Title: Everything I Do Author: Crimson Coin


Note: Humour me. The draft ended with a different one then exists in this story. And certain people are not injured, out of commission, or anything else one wants to call it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Absolutely Nothing. The WWE got them.

Spoilers: Unknown as of yet. But if you don't watch wrestling, you probably won't be reading this. So it doesn't really matter.

Summery: I'm really bad at these so let's just say there are wrestlers and outstanding situations that usually have them getting screwed. (Definition of screwed is also still pending.)

Rating: I have no clue. PG13 to R.it'll depend on my mood during the writing, although definitely R later. But should not be read by children, furry animals, The Jedi Council, or the Elderly, as it may invoke a heart attack; loss of the Force, Schwartz, hair, sanity.you get the picture.

TimeLine: It's specific, now. March 2003

Distribution: If ya want it, just ask.

Pointless rambling concluded.on with the story.

Title: Everything I Do Author: Crimson Coin


Note: Humour me. The draft ended with a different one then exists in this story. And certain people are not injured, out of commission, or anything else one wants to call it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Absolutely Nothing. The WWE got them.

Spoilers: Unknown as of yet. But if you don't watch wrestling, you probably won't be reading this. So it doesn't really matter.

Summery: I'm really bad at these so let's just say there are wrestlers and outstanding situations that usually have them getting screwed. (Definition of screwed is also still pending.)

Rating: I have no clue. PG13 to R...it'll depend on my mood during the writing, although definitely R later. But should not be read by children, furry animals, The Jedi Council, or the Elderly, as it may invoke a heart attack; loss of the Force, Schwartz, hair, sanity...you get the picture.

TimeLine: It's specific, now. March 2003

Distribution: If ya want it, just ask.

Pointless rambling concluded...on with the story.

Lita sat on the floor of the women's locker room, her legs out to the side as she stretched. The year was going well. Between her matches, the Stacker commercial, and the role on Dark Angel, her popularity rose with WWE fans. It's not everyday that you walk down the street and a fourteen- year-old girl comes up to you saying that they watch you every week, and that they want to be just like you. She never expected to be so successful. Her family had doubted her career choice from the start, no support, only ridicule. She chuckled to herself. Although now that she was making money, and a decent amount, they thought nothing of groveling back for some extra funds. Despite the lack of belief at one time, she was too softhearted to deny them when they truly needed help. So when her brother asked her for a loan instead of a second mortgage from the bank, she gave him the fifteen grand. Yeah, it was a cut in her own pocket, but John was always more of a friend, as well as a big brother.


Now there was something she never thought she'd find as a professional wrestler. People were only your friend because of your name, never really knowing who you are. But she'd been wrong. Adam, Trish, Jeff, Matt, Jay... and even Chris ... they became her home away from home. Every night one of the guys always managed to pull some sort of stunt that she and/or Trish would have to get them out of. She smiled as she leaned forward, furthering the stretch. Yeah, even that time after the first TLC match when they all went out with Bubba and D'Von. Man, those boys could drink. But it was fun. Chris's explanation of the night always stuck in her mind. 'We were at the bar and you kept buying us drinks and then, well...by the time the vodka kicked in we were in Bubba's hotel room and you...you were bad. The whole night you and Trish kept getting us more and more drunk. And we knew what you were up to...trying to get us wasted so you could have your way with us. The two of you shoving all that Tequila down our throats...' she laughed to herself. How is it that coffee is always changed to some variety of alcoholic beverage each time he tells it? And then he would always add some vulgar comment about shoving something else down their throats...but it was Chris and she expected nothing less of him. Plus, he was harmless, and when she needed him, he was always there for her.

Despite what everyone said, those guys were great, trustworthy and damn she loved them for it. And after everything with Nate and then Essa she felt indebted to them. Especially Matt and Jeff...


Something else she never thought she'd find. She had trained with the two brothers back in North Carolina. Actually they didn't even live that far from each other. When she finally made it to the WWE, they greeted her with open arms, introduced her to all the guys and they picked up right where they left off. She could never ask for a better friend, and after everything was said and done, nothing changed. They were still the family they vowed to be their first day of training. The last thing she expected was for him to always be there ... like that night with Essa. That was the one problem. Rios could not get it into his thick skull that this was all staged. Just because she walked out with him and was supposed to be his girlfriend for the show did not mean that the relationship transcended into real life.

[She arrived at the arena already in costume and make-up. Maybe they wouldn't notice the bruises or at least think they were due to the Heat match the previous night. She couldn't believe Vince still had her walking out with Essa. But at least it was only for one more night. She wasn't booked for Smackdown and next week they were going to start the Hardy pairing.

She winced slightly as she wrapped her arm around her waist. Damn he hit her hard. Rios went on another drinking binge after the show, and she figured he shot up that night like he did every few days anyway. He accused her of cheating on him, and here they weren't even together. She tried explaining to him again that it's all an act, but he didn't seem to care. A kick in the stomach and punch in the face were the only injuries she sustained, or at least were physically visible. If Terri hadn't have been there ... well she didn't want to think what would have happened.

She approached the door of the woman's locker room and pushed it open.

"Lita!" a voice called.

She turned at the familiar voice, forcing a smile hoping he wouldn't say or see anything. "Hey, Jeff. What's up?"

The younger Hardy brother trotted up to his friend. "Eh. Not much. Matt and I got a match tonight, so we're just getting syked for that. But how..."

His face darkened and she realized that he'd seen through the make-up. She lowered her gaze and quickly walked through the doors, figuring he wouldn't dare come into the women's locker room. Of course, one should put nothing past Jeff Hardy, because in he came. "What's ... ?"

"It's nothing. Really." She kept her back to him. God, she could fake her way out of any situation, unless he was involved. "It's just from my match last night. I got a little beat up. Comes with the job, ya know?" She wiped her eyes then turned to face him.

"I don't buy it." Jeff slowly made his way to her. "Maybe the ribs I'll believe. After that Moonsault from the turnbuckle to the ground...I'll buy that you bruised your ribs. I know it's not true, but we'll just 'say' that's what happened. Now how about that eye, honey. Who did that?"

How did he know about the... Lita looked down at her stomach, her arm still protectively covering her abdomen. She silently cursed to herself then looked back to him. "It was nobody. When I landed...I uh...I sorta landed on Essa's shoulder and it got me in the eye. It's really nothing."

Jeff shook his head. "Still don't buy it. But there is one part I'll believe. It was Essa. He did that didn't he?" She opened her mouth to protest but he cut her off. "He thinks what you two have is real, and then when you went back to your room after going out with us, he called you on it then hit you. Am I right? I've known for a while about him, Red, so don't you try to lie to me."

She swallowed and her defiant gaze locked with his, but she couldn't deny it. "Just don't worry about it. It's no big deal." She turned her back on him again. The last thing she was going to do now was cry. She will not admit that he...


No reaction. The redhead ran her fingers through her hair, nervously. "So what if he did. It was just this once." At least when you noticed, she silently added. "It happens." She turned to look at him and never in her life did she ever see such fire and anger in any man's eyes. "Jeff, please just..."

"Shhhh." His gaze softened at her frightened look, (The last thing he wanted to do was scare her.) and he walked closer pulling her into his arms. She resisted at first, but the comfort he offered was too much to resist, and she leaned into him. "It's Ok." He said. "You don't need to worry about a thing. Vince changed the story line. You're coming with us next week."

She fisted his shirt as he tightened his hold. "But he won't leave. He thinks that this thing is for real. He doesn't realize it's fake. I do care about him, I mean, we trained with him and all. Plus we started really becoming friends. I trusted him, and..."

He felt her shudder and he stroked her hair, soothingly. His chest now damp from the tears he knew she'd been shedding the minute he hugged her, but she was trying so hard to stay in control. He wanted to kill him for putting her through so much pain, and unnecessarily. Nobody hurt her. She was family to his brother and to him...although he wanted more, and always did. But he loved her too much to push anything and was too shy to say anything. "Shhh...its ok, babe." She shuddered against him again as he slowly rocked her until the sobs slowed.

He was hurting her. Her ribs ached from the hold he had her in. But even though, she felt safer in this comforted pain. She knew he was trying to help, and having his shoulder to cry on always did. "Jeff...I..."

"No...shhh. Don't." He pulled back and brushed the tearstains from her face. "You don't worry about a thing. You trust me right?" Lita nodded, her eyes averted and to the ground, as he pushed a stray piece of hair from her face tucking it behind her ear. "Good. Li...look at me." Nothing. She kept her eyes away. "Li." Nothing. He ran his finger down her cheek then tilted her head up to look at her. "Amy, listen to me." Her eyes widened at the use of her real name, and he smiled warmly at her. "He won't come near you again." Jeff kissed her forehead then pulled back. "I promise."

And before she could respond he was out the door.

That night she laid back on one of the beds in the Hardy's hotel room. Matt had called her cell almost right after RAW and practically begged her to stay at their room and wait. No explanation or reasoning. Just a simple plead. It sounded urgent, and to be frank, his tone frightened her more then anything, so she obliged. At half past one, the two entered the room; Jeff heading straight to the bathroom while Matt sat on the opposite bed. He rested his feet on the bed, paying close attention to exactly how he untied his boots, then grinned at the redhead. "Hey, Red. How's it going?"

Lita blinked once then twice at his question. "'How's it going?' You call me up sounding like someone shot your mother telling me to wait here while the two of you disappear for an hour, come back..." she ran her fingers through her long hair then pointed to the Bathroom. "He makes a B-line for the bathroom and you sit here nonchalantly like nothing's wrong, grin like a fool, and ask me 'How's it going?'"

Matt bit his lip, looked to the ceiling then back to the other bed. "Well, yeah."

Lita shook her head then got up to approach her friend. "Jesus, Matt. You scared the living crap outa me. I didn't...Oh my God. Your cheek." She knelt in front of him, raising her hand to his face to brush the hair away revealing the beginnings of a nasty bruise.

He nervously brushed her hand away. "It's nothing...really. We...uh...we got into a bar fight and you know Jeff and Chris. They don't back down for nothin'."

"Jeff!" Lita sprung to her feet. "Is he ok? Did they..."

Matt reached out to grab her hand before she could barrel through that door after his little brother. "He's fine." The Hardy boy shifted anxiously then smiled. "Apparently Jeff didn't like the guys face so he took it upon himself to rearrange it." Matt released her then leaned back on the bed, resting his head against the headboard. "The other guy wasn't too grateful at first, but eventually he warmed up to my dear brother's generosity."

Lita grinned then crossed her arms over her chest. "You may think I'm naïve, Matthew Hardy..." she walked towards him placing her hands to the sides of his head against the board and came within an inch of his face. "But I guarantee, that I've known every single time you've tried to bullshit me."

His eyes widened. "You...you...?"

She pulled back, flashing another grin. "I knew when all of you did and do. I just usually let y'all have your fun." She sat on the bed, her expression changing instantly to one of concern. "What really happened? And no lies this time."

Matt sighed then combed his fingers through his dark hair. He stood and walked to the window, glancing out at the street scene below, making every attempt to avoid looking her in the eye. "I...I can't say. I promised I wouldn't."

"Matt?" Lita's worried tone had him spin in concern. "Are ... are you guys in trouble. Oh God, is it..."

"No...No." He interrupted before she broke into hysteria. "It was just something we had to handle. Jeff came to us with a situation, so he, Chris, Adam and I went to take care of it. That's all." He smirked as he shook his head, plopping down on the bed again. "It took both me and Adam to pull Jeff outta there. And there was a posse that the three of us nailed into while Jeff took it to the main guy. I...uhm...I think Jeff really messed up his knuckles and...uh...Chris said he saw the guy get Jeff in the gut with bar stool. Funny thing is Jeff didn't even flinch. He just kept going like a train with no breaks...pow...right into his face."

Lita swallowed nervously. "Who..." it still didn't stop the crack in her voice; she swallowed again. "Who was he?"

Her hazel eyes grabbed his, and damned when she looked at him like that, "Uh...well...it was..." he exhaled. "It doesn't matter. Jeff...he uh...didn't tell us why, though. He really didn't, I swear. All he said was that it was extremely important and that it was a personal thing and the guy was a stinking rat bastard and deserved it. You know Jeff, he never asks for anything, and this burning in his eyes...we all knew it was serious so we went without questioning. He said that he'd explain later after he uh...spoke to the person it revolved around or something like that."

"Are Chris and Adam ok?"

Matt nodded. "Yeah. Adam got a black eye. Chris seems fine. You know Chris. He was following Jeff in there right at the heels. I think his extra energy comes from not having a match. You ever notice that? The only time he gets in fights is on the nights he doesn't have a match." He shrugged. "Ah well. Keep an eye on my baby brother for me. I'm going to check on Adam." He got up and squeezed her shoulder as he saw the impending tears. "Don't worry." He walked to the door and paused before closing it behind him. "They'll be fine."

She heard the door slam but she couldn't react. The shock of what had just happened petrified her. What could Jeff possibly have needed? Who could have...A crash from the bathroom broke her train of thought and she jumped to her feet. "Jeff...you ok?" Another slam and she made her way over to the door and knocked. "Come on, let me in. Please...Jeff I..."

The lock clicked. She opened the door to see Jeff, his back turned and two nice holes in the wall that looked about the size of a fist. He rolled his shoulders then shook his hands out, almost trying to shake the pain from them. "I'm ok...really. I could just use a little ice... or ... something."

Lita nodded. "I'll be right back." She brought the door to and took one of the ice packs from the mini fridge/freezer in the hotel room. She learned early on that ice packs came in handy when traveling with these guys. She snatched up one of her shirts and wrapped the pack in it then headed towards the bathroom again. His back was still to her and his head tilted back, as if in deep thought. "Come out here. Let me fix you up."

Jeff sighed then reluctantly agreed. As he passed her he took the ice and held it to his abdomen. "It's really not all that bad. You know how bar fights go."

She smiled and nodded. "Yeah. You boys are always getting into such trouble. I just can't believe they still let you into those bars. Your pictures are bound to be on 'Do Not Let These Men Enter' signs by now." She led him to the bed, motioning for him to sit down. She reached into her bag and pulled out the first aid kit, another precaution she learned was a good keep sake in such company, and knelt in front of him on the bed. "Take off your shirt."

His serious expression dimmed and a smile spread across his face. "Now, Li. I'm an injured man. But if you insist."

"You know what I meant." She said as she playfully slapped his arm, bringing a wince from the younger man. "My God. I'm sorry."

Jeff waved away her concern before lifting his shirt over his head. "Don't worry. It's nothing. And don't look at me like that. I know exactly what it sounds like. One of the guys broke a bottle and...well...yeah."

Lita's eyes skimmed his body. A black and blue was already making a stubborn appearance on his abs. A small gash cut his bicep, the blood dripping slowly down his arm; his knuckles, a painful shade of red and blue. She looked up at him and for the first time noticed his swollen eye. "Jeez, Jeff. He really got you good didn't he?"

He twirled the icepack in his hand, brought it to his nose, inhaled, then smiled. "It smells like you. I love that scent. It's always reassuring, cuz I know you're always here, and you always care."

She couldn't help the small smile that graced her lips after what he just said. "Flattery gets you nowhere, Flyboy. I'm still mad at you. You guys know I hate it when you get into fights. What was it this time?"

Jeff winced as she pushed the pack to his ribs and wrapped it tight with an ace bandage. "Matt told you. It was just something we had to deal with." He smirked at her shocked look. "The walls are paper thin here."

She continued to wipe away the blood from his arm. "But Jeff, what could possibly inspire you to get into such a fight? You've never been hurt like this before. Your knuckles, ribs, eye...I mean, what would be so important that..."

"You." He cut her off.

Lita froze, momentarily, unsure if she heard him right. "What...what did you say?"

"I said you."

Lita finished dressing the wound as she shook her head. "No. You..."

Jeff nodded. "I promised you that he would never hurt you again." He lifted her chin so he could look her in the eye, those beautiful green eyes that entranced him. "And I hold to my promises."

She got off the bed, her back to him, pausing a moment before responding. "Jeff." She sighed. "You know how he is. Essa's dangerous. God..." she turned to look at him. "He could have killed you."

Jeff eased his way off the bed and to the freezer for another icepack and shirt. He hoped she wouldn't notice or care that he was specific in taking one of hers. "I know." He wrapped the pack as he lay back down on the bed, placing the pack over his eye. "But it didn't matter to me. And I had Chris, Adam and Matt." He removed the ice so he could see her. "It was worth it, ya know. Everything and more. I don't care if he had a gang and switchblades...I'da charged in there anyway, whether my guys were there or not. It doesn't matter."

"Jeff." She sat next to him, taking the ice from his hand and applying it herself. "I don't want you putting yourself at risk for any stupid little thing that happens to me."


"No. Let me finish. You mean so much to me. You and your brother. I never really had a family, and you two adopted me in. I feel like I belong. You're like my baby brother, and I couldn't bear the thought of any of you getting seriously hurt because of me."

She swore she could see a hint of hurt in his eye, his mood changed and he sat up. "Look. I've had my reasons." He explained, curtly. "And no matter what, they're not going to change. Nothing could have stopped me from wrapping my hands around his neck. I will not sit on the sidelines while some asshole uses you as a punching bag. I just won't do it." He stood up, quickly...a mistake on his part.

"Sit down, before you make it worse." She demanded.

He unwillingly agreed and lay back down. "Nothing could ever stop me." He mumbled.

She lowered her head into her hands. "You're going to be the death of me, Jeff Hardy." Her worried eyes looked up and locked on his face. "So it pissed you off that he did what he did. Ok. Fine. But the anger, the fire...Matt and Chris aren't like that. Why? Why are you so different? Why does it matter that much to you?"

Jeff sat up again, determined. "You really can't see it can you." She shook her head and he just sighed as he leaned back, throwing an arm over his eyes.]

She always loved remembering him. And now...how many years later, she finally knew what he was talking about. He openly admitted his love for her, and here she didn't even see it. And now, that she realized she reciprocated his feelings, he probably didn't feel that way anymore.


Lita jumped as the loud banging pulled her from her thoughts. "Yeah" she called.

"Hey, Li. Come on. Let's go."

She recognized the voice and laughed. "Why...how long until we're running through the matches?"

"I don't know. But I've been knocking for the last five minutes. Can I come in? Are you decent?"

"And what's that supposed to mean." Lita said, lightly. These conversations through the doors were always so much fun...especially when Matt Hardy was on the other side. "Are you implying that there are times when I don't look stunning? Are you saying that..."

"You know what I'm saying." Matt defended. "I'm saying 'Am I going to be in for the shock of a lifetime if I come in there now.' As in...Are you Decent?"

Lita smirked as she turned to see Trish walk out of the shower stalls, a towel around her body and her damp hair clinging to her neck. Lita pulled her legs into a butterfly, continuing to stretch. "I don't know. I mean, shocking can be anything from me being stark naked to a lesbian orgy. So, what is it that you expect to see?" She looked at Trish who was now standing behind her at her own locker. The blonde nodded, as if reading Lita's intentions. "So by decent do you mean..."

"Oh Forget this. COMING IN!" he yelled before barging through the door. Just as he entered Trish let the towel fall from around her body, exposing her completely to him. Matt's jaw dropped as his delayed reaction of turning around kicked in. "LITA! You could've said something. I asked if..."

"Oh no." She interrupted. "You are not blaming this on me. You asked if I was decent...you didn't ask if Trish was decent."

Trish quickly pulled her ring attire on, placed her hands on her hips and faced the elder Hardy brother. "Ok Matt. So what's your answer? Am I decent?"

He smirked, even though he knew they couldn't see him. "You know you always are, baby."

The blonde nudged Lita who stood up next to her friend. "But are you sure you don't want to check. Red and I are now matching...so maybe..."

Matt shook his head. "No way. I know the consequences for this. You see I can turn around and see two totally gorgeous women, naked, and staring at me, then get my ass kicked...or I can turn around see two totally gorgeous women in wrestling costume, then get my assed kicked for looking because you know I was thinking you were naked. So I'm just going to play it safe and keep staring at this concrete wall." He walked closer to the wall addressing it as one would a person. "Hello wall. God Damn, you are one lucky bastard. I mean being the wall of this locker room and..."


"Hey." Matt said as he turned and picked up the towel that now lay at his feet. "What was that for? I figured my answer was the safest one."

Trish smiled. "It was. But you ruined our fun."

Lita snickered as she walked to her locker, the one next to Trish's. "We'll have to try harder next time."

Matt walked over to his girlfriend and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Ok. But my answer got me some brownie points, right?"

The blonde smiled, "Oh yeah they did." She turned in his arms, trying to pull away to reach for the make-up in her locker. But he pulled her tighter to him, not letting her separate even an inch from his body. "Now what are ya doing?"

"I thought that was obvious."

"Damn!" Lita swore as her clothes fell out of her locker and at Trish's feet. The couple looked at the redhead who was now kneeling in front of Trish, gathering her clothes. "Gee, won't this make a pretty picture if someone were to walk in."

And yet again, the master of perfect timing, Jeff Hardy, made his entrance. "HEY, GUYS HAVE YOU HEARD.....AAAAAAH." SLAM. The door closed almost immediately, him on the outside. "When y'all are done, let me know." He called.

Matt kept his hold on Trish. "Hey, Li. You better catch him. My brother tends to have the biggest mouth in the Federation. No doubt this'll get around in minutes."

Lita laughed as she got up, running to the door. "Oh wonderful. Another thing we need floating under our belts." She opened the door to see the brightest grin that a man could have spread on his face. "Get in here." She grabbed his shirt, yanking him into the locker room.

"Yes, Ma'am." The younger Hardy said as he willingly followed her into the room. "But if I'm interrupting anything..."

Matt shook his head, still not relinquishing hold of Trish. "Nope. You are perfectly welcome to join us in here anytime."

Jeff cocked his head at his brother. "I don't know. I'm not really into the one guy/two girl thing."

Lita put her hands on her hips. "Now I have never heard of a guy who was not into a threesome."

Jeff turned his eyes to Lita and locked with hers, his expression completely serious. "What about when the guy is only interested in making love to one amazing woman." Lita's breath caught at the shear emotion in his eyes and the obviousness of his reference, but he quickly turned to Matt and pulled a piece of paper from his back pocket. "Have you seen this?"

Matt let go of Trish and walked to his brother, taking the paper. "Naw. What is it?"

"The memo from Vince." Jeff explained. "He wants to see the three of us and Trish in his office as soon as we're ready. They made some last minute changes to the show tonight." He sat down on the bench in front of Trish then poked her arm. "I guess as our official manager, he wants you there too."

"What's it about?" Trish asked.

Matt read the paper, then announced. "Apparently, they're expanding Team Extreme."

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