Lost Legends 04: The Beginning

Let me take you back to the beginning. Back before Sonic and Amy got together. Before Dr. Robotnik /Eggman became a threat. (Yes we're going back a long time ago.) Before Sonic, Manic and Sonia we're even born. The time we land in is a completely different era for Mobius. The war between normal Anthroes and the New Race breeds is over. You see the New Race breeds are paranormal creatures like Vampires and Werewolves. The three main types of breeds are Vampires, Lycanthropes, and Demons, other paranormals are mini sub-breeds that branch away from the main three. After the war (which for the record the Mobians started because they we're afraid of the New Race) 2 separate kingdoms were established so Mobius could run as smoothly as possible. One kingdom was to rule over normal Mobians so there would be no more prejudice against the new race. The other kingdom was to rule over the New Race so the breeds wouldn't get too happy and start killing the Mobians just 'cause they could. So no race could have more freedom than another, the New Race breeds chose the Hunter Pack for their royal family. The Hunter Pack is the only New Race family that has a mixed bloodline. From Demons, to vampires to Lycanthropes, the Hunter Clan has it all. The present King and Queen were both Lycanthropes, King Alcan and his wife the Queen Aceena were expecting another litter. Each generation of Hunter's was stronger than the last, so even if the Breeds did rebel against their Monarch. There was a pretty damn good chance that the Hunters could kill anyone who challenged their authority. On the night of Blood Moon, Queen Aceena gave birth to triplets.

The 1st baby to pop out was a jet black hedgehog, like her father. She opened her eyes; they were a combination of the brightest reds and oranges.

The color of Flames.

The King smiled down at his first child, and then turned so he could give his daughter to the Senser. Sensers are special New Race Breeds that can 'sense' other beings powers. They could tell parents what breed their children were, and how much power each baby held. This particular Senser was bound to the Hunter Pack.

The greatest honor for any New Race Breed along the lines of 'I went into the lion's den and lived.'

Felix, a vampire breed, bowed slightly as he accepted the King's first child. A burning sensation immediately began to creep up Felix's semi-muscular arm. The old vampire cracked a smile. "Fire Demon. Interesting, and a fairly powerful one at that Alcan." The King beamed at his wife. The female gave a light smile back before her body spasmed and she went into labor with their second child. The second baby was also a female, but she seemed the exact opposite of her sister. Instead of jet black, this hedgehog was white. Albino white.

The king frowned slightly; albinos did not last long in their pack. They were always too weak to survive past 4 years of pack life. As Alcan took hold of his 2nd daughter she opened her eyes. Like a typical albino her eyes had no color pigment, so the blood was clearly visible. Felix smiled encouragement to the King; as soon as his flesh came in contact with the newborn he felt an icy cold sensation. "A Vampire? Aren't they rare in your bloodline Alcan?" "Yes they are, one every 8 litter. How powerful is my second child?" "As powerful as her elder sister."

The King nodded to himself as he handed his 2nd daughter off to a doctor. The Queen's screams told her husband that she would give him one more child in this litter. The last baby was a lavender morph, like her mother, and was visibility smaller than her slightly older siblings. When Alcan handed his final daughter to Felix, the vampire breed had the audacity to drop the baby. The hapless child screaming its head off not 2 seconds after it hit the floor. Both monarchs snarled at the Vampire breed as he –very shamelessly- fell backwards against the wall of the infirmary.

"Apologies my king. I-I didn't mean to."

"How DARE you drop your future queen! Give me one good reason why I shouldn't slaughter you were you stand!" Alcan picked up his youngest and began to rock her gently. Muttering sweet nothings to quiet the baby down. Felix bowed his head slightly. "I-I was taken aback by how powerful the baby was. That thing you hold in your arms is not a baby. It's a monster." The king laughed at the vampire. "A monster. Surely you joke Felix. Aleena's barely the size of my forearm." "I am serious Alcan. She's more powerful than you are right now. As she's was born not 20 minutes ago. I am sorry I dropped her. God knows how much I enjoy living. But THAT." He pointed at the now sleeping child still in the King's arm. "Is not a baby. It's some kind of Lycanthrope goddess in the flesh." The King smiled. "So she is a werewolf then?"

"Did you not just hear a word I said Alcan? Yes she's a thrope and a dangerous one at that." The King shrugged off Felix and turned to his life mate. The queen holding the first two of their children. One baby for each of her breast. Alcan and Aceena smiled at each other. The King rocked his youngest, a smile tugging on his lips as Aleena cuddled up against her father's chest.

"You're such a pretty baby."

"A baby that will grow up and slaughter us all."

Both monarchs snarled at the Senser. "Keep your opinions Felix, to yourself." The Vampire bowed his head. "As you wish my king. My services are no longer needed. May I depart?" "Yes you may. Thank you for your insight Felix."

If only the king had heeded the Vampire's warning. He could have saved himself a lot of trouble as the 3 girls grew up.

At first everything was fine but once Ameena reached 8 years old, her parents had to deal with her full powers coming in. Every tree in the forest surrounding the royal home was a blaze for about a month. Next was Ateena, at ten her appetite became more Vampire-ish. Whereas before she ate raw meat like Aleena, or any other Lycan breed. It took almost 4 months for her to get control over her bloodlust and even now you must be careful around the Vampire Queen. Last but not least was Aleena at the age of 13 she went through puberty. Grew breast, started liking guys, oh and nearly killed her whole family during her first couple handful of transformations. It got so bad that the King and Queen were forced to lock their youngest daughter in one of the holding cells, where rouge or feral thropes must be kept. Many different packs suggested – no demanded- that Aleena be put down. On the day it was supposed to happen both Ameena and Ateena went down to talk some sense into their little sister. And surprisingly it worked, and Aleena was allowed to live as long as she could keep her wolf in check. Now all three girls are 16 years old, and are looking for their life mates. Ameena and Ateena already having found boyfriends on the many secretly planned trips to the local night club, The Blue Moon. The three teenagers were almost out the door before….

"Where do you 3 think you're going?"

All three hedgehogs spun on their heels and smiled innocently at their father. "We were just heading out daddy." The king snorted as his eyes wandered over the clothes his girls had on. His eyes bugging out of his head when he saw how much cleavage Ameena's red shirt showed. Aleena was a little bolder than her sisters sporting a turquoise half shirt that showed her mid-riff and a pair of too tight (in Alcan's opinion) faded blue jeans. Ateena seemingly the only sane one, had on a red blouse (with small slits for her wings on the back) with black jeans. Alcan glared at his 'bold' daughters. "You two aren't going anywhere unless you put on a proper shirt."

"But Daddy…."

"Don't 'daddy' me. Upstairs and change now. I will not have males gawking at you two because you don't have any damn sense." Ameena pouted and started to her room. Aleena on the other hand stayed where she was. By birth right she was to become an Alpha Female. And to Alcan's frustration she was openly rebelling against her father's orders. "Aleena I told you to go and change."

Clear emerald eyes met amethyst. "I heard you."

"Aleena." The albino tugged on her slightly younger sister's arm. "Don't start again. Just listen to him this once so we can go meet Jace and go to the club." Aleena lowered her green gaze to her sister. "No. I'm sick of being told what to do. It doesn't feel right anymore."


"She has a point Alcan." The king turned to see his wife come into the front room with Ameena not far behind. To his disappointment Ameena had not changed. "I thought I told you to go and change." "Mom said I didn't have to."

Alcan growled softly at his wife. "Aceena you can't keep under mining my authority. I told them to change." "And I don't see why they have to. Their getting to that age Alcan where they want to find their own life-mates. Why not let them."

"Do you see what they have on?!"

"Yes and I think they all look beautiful." The Queen turned to her daughters. "You can go now. And stay out as long as you want. No curfew tonight." The girls gave a happy squeal, hugged their mother and were out the door before their father said a word of protest. Alcan glared at his wife. "How - Why on earth would you tell them that?" "Because it's time they left the den. They're not puppies anymore Alcan. And to be honest I didn't want you and Aleena fighting again. She could really hurt you." Alcan snorted. "She's 16!"

"My point exactly. She's a teenager and it's their natural instincts to rebel against authority. It doesn't help that she's coming into her alpha powers faster than what is natural. One day you're going to push her too far and she's going to push back. And it may end with you crippled and bleeding beneath her jaws." Alcan frowned.

His little girl wouldn't do that….would she?

Aceena smiled softly as if she could hear her husband's thoughts. "She's not a little girl anymore Alcan. One of these days you're going to have to let go."

"Ugh! Can you believe him?! I swear I'm going to end up killing father one of these days if he doesn't leave me the hell alone." Ateena snorted at her sister. "It's your own fault Leah. Why can't you just listen to dad instead of making this big deal out of every little thing?" Emerald eyes narrowed in a glare. "Whose side are you on anyway Tina?" "You have to admit she has a point Aleena. You've been more aggressive lately." Ameena elbowed her little sister in the ribs. "You got anything to share?"

"Oh Ha. Ha. I am not 'with child'. It's just I can't help myself. He starts yelling and I have to say something." "Maybe it's the mating instinct. Mom said we all have it. Maybe you just want a pack and a mate."

"Okay! Stop! I'm not even going to touch that topic, not even with a ten foot pole."

Both Vampire and Demon exchanged a glance before they burst out laughing. Aleena scowled at her sisters for all of two seconds before she started laughing too.

"Hey guys."

The triplets smiled as their mutual best friend showed up, quite literally out of nowhere. One second it's just the sisters and the next the wolf Anthro had fallen in step next to the sisters. Jace threw her arm around Aleena's shoulder seeing that, for some reason she was more comfortable around the lavender morph than with her sister's. Ameena had told them it was probably because they were both wolves and they both shared the pack mentality.

Maybe that's why not 20 minutes later Aleena was in her wolf form snarling at two male Anthroes one a lion the other another hedgehog. Both being 'breed haters' and had openly insulted Jace for being friends with 3 breeds. Jace had knocked the lion Anthro, Luther, on his ass seeing that the two often got into fights likes this. It was the first time however that Caesar (the hedgehog) had attacked Jace back. The timber wolf had wound up on the ground, landing on her tail the wrong way and getting a bloody nose. THAT'S what had pissed Aleena off.

Luther had taken a swing at the wolf princess and lit the fuse to Aleena's ever-shortening temper. Aleena had transformed and very nearly taken both males head off with one swipe of her dinner plate sized paws.

But the fight- if you can call it that- attracted the attention of a blue- and- peach hedgehog that was walking by on his way home. He had stopped and watched the whole thing play out, now he steeped in. Putting himself between the very angry wolf and the pathetic Anthroes that were cowering away from said breed.

Aleena paused. Where did this other male come from? She had seen him across the street out of the corner of her eye. But how did he get over here so fast! Then she heard the light baritone voice of this new hedgehog. For some odd reason it made her heart beat faster. But why? She mentally kicked herself, why on earth would he come over here for her? "Come on Luther. You should know better than to mess around with breeds. And you." Aleena watched the boy turn stiffly to fast Caesar; she had a feeling that he was glaring at the shorter hedgehog. "How dare you hit on a female? It doesn't matter what kind of Anthro she is. I thought your dad would have taught you that." Caesar sneered at the blue hedgehog. "Please Samuel. That female hangs with breeds. She needed some sense knocked into her." Aleena and her sisters snarled in protest. Samuel looked over his shoulder, somewhat surprised that the hulking 8 foot black wolf had disappeared. And in its place was a lavender female hedgehog, with bright emerald eyes. She was actually kind of pretty, he hadn't expected that. Samuel looked back at Caesar. "You're a waste of fur Caesar. And so are you Luther. Now scram before this pretty little wolf gets tired of me holding her up and tears you to pieces." They cowards didn't have to be told twice. They picked themselves up and were half way down the block when Samuel blinked. He turned to see that the wolf-girl was right there in his face.

"Why did you do that?"

He blinked. Feeling more than a little hypnotized. "D-Do what?" "Why did you get in front of me even though I could have easily killed you?"

"I didn't think about that." The girl frowned at him. "Were they your friends?" He blinked. Why couldn't he stop staring at her, she was obviously still pissed but he found her cute nether the less. "Uh- No. They aren't, I've seen them around and stopped them from beating on a couple of girls." The girl snorted then turned and went back to her friends. "You okay Jace?" "Yeah. I'll be fine. We should go. We kept the guys waiting long enough." Samuel heart immediately plumbed. That beautiful girl was already spoken for?

All the girls, Sam noted that there were four of them not including the wolf he had a crush on. "Um. Do you guys mind if I come with you? I wouldn't put it pass Caesar to lie and say wolf-girl here attacked him. His parents are like the presidents of the 'New Race breed removers.'" The black hedgehog regarded him. "That's really nice of you seeing that you saw my little sister in her wolf form. Aren't you afraid of us?" Sam titled his head slightly.

"Should I?"

The albino smiled and shook her head. "No. But that's still brave of you. We're going to the Blue Moon. Do you know where that is?" "It's that night club that serves both breeds and mobians right?" "Yeah, we better hurry."

Samuel fell in step next to his crush. He offered her his hand. "I'm Samuel by the way." She stared at his hand, a slight frown on her face. "I-. My name is Aleena." She shook his hand as if she were afraid he smack her with it. "The albino is my older sister Ateena. The black one is our elder sister Ameena." The black fur dropped back to put her arm around her little sister. "We're triplets." Sam smiled. "Nice to meet all of you." Aleena motioned to the timber wolf next to Ateena. "And that's Jace." Jace looked over her shoulder and winked. "Nice to meet you handsome." He smiled, and stopped short when he saw the three different guys standing outside the club. Ateena ran to a gray furred hedgehog.

A hedgehog that was like 6 feet tall.

Sam staggered back. His own height being 5'6, slightly above the normal 5 feet flat all hedgehogs were known for. Aleena smiled. "Echo has that effect on everyone. I can change and become 8 feet tall and he still scares the hell out of me." Echo smiled over his lover's head. Not a hard thing to do since Ateena herself was 5'4 like the rest of her sisters. "Nice to see you too Aleena." Ameena giggled as her own lover wrapped his arms around her. Pulling her to his chest with a growl.

Aleena smiled. She was happy for siblings, but at the same time hated them with a passion. How dare they find life-mates before she had found her own? She sighed as watched Jace abandon her too so she could make out with her boyfriend Jacob. She noticed Samuel staring at her. "What?" "You don't have a boyfriend?" "Sadly no. I've been playing third wheel for them for 4 months now." Samuel frowned at her. "I find that very hard to believe." Aleena raised her eyebrow. "Why?" "Personally, I think you're kinda cute." Samuel smiled as he watched Aleena's face grow red.

"You- You really think that? Even after…"

"Yes. I know we just met and all that. But since your sisters and Jace are going to be busy for awhile, I –I thought maybe you'd like to take a walk with me." Aleena eyes went wide as her mind struggled to comprehend what Samuel had just said. "You want to take a walk? With me?"

"Yeah. I mean if you want to?"

Aleena thought about for all of 8 seconds. "S-sure. I'd love to Samuel."

And so they left, they were gone for about an hour. And by the time they got back to the Blue Moon both Aleena and Samuel had made plans to go on an actual date. Her sisters didn't stop bugging her about her 'walk' with Sam all the way back home.

"All we did was talk. Seriously sis that's all we did."

Ateena wagged her finger in her sister's face. "You're lying. I saw the way you looked at him. You like him? Don't you?"

"T-That's ridiculous."

Ameena threw her arm around her younger sister. "You're a bad liar Leah. You can tell us now. Or we can annoy you to death till you tell us."

"Nothing happened! All we did was talk about the date next Saturday. Oops."

Aleena clapped her hands over her mouth. What on earth had possessed her to tell her sisters that! Now she'll never have any peace. Being the older sisters both Vampire and Demon practically dragged Aleena upstairs to Ameena's room, they all but tied their little sister to the bed. "Tell us everything! And we're not taking no for an answer."

Why were big sisters always so pushy?