Take Care of Me Final

The mirror on Raven's bed glowed, crackling with energy. Then it flared with a bright white light that filled the room. When the light faded, Raven and Beast Boy lay on the bed, clinging to each other, contented smiles on their faces. They opened their eyes and sat up. Their outfits had changed.

Beast Boy was now dressed in wat looked like black leather, but on closer inspection was the same material as his original hero outfit, which changed shape with him. The outfit was black pants and a jacket, leaving his chest bare. Old scars, once hidden, crisscrossed his chest. His hair had gotten a little longer, and his whole appearance was now much more rugged. His eyes now had a wilder appearance to them, more feral. Looking towards Raven, however, they filled with softness.

Raven was wearing a white backless unitard and a cloak, white on the inside black on the outside. Her hair was much longer, and her ees seemed to glow from within. Stretching luxuriantly, she flexed herself, and the cloak unfolded into large, batlike wings extending from her shoulderblades. Shifting herself a bit, the wings dissapeared into her back, and she turned to smile at Beast Boy.

"Looks like we did it," she said, smiling.

"Looks like," he said.

"So...we're complete now."


They were silent for some time.

"Was it so bad?" Beast Bo asked suddenly. "Sharing like that?"

Raven thought for a time. "No...it wasn't. I...actually enjoed playing video games with you, once I knew what I was doing."

Beast Boy nodded. "And I had no idea how in depth some of our books got. It was like sinking into a whole other world."

They thought for a time. *And...* Raven began silently. *...I enjoyed this.*

*Me too...* Beast Boy replied in kind. *You know...just because we aren't bleeding into each other anymore...doesn't mean we can't still share things like this.*

*You know...it won't happen on its own...but if there's something about who we are we wwant to share with the other...there'd be nothing wrong with doing it this way, would there?*

Raven turned this over in her mind. *No...there wouldn't.* She smiled. "Come on. We've got a lot of work ahead of us."

"What's the rush?" Beast Boy said as he got up with her. "We've got nothing but time."

As they headed out, Raven turned to her beloved. "You know, somehow I have trouble thinking of you as Beast Boy now."

He nodded. "Yeah...I guess I need a new hero name." He thought for a time, then grinned. "Call me...Animal."

"Animal...it suits you." Raven smiled at Animal. "But you'll always be Gar to me."

"THat's just fine with me, Rae," he said putting his arm around her shoulders.

"Are you ever going to listen when I tell you not to call me that?"

"Not if I can help it."

THey laughed together as they left the room. Behind them, the mirror lay on the bed, forgotten. The glow of magic faded from it, its purpose fulfilled. Ever so briefly before its magic faded entirely, the face of a smiling young woman with purple hair and eyes was visible, watching the oung couple walk towards their future.