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"To my left... The amazing, talented AMBUUUUUSH!" The announcer cried to the audience. The man approached with the pristine robot. "And to my right... A slippery robot with a nine year old baby girl trainer... Give it up for the rising star of the Underground... The ninjabot Ninja BOOOOOOOY!"

Peter looked over at his nine year old daughter as they entered the ring. He shook his head as she started doing some karate moves with their ever famous robot, Ninja Boy. He followed after the two, ever the silent spectator of the fights. Once at the ring, Ninja Boy entered the ring with his trainer and mechanic.

"Trainers, shake hands." The referee said. Peter's daughter stepped forward and extended her hand to the man, Ambush's owner and trainer. They shook hands. "To the corners!" Peter followed his daughter out of the ring, Ninja Boy lifting the ropes for them. His daughter hooked up the controller, smiling brightly. The fight began.

"Come on! Come on! NO!" Kairi screamed as Ninja Boy suddenly collapsed. The counting started. "Get up! Get up! DAD!" Peter grabbed the controllers. He tore the control-pad open.

"It seems that Peter Siron is having anger issues with the control-pad...!" The announcer laughed, as did others. He reattached a wire and closed it within a few seconds. He started fighting in his daughter's place. He hadn't done this since Kairi was five, before the divorce. Ninja Boy back flipped to his feet. The people were in shock. Some boo'd, others cheered. The two robots continued.

"Left! Left hook, Dad! LEFT!" His daughter screamed. His eyes were narrow in concentration. They had come too far to lose to this robot. He put too much time into Ninja Boy. He put a good portion of his money into him. He wouldn't lose. He couldn't lose... Ambush was about to slam Ninja Boy down again when the bell rang.

"And Ninja Boy is saved by the bell!" The announcer called. Ninja Boy managed to get to the corner and the father and daughter went up. Kairi now held the control-pad as Peter pulled on some gloves. The mechanic worked quickly to repair the wires that had come loose during the fight. He struggled to get the robot to come back to life. Round two started a moment after Ninja Boy came back online. The humans fled the ring as the round started. Half way through the round, Ninja Boy was on the ground, unable to get back up.

"Eight... Nine... Ten...!" The crowd shouted. Kairi sniffled, trying not to cry. Her father pulled her into a hug as Ambush won the match. He sighed through his nose. He picked his daughter up into his arms as their robot was dragged off, out of the ring. He followed it, the child in his arms starting to sob. She was too young for this; she believed that Ninja Boy had been invincible. They left the match with a dead robot in the truck.

=Two Years Later

Peter Siron woke up to an alarm clock going off. He sighed through his nose and sat up in the bed, rubbing the back of his neck as his friend came into the room. His friend raised an eyebrow.

"Plan on getting up today Pete?" He shrugged, not really caring. "Fine, I've decided for you; up. You have a customer." Peter looked startled. "You heard me. C'mon. S'nice 'bot, too." Peter sighed and nodded, getting out of the bed. He had on oil-stained jeans that had the legs ripped off at the shins. He tossed on a spotless white tank short sleeved tee shirt. He slipped on his old, beaten tennis shoes and followed his friend out the door. He paused, staring at a face he hadn't seen in two years.

"Heard your good with 'bots." The man's eyes drifted to Peter's right ankle. "What'd you do?"

"Charlie." A warning look from the black man beside Peter.

"Alright, Finn. So, how much you want to patch up Atom?" Charlie Kenton asked. Peter rolled his eyes and glanced at Finn. Finn nodded.

"250." Finn replied.

"Hundred?" Charlie asked, a bit shocked at the rather cheap price. Peter nodded. "Can you even afford parts with that?"

"Let Pete' worry about that. Get Atom in here." Finn said. Charlie nodded and the two brought Atom in as Peter tried to herd his eleven year old through the large car/robot garage and into his office-turned-bedroom.

"Oh my god, that's Atom! Dad! Dad! I bet he could probably take on Blockade!" Peter smacked the back of her head gently in warning, the young girl letting out a small ow! of displeasure.

"Alright, Peter, here he is. All set up for a lookin' at." Finn told Peter. He sighed and began to search the robot's body for any signs of permanent damage. An hour later, he pulled on some gloves; the same gloves he made by hand specifically for handling robots during fights.

"Well?" Charlie asked. Peter reconnected some wires in Atom and the bot lit up and sat straight.

"Disconnected wires." Peter spoke for the first time that day. His voice was a nice octave, though a bit gruff from hardly ever talking. "He's fine."

"Really? Nothing's broken?" Charlie asked, moving to take a look. He had that okay whatever vibe; the one that normally meant he was paid off to do this or something.

"He's fine." Peter repeated.

"How much was it? 250?" Charlie asked, pulling his wallet out.

"No." Peter said.


"You could have fixed him, Finn." Peter said, glowering at his taller friend. "You knew what was wrong with him. How much did you pay Kenton to come here?" Finn sighed.

"Pete', you need this. You won't let me help, so I got a bit desperate! Can you really honestly blame me?" Finn asked. Peter glared and returned to his office. Finn followed him. "Peter-!" The door slammed shut in the man's face. He sighed again and looked at Charlie. "Go." Charlie hesitated, but obeyed the other man. Atom was loaded and taken home. Finn turned to the door. "Peter..." No response. "Peter Siron!" Still nothing. "I know you can-" The door opened to reveal Kairi Siron.

"You really hurt him, Uncle Finn." She said, frowning. The girl's brown hair and black eyes reflected so much of her mother.

"I know. Let me in, I want to talk to him."

"He's gone to Blockade's cell." Kairi said. Finn nodded and walked past the eleven year old. He crossed the office and entered the back of the garage, where all the holding cells for robots and cars were. Only three robots filled the fifteen cell room. One was Finn's own robot. Two were Peter's; The ninja 'bot, Ninja Boy, and his twin; the destructive Blockade. Peter was staring at the taller robot with regret in his dark blue-green eyes. Silence reigned the room.


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