Pov Kel

"Keladry for you to become a squire you have to go to a different country and do one year of knight training and if you make it thought that full year a messenger will come get you and bring you back here for the ceremony of you becoming a squire. Do I make myself clear?" Asked the Emperor of the Yamani Islands.

"Loud and clear your highness", I said still in a daze that he thought that I was reading to go on the challenge to become a Yamani squire.

" Now Keladry do you know what country you're going to go to?" The Emperor asked.

"If it's alright sir I would like to go to my birth country,Tortall, to do the one year of knight training." I stated with a little of uncertainty.

"That is fine Keladry. You will leave tomorrow for Tortall. Good luck."

I was so happy that he said yes that I skipped out of the throne room. My only thoughts were 'I'm going to Tortall for a year to try out their fighting techniques.'

A.N. The year of knight training is the same as in the book.

Sir Breanna