Hello there! I decided to write a quick one-shot that has been humoring me for a couple days.


Me: We realize this, good sir.

Sanji: ((grumble grumble...))

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Sanji placed a tray of tea between Nami and Nico Robin, who were basking in the warm, afternoon sun. He spun away happily, peering into a dark room and noticing a computer. He stared at it curiously and wandered, or better yet, danced over to it. On the screen was a picture of all the One Piece characters, including Sanji. Sanji quickly realized this was of all of his shipmates. He looked at the second tab in the window. It was opened to fanfiction and the category of One Piece. He smiled mischievously to himself and pulled up romance stories about himself. He expected to see stories that were about him and many different women, which, of course, is quite conceited. Instead, what he saw almost killed him. He could practically feel his soul escape his mouth as he stared down at the screen.

"M-m-me and Zolo!" he sputtered in shock. The entire page was filled with tales of romance budding between him and that bushido. He threw the electronic thing into the wall. Sparks sprayed from the impact, but no flames were even kindled. He stormed out of the room. He felt a great need to kill that damned marimo. Around the corner, which Sanji never even noticed, was a giggling Brooke. Sanji spotted Zolo lifting weights, absent mindedly.

"Oi! Shitty marimo!" Sanji yelled, throwing his foot out toward Zolo's moss covered head. The swordsman looked at Sanji's black shoe in surprise. He dropped the gigantic weight and dodged the attack, feeling it graze his scalp when he ducked.

"Ero-cook! What the hell!" Zolo retorted.

"I'm going to kill you this time!" Sanji glared. Killing intent was radiating off of Sanji, which was actually unusual. The cook's face was also oddly flushed. He was attacking Zolo in a sporatic manner which confused Zolo. Everyone else, however, acknowledged this to be one of their usual arguments and completely ignored it.

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bushido - "way of the warrior" basically...

marimo - moss ((lol... XD Sanji calls Zolo a bunch of moss!))