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Santana was sitting in the back of her Law class doing her best to stay focused on the teacher. However, as time passed, her attention was lost on the teacher and was now focused on the clock that hung on the wall. She watched the second hand making its rounds languidly. Her pen drummed against her notebook as she willed time to move faster. Her attention was so focussed on the clock-the passing of minutes, the ticking of seconds-that Puck would have to nudge her with his elbow to bring her back to the lesson. And every time he did this, she only managed to pay attention for a few minutes before looking back at the clock.

She watched the second hand pass the 5 for the 40th time before she felt a buzzing in her jacket pocket. She looked up at the teacher until she found her turned towards the board so she could look at her phone.

Somethin on ur mind Lopez? Berry's got you whipped-Puckerman

Santana put her phone back in her pocket before she looked at Puck. The boy's eyebrow quirked, a trait he and Quinn shared and a trait the Latina found quite annoying, before a shit-eating grin formed on his lips.

Santana ripped a piece of paper out of her notebook before writing a single word on its lined surface. When she found another opportunity, she slid it over to Puck.


The boy let out a small chuckle, forcing some people to turn at the source of the noise, before everyone turned back to focus on the lesson.

Well... everyone except Santana.

Santana's eyes fell back upon the clock-watching the passing of minutes, the ticking of seconds. She was waiting for the class to be over so she could hurry off to study hall. It was the one class that she shared with Rachel and she couldn't wait to see the small starlet again.

After yesterday, with the letter and the song, Santana couldn't wait to read more of Rachel's heartfelt words. She wanted to know, out of everyone in Lima, why her? What did Santana do to make Rachel fall for her? It was obvious that for most of high school Santana made Rachel's life a living hell, so how did Rachel find it in herself to move past all of that and find a way to love and accept Santana.

It is something that the Latina would never understand.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even hear the bell ring. It was only when she felt the sharp pain in her side from Puck's elbow did she gather her things and head towards the library.

When she arrived, she spotted Rachel sitting at their usual table hidden in the back corner of the library. Rachel was wearing a blue, button-up blouse, a short black skirt and her usual knee-highs and penny loafers. In the past, it would have been an outfit that she insulted. But that was only because she found her style ridiculously adorable.

Santana made her way through the walls of books before sitting in front of Rachel.

"Santana! You scared me," Rachel's hand was gripping her heart.

"This is a library ladies. I ask you kindly to be quiet," the librarian barked from her desk.

Rachel and Santana both let out a small giggle before focussing their attention upon one another once more.

"Well, I didn't think you would have a heart attack. Next time I'll sound a bell or something."

Rachel smiled before looking away bashfully. Santana could feel the flutter in her stomach, but chose to ignore it. Santana Lopez did not get butterflies, even if she totally had them because of Rachel Berry.

"So, complete honesty?" Rachel asked.


"How badly did you wish for you last class to end so that you could come here and see me?"

"If I said really badly, would I sound like a dork?"

"Yes, but I promise your secret's safe with me. I won't tell anyone that Santana Lopez is the biggest dork I know," Santana swatted the smaller girl's arm playfully before letting a chuckle escape from her lips. Her laughter was short lived when she heard the shushing from the librarian.

"To be honest, I find it quite cute," it was Santana's turn to look away bashfully."And if I am being completely honest, I was wishing for my last class to end too."

Santana gave her a small smile before they both opened their books and started their work. Yes they enjoyed each other's company, but this was study hall. The point was to study. Well...Rachel studied and Santana pretended to study so the diva couldn't get mad at her.

Most of her study hall was spent studying Rachel.

Time passed as they shared small talk and helped each other with work. Santana copied Puck's law notes that she had taken from him earlier so she didn't fall behind in the class. Rachel spent most of her time working on Biology while simultaneously talking about the upcoming school play.

"West Side Story went off with such a bang earlier in the year, the theatre department wants to put on a spring play. We just need to find the right one."

"I am assuming you want to put on a musical?"

"Precisely, it is the only way to show off all of my skills in one setting. With Nationals coming up, NYADA scouts will surely be making their rounds looking at the competition. A spring musical really could help my chances at getting an acceptance letter."

"Well, if you need any help, just let me know," Santana smiled.

"You could actually help me out."

"How so?"

"Do you think you could get the Glee Club on board? While they have warmed up to me over the past few years, I feel they are still reluctant with accepting my ideas. I was hoping that since you have so much status, that you could convince them to try out for roles."

"I'm sure they would go for it without me having to ask, but if you need it, I will help you out."

"Thank you so much, Santana."

They both smiled before the bell sounded, signalling for the end of the day. Both girls piled their books into their bags before making their way down the hall towards their lockers. It became routine, at the end of the day, they would stop at Santana's locker first so the Latina could get her books before heading off to Rachel's locker.

Santana waited patiently as the diva placed her various notebooks and binders into her bag. Santana knew the girl finished all of her work in study hall, but the girl would always bring home her book for extra studying.

Both Santana and Rachel walked through the, now, vacant parking lot until they reached Rachel's Prius.

"This is my stop."

"That it is," Santana smiled.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Rachel reached into the front pocket of her backpack before pulling out another star covered letter, "your letter of the day."

"Thank you," Santana reached out and grabbed the letter, keeping the paper clutched in her left hand.

"I guess I'd better go. I have ballet at 4pm," Rachel commented.

"Have fun, just don't hurt yourself."

"Please, I have been in ballet since I could walk. No need to worry Miss Lopez. But it's really sweet that you do anyways," without thinking, Rachel step forward and placed a soft kiss on Santana's cheek, "I'll see you later, okay?"

Santana could only nod as she watched Rachel get into her car and watched her pull out of the school parking lot.

Even though a few minutes had past, Santana could feel the warmth of crimson reside in her cheeks. She could still feel the burn of where Rachel's soft lips touched her skin, her fingers brushing over the spot. She forced herself to drop her hand and walk towards her car before she slid into the driver's seat. She was about to put the key in the ignition when she felt the weight of the letter that was still clutched in her hand. She was tempted to try and wait, but the curiosity was getting to her. She sat back in her seat and opened the letter and began reading.

Here we are, day 2. And even though it is day 2, I find that there are so many things that made me fall for you that it is getting increasingly harder to choose which one I want to write about each day. There are constant polls and debates going on within my mind, trying to choose the right word or the right phrase.

But none of them seem right.

None of them seem right because I feel that no matter how many words I write, or how many letters, they will never be able to convey the way I feel about you. The only true expression that would display my true feelings would be through touch; my fingers running across your skin, my lips brushing yours.

Santana felt her breath hitch at the thought of Rachel's fingers running across her bare skin.-brushing over hip bones, running across her spine. How good it would feel to have Rachel's lips on her own. How it would feel to have Rachel trail kisses down her neck, over her collar bone, trailing down her toned stomach-each kiss strategically placed and each eliciting a new feeling.

Santana tore herself away from her own thoughts and pull her focus back to the letter.

And I guess that is where the idea for this letter came from. The idea of touch and how many emotions and feelings can be conveyed with just the brush of fingers.

So here we go. Day 2: Your hands.

Trust me, I know what you're thinking. Wherever you are, you are probably holding back laughter while simultaneously thinking, or saying aloud, how 'wanky' that sounds.

It was true. A smile spread across Santana's face at the notion that Rachel knew her so well.

And before your mind completely falls into the gutter, there is a lot more to what I am saying than sexual innuendoes.

It is the way that your hands are positioned when you sing. Not when you are placed in the background and singing with the rest of the Glee Club. Not when you are singing a parody song or a light-hearted song, but it is when you truly feel the song you are singing. When you sing Adele, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Huston or another other songs sung by emotional powerhouses, is when you truly see it. When you feel the words and the melodies wash over you. Your eyes close as you force your voice to hit those perfect notes, which you do expertly I might add. You hold your hands up, the exact way each time, as you belt out these emotional ballads. Your hands accentuate each important word or phrase, or they help push you through a lengthy note. And there are so many things to be mesmerized by all at once that you just sit there in awe.

Completely still.

Though your hands are such instruments to push through emotional ballads, they are also soft and delicate. You emanate this persona of the 'Lima Heights badass,' and yet, your hands fail to meet the title. Long, soft, slender fingers void themselves from your rough exterior that you display.

I noticed this a few months ago, when we were singing that Fun number. It reminded me of years ago when we all first joined Glee. We forgot about competition and rivalries, and we just sang together. I watched you from across the auditorium as you belted your section so effortlessly. And without evening knowing it, I was completely drawn to you.

It was strange really. We hardly ever spoke, or when we did, it was hardly ever kind. We never really sang together or even danced near each other in group numbers, but it was like this tether was pulling me towards you.

And you didn't back away. You gave me a beaming smile and I couldn't help but return it with just as much enthusiasm.

That smile, I tell ya.

My hand moved on its own accord to reach out and grab yours, and you didn't hesitate to grab mine and intertwine our fingers. I couldn't ignore how well our hands fit together. Like my fingers were meant to fit in the spaces between yours. And your hands were so soft and gentle. All I had ever known is the feeling of large, rough hands surrounding my fingers-trapping them. Where my fingers where lost within the spaces in between.

But with you, it was just right.

And that's when I knew. Just like the spaces between our fingers, you were just right for me. I was done trying to force the pieces together; force Finn and I together. There is a feeling when you know something is just right, and that's what I felt with you.

You were just right for me.

Your hands: Reason number 2 why I fell in love with you (among many).

For as long as you'll have me,

Rachel Berry

P.S. It has occurred to me that you don't have my phone number, nor do I have yours. So here it is and you can text me your number :)

(416) 526-1887

Santana folded the letter and sat for a moment in awe. Rachel had a gift for taking the simplest of gestures and writing about them in such detail and with so much passion, that you couldn't help but swoon over her words. Santana had no idea that the simplest touch could elicit so many feelings and emotions.

But she would be lying to herself if she said she didn't feel them either.

Santana dropped the letter on the passenger seat and put the key in the ignition. She had already been in the parking lot for nearly 20 minutes and she needed to get home.

While she weaved through the various streets and through the multiple traffic lights and street signs, she couldn't help but feel like she was in a daze. As she was driving, Rachel's words kept imbedding themselves deeper within her mind. With every letter that Rachel gives her, the same feeling is the result.

Eventually, Santana found herself pulling into her driveway. She quickly grabbed her things from the back seat and entered into her house.

"Mija, where have you been? Did you have Glee today? I thought school ended half an hour ago?" Santana's mother questioned.

"It did, I was just talking with Rachel."

"Ah, say no more," Santana's mother winked at her and the Latina could feel her cheeks burning. She was all for her mother being supportive, but being embarrassed by the woman wasn't the best feeling in the world. She felt like a 14 year old boy who told his mom about his very first crush.

"Anyways, mom, I have to go do homework."

Santana grabbed her bag and ran up the stairs before her mom could add any more to the conversation. Only when she softly closed the door behind her did she finally release the breath she didn't realize she was holding.

She dropped her bag by the foot of the bed before sprawling over the large mattress. She pulled out her phone and saved Rachel's number in her contacts before deciding to text the brunette.

How is ballet class going?-S

I see you read the letter :) How was it? Was it okay? Was it too much? You think I'm weird now don't you?-R

Santana couldn't help but laugh at how adorable Rachel was being.

The letter was very sweet, thank you :) But if you tell anyone I said that, I might have to go all Lima Heights on you ;)-S

I'm shaking in my boots :P And class is going really well. You actually caught me on my break, but I will have to get back soon. Call you when I'm done?-R

Sure, no problem. I'll be waiting :)-S

Santana put her phone down beside her before her eyes focused on her ceiling. She had managed to do all of her homework in study hall, so she had nothing to serve as a distraction while she waited for Rachel's call.

As she looked beside her on the bed, she noticed Rachel's letter that had been creased a few times over from being refolded so many times. As Santana opened the letter and let her fingers run over the printed words, an idea came into her mind. She leaped off her bed and headed over towards her desk. She took out a pen and a few pieces of fresh paper. She placed her pen at the start of the first line on the page.

Day 1

Rachel Berry wasn't the only one who could write letters.

Santana was brought from her writing when her phone started ringing. She jumped slightly before picking it up and reading the caller ID. It was Rachel.

"Hey," Santana voiced.

"Are you okay? You sound a bit startled."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Your call just caught me off guard."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I can call back-"

"No...I've been waiting for you to call."

Santana could feel her cheeks burning, and even though she couldn't see it, she knew Rachel was blushing on the other end.

"So is there any reason you wanted to call me, other than the fact that you can't get enough of me?" Santana questioned through a smirk.

"I guess you can say it's a little bit of both," Rachel chuckled. "I was wondering if you had any plans tonight?"

"Is Rachel Berry asking me out on a date?"

"Not exactly," Rachel paused. "I was wondering if you wanted to join my family for dinner?"

"Okay, we haven't even been on a date and Rachel Berry is asking me to meet the parents," Santana chuckled.

"It's not like that. I just really want them to meet you."

"But they hate me," Santana stated.

"They don't hate you, they just don't know you."

"So...they hate me?"

"You're impossible," Santana chuckled. "Please just come to dinner tonight. I will do anything, please?"

"Anything?" Santana's voice dripping with all the possibilities of what 'anything' could be.

"Within reason. Keep it in your pants Lopez."

"You offered Berry," Santana smiled and she could feel Rachel smiling as well.

"Just," Rachel paused, "please consider it?"

"I'll be there, Rachel."

Santana had to hold the phone away from her ear while Rachel squealed on the other side of the line. Santana couldn't help but laugh at the girl's antics and adorableness.

"Thank you, thank you! I'll see you at 7pm I guess?"

"7pm it is."

Santana pulled up outside of Rachel's house. It was 6:50pm, but she figured she needed the 10 minutes to gain her composure. She had spent the last few hours finishing Rachel's letter and trying to pick out an outfit. She tore apart her whole closest while her mother stood in her doorway and gushed about how adorable it was that Santana was dressing up for Rachel.

Needless to say, Santana couldn't get out of there fast enough.

A small flower arrangement sat beside her on the passenger seat. She wanted to bring food, but wasn't sure what to bring and she didn't know what they were having, so she decided against that. Instead, she brought a bouquet of various flowers that were bought last minute from the flower section in the grocery store.

It was the thought that counted, right?

The flowers were more for Rachel then anything, but she didn't want to come empty handed.

When she looked at the clock, she realized it was 7pm on the dot. She checked the rear view mirror to make sure her makeup looked okay. She added another coat of lip gloss before grabbing the flowers and her purse and getting out of the car. She walked up the Berry's driveway before her shaky hand knocked against the door. In no time at all, Rachel pulled the door open.

"Just on time," Rachel said.

"You said 7, right?" Rachel nodded furiously.

When Santana's eyes gazed over Rachel's outfit, she couldn't ignore how amazing the tiny, starlet looked. She wore a red dress that was cut just above the knee. The dress fit her form, but not too fitting. The dress was sleeveless and it was accompanied with a beautiful gold necklace.

To say she was beautiful was an understatement.

"What are those?"

Santana was brought from her thoughts with Rachel's question. It was only then that she remembered the flowers hidden behind her back.

" I didn't know what to bring so-"

"They're beautiful, thank you," Rachel smiled.

"It was the least I could do," Santana could feel her cheeks burning. She was sure that even with her caramel skin, Rachel could see the faint tinge of crimson.

"Do you want to come in?" Rachel questioned.

"Yeah, sorry," Santana laughed nervously.

Santana took a moment to familiarize herself with the house once again. The last time she was here is when Rachel had that party while her parents were away on a cruise. And if she was quite honest with herself, she didn't remember a lot of that night. All she knows is she woke up in her own bed with a pounding headache and a very naked Brittany.

Rachel took her coat and hung it up in the foyer closest, so she was left with her black, strapless dress. It was plain in comparison to Rachel's, but it was the only 'family friendly' dress she owned.

"Dinner won't be ready for a few minutes, so do you want to watch t.v. while we wait?"

"Yeah, that sounds fine."

The two sat on the couch, Santana putting some distance between them. She didn't know why she was acting like this. She was sitting three feet away from Rachel and babbling like an idiot every time she made an attempt to speak. She was never like this. But then it donned on her.

She was nervous.

"You know I don't bite," Rachel voiced.

Santana looked over at the small girl next to her, "Sorry."

Santana made no attempt to move, so Rachel took a small breath and moved beside the Latina. Santana could feel the brush of their thighs before Rachel reached out and grabbed her hand, easily intertwining their fingers.

"You don't have to be nervous. It's just me. And trust me, if I can love you, my dads will love you."

"But I've always been horrible to you, and I screwed up your relationship with Finn-"

"You didn't do anything. Finn and I hadn't been working for awhile. The only thing you did was made me realize I wanted and needed more, and you were there to give that to me."

"Yeah, but I was still a bitch to you most of your life. They have to know that."

"They do," Rachel paused. "But do you want to know a secret?"

"What," Santana questioned nervously.

"Daddy used to be really meant to dad before they fell in love. Daddy was on the football team and dad was on the debate team. Daddy said he used to pick on dad because he didn't know how to deal with his feelings, so he lashed out on the object of his desires."

"He said that?"

"I may be paraphrasing a little, but that is his story. I know that's what you were doing. You were afraid of being different and being judged, so it was easier to attack me then deal with your feelings. It took me a while to understand that, but once I did, I couldn't blame you anymore. I knew you were hurting and if tossing a slushy in my face was going to make you feel even a little bit better, then I was going to let it happen."

Santana pulled Rachel into a tight embrace before she could feel Rachel's arms circling around her lower back.

"I'm sorry for putting you through that, no matter what you say. Yeah I was confused and hurting, but that doesn't mean I should have taken it out on you. That wasn't fair to you," Santana pulled back from the embrace. "But the good news is that for as long as you'll have me, I get to spend each day making it up to you. And I promise I will."

Hiram and Leroy watched the conversation unfold as the stood just out of sight near the family room opening.

"I like this one," Hiram mentioned.

"I think I like her too, much better than that Finn boy."

"I kind of don't want to say dinner is ready. They look too adorable."

"Girls, dinner is served," Leroy announced as the girls quickly separated.

The four had been chatting animatedly while they enjoyed the vegan stir-fry that the Berry men had made for the occasion. They jumped from Rachel's ideas about the spring musical, to Glee club and Nationals, to how each of their days went. Santana had a permanent smile plastered on her face. She forgot how nice this was; family dinner. She missed animated talks about her day and the playful banter she had with her parents. Though they did have dinner together occasionally, it was few and far between.

Soon the four had devoured their meals and sat at the table with full stomachs and satisfied smiles.

"That was amazing Mr. Berry."

"Please, call us Hiram and Leroy. It gets exhausting trying to figure out who you are trying to talk to," Leroy offered.

"Finn never really understood that, did he?"

"No he did not, no matter how many times we told him."

"Well, he was never the brightest. Maybe he took one too many footballs to the head."

The three broke out into laughter while Rachel attempted to hold a pout before shortly joining them.

The four help clear the table and clean the dishes, even though both Hiram and Leroy told Santana she could sit and relax. After all, she was a guest. But she decided to help out instead. The three talked a bit more while they all sat in the family room, Hiram and Leroy cuddled closely together and both Rachel and Santana sitting close. Soon it was time for Santana to leave and Rachel offered to walk her out.

"See, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No, it was actually a lot of fun. I really like your dads. They're really cool."

"I'm sure they'll be ecstatic when they hear that," Rachel chuckled.

"I had a lot of fun tonight," Santana stated as she reached forward and grabbed Rachel's hand, playing with the diva's fingers.

"I wish you didn't have to go. It feels like you just got here."

"I'll see you tomorrow, right?"

Rachel nodded before surging forward and placing a soft peck to the Latina's lips. It was only brief, merely seconds, before Rachel pulled away.

"Sorry," Rachel apologized.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. I told you, this is all up to you. Whatever you want to happen between us will happen. The ball's in your court."

"Then I'm not sorry," both girls smiled.

"I guess I'd better go. It's getting late."

"Okay, I'll see you in Glee tomorrow."

"Yeah," Santana quickly pulled Rachel into a hug, and it took a moment, but soon Rachel was hugging her back. She placed a soft kiss to the smaller girl's check before pulling away. She started to walk towards her car before she remembered the letter in her purse.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Santana pulled the letter out and handed it to Rachel. "This is for you."

"What is it?"

"I figured I would start the whole letter writing thing too. Just promise you'll wait until I'm gone to read it."

"Yeah, of course."

Santana placed one final kiss to the diva's cheek before jumping in her car and pulling away from the Berry household. Rachel flipped the envelop over to read the front.

Day 1: Your voice

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