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Winry couldn't breathe. She couldn't move. She couldn't THINK for shit either. Edward simply arched a ghost brow at her, seeming to understand her confusion and shock. The expression made him look younger, almost childish, the words cute and innocent came to her mind. He motioned for her to continue, bringing to her attention that she had said his name. She felt her face heat up and she felt like running home.

"Ms. Winry? Are you alright? I didn't frighten you too horribly did I?" He asked politely, running a hand through his hair, looking sheepish. Winry's mouth opened and closed uselessly for a moment before the question finally came out.

"Edward...why are you still here...?" She couldn't even recognize her own voice. Edward looked shocked at the sudden question, the look faded to one that made him look more his age. His eyes narrowed sharply, making Winry think she'd made him angry at first, he sighed and ran a hand through his hair again. Robert and Senna stood silent and still, afraid to distract him from his answer, if he'd even give one. Edward's eyebrow twitched, eyes closed and mouth a tight line.

"W-well...why do you ask?" He said, flicking his gaze to her then to senna and Robert, who all flinched. Winry gulped and tried not to get lost in the golden hues of his eyes, how could a ghost have such lifelike, emotion filled eyes? She failed and he snapped his fingers in front of her.

"A-ah! well...we want to help you." Edward scoffed at this, confusing her.

"It is pleasant to know you wish to assist, but there is nothing you could do ms." Winry furrowed her brow.

"And why the hell not?" She replied, getting a bit frustrated, after all this time she was not going home without answers. She and Edward had a stare off, she watching the emotions and feelings run through his eyes. Stubbornness, refusal, confusion, suspicion, and...pain. Winry blinked and leaned back a little from him. Pain? Why would that be there? "Edward...?" A raised brow combined with the stare was her response. "Are you in pain?" Shock ran through his gaze before it was like he shut the blinds, she couldn't see anything. His eyes had darkened to a dull bronze. He snapped, bad.

"pain? Of course i am in pain! i am trapped in this god forsaken town! My escape was hardly an escape at all! I attempted to escape my suffering and end it all only for it to trap me in this town and force me to watch my best friend, and-shortly after death-discovered love, get married and my horrid fiance live on like i didn't even matter! She still lives in this fucking town! I am forced to watch all i care for DIE before my eyes! The pain of my death will be never ending! There is nothing you can do, girl! Descendant of your Grandmother of not!" He began in a slightly raised voice that slowly rose to a yell, then into a scream that goes beyond human abilities, one of supernatural standards, before he faded from their sight. Winry swore she saw tears stream down his face before he faded. Robert stopped the tape and Senna walked to Wiry, a tad shaky from the shrieks.

" okay?" Senna asked, grabbing the pump from the bench, noting the black rose left on the bench. Winry nodded, shaking off her own fright.

"Yeah...all that pain...he couldn't express it until not all that surprised it would all come flooding out." Robert walked forward to her, setting the tape down.

"Actually, he did have chances, every time someone saw him he could express it. It all came flooding out probably because you are the spitting image of your grandmother, and -as he had said- his love. You probably brought all those emotions out."

"So like a trigger object?" Senna inquired, Robert nodding.

"Exactly! But he said his fiance still lives here...those unsettled emotions may be what are keeping him here."

"Wait!" Winry nearly shouted in fear, making the other two jump a bit, "What if when she dies he's still not settled? Would he have to stay for eternity here? We can't let that happen I mean that would just be cruel! He would have to watch people live and die here and-" Senna covered her mouth.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, relax Winry. We won't let that happen. We need to find his fiance then right?"

"Yeah," Robert replied quickly, "and my dad could probably give us information on who she is and maybe even her house location."

"Great! Then we need to talk to your dad immediately!" Winry stated, nearly bouncing.

"We can't. It's late, Winry. We have to wait until tomorrow, when he gets off work." Senna said quietly, holding her shoulders.

"B-but-! Edward-?" Robert waved her off.

"He's waited over fifty years. He can wait one more day." Winry bit her lip and nodded.

'But he deserves closure...after knowing what's wrong, what can be fixed...I can't just sit here!'

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