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"He's gone to Blockade's cell." Kairi said. Finn nodded and walked past the eleven year old. He crossed the office and entered the back of the garage, where all the holding cells for robots and cars were. Only three robots filled the fifteen cell room. One was Finn's own robot. Two were Peter's; the ninja 'bot, Ninja Boy, and his twin; the destructive Blockade. Peter was staring at the taller robot with regret in his dark blue-green eyes. Silence reigned the room.

The slightly shorter man just stared at the Blockade, leaning against the wall. He didn't turn to Finn, who stood hesitantly in the doorway to Peter's left. Neither spoke for the longest.

"I'm not mad at you."

"I know." The black man smiled weakly and walked over to his friend, leaning against the wall with his friend. The two stared at Blockade for a while. Finn glanced over at his friend through the corner of his eye. "I didn't know."

"I know." He was referring to what happened, one and a half years ago, when Blockade was being built, and Ninja Boy was in repairs.

"DAD!" Kairi ran into the back room, eyes wide with excitement. "Dad, Dad, Dad!"

"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" Peter asked, standing straight and worried about his daughter immediately. She shook her head.

"No! But Atom's trainers said I can go with them to watch a fight in the League! Can I Daddy? Please Daddy, can I?" Kairi asked. Peter hesitated.

"Ask your mother." Kairi looked heart broken.

"But this is your week with me! She can't make decisions like that! Please? What if Uncle Finn comes with me?"

"No way! Is that Ninja Boy!" A child came into the back.


"Dad, that's Ninja Boy! He was awesome! Ambush killed him in the Underground!" The boy, Max, laughed, "Holy shit!"

"He's mine!" Kairi grinned at the boy. "Right Dad?"

"No way! That's awesome!" Max cried. The two eleven year old kids started talking as Charlie sighed as he came into the room.

"I swear, that kid needs to listen..." He muttered, "So, you two comin' to the fight tonight?" Peter shook his head.

"I'll go with her, Pete'." Finn said, "Besides, it's at Crash Palace. She can stay with me. If her mother asks, I kidnapped her."

"Don't even joke about that Finn! She doesn't like Kairi coming over as much as she does as it is, mostly because I'm still friends with you." Peter frowned, "She'll get complete custody over Kairi if you do that!"

"So I can't go?" Kairi's voice drew their attentions. The young girl looked upset.

"Why not?" Max asked. Peter hesitated.

"You stay with Finn. Understand? And if your mother asks-"

"I stayed here and cleaned up Ninja Boy all weekend!" Kairi said, voice full of excitement and hope. A sigh escaped her father.

"Yes. Go, pack your things."

"I'll have her back tomorrow night."

"Not a scratch on her, Finn Dawson, or its your head, you hear me?" Peter glared at him. Finn grinned and nodded.

"When have I ever let you down?"

"Shall I write the list? Within the past five years; the car accident. The fighting accident; which cost me my hand, by the way. There was the Underground fight; the one you said that Ninja Boy would make out of without breaking a sweat; he's dead. And shall I list what happened last year?"

"Alright, alright, I get it! I promise, she'll be by my side the whole time." Finn promised.

"The fuck happened!" Peter shrieked as Finn came in with Kairi, both with several cuts and bruises. A nervous smile came from Finn.

"Heh, uh... You see, it's a funny story actually..."

"This jerk insulted Ninja Boy! Finn stood up and they got into a fight. I tried to help him." Peter smacked his friend upside the head.

"Idiot!" He shouted at him. Finn cringed in pain. "Kairi, go get cleaned up! You're mother will be here in the morning." Kairi nodded and scurried off, limping slightly. Peter gave Finn a harsh glare. Finn shrugged.

"I stood up and said not in front of the kid who owned him. Guy said the man who built him was a pathetic designer... You know I got a bad temper when someone insults my friends..." Finn replied, rather unsure if his friend would hit him again or not. Peter shook his head and turned, leaving the main room. He entered the back, where the three bots were held. "Pete?" He entered after Peter and his eyes widened, finding his own robot plugged in and standing tall, metal gleaming and reflected the sunlight coming in through the open back door.

"I used the parts that were for Ninja Boy." Peter told him, moving to start cleaning the silver robot. The older man walked over, stunned.

"Why?" He asked, truly stunned over this.

"NO WAY! Daddy, you got DeeJay up!" Kairi cried as she came into the room. She ran for the plugged in robot immediately. "Awesome! He looks amazing Daddy!"

"Happy Birthday Finn." Peter chuckled as his daughter asked if they could online him. Finn was a bit upset over that. The two had always agreed to never get each other gifts on their birthdays, ever since they were children. Peter would always get mad when Finn broke that rule, and now Peter just floored all of his previous gifts to the mechanic. "Alright... Here we go..." Peter unplugged the cord that was charging DeeJay. He picked up the head set and looked at Finn. He offered it up. Finn grinned and accepted the microphone. He placed it on his head and spoke clearly.

"DeeJay, online."


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