Careful, Potter, Smith's trying to hex you. Read Alice's note.

The sly looking Slytherin girl seated just behind James did indeed have her wand aimed at his back, and James suddenly remembered she was Seeker of Slytherin Quidditch team. Having practiced on Snape a many times; he gave a lazy jerk of his wand, concealed beneath his robe, and her own wand clattered across the room.

Professor Merrythought's sharp eyes darted up and, rapidly coloring in the face, Smith was forced to collect her wand.

"Being foolish, were we, Smith?" Merrythought asked unsympathetically, cocking her head as the unfortunate girl returned to her seat. James suppressed a snicker as Merrythought took five house points away from Slytherin and Alice's eyes sparkled with laughter. James decided, despite Frank Longbottoms' quite unfortunate name, and Alice's rather odd nature, he rather liked the pair. There was no doubt Alice was pretty, but James never attempted to charm her in the ways he did every other girl. She would shoot him the most severe looks the moment he even started, and James would button it.

Classes rushed by in a colorless blur, and James found he was able to ignore the glares of Snivellus, Sirius, and Lily (Today he had snuck in a Fanged Frisbee, and she disapproved highly.) Before James knew it, it was time for his first Quidditch match to begin. He shook with something that hadn't troubled him for while- nerves. As Sirius passed him regally with Peter scuttling at his feet like a rat, James called out cheekily: "Cheering for Slytherin today?" Sirius whipped around. "No, but I am now," He snarled in a strangled voice. "Traitor." James muttered loudly, noticing Lily watching carefully from her supper and flicking his hair. Sirius made a dog-like noise again and stalked outside.

James was just heaving himself up to head for the pitch when Lily intercepted him. Snivellus was fidgeting impatiently at the Slytherin table, obviously waiting for her, and James gripped his wand tightly. "Good luck today, Potter." Lily said dismissively, and James's heart swooped. "Thanks, Evans, I'll destroy~"

She cut him off. "I think you should make things up with Black."

James stared at her in disbelief, and then laughed. "That's a good joke, Evans, real funny." Lily frowned, a faint flush coloring her cheeks. "I'm not joking."

It was James' turn to frown at his fellow Gryffindor. "But after how he acted…"

"Oh, come off it." Lily spoke impatiently, scoffing at him. "You act just as bad as that, if not worse." James did a double take, fumbling with the broomstick that was tucked casually under his arm. "What?"

Lily rolled her green eyes impressively, and crossed her arms. "Bullying Severus? Taunting him? And that's not the act of a 'Slytherin', as you accused Sirius of being?"

James scrambled to collect his broomstick, and his cheeks burned like hot coals. "Keep that nasty mouth of yours shut, Evans. When I want your opinion, be in on my friends or my House, I'll ask for it." Feeling real anger towards her coarse through him, he stalked away, leaving her gaping after him. Melody approached him carefully, as if unsure whether he'd explode on her or not, but eventually she clapped a hand on his shoulder cautiously. "You'll do great today. It'll be a Gryffindor victory, I can just feel it."

James grinned confidently and looked up into her face, noticing for the first time Melody was rather pretty, with curly fiery red hair framing her face and sparkling hazel eyes. He pasted the grin back on and nodded, if a little uncertainly. "I can't wait to beat the Slytherins. They won't know what's hit them!"

James felt like he was going to be sick. Choking slightly, he clutched his broomstick and gazed around his team to comfort himself. The three Chasers, Kaley Finnegan, Melody herself, and Jacob Ames looked determined, and the Beaters, whose name James could not remember, were already brandishing their bats grimly. Abby, the Keeper, was the most confident, with her charming smile flashing around.

"Three… mount your brooms…. Two…. Get ready… One… GO!" Melody's mutter lapsed into an excited shout, and exhilaration shot through James as he took flight to the pitch. The air ruffled his hair, a bit more than he would have liked, and he sighed with satisfaction at flying again. He felt most at home in the air- and when he reached the ground again, for a time he would feel clumsy. On a broomstick was where he belonged.

James performed a sharp turn, slicing through the air to face Smith, his rival. She had an ugly look on her plain face, to which James shot a mocking glance. His broom was superior to hers, and he was sure his skill was as well. Catching the snitch would be easy as pie— so long as he found it first. James watched the game speeding around him, having to jerk away to avoid getting hit several times. It was pretty evenly matched; he could not deny the Slytherin Chasers were very good. The Quaffle was a blur, hard to keep his eyes on, but that wasn't James's job. He had to find the snitch.

Of course, there was no reason he couldn't have a little fun just before, though Melody would disapprove.

"Song, with the Quaffle! What a talented flyer she is— dodges Halson! She passes to Ames, and Ames gets hit by a Bludger with a well-aimed shot from the Slytherin Beater… no, but he's still holding the Quaffle! He quickly passes to Song and she scores!" Molly Weasley's magnified voice commentated quickly, and screams of delight rose from the scarlet clad crowd of supporters. "That's 10-0 Gryffindor so far… Slytherin with the Quaffle, some high speed passing between Magnolia and Stanley, they're heading for the nets, knocking Finnegan aside roughly… Stanley shoots— saved by Abby Song, Melody 's little sister! What a magnificent save that was! The Quaffle's back into action. Finnegan to Song, Song to Ames who streaks down the pitch! Magnolia nearly knocks him off his broom, but Song was able to swoop in and grab that Quaffle! She hurriedly passes to Finnegan, who shoots— what an amazing shot, did you see the spin on it— and scores! 20-0 Gryffindor!"

James grinned at the deafening roar of the crowd and did a couple spins and fancy turns for them in victory. The cheering only increased in volume. Melody zoomed up beside him, face contorted in anger despite their lead. "Stop messing around." She hissed. "Stop doing stunts and look for the snitch! Your showing off could lose us the game, Potter." Before he could open his mouth to make an outraged retort, she was gone, snatching the Quaffle from a gangly Slytherin Chaser and promptly being tackled by another. James cast an eye around the pitch, looking for a glint of gold. He tensed when he spotted one, just a couple feet away from Smith. She hadn't noticed yet, but if he streaked towards her, she would, and it was all over. She would see it soon anyway, but what could he do?

Wronski Feint.

Before a clear thought went through his head, he wheeled around and dove toward the ground, increasing speed as he went and stretching his hand out for effect. Smith's eyes widened and she was right behind him in no time. They dove deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Molly's excited shouts of "Potter's seen something!" Melted into the background as the hard green-brown ground rushed towards James. He gritted his teeth and pulled out of the dive just before he hit the ground. Rising up slowly, he watched Smith attempt to imitate him desperately, but she slammed against the ground, hard. James leveled himself with the other players as Madam Pomfrey rushed to Smith's aid and his eyes darted around, searching for the snitch. He would be a fool to waste this opportunity. As Smith got unsteadily to her feet and climbed on her broom, James had spotted the Snitch, hovering by Abby's head. Smith was barreling towards him, a fierce anger in her eyes that said he would pay for fooling her, and ignoring the cries as Slytherin scored for the first time, James darted aside to avoid her smashing into him. Then he charged towards the Snitch, twisting to avoid Abby. It took Smith a couple of seconds to realize what was going on, and she came racing after them. Smith wasn't far behind, and James knew she would knock him aside. He reached out for the snitch, put on a spurt of speed, and closed his fingers over the snitch. Crying out in anger and frustration Smith rammed him, but nothing could chip James's happiness. A warm, genuinely happy smile graced Melody's face as she clapped him on the back.

"A Wronski Feint, eh? Nice work. Great flying out there."

As the night progressed, everyone in Gryffindor approached him at some point to congratulate him on his excellent flying and stunts. Everyone except Sirius… and Lily.