Once Again, I have to explain EVERYTHING!

I am getting fed up with having to explain every kriffin' thing that (DONUT!) happens. Grrrrr...

#1) Obi-wan likes pancakes. If you even (DONUT!) mention them he will come screaming with his hands in the air. Trust me, I've (DONUT!) tried it. It didn't end well.

#2) Mace Windu has (DONUT!) discovered a strange plant that gets you high. He's a hippie, and it's freaking me out, and it ain't (DONUT!) easy to freak me out. Besides Padme.

#3) Ahsoka likes koalas and Black-eyes peas and (DONUT!) energy drinks. She's got a huge stash of mega Monsters in her room. It smells like (DONUT!) Taurine in there.

Well, that's all for now and I'll keep you (DONUT!) updated on the Jedi lack of sanity.