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Chapter 6

"So we covered it all?" Lexie asked him, her eyes finding his in the mirror. They were getting ready for a charity event they had to go to and her breath caught in her throat as she saw Mark's handsome figure. He was wearing an anthracite suit with a blue shirt and a light blue tie and gave her every reason to lose her breath.

"I think so." Mark nodded, his eyes roaming over her blue dress that hugged her form tightly. "But there is one thing left."

"And what would that be?" Lexie turned around and furrowed her brows in confusion, not able to think of one thing they hadn't talked about.

Mark smirked at her, holding her gaze as he suddenly got down on one knee in front of her.

"Oh my God." Lexie breathed, clapping one hand over her mouth.

"I love you, Alexandra Grey. Before I met you I didn't even know what love was. I thought I knew. I thought I loved Addison. But then you came along and … " Mark slipped his hand into his pocket to retrieve the box he'd put in there earlier. Snapping it open, he turned it around to Lexie, wrapping his other hand around hers. "I love you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and even though we dragged each other through hell we are still here. Together. So I'm going to ask you … are you giving me the honor to be my wife?"

Lexie stared wide-eyed at the sparkling diamond in the deep blue velvet box, thinking for a split second that she might faint, sudden panic sloshing over her but then she looked into Mark's blue eyes and the panic vanished as fast as it came. He was the love of her life. There was only one possible answer.

"Yes." Lexie whispered. "Yes. I would be honored to be your wife."

Mark took her left hand and slipped the ring over her finger. Standing up, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into him, his lips crushing down on her, stealing her breath away again.

Lexie's eyes shimmered with unshed tears when she saw the happiness shining out of his eyes and she wanted nothing more than to drag him to the bed room and strip him naked. But she couldn't.

"Just tell me one thing." Lexie began calmly before her voice got slightly accusing. "Why did you choose to propose minutes before we have to go out?"

Lexie caught the mischievous sparkling in his eyes and braced herself for the answer that he gave her a second later with a huge smile on his face. "Revenge."

"Revenge?" Lexie asked confused, before the realization dawned on her and she huffed out. "You've got to be kidding me. That's your revenge? We've just got engaged and I want nothing more than to drag you to bed and I can't do it because we have to go to this freaking charity event?"

"Exactly." Mark replied.

"Then let's go. The sooner we get there the sooner we can leave. I want to make love to my fiancée."

Lexie grabbed his hand, dragging him out of the apartment and Mark followed her willingly with a silly grin on his face.


On the way to the event Lexie decided to take the ring off of her finger again. Being engaged to Mark was just too new, too fresh. She didn't want to share it with anyone else. Not yet.

She'd almost blurted it out halfway through the meal because she'd thought maybe telling everyone would excuse them when she would jump up and take Mark to the next closet to have dirty sex with him. She didn't know how but she had been able to get through diner without saying anything.

But Mark didn't want to give her any rest. Just a few seconds ago he'd leaned forward to get to the bottle of wine in the middle of the table and brushed over her nipple so that no one had noticed it. One look into his face and she knew that he'd done it on purpose. She shot him an angry glare but he just smiled and let his hand drop on his thigh.

Before she could figure out why, his hand was already between her legs, shoving her dress up until he was able to slip his fingers under her panties, stroking lazily over her clit and Lexie inhaled a sharp breath, earning a curious look from Meredith. He was pure evil. His arm was covered by the table cloth and no one would suspect that he was doing what he was doing.

Now she knew that taking her out on the balcony in this freezing temperatures shortly after diner had been part of his plan. Wearing a sleeveless dress made her shiver even when they were inside again. He'd offered her his jacket and she had put it on without seeing anything suspicious in it. Now his jacket covered her legs so no one could see that he had shoved her dress up.

She opened her mouth to tell him to stop but before she could utter one word, one of his fingers slipped into her and she balled her hands into fists on the table, trying to keep her breathing in check, not wanting to attract any attention to them. But everyone was looking at the podium, listening to the speaker.

Mark leaned towards her, whispering in her ear. "Just open your legs for me a little more."

His husky tone was her undoing and she let him continue. Not able to stop the sweet torture of his fingers and she had to admit it turned her extremely on that they were in the middle of a charity event while Mark pumped his finger in and out of her. For everyone else it looked as if he just whispered something in her ear to distract them from being bored to death by the speech but his actual words made her cheek turn bright red.

"You are so wet and tight, Lex. I'm gonna make you come. Here. In the middle of hundreds of people. You know … " Lexie closed her eyes for a brief second, biting her tongue to suppress a moan as he slipped a second finger into her. "You just have to be quiet."

Mark turned his head around, his gaze returning to the speaker at the front of the room, a grin escaping him as Lexie squeezed her thighs together, trapping his hand between them. His fingers were still buried deep inside her and he wiggled them carefully. He already felt his fingers starting to cramp because he had to twist his arm uncomfortably to stay inside of her while looking in a different direction but it was worth it. He could hear her breathing fastening, could feel the shiver running over her thighs before she almost reluctantly opened them again, hissing angrily. "Make it quick."

Mark's smile broadened and he slipped out of her, his thumb finding her clit and he put more pressure on it than he normally would, rubbing over it and Lexie's hand fell on his arm, her fingers digging into him as he rubbed faster. Her mouth opened slightly, her breaths hitched in her throat and he suddenly slammed two fingers into her and Lexie bent forward, a moan escaping her mouth.

The sound made Meredith turn her head, but Lexie only shook her head, telling her that everything was alright, though absolutely nothing was alright as Mark leaned forward, looking as if he was just checking if everything was okay with her while his fingers were curling inside of her and his palm pressed against her clit. He pulled her hand under the table, pressing it on his hard and throbbing erection, showing her that he wasn't unaffected by what he was doing to her. Brushing his lips over her ear, he rasped hoarsely. "At least you can come."

His fingers pumped faster and his tongue licked over her ear shell as she tightened her hand on his erection, her walls started to flutter around his fingers and it needed all the strength she could come up with to not cry out in pleasure as the orgasm ripped through her with extreme power, the effort to hold her body still almost made her explode.

Mark's fingers slowed down and he leaned back in the chair, having a hard time to come down himself. When she'd come undone under his fingers he'd almost come with her. His cock was throbbing painfully against his zipper but looking into Lexie's face he knew he would get his own release tonight. She wouldn't let him get away with it. She would torture him until he screamed for mercy and only the thought about what would happen in a few hours made his cock twitch.

He didn't even follow the rest of the speech, praying that they could go home soon. But it took another hour until they could finally stand up and leave. As Mark helped Lexie into her coat, Meredith turned to them. "The speech was boring like hell, but at least the food was great."

"Yeah, the food was delicious." Mark replied, bringing his forefinger to his mouth, licking with his tongue over it. "Really delicious."

Mark almost laughed out loud when Lexie's eyes seemed to almost pop out of her face as she stared at him open-mouthed. He had rendered her speechless and she wasn't saying one word to him until they were at home.

Closing the door behind them, Mark turned around and stumbled backwards when Lexie shoved him hard, his back hitting the door with a smack.

"Delicious?" Lexie punched her fist into his chest. "Delicious?"

"What?" Mark asked innocently. "The food was delicious."

"Mark Sloan! You weren't talking about the food."

"About what was I talking then?"

Lexie's eyes turned into slits, her fingers digging into his biceps. "You licked my juice of your finger. So you've got your revenge. I had an orgasm in the middle of a charity event. I give you one minute to gloat. One minute to be all smug and after this one minute ..."

"What happens after the one minute?" Mark asked smugly, his cock already twitching in anticipation.

"I'll have my way with you." Lexie groaned.

"And what does the 'I'll have my way with you' imply?"

"You can be glad when I don't drag you to Vegas." Lexie replied.

"Vegas?" Mark asked surprised, trying to understand how she could get from wanting to rip his clothes off to Vegas so fast.

"To get married right away." Lexie told him, looking up at him challengingly, waiting for him to brush it off as a joke but the idea actually gave him a jolt and he wrapped his arms around her.

"You won't hear me complaining." He replied calmly, giving her a lopsided grin as her mouth fell open in surprise.

"You won't complain?"

"No." Mark said firmly. "I want nothing more than to be your husband."

"So let's fly to Vegas."


"I want nothing more than to be your wife either, Mark. I love you." Lexie whispered, pulling his head down to give him a toe-curling kiss.

"No." Mark replied hoarsely, his breath brushing over her lips. "I love you."

"So let's go to Vegas." Mark saw it in her eyes that she really meant it, that she really wanted to get married right away and he answered her happily. "Yes, let's go to Vegas."

"I fell in love with her when we were together,

then fell deeper in love with her in the years we were apart."

Nicholas Sparks

The End

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