Summary: He messed up in the past; now she belongs to someone else. One fateful wish may be all he needs to win her back. He had one last chance. He better not screw it up a second time. Auslly, AU.

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...Because every ending always has a beginning...

"I can get your heart beat-beat-beat-beatin' like,
I can get your heart beat beatin' like that.
You know you got my heart beat-beat-beat-beatin' like,
Hey-ay, ay-ay.

"Would you, would you want it if I stood up above a crowd,
got up on a chair and if I shouted your name aloud.
Could you, could you take me, call me baby without a doubt,
I'm shouting your name right now, shouting your name right now.

"Don't you get it, get it, I'm not like them other ones,
raise upon the notion, I ain't hosting no reruns.
I said it, said it, said it, wouldn't let it be all or none,
'Cause I ain't no rerun, I ain't no rerun.

"I'll make you forget (forget),
what you came here for.
For goodness sake, let's make or break this heart,
'Cause it needs more.

"I can get your heart beat-beat-beat-beatin' like,
I can get your heart beat beatin' like that.
You know you got my heart beat-beat-beat-beatin' like,

"I can get your heart beat-beat-beat-beatin' like,
I can get your heart beat beatin' like that.
You know you got my heart beat-beat-beat-beatin' like,

Let me hear you like,
Can you do it like,

"Hey-ay, ay-ay."(1.)

He sang perfectly into the microphone, dancing along with the upbeat music.

The crowd erupted into a loud applause, to which he bowed playfully.

"Thank you, thank you!" he breathily responded. "You guys are too kind!" He grinned, and then saluted playfully.

"Encore!" shouted a fan from the front row. She, the fan, was the catalyst to which more shouting for 'encores' from other fans erupted. He shook his head.

"Sorry, guys," he apologized whole-heartedly. "My throat is getting a little sore from the singing for four hours straight. It's getting a little late, too." He grinned. "Besides, didn't you guys says 'encore' for the last hour? If my memory is correct – and it is because I'm still young; not yet old to forget things easily like that – that's what you guys basically said in the last hour."

He saw pouting from several girls in the audience. He laughed playfully, panting out of breath.



"See you next time!" he dismissed, waving a hand over his shoulder. He shook hands, gave out high-fives, and thumbs-ups, with the band, and thanked them for their hard work for the last few hours, before heading backstage, while ignoring the wailing and pleas of, 'One more song!' erupting from his loyal fans.

One more song to them was the equivalent of ten more songs, in their case.

He shook his head, but a small smile touched his lips.

That was their way of showing him that they loved him, and he loved them back equally, if not more.

The only thing (person) he loved more than his fans and his music (music in general) was her – Ally Dawson.

...But things have gotten complicated between them... Not to say that he doesn't love her anymore – he did! He does! He loves her with everything he has!


"Austin!" Trish shouted.

He turned his attention to her, and immediately spotted the rest of the gang – Team Austin – Trish, Dez, and Ally – Ally – standing a few feet away from the spot he was residing. They were all cheering for him; waving and shouting. Ally was cupping her hands around her mouth to make her voice sound louder, Trish was shouted, and waving a hand at him to come over there, and Dez was gesticulating with both of his arms above his head, shouting his name, goofily.

He grinned and jogged over to them, hugging them each with vigor, feeling particularly elated at the moment.

"Thanks guys!"

He hugged Trish first. She was his manager, and without her, this concert wouldn't have been planned. "Thanks Trish," he whispered. He crouched down to embrace her, laughing at that evil, vile, expression on her face, that practically screamed, 'I hate being short – I hate being the shortest out of us four!'

But, nonetheless, she hugged him back with equal vigor and grinned, saying,

"You did awesome, Austin."

He hugged Dez next. They were practically the same height, so there was no crouching necessary. "Buddy, you were amazing! You rocked that concert today! Oh yeah! You blew their socks off!"

"Oh yeah... thanks dude, for all the support you've given me throughout the years you have known me."

"No problem. That's why we're buddies." He nodded.


And then there was her. He practically strode – ran – to her side and hugged her so tightly that she was unable to breath. It didn't go unnoticed by neither Trish nor Dez that he had hugged her the longest out of them three – perhaps an even longer hug than the two combined.

"Austin, you were so awesome out there. You nearly blew my mind away."

"Ally. Thank you."

They parted, and he faced his friends.

"Thanks guys for the compliments, but I couldn't have done it without you guys."

They smiled at one another, and got into a group hug.

It seemed like everything was perfect.

...But not complete.


"Ally Dawson!" he shouted. "I love you!"

She stopped abruptly and froze.

Her heart began to rapidly beat in her chest, threatening to burst out of her body.

He... h-he l-loves her?

He never told her that, no matter how much she wanted to her those words escape from his lips.

She would always tell him she loved him, her subtle way of tell (and hinting) him that she wanted him to say it back to her, that she wanted to hear those words badly coming from him, and directed to her.

...But he never did get the hint...

...until today.

And now that she heard those three important words, she wanted to savor it – to savor the moment while it lasted before the moment was ruined.

Caught up in her reverie, she didn't notice the parting of the crowd and the thumping of his feet across the floor as he tried to get to her desperately, before she escaped.

Neither did she notice the pair of arms that wrapped around her waist, nor the face that pushed itself into her hair, holding on to her tightly as if she would disappear.

"Ally," he begged. "Don't go. Don't leave me. I need you. I will go insane. I love you."

Her heart thumped inside her chest painfully, and so loud, so loud that she swore everyone in the world could hear it.

She couldn't believe he was capable of making her feel this way, even after he hurt here too many times to count.

But she knew why.

She forgave him every single time because she loved him so much.

This is what love felt like.

Love... to her, meant that she – anyone else for the matter – would do anything for another person – the object of their feelings, no matter how much they hurt her – that person – in the past.

This is why when she tried dating someone else; she couldn't, because her heart belonged to another – to Austin Moon.

...Because she could never love anyone else, no matter how hard she tried and wished for it to happen.

...Because he would be her single sole love.

...Because she loved him.

1. If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love; I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3. If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.

4. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

8. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10. but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. 11. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. 12. Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

13. And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (2.)

Love had many positive aspects, but it had a downside, too. Love caused heartache and heartbreak from unrequited love. People would do anything for love, even to the circumstances of illegal measures.

"I'm sorry, but I love you," he whispered. "And that will never change."

And at that exact moment, she realized that he would never love someone else, ever, either, because his heart belonged to hers, and hears belonged to him.

No matter how many one-night stands he had, no matter how many times she forgave him easily, no matter how many mistakes they made because of their clouded judgment, they knew that, in the end, they loved each other.


And that's how it's going to be.

"I'm sorry," he murmured, over and over again.

He began kissing her everywhere he could reach: her neck, her face, her eyes, her lips, her nose, her ears, her neck – everywhere – while chanting, "I'm sorry."

And she just stood there, letting him do as he pleased.

...Because she loved him.

"Austin," she whispered hoarsely. "Austin, stop." He continued his actions, ignoring her. "Austin, please."

He paused, finally hearing her pleas.

"Ally, I can't kiss you anymore." It came out more like a statement than a question. "I said I was 'sorry'!"

"Austin, Austin!" she demanded. "Listen to me." He frowned slightly, but nodded.

"Okay. I'm listening." She put her hands on his shoulders and stared at him – into his eyes – deeply.

"Listen to me, Austin," she begged. "Listen to me before you go on a rampage."

"I'm listening," he repeated, slightly curious and nervous. Something in his gut was warning him about her cautiousness on the subject, and how she was acting like she was trending on dangerous grounds.

Like she was walking on a minefield – filled with bombs hidden underground...

She looked around, and eyed the spectators that were intently watching them converse – right to every breath and murmurs. She pressed her lips into a thin line.

No need to let them get involved with their love life. No need for them to know what they're going through.

It was their business – and theirs alone – and no one needed to get involved but them.

She dragged him to a secluded area, where trees and green grass surrounded them as they walked around. Once she deemed that they were truly alone – that no one was lurking around – she turned to him and gave him a sad smile, alerting alarms in his head.

"Look, Austin... I... I l-lo-like you," she blurted out, unable to proclaimed her love for him. He frowned momentarily.

She couldn't tell him that she loved him?

He passed that hurdle; he was able to proclaimed his love in front of thousands of fans, when he was unable to before.

...But she couldn't.

D-did that mean that she no longer l-loved him?

His blood went cold and he was numb and went stiff.

She couldn't keep up with his shit. She was done with him because of his brash and foolish actions.

"B-but... I think we need to... we need a b-break."

"What?" he whispered, horrified. "We're breaking up?" He immediately drew to a conclusion.

"No. Yes. No. Yes. No... I mean... We're not breaking up. I mean... we're just going to be on a hiatus for a while. I still l-l-lo- have feelings for you, but I think we need to stop for a while."

"Why?" he asked, feeling terribly numb.

"Austin..." she started. "I know we feel strongly for one another, b-but I want to make sure that we are meant to be... That the fights, the arguments, and all these hurdles are just any other obstacles in our relationship. It it's just like any other relationship out there..."

He remained quiet.

"If we can... if we can get past this disagreement, we're meant to be... if we can't... then... then... we were never meant to be a couple."

His heart shattered.

She couldn't possibly... she couldn't possibly suggest they do this?

What if he makes more mistakes? What if she made up her mind and let him go, no matter what...? Under no circumstances would she take him back!

"Ally-" She cut in.

"Austin. Please." She was serious. "Try it, please."

"Ally..." he mumbled.

Fine. He will just have to prove her wrong!

He will prove to her that he's capable of getting rid of his addiction of the riches of fame and that he is capable of halting his partying tendencies, and any other addictions that she doesn't approve of!

"Fine. I'll go with it... but under one condition." He looked her straight in the eye. She looked startled but challenged him, eyeing him wearily.

"What is it?"

"You can't date anyone while we're on hiatus."

"..." She looked shocked, but nodded numbly. "Okay. Deal."


He smiled.

They were sitting together in her father's store, Sonic Boom, while she was working her shift. She was at the counter, and he was sitting in one of those benches near the door, watching her as she worked hard.

At the moment, there were no customers, so she was just writing in her book.

"Ally." She turned to him and raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah?" He just smiled and shook his head.

"Nothing." She rolled her eyes.

The store was silent again, as she began to write in her songbook, and as he was watching her. His curiosity prodded and itched at the back of his mind; his conscious was nagging him to sneak a peek at her book, to relieve his inner curiosity.

'Curiosity killed the cat,' he thought, amused. '...But a cat has nine lives. So, if Ally kills me, I have eight lives to spare!'

Before he knew it, he found himself walking up to her, his mind set on depicting what she wrote in her book. As soon as he reached her side, he peered over her shoulder and tried to read what she wrote.

His eyes caught the words of 'Austin', 'better', 'love', and 'trying,' before the book was shut, the cover facing him, instead of the pages in the book, and he was soon met with glaring dark chocolate brown eyes, boring into his own coca brown eyes.

he gave her a sheepish smile, as if that would get him out of trouble.

"Austin!" she cried out. "Really?"

"What?" he asked, as if he hadn't committed a serious crime.

"You were looking in my book!"

"So I was..."

"You... You know you're not supposed to! It's my secret and private book, where I write all my thoughts down. You can't read it!"

"Hm... why not?" he questioned, feeling slightly playful at the moment.

"Yo-you!" she stammered. "You're so full of hubris, jerk! Once a jerk, always a jerk!" she exclaimed. She huffed, and grabbed her belongings – her songbook, bookbag, pencil, and keys (to her home, and to the store) – and made her way to the exit.

(Closing the store early today (just for one day – this day) wouldn't kill her, or her father. Sure her father would be angry, but she couldn't care less at the moment. All she wanted to do was to escape this hellhole. Hellhole because he was in here, and acting like a jerk.)

His eyes widened as he realized her intentions.

She was thinking of leaving!


He immediately sped to the door and blocked her exit with his body.

"Ally!" he exclaimed.

"Move, Austin," she grit out.

"Ally... no." She met his eyes with a dark stare.


"Listen to me!" She frowned.

"Why should it?"

"Because I said so." She threw her hands up in the air, frustrated.

"You are so full of yourself!" she pushed past him, intent on leaving, when he wrapped his arms around her waist, begging her to listen to him.

"Ally... I'm sorry. I don't know what overcame me."

"I do – you're just a self-centered jerk, who goes to limitless measures to get what he wants. And if he doesn't get what he wants, he does his best to get what he wants. You just won't stop until you obtain what you want!" she shouts, agitated.

"I know, I know... I'm sorry. It's all my fault," he whispered, horrified that she would be upset with him.

He didn't want that.

The last person in the world he wanted to be upset with him was her – Ally Dawson.

"Ally..." he murmured." He tightened his grip on her, pressing his mouth to her hair. "I'm sorry," he chanted.

She sighed and relented, relaxing under his touch.

"Fine. I forgive you, just don't do that anymore."

"Do what?"

"Mess around with my private life, meaning trying to look into my songbook."

"Gotcha," he confirmed. She rolled her eyes and leaned into his touch.



"I'm going for a walk... can you let me go?" He leaned his head back for a bit to eye her, confused.

"Wait. No. Let me go with you."


They were walking down the road, silent, as they took their stroll.



It was silent.

"So..." he murmured.


It was silent again.

"Nothing," he sighed.

There was an awkward silence surrounding them, and he didn't like it at all. As a plus, much to his distaste, they were walking with several feet apart – this awkward gap filling their space.

He frowned.

He inched closer to her, his hands twitching to touch her hand with his own. His finger grazed hers, but she didn't notice, so he persisted, his finger coming in contact with her fingers.

She glanced up at him briefly, but looked back at the road.

The process continued, with him slowly trying to hold her hand, timidly, and her acting indifferent.

Eventually, his hand connected with hers.

Soon, they were holding hands, and there was barely an inch between them as they walked on.


They reached the entrance of his home, and he stood in front of her, as she faced him.



They keep up their banter for a moment, before another silence surrounds them.

She clears her throat, and tries to end this awkward-ness between the two of them.

"I guess I'll see you..."

She turns around to enter her house and shut the door, when she is pulled back by a gentle grip on her wrist.

"What the-"

Before she knew it, she was pulled towards him, and soon enough, their lips are connecting passionately.

Sparks flew, emerging between them.

...Like fireworks.

They continued kissing for another minute, before they broke apart for air, and he leaned his forehead against hers.

"That's my resolution to fight for you, Ally. For your love."

"Austin..." she breathily exhaled.

"I love you."

"I-I... I l-l-lov-" She stopped abruptly. "I-I'm sorry... I can't do this..."

"It's okay," he reassured her. "Take your time. I'm not forcing you to declare your ultimate love for me. I know you do love me. It was pretty obvious with how you were kissing me back passionately."

She rolled her eyes.

"Typical Austin." He grinned.

They exchanged smiles, before he became serious again.

"I'm serious, Ally. I'm not going to give up."

"I believe you," she whispered. She kissed him swiftly on the cheek before departing.

It's been months since the incident, with him kissing her, and sneaking a peek at her songbook without permission.

He had tried so hard to prove his love to her, and she had taken notice of his advances. But she hadn't addressed the issue at hand, yet.

She wasn't responding to his advances!

He had done everything – stopped partying, stopped being self-conceited, stopped being selfish, stopped smoking, stopped doing drugs, stopped drinking – stopped everything that she believed was wrong.

But what did he have to do?

"Ally..." he whined. "Are you going to forgive me?" She gave him a half-glance.

"Nope. Not yet."

"Why not?" he pressed on.

"Because I need to know that you're serious."


"Figure it out." And then she left him alone in the store.

Her songbook was in the open, and he was tempted to look in it. (Maybe she left it behind by accident.)

He pressed his lips into a thin line and looked around, cautiously.

There was no one around... and he was about to look into her book.

His hand reached out, grazing her songbook, when he froze, and halted all movement.

His hand retreated, and he bowed his head in shame at the thought of him breaking her trust over and over again.


What kind of boyfriend would he be if he continually broke her trust?

What was a perfect boyfriend?

He tapped his chin in thought and sighed.

Kind. He had to be kind. He had to be caring and thoughtful of her – he had to take her feelings into consideration.

Obedient. If she wanted privacy, that's what he will give her, and that included not invading her space by looking into her songbook – her thoughts.

Polite. If she wanted him to be sophisticated and polite, he will be just that.

Trusting. She need to trust him with his songbook, even if she laid it out in the open like that.

Loving. He had to love her with all his mind, body, and soul, no matter what she committed against him.

He had to prove that to her, to prove that he was the perfect boyfriend.

He would start with leaving her songbook alone...

...No matter how much his curiosity was edging him on to sneak a peek – a small one.


She grinned behind the tree she was hiding in.

He passed.

She could barely hold her joy inside herself.

He proved he could overcome his mistakes.

He was the perfect boyfriend.

She originally left her songbook behind on purpose, to test him, to see if she could place her trust in him.

And he passed.

By not looking into the songbook, he proved his worth.

She got out from behind her hiding spot and raced inside the store, intent on smuthering him in her happiness. He looked startled by her sudden appearance as he turned around to face the noise.


"Austin!" She crashed into his chest and wrapped her arms around his chest tightly, not letting go.

"Ally?" he whispered. She nodded into his chest, and kissed his chest.

"What happened?"

"You're forgiven."

"What do you-"

"I love you." He stopped all his actions and gave her one of his biggest grins.

"I love you, too!"


...And with every end, there is a new beginning.

Together: Nothing's impossible.

Forever together.


(1.) 'Heartbeat Beating' belongs to Austin&Ally and Disney Channel. (It's an amazing song (But what A&A song isn't?)! If you haven't heard it, I suggest you do immediately!)

(2.) Verses from 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13 in the Bible.

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When Austin's career begins to take off, he gets a taste of fame and fortune, and begins to neglect his friends, family, and girlfriend. Having enough, Ally breaks up with him to get a sense of normalcy in her life, after Austin bluntly becomes obsessed with the riches of fame and immerses himself in fortune, luxury, and parties constantly, getting drunk at times, rather than focus on his own career.

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