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Ryuga lay on the ground, sleeping. As usual, he was in the wilderness, but now he had a new companion, Kenta. For some odd reason that the dragon emperor couldn't comprehend, Kenta was bent on following Ryuga wherever he went, even though half the time Ryuga didn't know where they were going.

It bugged Ryuga, but not as much as the noise he was hearing. It sounded faint and almost like crying. It didn't sound like an animal, but it didn't sound completely normal either. Of course, noises didn't scare nor concern Ryuga, as he spent most of his time outdoors, but this one sound bugged him terribly. Sitting up, Ryuga looked across the fire to see what could have been making that noise. Opposite of him, curled in a little ball, was Kenta and he looked like he was shivering, even though it wasn't anywhere near cold. Focusing on the boy, Ryuga could hear that the sound came from Kenta and the sound was whimpering.

"Humph, his fault for coming all the way out here. I knew that little brat was afraid of being alone and in the dark. What a baby," Ryuga laid back down, but Kenta's whimpering didn't help at all, "shut up will ya?"

Ryuga didn't help matters, instead the whimpering increased and soon it became full-fledged crying, yet Kenta still slept.

Ryuga got up and looked over at Kenta. Is he having a... nightmare?

"Hey kid…kid!"

"No…" Kenta's soft voice murmured.


"No, stop please… you're hurting them!", Kenta's voice elavated as his breathing quickened.

Ryuga's eyes narrowed as he got closer to Kenta, "What is he talking about?"

"No,stop it! Ryuga!" at that moment, Kenta jumped up, breathing hard and franticly.

He didn't notice Ryuga sitting nearby until the other sighed heavily.

"So it's that huh?"

"Ryuga?" Kenta was still in a panic, but he knew what happened. He had a nightmare about Battle Bladers and Ryuga knew it, "I'm sorry, Ryuga."

"Whatever," Ryuga got up and grabbed his coat.

"Ryuga, please don't be mad."

"That's a weird thing to tell someone you have a nightmare about."

"I know but…" Kenta didn't know what so say, but he knew he upset Ryuga. Kenta just couldn't help it. Battle Bladers was a scary time for him and his friends.

Ryuga shook the dirt from his coat and walked back over to Kenta, who moved under a tree. Ryuga hated nice feelings and acts of kindness; they made him feel sick to the stomach, but it couldn't be helped. Lightly moving him, Ryuga placed himself on the tree, picked up the boy and placed him on his chest. Draping the coat around Kenta, Ryuga just sat and held him.


"Even though it was L-Drago that had control over me, I thought of myself as a monster. But I'm not the same Ryuga. I'm…just slighty different. I still want L-Drago to be powerful, but not at the expense of hurting others like that again. I'm not asking your friends to forgive me; I just got tired of your whimpering because otherwise, I can't sleep. Now good night, Kenta."

Kenta was quiet for a while, but he understood. He didn't want to fear Ryuga anymore and this was the first step of doing so. As he laid in the comfort and company of Ryuga, he began to think of other things, like his friends and Ryuga all getting along, or maybe just he and Ryuga for a start.

"Good night, Ryuga."