Chapter 18: The End

Dear readers

I have avoided coming to this point where I decided to abandon this story, in the hopes that I'd someday get on it and finish the tale. I was fifteen when I started writing this story, most of which was written in Geometry class. Thank you for all your support. I never imagined so many people would like my writing, and this story, and your comments, were an uplifting part of my life.

At this point, I'm sure most of you realize that it's been abandoned, and hopefully aren't waiting for an update. So here it is: This story is officially abandoned. I don't have the writing skill to tie up all the loose ends I created, nor the energy to try. What I can do is give you all some closure, and tell you how the story was meant to end.

I will soon turn this into a one-shot, with the invitation to either adopt the story I've already written, or take the idea in an entirely new direction. The Eyes of Merlin potion is a great concept, if anyone is willing to pick it up.

Love from,


The End: Summary

Harry told Gaius everything. He told him his real name, the game of time he played, Basil's existence, his future as the Boy Who Lived and as a Dragonlord.

Gaius, to his surprise, took it all in stride. He told Harry about an island off the coast, where he could take something called a "Cup of Life" and use it to restore the balance between life and death. Voldemort had cheated death, and the cup of life would demand his death in return. Gaius warned Harry that it may take his own life in exchange, which Harry said he was willing to sacrifice.

After discussing it with Bas, Harry realized he wouldn't be able to take the cup of life back with him. Bas agreed to eventually take the cup from Merlin, who Gaius would inform about the issues. He would decide what time to give the cup up – after all, it was a dangerous magical artifact, that had almost killed them multiple times.

Bas would sit with the cup, protecting it, until Harry could face Voldemort.

Harry would never know what happened to Morgana. She was still roaming the countryside, but he got a message from her that mentioned a girl named Morgouse.

Sirius became an important leader of the Order of the Phoenix, convincing everyone that Harry would be able to defeat Voldemort in his own way.

Harry returned to the future. He met up with Basil, who had hidden himself in the forest near Camalot. Basil had grown into the largest dragon Harry had ever seen, and had slept for a thousand years. Solemnly, he gave Harry the cup.

Harry lured Voldemort to Diagon Ally, where he intended to drink the cup, sacrificing himself for the death of Voldemort. At the end, Harry and Voldemort collapsed, and the cup disintegrated. Everyone was ready to pronounce both of them dead, when Harry rose shakily, his scar bleeding. He announced to the world that Voldemort was vanquished, once and for all, and the balance between life and death had been restored.

Epilogue: Merlin, after the events of the series, mixes a potion and brings it to Hogwarts, tucking it in a book for Harry to find. He talks to Geoffrey, who promises to write the tale of King Arthur, with "Lord Draco" as an "old friend of Merlin's."