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Lost Legends 05: Head over Heels

* 6 weeks later *

"Don't you two have guys of your own? Why can you leave me and Sam alone?"

"Because it's our duty as your big sisters to annoy the hell out of you. Now, do you want Ameena's black jeans or my blue ones?" Aleena groaned and fell backwards on Ameena's bed. Unfortunately both her sisters had made it their job to 'help' Aleena and Samuel's relationship along. "Can I go now? Sam said he wanted to show me something." Both her sisters gave a frustrated sound. "Go ahead; you're not making this torturing stuff fun anymore." "I'll see you guys later." Aleena went down the hall to her on room where she got dressed and climbed out her window. Aleena had gotten into a fight with her father earlier and had been 'forbidden' to go anywhere outside the Pack's territory. She landed soundlessly and easily shifted into her wolf form, taking off to find her boyfriend.

Where was she? Aleena wouldn't stand him up… would she? Samuel looked up and down the street again. He was fidgeting; itching to move and find his girl to make sure she wasn't hurt.


Samuel spun around and almost had a heart attack. He did give a girlish scream before he fell backwards on his rear end. A huge black wolf stared down at him with a big silly canine grin.

"Jesus Aleena. You scared the hell out of me!" Aleena padded over to Samuel, sitting down in the dog position as she laughed at her boyfriend. "Are you okay baby?" Sam went still.

"You can talk?!"

"Yeah. Why are you so surprised?"

"It's just in the movies werewolves can't talk. They just snarl and growl. I didn't know they can talk."

"Babe their so much you don't know about me. So where are we going anywhere. Unless you're too embarrassed to be seen with me." Sam snorted as he got up. "I wanted to show you something really special. Come on it's through the park reserve." Aleena ran beside Sam in that effortless mile eating jog all wolf's had. "Would you please tell me why I'm risking being grounded for the next month to watch you show off, Mr. Speed Demon?" Sam laughed as he slowed his pace to match his girlfriends. "I'm a runner, sue me. Hey look where here."

"So I risked the king's wrath to see a cave? Are we at least gonna make out in it?" Sam laughed as he watched Aleena scratch her ear with a hind leg. "No. it's what's inside the cave that's special. Come on." Near the end of the cave, the pathway split in two directions. The right cave gave way to another forest. This one was the picture child for the nature channel.

There was a crystal clear lake in a clearing, where the trees parted just right to make a perfect circle around the lake. The moon shone directly onto the lake. Aleena gasped at the pure beauty of the whole place. "Sam this place is beautiful."

"I know. I found this place on one of my runs. This has always been my private place. I thought maybe we can stage future dates here. I even thought about building a house here for myself and uh- for anyone who would like to stay here with me." Aleena smiled. "Funny how you bought up the house thing. Very subtle." Sam laughed as he walked over to sit by the lake. Aleena sat down and started scratching at her ear again. Sam frowned. "Do you have fleas or something Leah? You've been scratching like that for a few days now."

"I don't have fleas."

Sam sighed as he scooted over to help his girlfriend. Sam reached up and ran his fingers along her smooth, flowing mane -maybe he could stop her from scratching off her ear. As he did, a wave of pleasure traveled down her scalp and all the way to her tail. Aleena sighed contentedly and leaned closer to Samuel.

"Mmmm… Forget about making out. This is so worth getting grounded," she purred.

"Oh, uh, sorry?" said Sam, confused.

"Sorry?" exclaimed Aleena. "If you know what's good for you you'll keep on rubbing my head!"

"Um, OK," said Sam with cheerful nervousness. Aleena flopped down on the ground and rolled over onto her side facing away from Samuel, who quickly scooted next to her and started scratching away.

Aleena whined happily as his fingernails caressed her scalp. She strained her neck, pressing her head against Samuel's busy hands.

"Wow, um…why didn't you tell me you liked this so much earlier," said Samuel, amazed.

"I didn't know," murmured Aleena dreamily. "It's not as though…ooh, that's the spot, that's the spot…I can scratch myself…that be so weird."

Aleena leaned back, basking in the gentle, innocent pleasure of Samuel's ministrations. Her face was locked in a big, stupid, silly canine grin. (Again? What's with that stupid look?) She felt absolutely wonderful.

On a whim, she rolled over on her back, raising her paws into the air. She gazed longingly at Samuel.

"Could you scratch my belly now? Pllleeezze?" she cooed in a comically demure fashion.

Samuel shook his head amazed. He's been dating Aleena for almost a month now and he was always shocked by her flat, velvety stomach, her perfect six-pack, and her pert furry breasts. Enraptured, he reached down and placed his hands just below her chest. He slowly began to drag his fingernails along her belly. Aleena squirmed in pleasure. She alternately ahh'd and whined as Samuel's fingers did their magic, rocking her head side-to-side on the soft, yielding surface of the grass covered ground. Below, her tail wagged back and forth, creating ripples in the grass. He smiled down at her.

"You know I always wanted a dog, but my mom's allergic." Aleena snorted, but then Samuel's hands slid down to her abs, and she lost her mind. Samuel laughed as he watched Aleena's leg began to thump on the ground. "What are you laughing at?" Aleena asked playfully.

"Heh, oh, ah, nothing," said Samuel quickly, trying not to laugh "It's just, well, you're…."

"…Acting like an oversized puppy?" Aleena supplied.

"Well, uh, yeah," said Samuel, blushing.

"But that's what I am baby," said Aleena, smiling sexily. "A big, sexy puppy."

Aleena sighed happily. "What's up babe?" "Never before have I felt so carefree – so silly. You make all of my fears, and worries, seem distant and irrelevant. All that matters now is you." She looked up at Samuel, and was overwhelmed by an urgent, burning desire to be with him, to feel him and hold him. Without warning she wrapped her long arms around him and pulled him to her.

"Hey!" protested Samuel, laughing.

Aleena rolled over on her side, giggling. He was so tiny and helpless. And cute! She cuddled him, nuzzling his soft, warm face, sniffing and breathing in his wonderful scent. Samuel, for his part, felt as though he had been wrapped in the warmest, most comfortable blanket imaginable. He nearly fainted from sheer bliss when he realized the two massive mounds rubbing against his chest were in fact her breasts. He nuzzled Aleena tenderly on her furry cheek. Aleena returned his affection with a lick on the nose, soon followed by a second, and then a third. Then a fourth. Then a fifth. Her tiny licks rapidly degenerated into a host of slobbery wet dog kisses.

"Hey, cut that out," chuckled Samuel, trying to hold her back.

Aleena wouldn't have stopped herself even if she could. She was addicted to the taste of his fur – completely hooked. It was salty, yet strangely sweet. Before long every inch of Sam's face and neck was slick and shiny.

The couple paused, starring lovingly into each other's eyes.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered.

Aleena growled passionately and pressed her muzzle to his.

They kissed. It was a simple thing, yet both of them would remember that moment for the rest of their lives.

Aleena sighed happily. She leaned forward, rubbing her cheek against his.

"I love you," she whispered into his ear.

"I love you too," whispered Samuel.

Aleena had never been so happy in her entire life. She felt this burning need for Samuel, something she had never felt for anyone. She wanted Samuel in a way that she had never wanted any of the suitors her father had tried to match her up with. Stefan had come close but once they got to know each other he had become the brother she never had.

"I want you to be my life-mate."

"What you say babe?" Sam shifted in his lover's hold. She let go of Samuel completely sitting back in the dog position. "I said I want you to be my life mate. You get me in ways that no one else does. Not even my sisters."

"Your life-mate?"

"I-It isn't that different from a regular mate. It's just Lycanthropes are more picky about who their life mates are."

"What do you mean?" "We- that is lycanthropes- have this special ritual that lovers go through to see if they can become life mates. On the night of the full moon lovers would- uh- experience intercourse on the wildest of nights for a werewolf. And come morning if both lovers are still breathing and are pretty much unharmed. They become life mates."


Aleena's heart dropped, at the tone of Samuel's voice. Who was she kidding? Why would a guy like Sam go for a girl like her? "I-It's fine really if you say no. I mean I'd understand if you didn't want to. I mean look at me, why would you want to have a monster for a mate anyway."

"Aleena? Aleena look at me."

Samuel's heart all but shattered as the wolf look at him with tears streaking down her muzzle. "Aleena do you really want me to be your mate?"

"Yes. There's just something about you that makes me feel like I'm just another girl, and not a freak."

"But you aren't a freak."

"Says the guy whose staring at an 8 foot, 3 ton black wolf. I am a freak! Even among my own kind. I'm the first female to already have out grown, and outweighed her father- who is a 34 year old alpha by the way. I'm 16 and I'm still growing! Guys don't want to date me for me. They date me because of how much power I have, or the fact that I can give them little sharp-tooth babies."

"Is that why you were terrified of me when we started dating? You thought I was using you?"

Aleena's tail lashed out. "Everyone else has. Including my father. That's why he doesn't know that me and my sisters already have boyfriends. Ateena and Echo are already life mates." Sam blinked. "They are?" "It'll be a month next Sunday. And dad doesn't know. Ateena's trying to wait till me and Ameena find our own so we can tell him together." Aleena ran her paw under her snort.

God was she really crying because Samuel had said no?

"Your different from all the other guys though. At least I thought you were. You don't treat me different because I'm a princess, or because I'm a breed. You take care of me even though I can take care of myself. But I like that you make me feel like a defenseless girl even though I can knock you on your ass without even trying. You make me feel…special. Like I'm more than just the Wolf-princess. You like me for me, and not for what I can give you."

More tears welled up in her orange-yellow wolf eyes.

"Your perfect Samuel. But now I see your too perfect for me. I don't deserve you for a life mate."

Without any warning Aleena got up and started to leave.

How dare she leave him like that?! He hadn't meant to make her cry; far from it he just wanted to why she had wanted him of all people for a life mate.

"Aleena! Aleena wait don't go." Sam got up, and using the speed that his family was known for and cut Aleena off. "Where are you going?"

"Home. /sniff/ I'm sorry for wasting your time. /Sniff. Sniff/ I know you can find a better girl than me to mate with."

"Why would I need to look for a new girl? The one I want to mate with is standing right in front of me." His voice got hard with emotion.

"And she's trying to leave me. But I'm not going to let her."

"But you said you didn't want to." "Who told you that? I didn't. Aleena you misunderstood me. I wanted to know why you chose me out of the billion of guys on Mobius. You're too perfect for me! Aleena I love you. I've love you since the day I ran across the street to stop you from murdering Caesar and Luther. I would love to be your life mate. Hell I'd be honored."

Aleena tail immediately began to wag. She let out a happy yelp and happily tackled Samuel.

"Ahh! Jeez babe take it easy. I know your happy but please your stronger than I am especially like this. Try not to break me before we even get to the mating ritual."

She quickly back peddled. "I'm sorry baby. But oh my god! I got to tell Ateena and Ameena!" She gave Sam a quick and very messy dog kiss before she tore off towards the cave. Samuel laughed and followed behind his new mate.

God life was sweet!