*Clears throat* Alright, I have gathered 26 words and will wright a short story...drabble...whatever, to go with them.

I'm actually a shipper of Mitsuhide/Ranmaru/Nobunaga, but if I must pick two, I lean towards Ranmaru/Nobunaga. This is going to have the three sum couple at times, but mostly just the two. I used Random Word Generator to pick the words.

As of right now, I don't plan on any of the shorts being 'M' but in the off chance one is, I will let you know before hand and you can skip it since none of these connect with the others.

I tried my very best to keep everyone in character and I apologize in advance if they're not. Also, it doesn't really matter, but they're wearing Samurai Warriors 3's clothes simply because Ranmaru's wearing tiny little shorts.

I own nothing but the games and my laptop.

Now that all this junks out of the way, enjoy.