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"Sorry. I love you and all, but only as a friend. I don't want to lose that friendship with you. That's okay with you right?"

That phrase kept repeating itself in the head of a silver haired teen. Riku laid on his bed after a long day of school. His aqua eyes were down cast as he stared at the ceiling. A contemplative look was on his face and his mouth was set in a sad frown. After a few moments of silence, a defeated sigh escaped his lips.

"I knew the answer already," he said aloud to himself. His voice echoed of the walls in his room. "I already knew she didn't see me the way I saw her." A humorless laugh escaped his lips. "Yet it still hurts so much when she rejected me." He could feel the tears slide down his cheeks. The boy didn't even know he was crying. For the next hour, Riku laid on his bed silently crying. After that Riku wiped away his tears and sat up. Looking at his clock, he noted it was close to midnight. Wanting to get a drink of water before he going to sleep, he went downstairs into the kitchen. Turning on the lights, Riku grabbed a glass from the sink and filled it with water. Riku sipped it slowly before finishing it in one go. He washed his glass and decided to head back to the room but stopped for a moment.

Turning off the lights in the kitchen, he walked into the living room. Only the moon provided the light in the room. He walked over to several tables that had pictures on it. Many contained pictures of his family, few had pictures of the family when he was younger, and a few contained pictures of him with his friends. One in particular caught his eye. Picking it up, Riku stared at it for a few moments. It was a picture of him along with two best friends at the beach, taken a couple of months ago. He was to the left of a boy with brown spiky hair in red shorts. Riku was facing partially away from the picture a small smirk on his face and the boy was smiling with his eyes closed. On the boy's other side was a girl in a two piece pink bikini. She had read hair that went to her shoulder and her blue eyes were shining in the camera and her smile seemed to brighten the picture. Those two were Sora and Kairi: Sora his best friend and Kairi was the love of his life.

"The love of my life that rejected me today," Riku sighed. Putting down the picture, the silver haired teen sighed. "Although, I should be happy for them. She chose Sora in the end. They're both happy with each other." This caused him to frown again. "God, I'm too self sacrificing." Going out of the room, he stopped at the entrance to the living room and grabbed an envelope from the table. Grabbing it, Riku knew what he wanted to do now.

(A Few Months Later)

"Sora, come on stop crying," Riku tried to sooth his sobbing friend. Riku was standing in front of his car, in the trunk was several bags and boxes. He was wearing a white vest over a yellow shirt and black pants. In front of him were his close friends seeing him off as he prepared to leave for college. His brown haired best friend was sobbing his eyes out. "I'm still going to visit on Christmas and Spring Break."

"But, but, that's so far away!" Sora cried out. His red shirt had tear stains on it as he cried a bit too emotionally."And you're moving so far away too! Why did you decide to go to school in Radiant Garden? Why not stay here in Destiny Islands?"

"Because I got a full scholarship to the university there," Riku replied. "Why look a gift horse in the mouth?" Still Sora was crying. Turning his head to Kairi, who was also crying a bit. "Can you calm down your boyfriend please Kairi?" The red haired girl nodded and said soothing words to Sora.

"I still can't believe you're moving so far away too," Kairi said in a calm voice. She gave him a teary smile and a hug. "We'll miss you." Riku returned the hug lightly. She felt so good in his hands, but he promised himself that he would give up on her, for his sake and for the sake of his friends of well.

"I'll miss you guys too." He let go of Kairi and turned to his other friends. "Axel, don't let Xion do anything stupid while I'm gone. Since you're going to be staying on Destiny Islands for college, I want you to make sure Seifer and them don't do anything stupid while I'm gone yeah."

"Got it Disciplinary Committee Captain," a spiky red haired teen smirked and did a mock salute. He stood a bit taller than Riku himself. His green eyes and met Riku's aqua eyes and they nodded to each other, coming into an understanding with each other. They then shook hands and nodded at each other.

"Hey!" a girl who looked like Kairi shouted, although she had black hair. "I am not that bad. If anything Axel is the one who gets into trouble." Riku smiled at Xion and gave her a hug as well.

"I know, I know. I'm just teasing you Xion." After their hug she smiled at him, but he also noticed some tears pooling in her eyes. "I'm going to miss you Xion. Make sure Axel stays out of trouble okay." The girl nodded her head.

"God you're a total sap sometimes Riku," a boy's voice said from behind him. Looking behind him he saw two blonds looking at him, one boy and one girl. The boy had a white jacket over a black shirt and white pants. His hair was spiked a bit.

"I think you got me mixed up with your brother Roxas," Riku smiled at the jab. "Sora is the sap here." The two pounded fists with each other and smirked. "Keep on training man, I want to see how well your martial arts gets better when I come back."

"Don't lose your touch then. I wouldn't want to fight you all rusty. That wouldn't feel like much of a second victory."

"I was just tired that day."

"Whatever you say dude." Riku rolled his eye at his friend before turning to the last person there. The blond girl was wearing a simple white dress. He reached out and gave her a hug as well.

"See you around Namine," Riku told her.

"See you Riku," she replied while still hugging him. After he let her go she still looked at him. "Do you mind if I call or email you for help on my homework still." He smiled at her and nodded.

"Of course. What type of friend would I be if I didn't." Axel walked over and placed an arm on Riku's shoulder.

"Heh, ever the smart guy huh Riku?" the red haired teen laughed. "Just because you were valedictorian doesn't mean you have to always be tutoring other people."

"I like to spread knowledge man. Why do you think I accepted the letter to Radiant Garden University?" Riku then looked at his watch and sighed. "Well, I have to go. I want to get there before nightfall and its already noon. I have a long drive a head of me." He then looked at his friends one at a time and stopped on Sora who had finally stopped crying. "I really am going to miss you guys."

"How about one last hug then?" Sora suggested. Riku shrugged his shoulders but spread his arms wide. "GROUP HUG!" Sora shouted with a smile. Suddenly Riku was glomped by everyone, even a rather reluctant Roxas. Riku gave a laugh as they did, welcoming the embrace. When they let go, the silver haired teen wiped away a single tear and nodded at them.

"Goodbye guys." Walking around the car, he entered the drivers seat. He started the engine, gave one last look to his friends who were waving at him, gave them a nod and then drove away. As he did, he looked at them using his rearview mirror, looking specifically at Kairi before focusing on the road ahead of him.

As he drove away from his neighborhood, as he drove away from his city, as he drove away from his old life, Riku was feeling sad yet expectant. "Don't feel so down. It's a new start for me. New place, new life. I can make new friends and hopefully, hopefully get over Kairi." Although Riku said that, he couldn't help himself when he took out his wallet and looked at a picture in it. It was the same photo of the three of them on the beach. Back when times were simpler and when he still thought he had a chance with the girl he loved.

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