Autobot Enthusiasm


100 Theme Challenge: Number Two: Enthusiasm


Sari happily skipped across the street after looking both ways. She skipped to the place she knew best, the Autobot Base.

"I can't wait to tell them!" She cried happily to herself as she saw the old building come into sight.

The red-haired teen saw a yellow compact car driving in the parking lot area outside with a blue blur behind him.

She ran up with a huge smile, "Hey Bumblebee! Guess what!" She grinned, watching her friend continue to speed around.

"Sari! Not now okay! I'm about to win!" She heard Bumblebee say in his victorious voice.
"Oh, okay!" She cheered on Bumblebee, wanting him to win at whatever he was doing with Blurr.
After a few minutes, Bumblebee slowed down and transformed into his robot form and collapsed on the ground, intakes of air quick but light.

"H- Hey Sari!" He greeted the teen with a smile. Blurr also transformed and sat next to Bumblebee, also panting.
"Thatwasawesome!" Blurr said, raising his arms up looking like he was stretching.

"Yeah, but sadly we tied." Bumblebee stuck his glossa out and huffed. Blurr nodded quickly and got up before running inside of the base.

Bumblebee and Sari blinked, left in the dust. "Well, lets go inside! I have something to tell you all!" Sari said, getting up and brushing the dust off of her. She followed Blurr's example and ran inside, only way slower than Blurr.

Bumblebee happily followed his little human-half cybertronian friend inside the base and into the rec. room.

"So, Sari. What's this news?" He grinned at her. Watching as everyone crowded around the teenager.

The Elite Guard members had come to 'visit', only Sentinel had another bone to pick with Optimus which was the real reason they had came.

Bumblebee pouted as all the taller mechs blocked his view. 'Why do I have to be so small?' He found himself wondering before pushing past the Jet Twins, Jetstorm and Jetfire, and crawled under the legs of Jazz to get to the very front and stare expectedly at Sari with a big smile on his features.

Sari blinked, and smiled back. "Okay! My dad is letting me have my brithday party at DISNEY LAND!" She yelled the last part in excitement.

"OH MY PRIMUS! THAT'S AWESOME SARI!" Bumblebee exclaimed loudly, clapping with a huge smile.

Sari nodded furiously, almost giving herself whip-lash. "I know! I know! And I get to take Bumblebee! YEEEYYY!" She shouted out in pure joy and getting to take her bestest best friend.

"YEEY!" Bumblebee joined her, pumping his fist in the air.

"Okay! I gotta go now, but I'll talk to you later!" She announced, jumping off one of the tables and running out of the base.

"Hey Bumblebee, what's a Disney Land?" Bulkhead curiously asked the question everybot wanted to know.

"I have no clue!" Bumblebee said cheerily with a confused smile.

"Well, at least she's an Autobot Enthusiast!" Bumblebee cheered before skipping off.

"Huh..." Optimus blinked in pure confusing.
"What's a Birthday?" Jazz wondered aloud, staring at Sentinel in confusion.


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