever heard of something similar happening with wandless magic, but that takes years, and still doesn't inhibit wand use! We have to look at this. Harry, we need to go to the library. Ron-"

Ron shook his head frantically, saying, "No, I've got to go to the tower. Have fun."

Harry glared at him behind Hermione's back, but didn't say anything. "Come on, Harry, we'll figure this out."

At nine o'clock that night, a very exhausted and irate Harry and a triumphant Hermione left the library, heading up a staircase towards Gryffindor tower. The halls were mostly empty, only scattered students made their way to their dormitories. Harry met her eyes carefully, flicking his gaze to a large tapestry, then looking back at her. She nodded minutely, and they snuck under it, hoping no one saw.

"Alright Harry" she said as they stepped into a well lit but empty hallway, the other end clearly marked by the backside of a tapestry.

They wouldn't even be disturbed by Madam Pince, in here.

"We're going to see the extent of what you can do. Try to Accio my book without saying anything."

Harry glared at the book, not even bothering with the words in his head, and it zoomed towards him.

"alright." Hermione said calmly. "Now turn the book to page 524."
Harry closed his eyes, putting a hand over the well-worn copy of Hogwarts: A History, flipping through the pages until it reached 524.

"So it's sight based? I assume you were picturing it." Hermione paced around the room. "Maybe... Harry, conjure a mirror. A big one."
Harry frowned a bit at this. How were mirrors made? A piece of glass with a dark background, he could try. Or maybe a piece of silver glass...

There was soon a four foot wide mirror, floating to sit a few inches above the ground and below the ceiling.

"Amazing! And do you feel tired at all?"

"I feel fine, Hermione. Honestly, it seems to be alright! I just want to sleep!" Harry glared angrily at her in the mirror.

It shattered.

"Harry?" Hermione looked at him worriedly. "Harry, maybe we should go to Professor Dumbledore."

Harry scowled. "And be expelled? I'd rather go to Snape."

"But, Harry, I think you should." Her eyes flashed. "If you don't, I will."

Harry frowned. He knew Hermione would do it, the Firebolt last year had proven that quite clearly.

He thought for a moment. "Alright, Mione, I'll talk to her tomorrow. We have to get back to the common room before curfew."

Hermione grinned victoriously, before her face fell when she realized they would have to run to get back in time.

Harry lay in bed, looking thoughtfully at his closed curtains. Emrys, the greatest warlock of all time, Merlin, whatever you call him, he had to have a better grasp on his magic than Harry did. Maybe he learned how to control it before getting all of his power, like Wizards do now at seventeen. If he had it all at once, it could explain all the problems he was having. Or maybe it was about taking too much of the potion. If only he could meet Merlin, ask him how he controlled his powers-

-"Ow." Harry said blankly, sitting up on a hard, stone floor. For a moment, it seemed that he had just fallen out of bed, but looking around, he saw a very different room than the one he left.

"Oh dear, this isn't good." Said a voice above him. He looked up, and saw an old man wearing blue robes with a weird design running down the front.

"Oh bloody hell, my head hurts." Harry said, wincing. "Sorry about this, sir. I don't quite know what happened. Where am I?"
The man grabbed his arm, hauling him to his feet, then keeping his grip as he wobbled. "You are in Camelot. I don't know how you've gotten here, but you've at least come to the right place. You're in a sorry state." The man led him to a bed at the edge of the room, "I am Gaius, King Uther's court physician. What is your name?"

Harry blinked stupidly for a moment, looking at the old-fashioned castle room, "Er..." He stumbled for a bit, knowing he couldn't go by Harry, and ended up spluttering, "D-" At some point, he was going to use the first name that came to mind, Dean. somehow, it came out as- "Draco. My name is Draco." 'Great code, Harry. Perfect.' He groaned mentally.

Harry thought quickly, this didn't seem to be a magical castle, he wasn't talking to a healer but a physician. He could only assume he was somewhere in the past. 'Stranger things have happened.' he chuckled to himself mentally.

"I was in my bed, in my castle, and all I remember was coming back from the library with my friend. I went to bed in my... chambers, and found myself here." Harry knew he couldn't look like he was unsure of his story. Even though his mind was racing, his palms wetter than they had been in the lake, his rush of adrenaline allowed him to answer perfectly.

qGaius looked at him seriously. "That is troubling. Well, I can Only Conclude," He said firmly, in a way that clearly said 'Go along with this, whether it's true or not' "You are the victim of Dark Magic. Clearly, they wanted you to appear in Uther's court to frame you for using magic, and sent you here. Did you have any enemies?"

That same pointed look was sent at him again. Apparently, Magic was banned here (Magic banned in Camelot! Hermione would never believe!) and Gaius knew he was a wizard, and was willing to get him out of it.

"Yeah. I- there was this man, Marvolo, he was called, he's been attacking my castle and trying to kill me. He... I've never met my mother because of him." Harry trailed off, not needing to fake his emotions for this, "She died when I was a year old. Marvolo killed her with Magic, and it was only by sheer luck my father and I were rescued." He had a bit of a plan, and it would only work if he could pass of one of his parents being alive.

Gaius nodded. "That is very interesting. It will make a very good tale for the King. With that background, young Lord from a far away land, you might become a royal guest. I believe I can talk to the King for you. And Draco?" Harry nodded, "I'll send for my ward, Merlin. He is Prince Arthur's servant, but Since you are still looking ill, I will ask for him to come."

Harry was proud when he only twitched at the names. "Thank you, Gaius." He said with a smile.

Gaius smiled back at him kindly before leaving.

The moment the door was closed, Harry collapsed back onto the bed, groaning. "How the bloody hell do I get into these situations?"

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