Tiger Hunting the Kitsune
Naruto x Tigress

Story Start

Her eyes followed the movement of her unaware target. He didn't move with the exception of his long, orange furred appendage swaying back and forth.

Her fur bristled with excitement and a growl let her lips. This behavior was unbecoming of a trained warrior such as herself. Unbecoming of a lady, but she couldn't help how she felt. Her nose twitched at the sound of his scent. There was a strong musk, he had obviously been training and must have currently been resting.

This urge was clouding her normally calm mind. Her tail slowly glided across the grass. She was being careful, not to alert his presence. She was feeling quite peckish, but food would not sate her desires. She knew her master and adopted father would not approve, she could picture Mantis lewd jokes and Crane fretting like he usually did.

She began making her move, lowering herself to the ground, slowly trailing on all four paws as the desire began to overtake her. Bending her hind legs she flattened herself unto her chest pressed to the earth. Her eyes watched as he slowly stirred, his ears twitched and he stretched. She could no longer wait.

She moved.

She roared.

His ears moved and he fearfully craned his head. He was unable to move as she roared and kicked her legs off the ground. She glided across the bird like an airborn bird and was tackled. She easily bowled him over, pinning him to ground as a startled cry escaped her lips.

''Tigress.'' he gasped, his cheeks burning. He gasped, her tail sweeping over his. The look in her eyes was playful, but not in the pure sort of way that a happy child would. A soft mew escaped her lips as her tongue ran along his neck. He groaned, the rough texture of her tongue sending shiver down his spines. She softly nipped at his furred neck and ground against his form.

It took a few moments to smell the lingering scent that was in the air, coming from Tigress and his eyes widened. She let out a roar and the scent intensified. And that's when the Kitsune realized what was wrong with the leader of the Fierce some Five. She was in heat!