Chapter 4

Disclaimer: I don't own Summer of My German Soldier or any of the characters. They belong to Bette Greene.

7 Years Later

I slowly opened my eyes as the light crept over my eyelids. I sat up to look out the window of my bedroom and I saw the warm, welcoming sun. I turned on my other side to see the warm, welcoming sight of Anton. With his dark hair all tossed and his head buried in his pillow, he slept. I couldn't help but smile at my husband. Everyday feels voller with him. Full. Yes, it took us what felt like forever to get here. Getting to Boston, finally getting on a boat after a couple attempt and fails, and making our way to Germany were all challenging adventures. Connecting with Anton's father, getting me back into school, and getting Anton back into medical school were some difficult hurdles to vault as well, but it was worth it.

I was suddenly snapped out of my train of thought when Anton started stirring. I lent over him and kissed him lightly on the lips before trailing the kiss down his neck and eventually landing on his chest where I rested my head. I looked up to see him: eyes open and smiling down at me as he ran a hand through my hair.

"Du bist schön," he whispered. "He thinks I'm beautiful," I thought. I felt beautiful. Anton made me feel that way. He showed me what I couldn't see in myself. "Ich liebe dich," I whispered back. He smiled as his hand drifted down to my midsection and rubbed the newly developed bump there. "I love you too, P.R." Voller leben. Full life- my life with Anton. The End