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It had been about a week after Halloween and that weekend Kairi came to a startling realization that she was in love with her other best brined. As of right now though, Kairi sat down across Namine on the blond girl's bed. Said artist was staring worriedly at her friend as she was sitting with her head down. "Is there something wrong Kairi?" Namine asked carefully.

"No…Yes…I don't know," Kairi replied shaking her head. "I'm confused right now that's all."

"Confused? What are you confused about?" Kairi sighed and stared Namine straight in the eye, just to look away a few seconds later.

"I'm not really confused per se, it just that I kind of came to a conclusion that was staring me in the face for the past few years and I'm only noticing it now." Namine put a hand on her shoulder and gave it a light squeeze.

"You can tell me anything Kairi, I'm your female best friend after all," Namine reassured her. Kairi laughed a bit. The artist always had to say that word for word because if she said best friend Kairi would have stated that was Riku. Riku…Just saying his name caused her to sigh again.

"I know…but…it's complicated." When Kairi saw Namine raising an eyebrow, Kairi coughed a bit. "I want to tell you but it might change things between us."

"How so?" Namine asked unsurely.

"It may ruin our friendship," Kairi replied.


"Because I'm in love with Riku." There, it was out in the open and everything was silent for a while. Kairi didn't know what she was waiting for, or what reaction Namine would have but she waited. Slowly Namine released Kairi's shoulder and reached for her hand.

"I kind of knew that," Namine stated calmly. This caused Kairi to snap her head towards her friend. The blond had a sad smile but it held such a confidence that was foreign on the girl's face. "I knew the moment you saw him during Halloween and the way you sounded irritated by my telling you of our date the Sunday he was here."

"You knew?" Kairi half-asked half-gasped.

"Kairi, I've been in love with Riku for a long while now. I've been in love with him ever since he volunteered to help me out when I was sick for an entire year all those years ago," Namine confessed. "I've studied all the girls around him and know if they like him or not based on their reaction. You and Xion were not exempt from this either. You're actions during that weekend showed to me that you did care for him in a more than friendly way." Namine then gave her a happier smile. "I'm actually happy you now noticed that you have feelings for him."

"You are?"

"Yeah, you seemed attracted to him even before that day you didn't notice it until he was gone."

"So, you're okay with me loving Riku?" Kairi asked again.

"Yup." This caused Kairi to blink.

"You're rather calm about this."

"I know," Namine told her again with a smile.


"Because it sort of helps my plans along."

"What plans?" Kairi asked a bit worried. It must have shown on her face for Namine seemed to frown.

"Don't worry it's nothing bad. It won't hurt anyone at all." Namine then saw Kairi frowning. "Don't worry I'll tell you about it later, but I need to speak to Riku first. He is part of my plans for the future after all. If he agrees to it I'll tell you."

"Okay…" Kairi seemed confused. "I'll take your word for it."

"You should also break up with Sora." Kairi was taken aback by that comment.

"What? Why?"

"It's so you two won't continue on with all your arguing. It would probably be for the better too," Namine explained. "It will save you from the pain of being with someone when you're love with someone else."

"Oh. Okay. I'll get to it then."

"Great!" Again the eerie calm the blond girl was giving off, made Kairi a bit wary of her at the moment, but she had faith that what her friend had in store was a good thing.