BB: New Batgirl 5

Liam's POV:

Since we were ten, I've known never to get Rory truly pissed. It wasn't good for your state of mind, or your health. In fact, the #1 reason I was backing away from her was because of what she'd demanded her suit do.

"Cloak and destroy."

It wasn't a command she compounded into the nanobots for tag. Cloak meant disguise features while she was in her repto-suit. Destroy meant… That this Viper-guy, family or not, was going to taste the end of her vibranium blade. Funny how she got weapons for Christmas from the Justice League Unlimited. I got them too, just not as frequently. I guess being a programming genius was a plus…

Right at this moment she was standing there, stock still, as the Batgirl nanobots configured to her whim.

They kind of dissolved into a black one-piece bathing suit without a back. Then the bottom melded into a kind of skirt with two slits on the side and black bicycle shorts under them. A pair of black flats encased her feet, until some nanobots dripped down enough to create boots.

Rory breathed in, closing her eyes. Then she growled, sounding less like Rory Gibson and more like Repto-girl. Opening her eyes, she made everyone gasp. Her eyes were heterochromic. One was pure amber, with a narrow black slit for her cornea. The other was normal, or rather, not reptilian. In the iris, it seemed that the nanobots had bonded with her eye. Grid patterns raced in it and glowed brightly, before dimming down.

"Come get some." Rory taunted. She smiled; her canines and incisors elongated and deadly.

Viper launched himself at her, reptilian form already out and looking scalier than Rory had after finding her boyfriend Teddy making out with Cynthia Lawson during the football match of the season. Liam had been lucky to have caught her before she'd shredded the teen to bits for his remark on how boyish Rory looked.

Rory was ready for him and directed a high-kick to his huge jaw. Never one to let an attack go un-followed, she continued with a roundhouse kick to his face. Viper hissed out in pain, and Rory hissed back in anger. "You're weak."


Terry's POV:

As Rory took on the big lizard, I faced the goons. Apparently, they knew better than to get in the middle of a reptilian smack down.

I dodged left, threw a batarang right and jumped up to let two KOBRA goons buck heads with each other. I looked over to see Robin punching and kicking at some goons of his own.

I launched a few batarangs at far off snipers and kicked a KOBRA goon back with a grunt. With the moment of peace I'd wrestled, searched for Rory. I spotted her backhand vaulting away from the scaly KOBRA king's slashes. Her skin looked closer to scales now, and I had a feeling it was going to take more than the usual 100 milliliter sedative to calm her this time.

I landed two batarangs with a taser charge on the backs of a couple of burly goons then landed a solid kick to one guy's chest, knocking him into another's abdomen.


Eli's POV:

I watched as my brother and newly found sister collided with hissing tongues and angry claws. I knew there was something familiar about her. She was my sister.

I shivered. She wouldn't last against Viper long. Viper was 57% lizard, and only so much human. He was a savage. I theorized that she was only 31% lizard.

Batgirl lashed out with one clawed hand. Viper caught and tugged her in. "Ssssuch a pity… My own blood will sssspill today for its betrayal…"

Batgirl fought back against his pulling her closer. "When you put it like that… Let me go!" she roared.

Viper simply backhanded her far across the room through the wall. Debris crumbled and I shivered.

Robin called out, "R- BG!" He took care of the three goons on his tail and rushed toward the smoking hole.

Viper intercepted him before he got there. A cold meticulous smile curved his brother's mouth. "Sssso ssssweet… You care…" His raptor like eyes landed on me. "This is what happenssss when you defy me, brother… People will die.

Robin choked out, "People are dying thanks to you anyways…"

I paled. "Stop it!"

"Sssstill unable to channel that frusssstration, brother? Such a pity…" His brother have a throaty cackle. "For your weaknessss, your little ssssaviorssss sssshall die… Sssstarting with thissss one…"

As he began crushing Robin's windpipe, I whimpered. He was right. I was weak. I couldn't even take on a gecko. I was helpless to stop my brother. And Batman was buried under more KOBRA goons than he could handle.

Suddenly, a light blue beam of energy hit Viper's back. "Step of my man, rattlesnake, or I'll freeze you until the next Global Warming period." Batgirl's enraged voice filled the air.

I looked over and there she stood, proud and tall. She was back in her original suit, and she looked angrier than ever.

Viper squeezed tighter and chuckled at the frantic struggling. Rory launched another beam and hit Viper square in the face, frosting over his head in a inch of ice. Viper screamed in pain.

I knew what being iced felt like. It was the treatment I had gotten for being insubordinate three years ago, twelve nights in the ice chamber.

She hit him again and again, coming closer with each blast until she was in his face. He'd released Robin somewhere around the tenth blast. She grabbed Viper and pulled him down to her cowl covered face. She smiled coldly. "You're a little too lizard to defrost by yourself, aren't you, big brother?"

She placed her hands on Viper's shoulders and ice started forming around his green scaled body. He hissed and tried to thrash her off, but the ice slowed his movements.

Once he was encased in a three inch cloak of ice, she stepped back. "That ought to hold you, big brother."

With that she turned to survey the makeshift battlefield, as did I. Batman had taken down the goons, and was making their way toward Batgirl and Robin. I dashed up to them too.

""You beat Viper!" I exclaimed. "You actually beat Viper! No one's ever beat Viper. Not even the Council can take him on."

When all cowl covered eyes turned to me, I stopped talking. "Am I under arrest?" I asked, tensing for the cuffs to come out.

"No," Batman began.

"But we do have a lot to talk about when we get home." BG finished.

"I'm going with you?" I parroted.

"Would you rather stay here?" she replied.

I shook my head. "Let's go!"


(Four days later)

Normal POV:

"Two mango-cherry swirls please, and one banana-chocolate cha-cha." Rory ordered at the Burger Kingdom cashier.

The cashier eyed Liam behind her, with hungry eyes that had nothing to do with the popular Cheddar-Bacon Ranch Knight burger and everything to do with his handsome face.

"Hello…" Rory airily sang.

The female cashier snapped back into bored underachiever mode and tallied the total. "Will that be all?"

"And a Cheddar-Bacon Chicken Supreme, too." Liam added over her shoulder.

Rory glared at him, staring him down, even as he wore black sunglasses. A celebrity kid had to protect his privacy. And with MWP tech lab's new visor disguise-rs, Liam was flying high on his non-notability for being a trillionaire's son.

Seven minutes of waiting later, and Liam and Rory were heading back to the table where the rest of the assembled family sat. Rory's mother, Max, was arguing the ingenuity of particle destabilizing and mass teleportation used in the same field. Currently Max was winning.

Dana was in a conference call with her label manager, and was talking pure girly-girl nonsense. Eli sat in the middle, and beamed when the food arrived. Dana left to talk in private.

"Two trips into the line with this guy looking over my shoulder and I'll have to train the poor cashier how not to drool over that." Rory joked, sitting down beside Eli.

He'd become her foster brother, and would have to remain that way until the state saw fit that he could be adopted. And with a little tampering in the system, Rory had made it so that Elliott Gibbs had been a ward of the state overlooked multiple times over. His mother had died when he was five and he didn't like to talk about how. His father had never been aware of his existence and not even Eli knew who his dad was; all convenient cover ups.


Eli reached for a cherry-mango swirl smoothie and drank deep. "Mm, what was I missing? This is the best ever."

Some girl walked up to the table and she tapped my shoulder. She looked my age and seemed very… Out of it. She handed me a slightly bulky envelope and then totted off.

I frowned. "What the…" I opened it slowly and shook it out on the table. A signet ring clanged to the table and silence filled the air. A wrapped package no bigger than my fist also thudded to the table, and last was a letter.

I thumbed open the folded paper.

My dearest daughter,

Words cannot describe how much I wish to be with you and your mother right now. But it seems my presence will draw KOBRA back to you. Take this package into the Arashikage Mountain range and there you shall find the means to defend yourself. Be strong, little one. For KOBRA now knows you exist. And they will not let you rest in the shadows as you wish. Learn to control your raptor side. Terry may have guided you thus far, but the ways of the snake know only one limit, and that is death.


I shot up out of my seat. "Dad…" I whispered. Mom stood as well.

"Let me see." She reached for and I numbly let her take it. As her eyes scanned the paper, I eyed the signet ring and sand colored package. Where had I heard that name? Arashikage… It clicked: Ninjas. Terry had told he'd met my dad while training under a skilled old lady ninja.

Hesitantly I picked up the ring. A Ba Gua trigram glistened up at me. It stirred the snake and aroused my curiosity. I decided. Like it or not, this summer was a Ninja-Fest. I would learn all I could from these mountain ninjas, and find my father. He had a lot of explaining to do.

AnimeKitty: So… This is the end of The New Batgirl. I want to do a GI Joe-Batman mash-up. I'm gonna have a Snake Eyes, a Scarlet and lots of ninja apprentices. Tell me what you want to see.