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I hate how the layout has been effected by the program switching going on. Unfortunately some of the text ends up in huge blocks and the rest is just fine. I am sorry about that and I have tried repeatedly to fix this issue. Unfortunately I am at the stage where I have given up trying to edit this and get it to work.

I just hope it's readable enough for people not to get too angry with. I'm sorry but unfortunately that's the way the cookie crumbles.

1.0 Disclaimer

The following series is a FanFiction.
Meaning it is a Non Profit! Derivative work of an existing project belonging to somebody else.
TRON, TRON Legacy and any other TRON related projects all belong to Disney.
I am not syphoning off their profits, and I do mean no disrespect to the established characters made by the designers and portrayed by the respective actors.
This project is done for fun and will have an additional character of my own creation in here and there (you'll spot them miles away). Locations will be altered a little here and there and may differ from the originals.
Character roles may also be altered but this is a Post Existing Movie fic.


The binary converter I use is this one . since it is one of the least cluttered.
To make things easier for long strings of binary i port it over into a word program and replace all 0's with 'r' and all 1's with 'R' for Rinzler's 'purr'. So... yeah... i mean CLU could understand him right? so... it's not that implausible xD

Part of me wants to seem clever and not mention this... but heck I'm not Nitro and needed help making my own personal theory something more, well, real ^^
The noise Rinzler makes is both a growl and a purr to me, looking up what other people say about the noise is hilarious. Hard-drives seeking is something more familiar to me than a broken coffee machine... Its both menacing and humorous at the wrong times for me. Either way when the noise is there beware xD
Body language plays a vital part in Rinzler's communication, but constantly being in battle mode means not only is he hiding something. A damaged face... meaning he has to make the growl? Or a sneer permanently worked in because its more evil? That's up for us as fans to decide and manipulate for our own fantasies xD

So.. binary... a good or bad idea?


Seriously... it just dawned on me I haven't even mentioned in the story anything about Nathanial's eye or hair colour. Or much about his clothing.
LOL how did I not realise I'd missed out these details? (easy... the only time there's a drastic clothing change is in the Grid – the only time details happened to matter as I planned this out)
It only just dawned on me by 1.3, the third chapter in the series. WHOOPS. I provided a crappy sketch and left it at that by accident.
Hmm... I like green eyes, so let's say he has pale green eyes and brown hair. Yes... and for clothing... He's not one for high fashion so he will just wear whatever for the occasion. At work it's trousers and shirts since its an office block and he is front of house often enough.
Yeah sorry about that, I was so concerned with the story and characters I forgot to describe much... With fanfictions there's the advantage of not having to describe the world the characters are in... since everyone already knows and doesn't need to even imagine too hard what existing characters even look like. So... whoops.
I'll try to edit the snippets about Nathanial in as best I can... it would affect the first chapter more I recon...

Oh the joys of editing a huge area of text that is having layout issues.


I did some digging into acronyms and there are a few existing meanings to NTRO - ones based on an anti terrorist organization... and I remembered the site this is from... and.. I am very happy with the results. It's just a little more background to Nitro that is retroactively given as I go along.

It makes a lot more sense considering how the program is used. He used it to cause problems when he used it as a hacking program and he alters the code back to its normal origins by the time 1.4 rolls around. I'm working on it I swear, ive had a busy week but i have a week off and should be able to motor through this Fic.

On the plus side it has not turned into a chore like many other projects of mine. I hope I can keep trucking to the end.


Nathanial Moran. It was official, all typed out in clear font on his new Encom access pass. The name he despised wholeheartedly, the name that when on clear display hinted more and more at the secret of sorts he wished to hide...
That was the reason he went more commonly by Nitro, based on his old hacking tag NTRO when he was younger. Not that he was much older than two decades by this point. He didn't want people to underestimate him, or make the link to him and his father. Getting a job at Encom was part of a bigger dream for Nitro, he wanted to be taken seriously and not let people think everything he could have was because he was the son of the head of a computer firm.
He didn't hate his father exactly, just the company he had no influence over... and ever since Sam Flynn began heading the company...Encom finally started becoming the company it should have been without the Dillinger's influence.
He sighed and tucked the card into the bit of plastic at the end of his lanyard before grabbing hold of the mail trolley. It sure as heck wasn't what he had imagined working for Encom would be like, but a junior position was better than nothing. Juniors often moved up in such organisations, that thought kept him going past his trial period.
It didn't take long before the mail cart was loaded up with paperwork and disks that needed to go from one department to the other. Office to office, floor to floor, cubicle to cubicle. Nitro let his guard slip walking on one of the higher floors and nearly rammed into an irate Sam Flynn, yelling something behind him into what looked like Alan Bradley's office. The brakes were immediately on and he had to wait for the chaos storm of Flynn and his female companion leaving.
Of all the ways for the head of a company to act, it was just... Alan was made CEO and yet he was constantly in the firing line of everyone. It made him sick inside when he saw he had a hefty pile of papers and disks for his employer to sort through, especially after whatever that was all about.
Nitro pulled some of his stray brown hair behind his ear before he knocked on the door and awaited it opening with the curt manager standing there in the doorway as usual. Instead a fairly quiet 'enter' of a weary man was the response.
"Mail's here Mr Bradley" Nitro opened the door and made his way to the desk with the pile and put it carefully between the monitor and the family picture of Alan, his wife, and their baby by the look of it. "any outgoing?" he asked on autopilot.
"..." Alan put his glasses back on with a sigh and eyed up the pile "maybe..." Something was troubling him and without a solid answer Nitro decided to speak up.
"Something bothering you? I mean... I saw Mr Flynn and.." he realised he didn't know the female's name and decided just to taper off.
"He's turning into his father..." Alan mumbled with a slight smile... mostly to himself Nitro gathered. The man paused and looked at Nitro, gears turning and he quickly typed out and printed out several sheets of paper "I need you to separate these and get them to the recipients" He held out the papers which were printed so each memo was A5 and all internal. "Quickly"
"Yessir..." Nitro grabbed the sheets and made the direct order his priority... Lucky he kept stationary essentials tucked in a case on the cart. He was able to cut the papers apart as he walked and all of the department heads were confused but each immediately dropped what they were doing to go to the boardroom. Such was Alan's power it seemed.


It took a little more than a week for news to filter down and across the building. Dillinger Jr was causing a few issues it seemed. The previous head of the company was Kevin Flynn, before him a man called Edward Dillinger who unfortunately unleashed the MCP within Encom's servers and systems.

Nitro had to only sigh as more details became known over following days, Edward Dillinger Jr had been on the board of directors as the security consultant and one of the head programmers. Seemingly to make up for his father's errors and whatnot... This was only starting to prove to be the cover. Junior had disliked Kevin Flynn for what happened and the grudge held to attack back at Flynn Jr when he seemingly rose to power.

All in all it was becoming a mess Ala- Mr Bradley was getting worried and stressed it was hard to tell which as Nitro had made it his own vested interest to drop off some coffee and a snack atop the mail. Oddly his offers of support were welcomed and thankfully he wasn't told he was crossing the line.

Nitro wasn't sure exactly what was driving him to attempt to look after the man, he was married after all... He tried not to think about it as he put the takeout cup down and let out a meaningful cough to Sam Flynn. He shot a look at him with his pale green eyes that meant 'back the hell off before you regret it'. Sure he was glaring at the major shareholder, but not the man in charge of hiring and firing. While his eyes weren't all that spectacular... they could be damn icy when he wanted.

"Easy now..." Alan had clocked the recoil as he took a sip of whatever was brought for him today "hm... Hazelnut...That's ne-" Sam shot a look at Alan that made him sigh and shake his head. "No outgoing today Nathanial"

Not wanting to cross either man it was far easier to retreat and let them bitch at each other in private. Nitro made a mental note that the complicated half-caf-soy-cappuccino with a hazelnut twist and chocolate topping was the winner... Expensive too, but that happy contented smile had become worth it. Least his own straight black was easy to grab from the breakrooms... and he was paid enough to compensate thankfully.

That was beside the point... Something was happening within Encoms walls that wasn't being reflected on their output. Something everyone seemed to either know about or not give a crap about since Sam Flynn always seemed to be a gigantic pain in the ass before working at Encom and during.

Especially since just as he was about to clock out and leave... One hell of a freaking large box arrived. Damn thing seemed to fill the lorry that was carrying it from the delivery security screen. Being in charge of deliveries Nitro cringed and cursed whoever ordered something so stupidly disproportionate to the doors and stairways.

His curses found their target in Flynn, oh joy of joys. He snatched the clipboard from the driver and told him it would just have to be left in the loading bay as he signed for it. "You want to try and get it inside? or do we wait to take out a window on whichever floor it belongs on and winch it in" which was a far more realistic and cost effective solution to Nitro. Screw hiring a moving team he was the mailman and this box was mail.

The driver didn't care one whit and drove off leaving the two men to glare at each other in silent argument... only moments away from a pissing contest that would serve only to soak the loading bay.

"Ah, nice to see it arrived" Alan chimed up from inside the building, walking from the doorway to stand somewhat between the pair. Nudging Nitro out of the way in favour of moving his once surrogate son. "At least now we can decide what should be done with the Arcade" he clapped Sam's shoulder and looked at the box, the return address was clear as day and wouldn't take anyone long to figure out.

Nitro sighed "I'll get the paperwork, whatever this is can wait out here till tomorrow, you'd be crazy to want an old arcade game" since... what else could it possibly be. He'd have to do some after hours calling but he was fairly sure the window firm they used had an answering machine.

Sam didn't have much room to argue the point since his mentors assumption was proved correct. It would take a stalking mad genius at this point to realise that the box held the laser and main console his father had used. The console was being brought over for the sake of nostalgia, and the laser, well... It was far safer to house his one connection to the grid in a building that had other priorities.

Quorra arrived on Sams motorbike with a smile, everything at Flynn's had gone smoothly and she had taken her time locking everything up and getting to the company. Happily oblivious to the agitation prior to her dismounting and walking toward her partner.

Nitro briefly had chance to eye up the dark haired stranger over the camera feed, she was familiar and he struggled placing her. Maybe the one he had seen a while ago? He didn't dwell on it as he contacted the window company and the maintenance teams. Within twenty four hours everything had gone without many hitches and the stupid box had arrived where it should.

The entire floor was closed off and the buttons disabled on the elevators, it was incredibly odd and well.. Nitro was a curious sort and secrets like that didn't go down too well with him. He escaped working in the family business because of such secrecy. In many ways his fathers company dealt with the manufacture of hardware, but they did outsource and create their own software and had begun slowly battling with Encom. Not that he would readily admit to that.

He found opportunity to ask Alan on one of the slow mail days, also the day where his boss was slapping the heck out of his computer tower. "So... about that huge box?" He smiled and crouched by the tower... odd.. the noise wasn't from there, more the speakers.

Alan sat back in his chair "Not saying anything about that box... but I know that look"

Nitro was confused for a moment, he hadn't been at the company THAT long... but daily trips and other office encounters... made a little sense in an odd somewhat creepy way. "the noise... its like a harddrive, but... not"

The CEO smiled "its recent... since that box" it had been bugging him a while, that same noise. Since the Grid was hooked up to Encom's servers any time he logged on that noise was there. He knew the young man would put two and two together. It had only been there since the night previous.

Nitro paused a moment it was like a familiar ticking...it did sound like a robotic purr of a kind, but also... so very much like a rushed Morse code... "recent... but not that recent" he got his phone out and recorded the noise... with a few tweaks to playback...

#rRrrrrR rRRrRRrr rRRrrrrR rRRrRRRr rrRrrrrr rrRRRRRR#

"Hear that?" Nitro smiled in a small moment of triumph and on a rather blank response he sighed "its binary..." as far as he could tell it was noises of eight digits... "Alan?"
"hm?" the manager glanced up from his paperwork, he had gone back to work while letting Nitro do his thing, he seemed to be interested and invested.
"no.. I mean... the noise its saying 'Alan?' " He wrote down the binary '01000001 01101100 01100001 01101110 00100000 00111111 ' for his employer and on the line below he converted the binary into the current alphabet.
Alan Bradley was surprised. He realised how quickly the young man had picked up on the coding and converted it and looked at him a little dumbfounded. "... you know binary?"
"yeah... as well as the English alphabet" Nitro didn't think this such a big deal in front of an old school programmer, but maybe then it was. It was something he did with some of the elder employees in his father's firm... "been able to type since a toddler" he rubbed the back of his neck.
Most of his life he'd been on the run from schoolyard bullies, he relished being in his current environment where the geek was god. He wasn't the smartest he would admit, but certain things he knew... he knew them damn well.
Alan shook his head "Computers... codes... coffee" he pretended to think a moment "tell me, what can't you do?"
Nitro almost answered before he chuckled "well darling... want that list collated and stapled?" he took the 'darling what would I do without you' from old romances Alan was bound to have caught over the years.
Alan was a little phased by the response, but understood the angle after some thought. "no need... married" he hinted at the ring on his finger "however..."
Nitro paused as he was leaving "however?" he had done the initial legwork for Alan and given him an answer to one of many potential questions. He did want to find out more for himself... but he knew it wasn't his computer... his place
"I think a partnership would be mutually beneficial..." Alan stood from his chair and hinted that Nitro should sit down. A single dialogue box was open and everything else locked by Alan's own keys. He smiled "becoming my personal assistant is quite the leap... but I can think of no-one better"
Nitro slowly made his way over to the desk and looked at Alan. He raised an eyebrow at him "so... I can finally drop the crap"
"Yes Nitro, you can"
"... Finally... I'll start filing for a new mail boy and as soon as its filled... I'll be all yours" He couldn't say fairer than that as he extended his hand "So... Coffee Alan?"