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Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Summary: She hated her husband with a passion, but there was nothing she could do. He was the king of Egypt and he chose her as his queen. His queen. Her husband has never called her by her name, it was always "My Queen" as he took her again and again. He desired power. She desired her freedom. He wanted her. She wanted someone else, but he belonged to another. He has claimed her body, but not her heart. She has forcibly become his Queen.

Kagome tried in vain to remove herself from the iron grip the Egyptian prince had around her waist. She punched, kicked, scratched, and screamed obscurities. "Release me! I don't want to go anywhere with you!" she took hold of the firm muscles in his forearm and dug her nails into the flesh, ripping it. "Let me go!"

Ramses held onto her tightly, refusing to let her go. He could tell that she was exhausted and would soon wear herself out with her feeble fighting. Though the scratches on his chest and arm were beginning to sting with the fresh flow of blood. 'She will be wild in bed...' "Be silent, woman. Your useless words will not make me change my mind."

The miko raked her brain for something, anything to say that would stop this man from doing wicked things to her. Would her punish her for telling him off earlier? In her textbooks, she read that Egyptian Royalty would severely punish those who have wronged them. The lists of torture go on and on, and Kagome did not want to be subjugated to any of them. As she struggled, an idea popped in her head. Selene's words from earlier! From when she was arguing with Prince Kail!

"Let me go, Ramses! You are not supposed to harass a woman promised to another!" she screeched, trying to wretch herself from his iron grip.

Ramses lifted a golden eyebrow. "What are you talking about, woman? Who are you promised to? You came to this land by falling from the heavens."

Kagome glared at the Egyptian prince. "I am promised to Prince Kail! He has claimed me!" the miko blushed at her words. Even though Kail shows that he has taking a liking to her, he hasn't really placed any type of claim on her. Well...he did kiss her. Maybe that will work. "Prince Kail has laid claim on me!"

"Show me his claim and I will let you go to Hattusa." the Prince said calmly.

"Oh..." she did not expect for him to comply to easily. "His Highness kissed me just a while ago." the miko grinned mentally. Now he will let her go and then she could find a way out of this place. Hopefully a way to return back to Inuyasha. Her eyes widened at the deep chuckles that vibrated against her small frame. A single dark eyebrow rose until it was hidden under her spiky bangs. "What's so funny."

Ramses tilted his head back and outright laughed. The woman actually thought that a kiss was a symbol of claim. "Woman, you are mistaken. If you would remember clearly, it was not Mursili who first to taste your lips." he turned her around in his arms and tightened his hold on her hips. The Egyptian leaned in so that his lips brushed against hers. "It was me."

Dark blue eyes widened considerably as burning hot lips captured her mouth. Kagome squeaked and began to struggle, striking her small fists against his chest and trying to push away from him, but that merely made Ramses clamp onto her tighter. His teeth bit her bottom lip sharply, making her gasp out in pain, and his wet tongue invaded her open mouth. The prince slowly backed them up until his calves hit the side of the bed.

Kagome panicked when she felt Ramses's hard chest pressing up against her upper body, her brain stopped working when his hands slid up her sides and caressed her flesh. Hot tears fell from her eyes as her heart thundered in her chest. 'Kami-sama! Someone make him stop!' The Egyptian tore his mouth away from hers to latch onto her smooth throat, sucking and nipping until dark red marks were left. He flipped them over and maneuvered his body over hers, narrowly avoiding her thrashing legs, and slid in between her thighs.

"You are to be mine, woman." he whispered hotly in her ear. "You are the woman prophesied in the hieroglyphics." Ramses pushed his hips against hers, grinding into her and making her gasp out. "You will birth me strong sons that will aid me in battle. You are to be my Queen, not Mursili's." he bit her again, this time drawing a small amount of blood, which he quickly lapped up. "You are mine!"

The miko let her tears fall down her cheeks. He was a monster. A demon. A spawn of the devil himself. Why was this her fate. "Get off of me! I will never be yours!" she used the last bit of her strength to call forth her reiki. Unbeknown to her the pink jewel that rested against her collarbone glowed dark pink as she summoned more and more reiki into her. With a small cry, Kagome unleashed her powers, shocking the young prince and throwing him off of her. The Sacred Jewel flashed pink with its new master's powers and a glowing, spherical barrier was built around her. "I am Higurashi Kagome and I belong to no one!" her deep, dark blue eyes shimmered silver with pink swimming around her irises.

Ramses raised his hand and rubbed his head, groaning. Black spots clouded his vision and he blinked rapidly in effort to remove him. Slowly his eyes opened as his brain registered the woman's voice and his gold and sepia eyes widened before a wide grin overtook his features. 'She truly is the prophesied woman. Her powers are extraordinary!' He stood up, a feral grin plastered on his face, and he raised his hands in surrender.

"Come now, my Queen. Let's not be so harsh."

Kagome scowled at him. "Akuma (devil)! You tried to force yourself on me!" she thought over what he said. "And I'm not your anything!"

His grin widened and Kagome started to shift away, but remembered that she was safe inside the barrier. He could not do anything to her. He could not get to her. She was safe as long as the barrier does not break. A sharp crippling pain shot up her spine and settled in her chest and she let out a scream of agony as she dropped to her knees. Her hands came to hold her head as she yelled,

"Iie! Stop it!"

Unbeknown to the Egyptian prince, the young woman was fighting with the Shikon no Tama inside her body, fighting for control of her body.

"Let me go! I don't want to go to him!"

"You must! It is your destiny! You belong to him and he is your past, present, and future!" the Shikon pressed, lashing out at the girl with dark tendrils of its power

Kagome bit her lip to keep from crying out when the hot flashes of pain surged through her body. "I won't let you control my life! I control my own destiny!" she unleashed her powers, fighting off the dark whips of the Shikon.

The jewel was not going to relent. "You've left me with no choice Higurashi Kagome!" the pink jewel resting around her throat glowed dark pink and grew hot. Unbearably hot against her flesh and the pink glow soon darkened until it was a deep and rich violet color. "I will seal your powers up inside of you!"

The dark haired miko screamed as she felt her reiki forcibly being separated from her body. It was complete agony and she felt hollow when the jewel let out a satisfied sound and the, now, violet Sacred Jewel pulsed against her collarbone. A deep chuckle had the girl lifted her head to see the tan skinned man walking over to her.

"Well, it looks like whatever sorts of magic you was using before is gone." he knelt and took hold of her chin. "You will be mine and mine alone. You are going to be my queen, whether you're willing or not."

Kagome jerked her chin out of his grasp. "Don't touch me."

Ramses stroked her cheek with mock tenderness before digging his nails into the delicate flesh, tearing a scream from the woman. "I will touch you all I like, woman. You are mine!"

"I will never be yours!" the miko cried out, a defiant fire burning in her dark blue eyes.

"On contrary, woman. You are already mine. I have laid claim on you." the Egyptian prince sneered at the young woman as his gold and sepia eyes bore into her own sapphire orbs. He broke the intense glare when the bronze door was pushed open.

"On greater contrary, User." a familiar tenor voice called out. "I have also laid claim on her."

The duo shifted their eyes at the door and saw the grim face of Hittite Prince Kail Mursili III. The blond prince held a tight smile on his face as he approached the Egyptian, but there was a murderous glint in his bright amber eyes and his hands were tightly balled into fists.

"User, unhand Kagome now."

Ramses slid his hand down her slender neck and gripped the back of it, pulling her closer to him. "Make me." his eyes danced with glee when the blond Hittite prince growled and gritted his teeth. Moving his hand up to the thick bun, the Egyptian took hold of it and yanked her head back, exposing the creamy skin of her smooth throat. "Does this bother you, Mursili?" He pressed his lips against her flesh, tracing it with his tongue. His other hand snaked its way down her body until it was nestled between her legs. "I have laid claim on her. You can't have her."

Kail gritted his teeth so hard he was afraid that they would shatter. "You told me that she wasn't your concubine, User. Why prey on her now? After I blatantly told you that I've a liking to her."

Ramses pressed his hand down, smirking at the silent moan the woman gave. "I've decided that I want her."

Kagome used her eyes to plead with the Hittite prince to save her from the Egyptian. Her body had gone numb from the pain the Shikon inflicted and she was unable to move. She let out a whimper when Ramses's cold fingers found their way to the slit in her skirt, where they danced along her thighs. 'Please, help me Prince Kail.'

Kail growled at the shorter male for touching the woman he wanted to purse. Glancing down at her, the blond Hittite prince caught the pleading look in her dark blue eyes and nodded at her. 'I'm going to save you Kagome. Just wait a little bit longer.' "User! You cannot just lay claim on her! I claimed her first! She bares my mark!" He pointed at Kagome. "On her left ear!

Ramses pulled away from her throat and looked at the young woman's ear. True to Kail's words there was a faint red mark on her ear lobe and he scowled. When had Mursili placed this on the girl? He growled as he pushed the girl off of him and stood to his full height, though he was still shorter than Kail by a few inches. He marched over to the Hittite Prince and looked him in the eyes. "She will be mine." he smirked. "For she bares my mark as well." with those words, the Egyptian Prince walked out of the room.

The blond Hittite Prince ran over to the fallen miko and hugged her tightly. "Kagome, what did he do?"

Kagome sniffed once before bursting out in tears, clinging onto the prince as let out her sorrows. "P-Prince Kail...he...he tried to force himself on me. He kept saying things like I was meant to be his and that I'm the prophesied woman he's been waiting for." she lifted her face from his shoulder and hiccuped. "I was so scared!"

Kail wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into his lap as his other hand found its way to the thick bun and he led her face back to his shoulder. "Shush, Kagome. It's going to be alright. I'm going to protect you." It surprised the blond at how protective he was becoming over a woman he had just met that day, but there was something about this woman. The way she interacted with his sister, the way her dark blue eyes shined in the sunlight, that rosy red blush that coats her cheeks when he touches her, her honey rose scent. He felt a tightening in his loins and he knew that he needed to calm down before he scared the crying woman in his arms.

The miko let out one last wail of sorrow before sniffling and wiping her face dry with the back of her hands. "Arigato, Prince Kail."

The Hittite Prince raised a brow at the strange language the young woman spoke to him in. "Aligrato? What does that mean?"

"Oh." Kagome giggled. "That means 'Thank you' in my homeland."

Kail's bright amber eyes lit up with astonishment and wonder. "You must tell me more about your home." he stood and swept Kagome off her feet and into his arms. "Mind if we talk over a sip of wine, my princess."

Kagome blushed. "I'm not your princess."

"Forgive me, Kagome. You look like someone of high status in your current attire." Kail let his eyes sweep across her body and gave an appreciative nod. "It looks appealing on you. Like you're a high priestess." he carried her out of the room and began walking down the long corridor.

"Well..." the miko began. "Technically I am a priestess." She smiled at the confused look that earned her from the young prince.

"I feel no aura from you though."

Kagome sighed and touched the glowing violet jewel resting at the base of her throat, whimpering softly when it pulsed and burned her fingertips. "My powers have been sealed."

Kail's eyes widened at her confession. He opened his senses and spread out his ki, trying and searching for signs of the girl's hidden powers. The Hittite prince closed his eyes in concentration and stopped in his tracks. His aura wrapped around the young woman in a soothing manner, waves of yellow energy swirling around her body until it touched the jewel around her throat.

"This gem you are wearing; it feels like its containing your aura." he murmured. "Why do you still possess it."

"I cannot tell you that." her eyes steeled into a harden gaze as her voice warped slightly. Kagome blinked. Where did that come from? "I apologize Prince Kail but that information is confidential."

The Hittite Prince nodded, respecting the girl's privacy and opened his eyes so that he could continue his way down the hall. "So, Kagome, what have you done to capture the attention of User?" he asked calmly, looking down at the girl in his arms.

"I didn't do anything!" Kagome almost screeched in the Prince's ear. "That barbaric man barged into the room Selene and I was in and demanded to speak with me! Then he...then he..." tears collected her her eyes as she trailed off.

Kail stopped and hugged he close to him, guiding her face to his shoulder. "Kagome, it's okay now. I'm here to protect you. As long as I am here, User will never harm you."

"Prince Kail..." Kagome whimpered. She sniffled once more before removing her face from his shoulder for the second time that day. "Arigato. Honto ni arigato."

The Hittite Prince chuckled. "I believe I hear that wine calling out for us. Let us hurry and go so we can converse about your homeland."

The miko nodded and smiled. "Un!" she giggled when Kail raised a golden brown at her for speaking in a language he did not know. "I mean yeah!"

"And that's all I can tell you about my homeland." the dark haired girl reached for the small goblet of white wine and took a tiny sip before setting it down. She swished the bitter, yet tantalizingly sweet liquid inside her mouth, trying to rid herself of the linger taste of Ramses's tongue.

Kail placed his goblet down and reached for the miko's hand. "You are so far away from home. You must miss your family and loved ones." his thumb moved gently over the back of her hand in a smooth caress.

Kagome smiled sadly. "Yes, I miss them terribly. Especially a little boy named Shippou. " fresh tears stung at the corner of her eyes. "We were very close. He even called me his momma since his real mother dies a long time ago."

"Oh, Kagome" the blond prince continued his soft caress as he looked deeply into her sapphire eyes. "My mother would understand you completely. You see, when Mother and Father first met there was a young servant named Tito and well..." he trailed off, "He was killed by the former queen."

The miko gasped. "How terrible."


Kagome shifted nervously in her seat and moved her golden cup around in small slow circles as her teeth worried her lip. She peaked up at the Hittite Prince and a rosy blush spread over her cheeks. "So, Prince Kail, I wanted to know why you want to protect me?" she smiled nervously when his amber-gold eyes met hers. "You don't have to answer."

Kail smiled down at the miko and lifted the hand he was holding to his lips, kissing it softly. "I wish to protect you because I've taken a liking to you."


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